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First F-35B Vertical Takeoff Test
An F-35B test aircraft completes its first-ever vertical takeoff (VTO) at NAS Patuxent River, Md., on May 10, 2013. While not a capability used in combat, VTOs are required for repositioning of the STOVL in environments where a jet could not perform a short takeoff. In these cases, the jet, with a limited amount of fuel, would execute a VTO to travel a short distance.
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MQ-25 Concept
The MQ-25 concept by Lockheed Martin Skunk Works® builds on our legacy and expertise of autonomous and unmanned systems including the X-44 and RQ-170. https://lockheedmartin.com/mq25
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Lockheed Martin: Compact Fusion Research & Development
Learn more: http://lockheedmartin.com/compactfusion At Lockheed Martin Skunk Works®, we’re making advancements in the development of fusion energy, the ultimate form of renewable power. Our scientists and engineers are looking at the biggest natural fusion reactor for inspiration – the sun. By containing the power of the sun in a small magnetic bottle, we are on the fast track to developing compact fusion reactors to serve the world’s ever-growing energy needs. Learn more about compact fusion: http://lmt.co/1rfsakG
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F-35B - Taking STOVL to a New Level
Bringing short take off and vertical landing to a whole new level. The F-35B Joint Strike Fighter has advanced the technology of Short Take Off and Vertical Landing (STOVL). The F-35 true 5th Generation from every angle. Note - we swapped the video for an HD version as requested in many of the comments. Sorry for the lost comments.
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InSight: Landing on Mars
After a long journey, the InSight spacecraft will arrive at the Red Planet on November 26, 2018. Learn about the punishing entry, descent and landing sequence and what it takes to safely land on Mars.
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Sikorsky Raider Helicopter Hits 200 Knots
The Sikorsky S-97 Raider light tactical prototype helicopter exceeded 200 knots during last month’s flight test. The suite of X2 Technologies enables the aircraft to operate at high speeds while maintaining the low-speed handling qualities and maneuverability of conventional single main rotor helicopters. Raider will be presented for the U.S. Army’s Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) competition, as the Army looks to revolutionize its aircraft fleet via its Future Vertical Lift initiative.
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Skunk Works® -- 70 Years of Mission Driven Innovation
The Skunk Works® has existed for 70 years. Learn more about its past, present and future.
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F-35B Ship Suitability Testing
The F-35B short takeoff/vertical landing variant completed ship suitability testing aboard the USS WASP (LHD-1) off the coast of Virginia in October 2011. Combined, F-35B test aircraft BF-2 and BF-4 accomplished 72 short takeoffs and 72 vertical landings during the three-week testing period.
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Hybrid Airship: No Roads, No Problem
More than two-thirds of the world's land area and more than half the world's population have no direct access to paved roads. As you move farther away from infrastructure, cost, time and the safety of transport becomes more of a challenge. The Hybrid Airship enables affordable and safe delivery of heavy cargo and personnel to virtually anywhere – water or land – with little to no infrastructure. Learn more: http://lmt.co/1R2Knn6
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Pilot Recounts Tales of SR-71 Blackbird
The SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft flew missions around the globe at speeds above Mach 3 and altitudes of 85,000 feet or more. Although its many contributions to national security will never be fully revealed to the public, the Skunk Works® marvel holds many world aviation records for its speed and altitude. In this interview with former SR-71 pilot Col. Buzz Carpenter, you'll hear a first-hand account of the aircraft's power and majesty.
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U-2S: The Newest Generation of an American Icon
The U-2 program celebrates its 60th anniversary in September 2015. Since its first flight in 1955, the U-2 program has seen tremendous changes to its airframe and technology. Today's U-2S serves as the most capable, reliable and survivable ISR platform available. The U-2S has 80 percent airframe life remaining, and is operationally capable to fly beyond 2045. Learn more: http://www.lockheedmartin.com/u2
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Capturing Aerial Photos of the World’s Most Advanced Jets
Liz Kaszynski is one of 10 aerial photographers at Lockheed Martin who are trained and certified to take pictures while flying in the backseat of fighter jets. Liz is also our sole female aerial photographer for the F-35. Get an inside look at what it takes to capture photos of the world’s most advanced jets.
