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The Alteryx Platform: Enabling You to Revolutionize Your Business with Data Science and Analytics
Join the movement of data scientists and analysts alike who are getting better and badder with the Alteryx platform, solving even the most impossible business problems. Learn how this award-winning platform is enabling data discovery, prep and analysis, modeling and deployment across
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Getting Started Filtering Data  with Alteryx Designer
Find records using the Filter tool that match a basic expression ‘scores’ is greater than ‘50’, and order the results from highest to lowest with the Sort tool.
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Basic Blending Join Data Sets on Key Fields
Use Alteryx Designer to take data from multiple sources and perform a Join, Vlookup, based on a key field.
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Performing Time Series Forecasting in Alteryx Designer
This video provides a brief tutorial of using Times Series tools on historical single family home sales and includes an overview on how to configure the following tools: Field Summary, ARIMA, ETS, TS Compare, and TS Forecast Data for this training can be downloaded at: http://downloads.alteryx.com/Product-Training/OnDemand/Basic/time_series_data.zip Time Series is comprised of a variety of tools within Alteryx, which are part of the standard Alteryx Designer License.
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Standard Macros
A standard macro is an Alteryx module that has the flexibility to be run as a single tool within another Alteryx module. Macros are primarily used to encapsulate repeatable processes. This video will review the creation and deployment of a standard macro within an Alteryx module.
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Alteryx Server Architecture
Technical Overview of the Alteryx Server architecture and scalability.
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Accessing Web Content with Alteryx Analytics
See how you can use Alteryx Analytics to access data from a website, then parse the data and prepare it for blending with other data sources.
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Inspire 2018 Highlights
INSPIRE 2018—ALTER.EVERYTHING - See highlights from our unconventional convention.
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Predictive Analytics in Alteryx and Power BI
The brief demonstration highlights the integration of Alteryx and Microsoft Power BI. The Predicting New Customers workflow sample is part of the Alteryx Visual Analytics kit for Microsoft. This example blends two files, runs predictive analysis on the data and shows how you can output the data directly into Microsoft Power BI to build visualizations, reports and dashboards.
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Analytical Application (App) Development
An Alteryx Analytical App is a self-contained program that performs a specific function for the user. The App performs a limited range of tasks, focused on optimizing user experience. This video will review the creation of an Analytical App and how to deploy it to a Gallery environment for consumption by a broader set of users.
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Alteryx Server Overview Demo
In this 5 minute demo, we’ll show you how Alteryx Server provides a secure and scalable platform for sharing analytics to empower everyone to make data-driven decisions.
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Alteryx – A Leader in Self-Service Data Analytics
Alteryx replaces a fragmented analytic process with one simple and cohesive self-service experience that enables organizations to dramatically improve productivity. Millions of underserved data workers, ranging from business analysts to expert programmers and even trained data scientists, are turned into discoverers of marginal profitability for the enterprise. Alteryx is transforming the way organizations ingest, blend, and analyze data, as well as the personal and professional lives of those data warriors tasked with keeping their organizations competitive.
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Getting Started with a Tour of Alteryx Designer
Beginner tutorial featuring an overview of menus, tools, and workflows to get started using Alteryx Designer in under 5 minutes!
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Alteryx Visualytics Demo
Alteryx Visualytics lets you see your data at every step in your analytic journey. See the profile of your data, validate every change you make and effectively communicate every insight in a visually appealing way - all in the flow of your analysis. Try our free trial here: https://pages.alteryx.com/trial-designer.html
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Alteryx Certification Exam Overview
Learn about the Alteryx Core Designer exam, it's structure, and what to expect on test day.
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Alteryx - Consumerization of Analytics Whiteboard Video
Alteryx is Leading the Consumerization of Big Data Analytics and Empowering Data Artisans to Humanize Big Data by Delivering Analytic Applications in the Cloud.
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Alteryx Total Automation Badassery
How Alteryx uses Designer to perform automated GUI testing. A brief introduction followed by a demo.
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Performing Partitioning Cluster Analysis in Alteryx Designer (Predictive Grouping)
Clustering creates a series of “like” groupings based on commonalities within the data. Alteryx provides a tool grouping specific to Clustering to help understand key characteristics of customers, locations or products. This video will review the various clustering algorithms within the Alteryx platform and how to determine the proper number of clusters to create logical groups that can be leveraged in additional analytical processes.
