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Modded Morrowind Gameplay
I decided to make a video for someone who wanted to see just how unrecognizable Morrowind can look when given a once-over with a litany of mods.
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Old Girl Iguana
I'm just documenting my old girl, I talk about a video that I saw some time ago and decided to catch some footage of her before things got too bad. I accidentally locked my phone right in the middle of it, so I used the first program to come up on the search term ''merge videos'', so whatever, haha! *Jan. 23* Unfortunately, she passed away this morning. At least I was able to identify that she was on her way out and caught footage of her still being active.
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Opening 2 Game of Thrones card packs!
I sound out of breath a few times, in my excitement to open the cards and suspense at what I'd get, I let it get to me! All in all, very great packs! Wish I got a dedicated Daenerys card though...
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Snake feeds.
This is my snake, Snake, consuming a meal. Unfortunately, he has a very traumatized guest observing this process!
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Reminiscing Resident Evil Outbreak
Join me as I revisit one of my favorite games! I talk about some trivia, personal experiences, and general commentary while I play the first level. It's been many years since I last played, so bear with my poor skill at the game! I'm disappointed in the volume balance, so I wouldn't mind playing the second level (on normal, even!) if it's requested.
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Mass Effect 2 Rookie
I always liked this sequence of events in Mass Effect 2, and wanted to share it with you! It's that insufferable soul patch that makes this decision a lot easier. I'd also like to mention that the quality this time is considerably lower than my Morrowind video, as that one was 1.3GB for just 3 minutes of footage. It's a fair tradeoff.
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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Gameplay
Pro-tier gameplay right here
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Deus Ex Theme is Broken
So apparently I'm not the only one having this issue. Evidently the 4.0 update ruined some premium themes, this among them. Solid programming there, Sony.
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