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P-791 Hybrid Air Vehicle
Lockheed Martin's Hybrid Air Vehicle can be designed as an unmanned or manned intelligence gatherer or transport vehicle. As an eye in the sky, this remarkable airship can stay aloft for up to three weeks at an altitude of 20,000 feet. Loaded with cameras, infrared sensors, communications relays, and other payloads, the Hybrid Air Vehicle can provide American and allied forces a clear picture of the battlefield. As a transport vehicle, the Hybrid Air Vehicle can be sized to move equipment and troops cost effectively to unimproved forward areas. http://www.lockheedmartin.com/products/p-791/
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ADAM High Energy Laser Destroys Qassam-like Rocket Target
The Lockheed Martin Area Defense Anti-munitions (ADAM) prototype laser weapon system successfully destroys a Qassam-like rocket target in an operationally representative free-flyer scenario at a range of 1.5 kilometers on April 22, 2013, replicating similar demonstrations conducted starting in March 2013. For more information, go to: www.lockheedmartin.com/adam
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Skunk Works - On the Path to 75 Years of Innovation
Powerful ideas. Daring team. Disruptive innovation. This is the story of Skunk Works. In 2018, Skunk Works will celebrate 75 years of partnering with our customers to make the impossible possible. http://lmt.co/2y3Kgl6
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LCS High Speed Trials
August 1-3, 2008, the nation's first Littoral Combat Ship, Freedom (LCS 1), undergoing high speed test during Builder's Sea Trials for the first-in-class coastal surface combatant. The first trials for the agile 378-foot Freedom, designed and built by a Lockheed Martin led industry team, are being conducted in Lake Michigan.
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Skunk Works ARES
The Aerial Reconfigurable Embedded Systems (ARES) is a vertical takeoff and lift (VTOL) flight module that could adapt to multiple missions with interchangeable payloads, offering new capabilities and enabling new operational concepts. Learn more about this Skunk Works technology: http://lockheedmartin.com/us/products/ares.html
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The F-35 Factory
See how major components come together in the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II factory at Air Force Plant 4 in Fort Worth, Texas.
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Lockheed Martin Space - We Do Space
At Lockheed Martin, we DO space. But going to space is just the beginning. It’s what you do when you get there that matters. Because space is a place to do big, important, epic things that connect people around the world, advance the frontiers of science, and help militaries protect what matters most. Learn more: https://lockheedmartin.com/space
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Skunk Works® Magic
Something magical happens when a group of people unite in the pursuit of a common purpose and challenge what's thought to be impossible. At the Skunk Works®, magic happens every day in the form of technological innovation and thoughtful solutions driven by our customers' mission. Learn more about the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works: http://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/aeronautics/skunkworks.html
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Stalker eXtended Endurance (XE): Doing More With Less
The Stalker XE is an eight hour, flexible platform that provides best in class video and has a digital architecture that allows for rapid integration of third party payloads using plug-and-play technology. Stalker XE provides persistent surveillance and oversight for rapidly growing infrastructure and environmental monitoring in addition to ongoing critical federal and law enforcement needs. Visit our website to learn more about the system that provides 2 to 4x the persistence of other small UAS but at a fraction of the size and cost of comparable, yet much larger systems: http://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/products/stalker-uas.html.
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YF-16 Flight Zero
The first flight of the YF-16 #1 (Flight Zero) - 20 January 1974. For a first hand account of the flight - see Code One Magazine's article at http://www.codeonemagazine.com/article.html?item_id=44
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Aegis: Capable. Proven. Deployed.
Aegis is the world’s most advanced combat system and pushes the boundaries of innovation. http://lmt.co/2nZVD8L
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Lockheed Martin. Your Mission Is Ours.
