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Read a Motherfuckin' Book! [Mirror for Great Justice]
the animation shown on BET and talked about on CNN, etc.
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Asking Obama on black self-determination
As you are aware, black people in the United States have had a different history than the history of the majority 'white' population. To Quote Malcolm X, we did not land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on US. During the 'Reconstruction' period, post-american civil war, black people set up their own towns and villages, and flocked to land that the disposed slavocracy lost due to the war. However, their economic development was inhibited to a large extent by Jim Crow. During the 1930s and 1940s CE, communists recognized that black people constitute a distinct nation in the southeast united states. In the 1960s, black nationalists like Malcolm X and the Republic of New Afrika group wanted to form a new black republic in the southeast United states, using black-majority regions of the USA as the 'heartland' of this new state. Black America has not come to turns regarding its' history and culture. and there has not been a referendum of black people in the united states on self-determination. Mr. Obama, as an African-American who claims to be 'down to earth', what will YOU do to deal with this situation? What is your opinion on black nationalism? [because *channers or whatnot dont know what im referencing] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Haywood http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_of_New_Afrika
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Macy's Thanksgiving Parade 2008 Rick-Rolled! [Mirror fo Great Justice]
The Middle America finally gets rick-rolled. There have been past actions where the NYMets got this, as well as some WWE people, etc. but THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST! From 4chan's /v/ board to middle america. I want the mainstream bastsards to end up browsing there. Cancer or not, it'll shock the mainstream from forcing their BS on the fringe. Erm. Anywat ENJOY MAH NIGGAZ! YEAGHHHH Also Foster's Home FTMFW! Remember when Herriman got his shit uploaded to youtube? niice ^_^
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Some Guy Speaking in 2006 mid-season tournament of Chicago Debate League
uploading nao because i found it in my comp..
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Newbie playin DDR at Anime World Chicago 2011
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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"Sacrifices is a short animated video that tells the powerful story of a Rebel Pilot returning to Hoth to pay respects to his slain co-pilot. Among fallen AT-AT's, crashed Star Destroyers, and remains of the Rebel Base, the starfighter pilot makes his way to a memorial for those killed in battle there." Creator/Director HENRY GIBBENS http://www.theforce.net/fanfilms/animation/sacrifices/index.asp EDIT: In case it wasn't not noticeable. I did not make this movie. I am hosting it however. Henry Gibbins made this, not me.
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Smiley face for PIP xD
Smiley face for PIP 2010 I think I dunno.
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Presidential Debate =D
This short vid for the presidential debates. Check the other vids i added for a longer explanation on this. Transmitting to U thru teh interwebz! Name: Lee McKinnis Location: Chicago, IL (the beverly neighborhood)
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Asking the candidates
For the youtube debate I decided to ask some questions to the Presidential Candidates. Enjoy
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Mid-Season Debate Tournament 2006 coach
the coach of the Chicago ag Sciences Debate Team from 2006, Chuck Gibson. AA League, Chicago Debate League. uploading it nao because it found it on my comp
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Presidential debate 2
had to break the vid into 2 pieces due to high video quality LOL
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The Boston Shake [MIRROR]
I do not know who originally uploaded it as it gets taken down a bit. So I am providing another mirror. For those unaware: 'como terrorista' means "like a terrorist" hence the guy using harlem shake for the video music.
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Vampire Interview - Draft One
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Hatsune Miku Pimped Out Shit
Hatsune miku's cosplay options sound sensitivity LEDs
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So I herd u liek mudkipz President Obama.
Do you like Mudkipz
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What Anime do you like President Obama
asking obama what anime he liked
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