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3-year-old calls 911 and saves his mom's life
There was no one else home when Guy Fritzche's mom began to have a seizure.
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New video from the fallen Granite Mountain Hotshots
Shows moments before their radios went silent.
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HOA gone wrong?
Homeowners accused Board of misspending HOA money.
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Scottsdale plane belly-landing
A Scottsdale pilot successfully landed his plane on its belly after his landing gear malfunctioned.
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More drama at Amy's Baking Company
Valley reporters kicked out after allegedly finding flies in their drinks.
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Former CPS case worker speaks out
Claims some workers abused power.
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Bronze cowboy comes to life
Scottsdale statue scaring Spring Training tourists.
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Man uses flute to stop phone telemarketers
His unique tactics involve annoying telemarketers like he says he's annoyed by them.
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What to do if you win the lottery?
What should you do if you win the $600 million Powerball? Valley CPA Robert Hockensmith joins ABC15 Mornings to provide some advice.
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Future of Granite Mountain Hotshots
Emotional meeting in Prescott to make final decision.
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Hundred gather to remember high school football player
Charles Youvella died after suffering a head injury during a championship game last Saturday.
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Let Joe Know: Car sold with unpaid lien
Buyer can't get title to car.
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Home burglars talk about how they choose targets
Going straight to the experts, burglars tell us how they pick which homes to hit and how they get inside.
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Hundreds gather at pro-gun rally in Phoenix
A big 2nd Amendment rally took place at the Arizona State Capitol.
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Mystery lies beneath Phoenix streets
Downtown tunnel holds many secrets.
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Widow of Granite Mountain Hotshots founder remembers
Amanda Marsh said her husband said all the crew members were his "kids"
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Jail worker refuses to treat Richard Chrisman
County medical assistant wishes ex-cop harm in jail.
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How to make faux concrete pots, planters
PeaboPots shows us how to make faux concrete pots.
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Family of Glen Campbell talks about dealing with Alzheimer's disease
The singer's family hopes spreading the word will help find a cure.
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Terri O shares how to preserve your carved pumpkin this season
Terri O shares how to preserve your carved pumpkin this season.
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Recall election held for Mesa HOA board
Homeowners accuse board of misspending.
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Chalk Paint: No Sanding, No Priming, No Kidding!
Spruce up furniture with chalk paint!
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Good Samaritan comes forward
Saved 73-year-old Valley woman's life then just walked away.
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Video shows kid left on Valley school bus
Employees left boy alone for 11 minutes.
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Valley man banned from Walmart for life
Loyal shopper says he was humiliated in the store.
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Inside Jodi Arias' cell
Convicted murderer currently being held at Estrella Jail.
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Man taken for ride after buying Harley.
Sun City man paid for his dream bike in case and then the business raised the price.
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Tie-dye and create the look of Ombre yourself
How to create high fashion in your craft room
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Accused serial rapist tries to change plea deal
DeJuan Donaldson tried to fire his lawyer in court.
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Former Valley cop sentenced
Richard Chrisman sentenced to 7 years in prison for 2010 death of unarmed man and his dog.
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Regrow lettuce in just days
Save money by growing your own lettuce.
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How Chase Field umpire used CPR training to save worker's life
As umpire Jim Joyce was preparing for a Diamondbacks game, he witnessed a worker go into cardiac arrest and put his CPR training into action.
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Mark Grace talks about time  behind bars
Former Diamondbacks announcer plans to work with youth clubs.
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Lost dog found after 65 days in desert
Ily's owner shares emotional reunion caught on tape.
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Pen pals meet for first time in 55-years
American and Australian pen pals meet for first time.
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One Glendale neighborhood fed up with crime
But police tell ABC15 a different story.
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Honors for Lori Piestewa
Sunrise service to honor fallen soldier
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Friend of Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander speaks out
Man talks about his experience with the couple.
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7-year-old reunited with lost dog
Pet went missing in Parker, Arizona more than a year ago.
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AZ homeowners still losing  homes through illegal foreclosure documents
Victims and their attorneys say bogus documents are still being used to put people out of their homes.
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Charles Barkley Forecasts the Weather!
Randy Kollins gets an assist from Charles Barkely in the weather key.
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Repurposing junk into treasure
Grungy Galz likes to hunt for junk, then turn it into something beautiful
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Save money on school supplies
Our Smart Shopper is helping you save on back-to-school supplies.
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Laveen boy left on school bus
How is the district addressing the issue?
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How to pick a winning lottery ticket
Seven-time winner shares his secrets with you.
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The Pickpocket King: Avoid becoming victim of theft and scam on your vacation
Bob Arno, the Pickpocket King, shows how to avoid becoming a victim of crime while we travel.
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How to find legitimate secret shopper jobs now
Legit job employers don't contact you. You apply on their websites.
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Charles Barkley takes over the weather at ABC15
Charles Barkley takes over the weather at ABC15
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Travis Alexander murder prophecy
Murder victim told friends to suspect Jodi Arias if he was killed.
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Boots No7 skincare products now at Phoenix Walgreens
((SL Advertiser)) Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Serum and No7 cosmetics for lips are now available at Walgreens.
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