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Giant snow quinzee has all the comforts of home
Dallas Snider sits on a block of snow inside his giant quinzee outside his home in Red Deer. The snow structure is 2.5 metres high on the inside and 5-6 metres across within.
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Part 2: Man building amazing home with shipping containers
The sea container chateau atop a hill by Gull Lake remains relatively untouched since last year — at least on the outside. While snow piled up and mud bogged down, the Glennon family have been working like ants inside the metallic labyrinth, slowly shaping the layout of their future home. For full story see: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/video/Sea_container_chateau_96478814.html Follow Bill Glennon on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/SeaCanHome
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Part 3: Man building amazing home with shipping containers
Despite what some of the neighbours think, Bill Glennon maintains that building his retirement dream house out of 31 sea containers (sea-cans) is a reasonable, rational — and indeed practical — thing to do.
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Part 1: Man building amazing home with shipping containers
From the road, it looks a bit like a post-apocalyptic country castle. Neighbours might be forgiven for thinking the property is some sort of commune. But Bill Glennon maintains that building his retirement dream house out of 31 sea containers (sea-cans) is a reasonable, rational — and indeed practical — thing to do. Its not a pink elephant, Glennon quipped outside of the under-construction complex southeast of Rimbey. For full story see: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/news/See_a_home_can_be_unique_81962782.html Follow Bill Glennon on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/SeaCanHome
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Incredible home with more than 110,000 Christmas lights
The ever expanding world of Alfred VonHollen's Christmas light display is up and running again. In its 20th year VonHollen has added thousands of lights and inflatable characters to his display again this year. Kayla Nicholson and her sister Quinn along with their parents Kerri and Alister made the drive from their home in Blackfalds Wednesday night and were blown away by the spectacle. VonHollen says he gets visitors through the Christmas season from across Alberta and from around the world to view his decorated home in Rocky Mountain House. The light show gets turned on each night after dark and will continue to shine bright until December 28. For full story see: http://www.reddeeradvocate.com/news/local/Von_Hollen_house_boasts_more_than_110000_lights_135449233.html
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Demonstration underscores the danger of kitchen fires
Chins drop and eyes widen as scorching heat rolls across the parking lot from what had been a grease fire in a non-stick skillet. Seconds earlier, Fire Inspector Wes Van Bavel and Fire Marshall Dale Kelly had showed how to use a lid to smother the flames if a pot catches fire on a kitchen stove. For full story see: http://www.reddeeradvocate.com/news/local/Demonstration_underscores_the_danger_of_kitchen_fires_131512668.html
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Marcel Dionne talks about what's wrong with NHL players today
Hockey legend Marcel Dionne was in Sylvan Lake, Alberta on January 26 for an annual pond hockey tournament. Dionne took to the ice, showing a little of what made him one of the Los Angeles Kings best players of all time. Dionne also talked openly about what he sees as the trouble with modern-day NHL players.
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Mystery sounds unsettling to Sunchild Reserve residents
SUNCHILD — Strange sounds this spring in the forest at Sunchild Reserve have some local residents baffled and a bit afraid. So far, the legendary Big Foot has been ruled out — this time.
