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Battleblock Theater Chapter 7: In Real Life
It took forever, but we finally did it. We recreated the entire chapter 7 cutscenes out of paper and straws. Even though it took absolutely FOREVER, we got it done! Enjoy, comment, like, and whatever. NYEH!!!!! All credit goes to the Behemoth and Stamper for doing the voice. Thank you all!!!!
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My Grandpa Tries VR Horror
I told my Grandpa to try VR with my new Samsung Gear VR and this is what happened! Can't stop laughing!! Comment Like and Subscribe!
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Over the Garden Wall-Into the Unknown-Piano Cover
Mainly done by ear, but I used some sheet music from reference. Hope you enjoy, like and subscribe!
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Gravity Falls Main Theme/Finale Piano Cover
Okay, so this is me playing the Gravity Falls Main Theme/Finale on Piano. I messed up a couple times, but I think I did okay! Tell me what you think in the comments, and be sure to comment, like and subscribe! :D
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"Come Wayward Souls" Piano Cover OTGW
Done entirely by ear, this is my version of Come Wayward Souls from one of my all time favorite shows, Over the Garden Wall. Enjoy!
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Gravity Falls Theme Song-Piano Cover
Hope you enjoy! Gravity Falls is amazing! Like and Subscribe!
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DOLLS - A Short Film
Here is the REAL version of Dolls. I added music to make it creepier, and I think it looks a lot better than the original version I made. Hope you enjoy, and COMMENT, LIKE, and SUBSCRIBE!!! Thank you so much for watching!
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Dry Bones Drawing Evolution
Here is my latest drawing I did. I haven't really posted anything in a while, so I thought I'd do something a little different. Took about two hours total, and I will try to post more of these in the future. Hope you all enjoy!
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The Last of Us - Ukelele Cover
Here's my first ukelele cover of a song! I always loved the theme to the Last of Us, and I found a tutorial for it online, so I said "what the heck?" And learned it. I loved it so much that i decided to film it. So here it is!
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InsIDIOTS--- Remastered Edition
See the short film "InsIDIOTS" like you've never seen it before in this amazing new edition of the (somewhat) YouTube Classic!!!
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Some antiques were NEVER meant to be messed with...
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Its a magical time boyes
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Average Program
*Totally not a Regular Show rip-off* (it is) Mordecai - Malachi Rigby - Rugbee Benson - Belsin Pops - Tops Skips - Trots High Five Ghost - Handshake Spirit Muscle Man - Brawny Male Spider - Spider
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Willy's Holiday Adventure: A Christmas Movie
This Christmas, little Willy and his great pal Buddy have BIG plans to make this year's Christmas a great one. But when evil threatens their town, they will stop at nothing to make sure Christmas is still wonderful! This soon to be Christmas Classic is one to watch with generations to come! Credits: Willy, Townsfolks, and Evil Snowman 1 ~ Jonny Krug Buddy, Tabitha, Evan, Townsfolks, and Evil Snowman 2 ~ Jacob Fuller Cameraman ~ Jonny Krug Figure mover(s) ~ Jacob Fuller and Jonny Krug _______________________________________________________________________________ MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!! AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
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Bowser Drawing Evolution
So yesterday, I did a Dry Bones drawing, and tonight I was like "hey why not another one?" Bowser IS one of my favorite Mario character, so here it is. Two drawings in less than 24 hours... go me 😂
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