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Mail Call!
So Will and RJ always have their mail calls so..... I made my own. Enjoy! More videos will be posted in the next few weeks.
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Straight guy, Gay house
So everyone wanted to know what it was like living with gay guys. Well, now you know. A HUGE thank you to Shep689 for editing this video for me! I have no idea what I am doing with video, and he set up the shot and edited the video. Thanks Will! Will's channel http://www.youtube.com/shep689 RJ's channel http://www.youtube.com/rjaguiar1117
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Slenderman Prank on Shep689
Well Will and RJ were headed out to L.A. the other morning. I gave them a going away they will never forget. My apologies for the poor low light performance, it isn't the GoPro's strong suit. I hid over to the right of the screen (By the laundry machine doors) and snuck up behind Will when he went to turn the TV on. What happened was.... perfect.
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HKS exhaust 2000 Celica GT
My 2000 Celica GT with HKS HiPower Exhaust and K &N Cold Air Intake Have had both upgrades for a year, highly recommend them both. The exhaust sounds different with a load on it. Not very loud though.
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Epic Pub Crawl
So for Jayce's birthday we decided to do a 12 pub crawl through the streets of Tallahassee. Watch as the carnage ensues. We do not own any of the background music! No copyright infringement intended! Add Jayce on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JayceHill
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FSU Dance Marathon National Record 2013
FSU setting the all time national record for a Dance Marathon percentage increase! Recorded March 24th, 2013 $701,493.16! Thank you to everyone that helped make this possible, it was honestly one of the greatest times I have ever had. A special congratulations to Jake Poteat and Megan Raesemann, they poured their life into this.
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