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Winter tubing at Canyon Ski Resort, Red Deer
Canyon Ski Resort at Red Deer has installed a new attraction. The 250 metre long dual track Tube Run is open Friday nights and Saturday and Sunday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Read more: http://www.reddeeradvocate.com/news/Tubes_go_down_business_up_186723701.html
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Penhold Air Cadet Summer Training Centre
OLDS — The thrill for many young cadets at summer camp is the few minutes they get in a glider. Two-week general training cadets at the Penhold Air Cadet Summer Training Centre, many of whom are away from home for the first time, ride in gliders operated by the Air Cadet League of Alberta at its Netook Gliding Centre north of Olds. For full story see: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/news/Glide_of_a_lifetime_100881169.html
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Sylvan police to put X4 Draganfly remote flyer into service
Dont worry, Sylvan Lake sunbathers. Your private tanning time wont be interrupted by the whirring of Sylvan Lake RCMPs newest law enforcement tool — a miniature remote-controlled surveillance helicopter. We dont have time to fool around, Staff Sgt. Duncan Babchuk, acting commander of the detachment, said Wednesday. The vehicle, built by Draganfly Innovations Inc. of Saskatoon, will only be used in certain circumstances and will in no way intrude on the privacy of residents, promised Babchuk. For full story see: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/news/local/Sylvan_police_to_put_remote_flyer_into_service_91810714.html
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Clear the track for cross-country skiing
River Bend Recreation Area volunteer Steve Davies sets out along the perimeter trail on new equipment purchased this year to maintain the cross country ski trails in the area on Tuesday morning. Purchased through a grant from the Primary Care Network the groomer and snowmobile will make maintaining the trails much easier and efficient says Red Deer Nordic Ski Club representative Tom Marr Laing. As part of the funding the Primary Care Network also supplied enough money to purchase a new snowmobile for the grooming in other areas of the city as well. For full story: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/video/Clear_the_track_for_cross-country_skiing_113625809.html
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Rocky Mountain House family builds own luge track
A Rocky Mountain House family has a slice of the Winter Olympics at home, with a luge track they built in their backyard. It took Kendal Justinen 20 hours of shovelling to build the track, which is around 100 metres long and includes three corners. He built a launch at the top with a neighbour. Kendal and his wife Lindas three children — Roman, 15, Kennedy, 13, and Quinn, 10 — use the track, along with their friends. For full story see: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/news/local/Rocky_Mountain_House_family_builds_their_very_own_luge_run_84955992.html
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Mother moose and baby at home in Shady Nook
A steady supply of fresh fruits and vegetables is helping a lame moose and her calf layer on the fat this winter. Acreage owners Mike and Christine Haustein say that, at this time of year, its pretty normal to see moose around their home in the Shady Nook district, about 20 minutes northwest of Penhold. The Hausteins had made a habit of pulling the apples off their trees in fall and feeding them to visiting moose, who would move on after the apples had all gone. See full story: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/news/local/Moose_calf_at_home_in_Shady_Nook_79305137.html
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Magician of glass
.A world-renowned lampworking artist is sharing his glass-making secrets with students in Red Deer this week. Californian Loren Stump effortlessly fashioned an intricate sculpture from small glass rods Tuesday while giving detailed advice to the five students in his first-ever course at Series Summer School of the Arts at Red Deer College. "It's like a magician telling the trick," Stump said with a laugh during the demonstration. For full story see: http://www.reddeeradvocate.com/news/local/Magician_of_glass_125072164.html
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One-of-a kind vehicle is bullet proof
It looks like a mix between the Batmobile and a vehicle out of a Mad Max movie. Made out of mild armour plate steel for small arms fire protection, the Screaming Eagle weighs in at around 8,000 kg (18,000 pounds) and gets around three km per litre (seven to eight miles per gallon) in the city. The monolithic vehicle — 8.5 metres (28 feet) in length and around 1.8 metres (about six feet) tall — was created by Jack Holt. For full story see: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/video/One-of-a_kind_vehicle_is_bullet_proof_44781942.html
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2013 Red Deer STARS Dream Home unveiled
The 2013 STARS Dream Home is unveiled in Red Deer. Read more: http://www.reddeeradvocate.com/news/SLIDESHOW__2013_STARS_Dream_Home_unveiled_in_Red_Deer_187139251.html
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Aftermath of destructive Sylvan Lake fire
Video By Jeff Stokoe Red Deer Advocate Staff Fire Investigators and Town of Sylvan Lake officials were on the scene of a devastating fire that consumed four homes on Wednesday afternoon. Investigators have not yet determined a cause to the blaze they estimate caused $1.5 million in damage. Four families have been left homeless after the blaze and several nearby residents homes are in need of repair after siding melted due to the intense heat. For full story see: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/news/Lucky_to_be_alive_94442979.html
