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Toddler has perfect response for cashier who questioned black doll
Cashier: "She doesn't look like you."
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Basketball players defend cheerleader targeted by bully
A student being bullied at a Lincoln Middle School basketball game caught the attention of the basketball players. They walked off the court to come to defend her.
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Dog alerts police officer, helps save owners life
A dog from Germantown helps save his owners life.
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Early puberty to an extreme
Some children are hitting puberty younger than ever, and some environmental factors are to blame.
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Oprah Winfrey's half-sister fulfilling her dreams in Milwaukee
A Milwaukee woman's half-sister is one of the most celebrated women today, Oprah Winfrey, and she shared her story with TODAY'S TMJ4 about how she approached the media mogul.
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Morgan Geyser sentenced to 40 years in mental institution in Slender Man stabbing case
For her role in Slender Man stabbing, Geyser sentenced to maximum 40 years.
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Child with Dwarfism gets unexpected help
Help from Home Depot
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Sheboygan Falls teacher stands behind student bullied for wearing pink
A Sheboygan Falls teacher is showing his true colors after a boy was bullied for wearing a pink t-shirt to school.
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Milwaukee basketball player Tyler Herro chooses Kentucky over Wisconsin
In Wisconsin, Tyler Herro is known as the chosen one. At one time, the Milwaukee teen was one of the most highly recruited players in the country.
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Slender Man suspect Anissa Weier describes stabbing
Annisa Weier, agrees to a plea deal in Sender Man case, She and friend Morgan Geyser are accused accused of stabbing another friend 19 times.
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Travel the World with One Piece of Carry-on Luggage
The prospect of your next trip is the chance to do it all better. You can be the organized, thrifty, wise, elegant, and worldly traveler that you admire. Never wait at Baggage Claim again! Business-Etiquette Consultant Margery Sinclair has some great advice. The Ten Principles of a Carry on Wardrobe 1. Take only two pairs of shoes; wear one pair and pack one pair. 2. Plan your clothes around one basic color. 3. Take more tops than bottoms. 4. Take brighter colors for tops and accessories. 5.
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Police release dashcam video of ex-Marine who saved woman
Steve Chamraz reports: It happened on this street on Tuesday, March 12. As police rushed to the scene of a domestic violence attack, another good guy with a gun was already there, ad police have released the dashcam video. Read the full story here http://www.tmj4.com/news/local/199278611.html
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CM Punk discusses making the transition from WWE to UFC
Lance Allan with an exclusive interview talking to former WWE Champion, CM Punk, about his transition from the ring to the octagon.
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Rabies survivor encounters disease once again
Yona Gavino reports.
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Challenge: Can you spell Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo's name?
He's racking up the votes, but Elise Menaker found out why he may not be getting all of them - his name is incredibly difficult to spell!
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The Battle for "A Billion Lives"
Aaron Biebert, along with his local production company Attention Era Media, has ignited a firestorm of controversy with his first feature film. "A Billion Lives" claims 'Big Business' entities from around the world are colluding to destroy the e-cigarette trade in its infancy. Aaron joins us to discuss the film, why he felt the need to tell this story, and how you can see the film for yourself. "A Billion Lives" makes its North American Red Carpet Premiere at the Pabst Theater on August 6 at 7pm. Tickets a
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WWE Superstar Braun Strowman talks with Lance Allan
WWE Superstar Braun Strowman stopped by the TMJ4 Studios to talk with our main sports anchor Lance Allan.
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The Willis Clan performing in Milwaukee
They have their own reality show and they've taken part NBC's "The Sound of Music".
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Adopted man, birth mother meet for first time in 42 years
It's been 42 years since his birth mother gave him up for adoption. Now, he'll meet her face to face.
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Behind-the-scenes look at opening Miller Park's roof
It's the part of Miller Park most people never get to see...until now!
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Frank Caliendo in Studio!
We are joined by one of the funniest people in America, Wisconsin's own Frank Caliendo! Frank will be performing at the Bucks Home Opener tonight. We are so excited to welcome this master of impersonations back to The Morning Blend! The Bucks host the Philadelphia 76ers at the BMO Harris Bradley Center tonight at 7:30pm. All fans in attendance will receive a free glow-in-th-dark Bucks Home Opener t-shirt. Tickets are still available and can be purchased at the BMO Harris Bradley Center box office, throu
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All About the "Slime" Trend!
If you're a parent of a kid around the ages of 8 to 14, chances are you know about the "slime" trend. Kids are using all kinds of household materials to create this gooey craze; they're making it, playing with it, and even selling it! Joining us to discuss the trend and to cook up some slime in our studio is Molly's daughter Maddie and her friend Molly!
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Manitowoc Minute: Brett Favre's Greatest Game
Charlie Behrens of the Manitowoc Minute offers his unique perspective on Brett Favre's greatest game -- the Monday Night Football tilt versus the Oakland Raiders the day after his dad died.