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Data Cleansing and Parsing Tools
Data sets can be challenging to work with based on the structure of the asset or lack thereof. Alteryx provides a series of Parsing and Data Cleansing tools to stage accessible data for analytics. This video will review how to use a series of parsing tools to structure a stream of data that originates from a web service.
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Connecting to a Database with Alteryx Designer
Bring in data from a table or SQL Query results from a database, such as SQL server using an ODBC connection. Note that your IT administrator will need to install and configured the ODBC driver as described in http://www.alteryx.com/techspecs and https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alteryx-Knowledge-Base/Connecting-to-an-ODBC-Datasource/ta-p/17590.
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Alteryx Designer - Data Preparation + Blending Demo
Prep and blend your data faster, smarter, and collaboratively with Alteryx. Watch this overview of Designer to see how easy data preparation and data blending is in our intuitive drag + drop platform. Learn more about Data Blending with Alteryx here: https://www.alteryx.com/solutions/analytics-need/data-preparation/data-blending Alteryx is a leader in data science and self-service analytics with a platform that can prep, blend, enrich, and analyze data, manage and deploy predictive models, and share analytics at scale. Try our free trial here: https://pages.alteryx.com/trial-designer.html
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Parsing Semi Structured Data Using the RegEx Tool Parse Method
Split multiple values from a field using regular expression pattern matching into separate fields in Alteryx Designer.
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Dan Magnus of KPMG talks about their use of Alteryx
"What I love most about Alteryx is that it truly brings to an analyst the efficiencies that should have been there for a long time that just haven't been there." - Dan Magnus, Alteryx Champion, KPMG
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Alteryx HQ: The Bus
On June 13, 2016 we moved into our new headquarters in Irvine, California. The centerpiece of the 40,000 sqft space is a custom 1962 double pass-through Volkswagen Bus. We lifted it four stories with a crane and drove it through a window to its final destination as a 4-person conference room, beer dispenser, and symbol of our incredible journey as a company. That's how we roll. Features: - Seating for Four - Two Beers On Tap - Bluetooth Sound System - AC Power for Laptops/Devices - iPad Mini Mirrors - The Soul of Alteryx Culture Learn more at http://alteryx.com
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Regression Analysis
Regression analysis is widely used for prediction and forecasting. Alteryx customers use these statistical tools to understand risk, fraud, customer retention and pricing, among many other business needs. This video shows how to use the Alteryx Designer: Association Analysis, the Linear Regression, Stepwise, Nested Test, and Score tools.
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Data Profiling
Automated data profiling within Alteryx Designer evaluates the completeness and quality of a dataset prior to building a model.
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Scheduling and Automating Insights
Schedule report refreshes and insight updates within Alteryx to eliminate repetitive data tasks and operationalize workflows for repeatable processes.
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Basic Blending Combining Data with the Same Column Names
Use the Union tool to merge data from sources with the same field names and data types into a single data set.
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Data Analysts Choose Alteryx Over Writing Code
Hear why analysts are using Alteryx instead of writing code – they are saving time extracting and prepping data with a repeatable workflow
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Organizations Choose Alteryx Over Spreadsheets
Hear why organizations choose Alteryx for prepping, blending and analyzing data over using spreadsheets.
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Alteryx Promote Demo
Building predictive models is hard work. Deploying them shouldn't be. This overview demo of Alteryx Promote highlights how quickly organizations can streamline the model deployment, management and monitoring process faster without having to re-write custom code.
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Predictive Analytics Demo: Market Basket Analysis for Qlik® Sense
Identify trends using the predictive analytics capabilities of Alteryx to better understand the purchase behavior of a buyer.
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Inspire 2017 Highlights
The Alteryx Inspire 2017 user conference celebrated the achievements of Icons of Analytics – ordinary people who routinely make extraordinary contributions to their companies, delivering deeper insights with analytics, faster than they ever thought possible. Relive the excitement of the keynotes, the customer sessions, the Alteryx Grand Prix, and more. Plus, mark your calendar for Inspire 2018, June 4-7, 2018, at the Anaheim Convention Center.