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Fire storm destroys homes in Sylvan Lake
Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Three houses and at least one vehicle were destroyed in an afternoon fire in Sylvan Lake on Tuesday afternoon. Whipped along by high winds the fire spread quickly to from one house to another before Sylvan Lake fire fighters were able to bring it under control Several other houses on the street were also damaged in the blaze when the vinyl siding melted. For full story see: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/news/Sylvan_firestorm_94245784.html
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Mandolin maker works from basement workshop
Pulling a small plank from a stack in his basement workshop, mandolin maker Orla Nielsen gives it a tap. The warm "ring" that emerges from that small piece of Engelmann spruce cut from high in the mountains coaxes out a smile. "That's a good sign. You're going to take your chance on that one." For full story see: http://www.reddeeradvocate.com/lifestyles/Sweet_notes_from_wood_137029683.html
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Canadian Pacific Holiday Train stops in Central Alberta
The Odds play on the Candian Pacific stage on the Holiday Train on Thursday. The Holiday Train made several stops between Calgary and Edmonton Thursday including Lacombe, Ponoka, Hobema, Wetaskiwin and Leduc before overnighting in Edmonton. During the stop in Lacombe Canadian Pacific made a donation of $1,000 to the Lacombe Food Bank. The thousands of people attending the events across the country are also encouraged to make a donation to their local food banks. The Holiday Train will continue its trip thorough Alberta and B.C. ending its journey on Dec. 17 in Port Moody B.C. For full story see: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/video/Holiday_stop_111664764.html
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2013 Red Deer Westerner Days thrill rides (GoPro)
Advocate reporter Crystal Rhyno took a GoPro camera along to try out some of the most popular thrill rides at the 2013 Westerner Days celebration in Red Deer, Alberta.
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July storm swamps Red Deer, Alberta
A torrential downpour stormed through Central Alberta on Tuesday, quickly flooding numerous parking lots, streets and businesses in Red Deer within an hour's period. The severe thunderstorm started at about 2 p.m. and then began to escalate into a rage so that an hour later, it was in full force. Similar heavy downpours were realized in several other Central Alberta communities, including Olds, Rocky Mountain House and Stettler, plus a small tornado was reported west of Didsbury. Drains could not keep up with the quick downpour across many locations in Red Deer. For full story see: http://www.reddeeradvocate.com/news/local/Severe_storm_swamps_city_161301745.html
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Canada's police dogs train in our fields and yards
RCMP service dogs have been on the job for 75 years and for much of that time, the dogs have been trained at the RCMP centre outside Innisfail. RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre, the only RCMP facility of its kind in Canada, has been in operation for 45 years. For full story see: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/news/local/Canadas_police_dogs_train_in_our_fields_and_yards_98021939.html
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Semi crashes after crossing four lanes of traffic
Photo by JEFF STOKOE/Advocate staff Truck Careens off Highway 2- standup- See related video at reddeeradvocate.com- City of Red Deer fire medics and RCMP look over the scene of a tractor trailer collision north of Gasoline Thursday evening. The collision happened when the truck, heading north on highway 2 crashed through a guard rail, travelled down an embankment and careened across four lanes of traffic south of 19th St. at the north end of Highway 2A. The driver was taken to Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre with undetermined injuries. For full story see: http://www.reddeeradvocate.com/video/Semi_crashes_129930258.html
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Chuckwagon racing at 2010 Ponoka Stampede
Each night of racing features the Alberta Professional Chariot Association races followed by the pony chuckwagons and finishing off the evening is the World Professional Chuckwagon racing.
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Wild rides at 2011 Westerner Days midway
For full story see: Wild rides at 2011 Westerner Days midway
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Bentley has a game face for Hockeyville
Hundreds of Bentley, Alberta school children and Bentley town residents showed their enthusiasm for the game of hockey on Thursday as the hosted a crew from CBC Television as part of their entry to being named Kraft Hockeyville and the pick up the $100,000 prize to renovate their arena. For full story: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/video/Bentley_has_a_game_face_for_Hockeyville_116468913.html
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Red Deer Travelaire plant bankruptcy auction
After 47 years in business, the contents of bankrupt recreational vehicle maker Travelaire Canada's Red Deer plant were auctioned off Thursday. Started in Edmonton in 1963, the company moved to Red Deer in 1966, building a 22,000-square-foot factory on 67th Street. The high Canadian dollar and American economic downturn conspired to force American parent company Glendale International Corp. to move production to the U.S. The recession that struck Alberta and the world in 2009 was the company's death knell.
