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What is a DMP
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Buying from the Ad Exchange
For more info: http://rtb.cat/tutorials.html What does it mean to buy from an ad exchange? How does it work? What happens when you log in to a DSP (demand-side platform) and start launching ad campaigns?
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Types of Programmatic campaigns
Main types of programmatic campaign http://RTB.cat Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/H93R/
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Buying digital video - VAST, VPAID, IBV
useful links: - in-banner video on Google ADX: https://support.google.com/adxbuyer/answer/7049685?hl=en - video ad-servers: http://lkqd.com/ https://www.aniview.com/ https://www.streamrail.com/
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compliance issues
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Cable TV vs SmartTV advertising
the pro's & cons of both Cable & cTV aka "smartTV" advertising. www.rtb.cat
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click to call demo
try our demos here: (best to open this link on Android) 1. http://rtb.cat/inbv/house.html 2. http://rtb.cat/inbv
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ultra-targeted audiences
targeting very specific niches & audiences www.rtb.cat
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1. Logging in to AppNexus
for more info http://rtb.cat/contact.html
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Click Click Call
Make it easy for your prospects to phone you. Let them simply click the call button and be instantly connected to your Sales team. Don’t leave your prospects hunting for a pen or trying to write down your dealership’s phone number, or switching apps while your ad plays. www.rtb.cat
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click to call video ad format
to see this ad format yourself, on mobile or desktop click here: http://rtb.cat/placements/call_now_sample.html
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