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From Workflow Development to Visualization with Alteryx and Tableau
See how the deep integration between Alteryx and Tableau streamline the way that users can access analtyic outputs via the Tableau interface. Visit http://www.alteryx.com/trial to experience self-service data analytics for yourself.
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Data Integration in Alteryx and Power BI
The brief demonstration highlights the integration of Alteryx and Microsoft Power BI. The JSON Data Download workflow sample is part of the Alteryx Visual Analytics kit for Microsoft. This workflow showcases Alteryx’s ability to download, parse and blend stock market information and display output in Power BI. It then shows how you can output the data directly into Microsoft Power BI to build visualizations, reports and dashboards.
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Setting Up the Alteryx Web Data Connector for Tableau
Walk through how to set up the Alteryx Web Data Connector for Tableau in both products and take advantage of this deep integration. Visit http://www.alteryx.com/trial to experience self-service data analytics for yourself.
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Alteryx Visualytics Overview – Charts, Reports, Interactive Dashboards
Solving complex data problems is easier when you can see your data as it changes. See how Alteryx Visualytics instantly validates data health, quality, and statistical distribution as you work, empowering you to bring insights to life through charts, reports, and interactive dashboards. Learn more: https://www.alteryx.com/solutions/analytics-need/bi-visualization/visualytics
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Getting Started Preparing Data
Input an Alteryx Database file (YXDB) that contains a list of addresses, and prepare the data for analytics. Use the Select tool to remove, rename, and reorder the fields. Download the answer file for the challenge questions: http://downloads.alteryx.com/training/GettingStarted-Answers.zip
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Alteryx Connect: Product Overview
Watch this product demo video to see how Alteryx Connect can improve analytic productivity and information governance in your organization.
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Market Basket Analysis - 2 Minute Demo from Alteryx
Analyze how likely customers are to buy certain products together to optimize merchandising. Learn more at http://www.alteryx.com/tableau
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Charles Coleman of Home Depot talks about their use of Alteryx
"With Alteryx, we were able to combine all that data in a small fraction of the time that it was taking before. For our product localization and clustering process, it was taking about two weeks per use per user. And now it takes roughly half an hour to an hour. We’re able to use that time now to apply different analytics. So we are able to localize better, price better according to several different rules, like competition, the elasticity of the market, etc. And from that we’ve been able to gain not only thousands of hours but 2% to 4% in our bottom line on anything that we’ve reviewed." - Charles Coleman, Senior Analyst, Special Projects in Assortment Planning, Home Depot
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Alteryx Architecture and Gallery
This video will review basic architecture for the Alteryx Analytical Gallery.
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Parsing Data Using the Text to Columns Tool
Split semi-structured data from a single column into separate columns using a space a delimiter in Alteryx Designer.
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SQL Server Connection
A seamless connection experience to SQL Server or Oracle empowers users with a quick, easy and intuitive way to connect to their data without having to leave Alteryx.
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Alteryx Designer – Cleanse, Prepare, and Blend Data Overview
Data prep is the most crucial step in any analysis—bad data leads to bad insight. Stop wasting 80% of your time preparing data before analysis. Cleanse, prepare, and blend datasets using drag and drop tools with repeatability, so you can focus on game-changing insight, not mundane data prep. Learn more: https://www.alteryx.com/products/alteryx-platform/alteryx-designer
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Alteryx Designer Overview
Break free from the drudgery of cleansing, preparing, and blending your data with clunky solutions. Alteryx Designer enables you to quickly bring all your data sources together, no matter the structure or location, and perform advanced, forward-thinking analytics. Communicate every insight in the right way with a Learn more: https://www.alteryx.com/products/alteryx-platform/alteryx-designer
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AB Test Analysis - 2 Minute Demo from Alteryx
Examine the potential impact of changing tactics in a small group of customers or stores prior to fully implementing the changes for all customers or stores. Learn more at http://www.alteryx.com/tableau
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Alteryx Designer Location Insights Demo
Alteryx Designer built-in spatial tools enable everyone to unlock key location insights from determining retail site locations, to creating high-impact marketing campaigns, and optimizing supply chain logistics. Download the free Alteryx Designer trial today to experience the thrill of solving https://pages.alteryx.com/trial-designer.html
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