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Full moon rising at Xtreme Race Ways near Alix, Alberta
With the full moon rising behind him, Riley Warta soars off a jump at the Xtreme Race Ways motocross track near Alix during an evening motocross event this week. For full story see: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/video/Over_the_moon_101643298.html
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Good old-time outdoor hockey is 'great'
Playing an outdoor hockey game was worth all the trouble for a Vancouver team. The team from North Delta participated in Red Deer Minor Hockey midget A's first Outdoor Winter Classic Hockey Tournament held Friday through Sunday at a community rink at Bower. For full story see: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/video/Good_old-time_outdoor_hockey_is_great_115480884.html
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Skiing into icy waters at Slush Cup
Canyon Ski Resort holds its second annual Slush Cup to finish off the 2011/12 ski and snowboarding season. For full story see: http://www.reddeeradvocate.com/video/Brave_souls_take_cold_plunge_at_Slush_Cup_144219635.html
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RCMP train at Sylvan Lake for summer water patrols
Despite owning two lobster boats, native Nova Scotian Matthew Doane admitted he has a few things to learn about operating powerboats on Alberta waterways. The constable with the Rocky Mountain House RCMP detachment — who just returned to work after visiting the east coast for lobster season — is one of 16 officers from across the province participating in the K Division commercial boat training course at Sylvan Lake this week. For full story see: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/news/local/RCMP_train_at_Sylvan_LAke_for_summer_water_patrols_123541059.html
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Mudslide slams resort at Fairmont Hot Springs, B.C.
Red Deer Advocate city editor Carolyn Martindale was among the vacationers who had to flee a mudslide at a resort in Fairmount Hot Springs, B.C., on Sunday afternoon. Martindale, 53, and her boyfriend Cameron Fairbairn, 60, of Lacombe, and his mother Claire Fairbairn, 91, of Red Deer, had just arrived and unpacked at Fairmount Mountainside Villas when they heard some unusual noises. "It was pretty hairy," said Martindale by cellphone who was still at the resort on Monday. "We looked out and the creek suddenly started to flow really fast and it was driving debris down the west side of our condo." On another side of the condo, muddy water and debris turned into a river, fast sweeping away their vehicle, a white Subaru Forester. "It was swept down the hill, and landed with mud up to its wheels so they think they can get it out. But we have no idea what shape it's in." For full story see: http://www.reddeeradvocate.com/news/local/Advocate_city_editor_among_those_forced_to_flee_BC_mudslide_162624586.html
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K-9 calming techniques
Jacky Dormaar practices the ancient Japanese art of Jin Shin Jyutsu on her husky cross named Comet. Dormaar along with six other dog owners took part in the day long course with instructor Robin McKay. For full story see: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/news/local/K-9_calming_123613889.html
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Mintlaw train trestle - reinforcing history
Timcon Construction of Red Deer works to repair the west end of the Mintlaw train trestle south west of Red Deer, Alberta. The trestle which has been closed to rail traffic for about 30 years is being saved for future use by the County of Red Deer. For full story see: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/news/Reinforcing_our_history_117578194.html
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Homemade device shoots pumpkins — far!
