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Drunk Driving - Eric Mickel
A society video depicting the sudden life changing moments that occur during a drunk driving accident. Does an excellent job of showing it from the victims and drunk drivers point of view
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The War was in Color - Jeremy Evan
A society video showing the realities of war as it is being taught to a child. Fits perfectly with song!
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Child Abuse - Jennifer Friend
A society video depicting the trauma and affect of child abuse. Also demonstrates the strength the victims of child abuse have to persevere.
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Children of Iraq - Katie Nordquist
A society project depicting the events and consequences of the United States invasion of Iraq on the Iraqi Children. Very moving and enlightening on the more unnoticed horrors of war.
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Natural Disasters - Carolyn Bird
A society video depicting the Natural Disasters that happen on this Earth and their affects on us and our lives.
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Despair vs. Hope - John Liming
Beautiful composition that shows how the worst is only made so by despair and that it is hope that brings us through and lets us live our life to the fullest. May you all find happiness.
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Vote! - Travis Ehrenstrom
A society video showing the consequences when a majority of the population chooses not to excercise their right to Vote.
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Peace on Earth - Brian Greaney
A society video showing how conflicts begin and their consequences. Hopefully one day the message presented in this video will be realized.
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World Poverty - Chelsea Addison
A society video depicting world poverty and its consequences. This video also provides hints at what the solution to poverty on a large scale may be. Very moving!
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Abortion - Becky Bremer
A society video depicting the reality of abortion. Very intense.
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Abuse Reflection - Justin Dean
An intense video made in Health class depicting the grief and misery that is caused in this world from abuse. In the end it does show the lighter side of things.
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