At Lockheed Martin, customer focus, innovation and purpose are built Into everything we do. We’re on a mission. Your mission. When millions of people are counting on you. You can count on us. Learn more at https://www.lockheedmartin.com/yourmission Every day, our 100,000 employees come to work with one focus – our customers’ missions. Whether its protecting citizens or advancing the boundaries of science, these missions are some of the most important and challenging in the world. We bring an unwavering commitment to help our customers succeed, and it’s that sense of purpose and opportunity to make a difference in the world that drives us every day.
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Sikorsky - Boeing Future Vertical Lift: The Way Forward
Sikorsky - Boeing Future Vertical Lift is a scalable design based on proven X2 Technology™. Designed for long range, high speed, superior hover performance and unmatched maneuverability, the Future Vertical Lift program will shape the U.S. military’s helicopter fleet of the future.
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Littoral Combat Ship LCS 11 Sioux City Side Launch
The U.S. Navy's 11th littoral combat ship, the future USS Sioux City, launched sideways into the Menominee River in Marinette, Wisconsin, on January 30. Ship sponsor Mrs. Mary Winnefeld conducted the time-honored tradition of christening the ship by smashing a bottle of champagne across the bow.
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Speaking of the Future:  Advanced Aeronautics
The story of aviation has always been the story of people who have the courage to fail, to try again, and to one day succeed. And the passion to advance aeronautical design through innovative solutions is ingrained in our culture.
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P-3 Orion Desert to Delivery
Modernizing the P-3 Orion to enable our customers maritime patrol and reconnaissance operational effectiveness for decades to come.
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K-MAX Quick Reaction Assessment
Lockheed Martin-Kaman's unmanned helicopter successfully completing the Navy's Quick Reaction Assessment.
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Unmanned Aircraft Team Takes On Firefighting Mission
The Lockheed Martin and Kaman unmanned K-MAX helicopter successfully lifted and dropped more than 24,000 pounds of water to extinguish a fire in a demonstration on Nov. 6. During the demonstration, the Indago quad rotor identified hot spots and provided data to an operator who directed unmanned K-MAX to conduct water drops. The demonstration signifies how an unmanned team can aid in traditionally manned operations.
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Skunk Works' SPIDER: Self-Propelled Instrument for Airship Damage Evaluation and Repair
See how Lockheed Martin Skunk Works’ patented SPIDER (Self-Propelled Instrument for Damage Evaluation and Repair) solves one of the greatest challenges faced by the airship industry. SPIDER was recently named as a Popular Science Best of What’s New for 2016. For information about our Hybrid Airship, visit lockheedmartin.com/hybridairship.
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Lockheed Martin: We're Engineering a Better Tomorrow
We envision a bright future defined by progress, enriched by discovery and powered by innovation. At Lockheed Martin, we’re engineering a better tomorrow®. Because we solve the great problems of our times. We create the innovative technologies that define eras. And while no one knows what's going to change the world next, we're probably already working on it. See more: http://lockheedmartin.com/engineeringtomorrow En Español: http://youtu.be/jDrGShqtkBQ
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Littoral Combat Ship (LCS 9) Acceptance Trials
The future USS Little Rock’s (LCS 9) acceptance trials were completed in Marinette, Wisconsin, Aug. 25. The five-day, U.S. Navy-led trials featured a comprehensive array of tests designed to demonstrate performance of the ship’s propulsion plant, handling and auxiliary systems. Completion of the trials marks the last major milestone before LCS 9 is delivered to the Navy.
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Royal Australian Navy Pilot Highlights MH-60R Capabilities
LT Eugene Cleary, Royal Australian Navy, describes this "formidable ASW and Anti-surface platform." Designed for maritime dominance and deployed with the U.S. Navy, the MH-60R is the world's most advanced multi-mission helicopter. The "Romeo" has also been selected by the Royal Danish Navy.
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C-130J: One Aircraft, Many Missions
There is no aircraft in aviation history — either developed or under development — that can match the flexibility, versatility and relevance of the C-130J Super Hercules. In continuous production longer than any other military aircraft, the C-130 has earned a reputation as a workhorse ready for any mission, anywhere, anytime.
