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Opti-Bright - Alloy Wheel Cleaner - Pure Definition®
SHOP NOW - https://www.pure-definition.co.uk/car-care-detailing-products-wheels-tyres/opti-bright-alloy-wheel-cleaner Removing stubborn dirt and grime from your vehicles wheels does not need to be difficult. At Pure Definition we have specially designed a wheel cleaner called Opti-Bright which effortlessly releases stubborn dirt and grime with its innovative acid free formulation.
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Crystal Opti-Shield (3 Years+ Ceramic Coating) - Pure Definition®
SHOP NOW - https://www.pure-definition.co.uk/ceramic-coatings/crystal-opti-shield-kit-3-years-protection Crystal Opti-Shield is developed using our innovative surface technology which is engineered with the very latest cutting edge ingredients and technological advancements. This is one of our most effective coating available, packed with a high concentration of raw ingredients to offer optimum durability. Crystal Opti-Shield has been engineered to cure naturally without the need of any expensive equipment or a special facility. Applying the coating guarantees an optimum high gloss hydrophobic coating which will bond to surfaces such as paintwork for over 3 years. It shields and locks in the original paintwork finish, withstanding against any potential damaging environmental conditions, preventing the paintwork from fading and degrading over many years. Untreated paintwork would surrender under the torture of continuing UV radiation, leaving the targeted area faded and discoloured.
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Gloss Wash Car Shampoo (Wash & Wax) - Pure Definition®
SHOP NOW - https://www.pure-definition.co.uk/car-care-detailing-products-vehicle-washing/gloss-wash-shampoo Treat your car to a PH neutral shampoo brimming full of specialised active cleaning agents and a combined wax formulation which will release and remove road traffic films, dirt and grime from the bodywork, revealing a flawless finish.
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Pure Definition® "Driven By Passion & Innovation"
OUR MISSION Our mission at Pure Definition® is to develop effective and durable detailing products with passion and industry leading innovation. DRIVEN BY PASSION & INNOVATION Established by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts, built on the foundations of passion and innovation. All Pure Definition products are purpose built and developed from the ground up focusing on leading-edge innovative technologies. Creating revolutionary results for the purest definition. We are passionate about what goes into our products and want you to care as much about what detailing treatments you put onto your car as we do. Our products are designed to work simply and effectively, while dealing with the specific issues faced in car care, guaranteeing a quality finish. SHOP NOW - https://www.pure-definition.co.uk
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