Forget the battle for the biggest pumpkin. The Jungle Farm has pumpkins that can fly. Its new — Pumpkinator — can launch a squash almost a kilometre through the air. Its built out of a 500 gallon propane tank, the barrel is 10 inches in diameter and 20 feet long, said pumpkinator designer and operator Blaine Staples at the first public demonstration at his farm north of Innisfail at noon on Saturday. For full story see: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/news/local/Device_shoots_pumpkins_63522302.html
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Riding tall in the saddle - 2010 RCMP Musical Ride in Red Deer
It may have been the best present Red Deer resident Judy Dobinson has received in her life — a special happy birthday wish at the beginning of both the RCMP musical ride performances in Olds on Saturday and Red Deer on Sunday. Her son Const. Brent Dobinson was back in Central Alberta, as one of the 32 riders in the special group — chosen from 800 Mounties across the country to be one of just a handful of officers who perform with the RCMP musical ride for this season and next. For full story see: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/news/local/Riding_tall_in_the_saddle_99831614.html
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Raging Red Deer River
The Red Deer River running in Flood at the Dickson Dam on Gleniffer Lake and high water at Sundre, Ab. and upstream of there. Read more: http://www.reddeeradvocate.com/news/Flooding_leaves_some_damage_around_Central_Alberta_212706571.html
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Rick Mercer tries flyboarding on Sylvan Lake
CBC TV's Rick Mercer tries a Flyboard on Sylvan Lake. For full story see: http://www.reddeeradvocate.com/news/local/Rick_Mercer_up_to_old_tricks_in_Central_Alberta_167643835.html
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A heart for the harvest
Don Boe and his International 1460 combine have faithfully worked in the fields around Joffre for years. The 83-year-old farmer has gradually given his son Norman the reins of the family farm over the years, handing over the last few parcels of land about three years ago. For full story see: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/news/local/A_heart_for_harvest_104565629.html
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Heavy equipment rescue training in Blackfalds
The Town of Blackfalds, Ab. hosted a Farm Machinery Extrication course over the weekend with 62 firefighters from around the province attending. For full story see: http://www.reddeeradvocate.com/video/Firefighters_hone_skills_128180838.html
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Some serious horse sense
Horse trainer Brent Trout of Delia, Alberta works with a young horse in the round pen during the Trainers Challenge at the Mane Event at the Westerner on Saturday April 24, 2010. Thousands of attendees took in the equestrian education and trade fair in Red Deer over the weekend.
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Another successful Movember
A little off the sides and leave the stash alone, at least for one more day. Dean Pasiuk principal of Eastview Middle School works the razor trimming back a month of beard growth leaving just his moustache for the last day of Movember. Nine teachers at the school took up the challenge to grow out their facial hair during the annual month long prostate cancer fundraiser. For full story see: http://www.reddeeradvocate.com/video/Movember_comes_to_an_end_134764973.html
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RDC Kings shave heads to support Cancer Society
Red Deer College Kings men's Volleyball team head shave raises $2,868.00 for the Canadian Cancer Society. For full story see: http://www.reddeeradvocate.com/community/RDC_Kings_shave_heads_to_support_Cancer_Society_144220675.html
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Red Deer, Alberta emergency workers pay tribute to 9-11 victims
Red Deer Emergency Services and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) will host a Memorial March ceremony on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 in City Hall Park. The ceremony will honour firefighters and police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. Residents are invited to watch as Emergency Services Honour Guards lay a wreath of remembrance on the west steps of City Hall, and observe a minute of silence to remember and reflect on the loss of RCMP, emergency services personnel, and firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice in service of their community. Both the Canadian and the City of Red Deer flags will be lowered to half-mast. The ceremony will run from 9:30 a.m. until approximately 10 a.m. Members of the Red Deer County Fire Services will also attend. For full story see:
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Red Deer Exalta Gymnastic Club - May 2011
Red Deer Exalta Gymnastic Club demonstration troupe is preparing for a trip to Lausanne, Switzerland in July and was showing their performance skills off at the gymnastics facility at the Collicutt Centre on Tuesday. The non-competitive group of girls will take part in the 14th Annual World Gymnaestrata representing Canada. The Gymnaestrata is the worlds largest gymnastics event attracting about 20,000 participants of all ages from 55 national federations. For full story see: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/community/smiles/Catch_me_if_you_can_122232494.html
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Roots of Empathy
Paula Hamilton talks about her son Hudsons recent immunization shots as Grade 2 students Dylan Perkins, left, Taylor Leroux and Jazz McDougall, all 7, watch the four-month-old at C.P. Blakely School. For full story see: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/video/Roots_of_Empathy__64545522.html
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Fuzzy officers in training
The RCMP Police Service Dog Breeding Program has produced over 90 working dogs that are in service to Canadians and over 100 dogs that are working with other police agencies around the world. Last year 111 puppies went through training and about 30 went on to become police service dogs. The new fenced area called Russell Ranch, after long time canine trainer Kerry Russell, is filled with equipment to climb on and under, around and through, to expose them to different surfaces and obstacles. For full story visit: http://www.albertalocalnews.com/reddeeradvocate/news/local/Fuzzy_officers_in_training.html
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