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F-35A: The Road to United States Air Force Initial Operational Capability
On Aug. 2, 2016, the United States Air Force declared Initial Operational Capability for the F-35A Lightning II. Watch this video to see the timeline of significant events, milestones and accomplishments made possible by the thousands of men and women working towards this major declaration. For more information, visit F35.com.
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F-35C High Angle of Attack
Hear from the pilots and engineers testing the F-35C carrier variant's high angle of attack capabilities at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md.
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CH-53K King Stallion: The Modern Solution for True Heavy Lift
Built to thrive on the modern battlefield, including shipboard operations, the CH-53K King Stallion is designed to be intelligent, reliable, low maintenance and survivable in the most austere and remote forward operating bases. Learn more about the CH-53K helicopter: http://ch-53k.com
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2012 F-35 Highlights
Video highlights from the F-35 Lightning II program in 2012, including production, flight test and deliveries.
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U.S. Navy showcases the MH-60 Romeo
The U.S. Navy featured a static MH-60 Romeo helicopter at the 2011 Dubai Airshow. Known colloquially as the 'Romeo,' the aircraft is the only new-generation maritime helicopter operational at sea. Today, the U.S. Navy operates 100 MH-60R aircraft of a total 300 planned purchase by 2018. Check out our most recent video from Dubai featuring pilot interviews at the helicopter.
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British Pilot & Maintainer Test F-35B on USS Wasp
Royal Air Force Squadron Leader Jim Schofield and Lieutenant Commander Robin Trewinnard-Boyle of the Royal Navy discuss the F-35B's performance during ship suitability testing onboard the USS Wasp in August 2013.
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K-MAX Unmanned Helicopter
In January, 2010, the Unmanned K-MAX helicopter demonstrated autonomous and remote control flight over both line-of-sight and satellite-based beyond line-of-sight data link. The unmanned aerial system (UAS) is a hard worker, lifting its own weight at sea level, reaching the highest altitude of any other unmanned helicopter, and carrying twice the weight of any other unmanned helicopter. And with its unique four hook carousel, the aircraft can deliver loads to different locations during the same sortie with pinpoint accuracy.
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Dare to Dream: A SR-71 Pilot's Tale
This story gives a glimpse into the life of former SR-71 pilot and the world speed record holder, Al Joersz. Joersz and Skunk Works® program director Steve Justice reminisce how a boy growing up in North Dakota went on to become the "fastest man alive." Photographs of Joersz' life were provided by Valerie Albrecht of the Hazen Public Library.
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F-16 Ready for the Future
With more than 4,400 produced, the F-16 Fighting Falcon is still the world's most advanced 4th generation fighter. By incorporating 5th generation technology and adapting to customer requirements, the F-16 is ready for the future.
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F-35: The Smart Fighter for the Warfighter
Learn what makes the 5th Generation F-35 Lightning II the smart fighter for the warfighter. www.f35.com
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Skunk Works® UCLASS Concept Video
UPDATED: Lockheed Martin Skunk Works'® concept for the Unmanned Carrier Launched Airborne Surveillance and Strike (UCLASS) air vehicle integrates technologies from F-35C, RQ-170 and other systems to provide persistent ISR and light strike capabilities. Lockheed Martin's innovative approach supports the Navy's efforts to develop an operational UCLASS capability within the current schedule and budget. http://www.lockheedmartin.com/skunkworks
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The LM-100J: One Plane. Many Capabilities.
We delivered more than 100 L-100s from the 1960's through the 90's. Several are still in operation today, performing missions no other commercial airlifter can perform. It's been said that only a Herc can replace a Herc. Enter the new LM-100J Super Hercules. All the proven features of the L-100, combined with the technological advancements of the C-130J.
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Accelerating Tomorrow
To mark our 100th anniversary, we're looking back at the innovations and achievements that helped our customers rise to some of the world's most vital challenges. And we'll look forward -- to emerging global challenges and the technology that will shape our world for the next 100 years. http://www.lockheedmartin.com/100years This re-posted version includes minor updates from the original.
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