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Man tackled by Milwaukee Police after grabbing suspicious package
A suspicious package investigation in downtown Milwaukee took an unexpected turn Monday when a bystander suddenly walked up to the item in question and began rummaging through it, prompting investigators to tackle him.
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How to Downsize, Gain Time & Reduce Debt
Award-winning Author and Life Reinvention Coach Barbarra Elaine Singer joins us with tips on how to downsize, gain time, and reduce debt. She sold her car, her house, and most of her possessions to hit the road and write her book, "Living without Reservations." Visit LivingWithoutReservations.com for more information. Twitter @lifereinventor
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Dual tornadoes loom overhead in Iowa
Dual tornadoes loom overhead in Iowa
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What exactly is a 'resistant starch'?
There's a lot of buzz about a new kind of starch called "resistant starch."
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Man Protests Restaurant's All-You-Can-Eat Policy
Annie Scholz reports
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Police: Suspect in custody in connection with LaLa Brown's death
Police: Suspect tied to LaLa Brown's murder investigation.
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Authorities investigate possible finial scheme involving murder suspect
Gypsy Blancharde and her boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, were arrested in Big Bend this week and were charged Tuesday with killing Gypsy's mother, Clauddinnea.
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From accountant to special agent: The FBI wants you!
Agent Walkowski uses her accounting skills everyday as a member of the white collar crimes unit for the FBI.
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Slinger students hire mariachi band as senior prank
"There hasn't been a senior prank in over 25 years," says senior Brady Ruttler. He wanted to pull off a prank everyone would remember.
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'Stand up for your friends': Athletes who defended bullied cheerleader talk lessons learned
The response has been incredible since we told you Tuesday about some junior high basketball players who came to the rescue of a girl being bullied at their game.
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Wounded warrior gets emotional homecoming
A local Marine who lost his legs gets recognition and support after being wounded in Afghanistan
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Romo: Packers "team to beat" this year
Romo: Packers "team to beat" this year
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Signs, Symptoms & Treatment of Meniere's Disease
If you've ever experienced vertigo, dizziness, or ringing in your ears, you know you'd do anything for it to quickly stop. Meniere's Disease is an inner ear ailment causing these exact symptoms and requires medical help. Pharmacist Debbie LoCurto joins us from Lakeview Pharmacy to talk about causes, treatments, and how compounding pharmacies can be of help to stop an attack of Meniere's Disease. For more information or to contact Lakeview Pharmacy, visit LakeviewPharmacy.com or call (262) 632-0520.
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The Beatles play Milwaukee in 1964
The Beatles made a stop in Milwaukee on their 1964 trip to America, and TODAY'S TMJ4 was there to capture the moment.
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"Seams Unlikely"
For the first time ever the host of North America's longest-running sewing show, Sewing With Nancy®, whose 40+ books have sold over 3.4 million copies, tells her life story. Zieman shares the story of how Bell's palsy came into her life as a toddler, her struggles through grade school, the role that 4-H played in her life, and how she started a business on a shoestring-budget, and what's it's like to produce and host Sewing With Nancy®. Check out SeamsUnlikely.com for more information.
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Waukesha baseball player could be picked in first round of MLB Draft
Jarred Kelenic eyed by Mets and Padres.
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A "Ukulele Wizard" Shares His Secrets
Chances are you've probably seen Lil' Rev perform at a festival, concert, library, or even a church. He's been called "a ukulele and harmonica wizard", but also plays the mandolin, guitar, and banjo. Lil' Rev has written several instructional books, and he's here to talk about his latest, Essential Strums and Strokes for the Ukulele. We are so excited to welcome Lil' Rev back to The Morning Blend and to learn a little about the ukulele. Lil' Rev has a book talk and performance tonight at 7pm at Boswell Boo
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Judge gives life sentence to man who shot 14-year-old
The judge was uncompromising, and called the killer's gun a "weapon of mass destruction."
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Good news for Brookfield woman starving to death from rare disease
A Brookfield woman starving from a rare disorder is finally getting the help she needs. Lisa Brown shared her story two weeks ago. The Cleveland Clinic saw how sick she is and moved up her appointment.
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Raw Interview: Jerry Buting
Defense lawyer featured in "Making a Murderer" discusses ruling overturning Brendan Dassey's conviction.
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Behind the story: Mike talks to George Wallace after assassination attempt
As we look back on Mike Jacobs' career at TODAY'S TMJ4, we're reminded of how many national stories had Milwaukee connections.
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Jordy Nelson's Wisconsin Tourism ad
See the ad with the Packers wide receiver.
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Bango reveals his identity for his fans and reality TV
He is like a real life super hero. You've never known his identity, until now. Kevin Vanderkolk is Bango. And he's part of a new show on Hulu called "Behind the Mask".
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Donald Driver retirement ceremony
Lance Allan reports
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'Ultimate mom' helps son realize UFC dreams
In the rough and tumble world of UFC, you have to be tough. But Anthony Pettis says he wouldn't have had the opportunities he'd had, and have the amazing life he has, without his mother, Annette Garcia.
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