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[PMS01E04] Project management Business Case
A business case captures the reasoning for initiating a project or task. It is often presented in a well-structured written document, but may also come in the form of a short verbal agreement or presentation. The logic of the business case is that, whenever resources such as money or effort are consumed, they should be in support of a specific business need. In this episode, I talked about business case. that's a document that you will receive from the client with some high level information.
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[JAVAS01E05]  Connecting Java to SQL Server in Eclipse
In this episode on Java, I talked about how you are going to connect to sql server
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Inserting data and Load testing SQL Server tables [SQLDEV-SO1E02]
In this episode, I discuss how you can do a performance and loadtesting of your sql server design by inserting data into it.
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[PM S01E011] Develop Project Management Plan
In this episode I talked about the develop project management plan process. Project management plan is a collection of subsidiary plan that you use to manage a project
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[WinAppS01E04 ] Instagram for PC  and Desktop Computer
In this episode, I talked about an instagram application for PC.
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Tapondo  Practice  20140621 at GHQ
My first few days back in the Dojo. This is my first few day and i'm not feeling well.
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[PMS01E08] Develop a Project Charter
Develop project charter is a first process in the Initiation process group and first process in the project integration knowledge area. It is needed to authorize the project manager and justifies the existence of a project.
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Using SSRS reporting  Charts and Graph to visualize your data [MSBI-S01E03]
In this episode, I talked about using SSRS charts and graphs to visualize your data
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30 Days to 10,000  YouTube Subscribers. Day 10 of 30
In this episode I talked more about Tube buddy to enhance your thumbnail. Tubebuddy has a feature similar to a Photoshop layer which allows you to put text and drawing. You can sign up for TubeBuddy using this link: https://www.tubebuddy.com/joeydj2
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Welcome to Aware-IT.Org on YouTube
Donate to Aware-IT: https://www.paypal.me/awareit Web Site: https://www.aware-it.org Page: https://www.facebook.com/awareit.org/ Aware-IT(jobs): https://www.facebook.com/groups/Aware.IT Learn-IT : https://www.facebook.com/groups/learnIT2 Youtubers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/youtubecontentdevelopers/ 3D & Animation: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mutimedia3dandanimation/ email : [email protected]
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Optimizing Windows 10 For Performance
Optimizing Windows 10 is necessary because as time goes by windows slows down. This windows 10 tips and tricks will teach you how to speed up your windows for best prepormance
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[RHELS01E06] enabling XRDP in Redhat Enterprise Linux 7
XRDP allows you to login to linux using RDP from windows machine. Below Is the link for implementation script: http://wordpress.aware-it.org/2017/09/24/how-to-enable-xrdp-on-rhel-7-4-desktop/
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Using Maps On SSRS Reporting Service to Visualize Data [MSBI-S01E02]
Episode 2: Visualizing data with SSRS maps. In this episode, I present how to visualize your data on maps. This visualization integrated the data with Bing maps.
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Windows 10 Virtual Desktop
Windows 10 Virtual Desktop allow you to organize your work in separate desktop.
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[PMS01E03] Triple Constraint
Triple constraints is about project contention on budget, time, scope and quality. If you add scope it will impact the budget and time and it will also impact the quality if there are no adjustment on budget and time i
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Window Server 2016 for Beginners and Career Shifters S01E01
This is a replay. You can always start at the beginning of the Video. Please click 'Show more' for more instructions. Links for course Requirements http://www.azure.com http://virtualbox.org https://www.vmware.com/products/player https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/evaluate-windows-server-technical-preview Activities. 1. Sign-up with azure 2. Create a windows server 2016 vpc 3. enable IIS 4. open port 80 5. create Sample website 6. view the website anywhere Other activites: Try Microsoft baseline securty analyzer https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=7558
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30 Days to 10,000  YouTube Subscribers. Day 7 of 30
I used Audacity in this episode and I talked more about YouTube monetization requirements.
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30 Days to 10,000  YouTube Subscribers Day 6 of 30
This video is the 6th day of a challenge to generate 10000 YouTube subscribers. Watch all the methods I applied to reach as many subscribers I can have to grow my channel. In This episode I talked about the tool called tube buddy. You can get Tube Buddy from this link : https://www.tubebuddy.com/joeydj2
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30 Days to 10000 YouTube Subscribers. Day 2 of 30
Make your Career in Youtube.
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Oracle Database tablespace,  Datafile and control files
Oracle tablespace are logical containers of datafiles. Datafiles are physical files which contains data stored in binary format. Control file contains information about the database and the datafile location as well as checkpoint information
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[PYS01E02] Installing  Python and Visual Studio 2017
In this episode, I installed python using visual studio 2017 installer. I also showed the python templates that comes with visual studio including those that are for developing python web applications and IOT. Pyhton and Visual studio are better together.
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Understanding Oracle Database SGA and PGA (Oracle Memory Architecture)
SGA and PGA are parts of the memory architecture of Oracle Database. (System Global Area)SGA is is a group of shared memory areas that are dedicated to an Oracle instance (Program global area)PGA is a memory region that contains data and control information for a server process. It is nonshared memory created by Oracle Database when a server process is started. Access to the PGA is exclusive to the server process. There is one PGA for each server process. Background processes also allocate their own PGAs.
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30 Days to 10000 YouTube Subscribers. Day 3 of 30
This lecture Series will teach you how to build your career in Youtube
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30 Days to 10,000 YouTube Subscribers.Day 1of 30
I'm trying to do this 30 day experiment to generate 10,000 YouTube subscribers to see if YouTube could be an alternative to day job. Through out the journey I going to present daily tips for youtubers
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[ORCLS01E02 ] Creating Oracle Database Objects Part 1
Creating Oracle Database Creating Oracle table Primary key
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[JavaS01E02 ] Java forms, Textbox, button and Calculator Part 1
In this Java training Episode, I talked about the basic of Java forms and object such as textbox and buttons. I also started building a java calculator in this training
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[ORCL-S01E01] Installing Oracle Database 12C
This video tutorial is about installing Oracle database on windows server 2016. Oracle database is an Enterprise database application. This tool is used to store data such as sales information, employment information, payroll or any other enterprise application. For more training please visit https;//www.aware-it.org
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30 Days to 10,000 YouTube Subscribers.  Day 5 of 30
This is a 30 day journey to "recruit" 10000 subscribers in 1 month
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30 Days to 10,000  YouTube Subscribers. Day 11 of 30
This series is all about increasing you're YouTube channel subscribers. I make it a challenge to make 10,000 subscribers in a month. Along the way i documented the tools I used to increased my subscriber so that others may use it. In this episode i discussed the YouTube beta studio to gain more insight on my YouTube channel.
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Windows 10 Integrated SMS Messaging with Cortana
With Windows 10 you can now send and receive SMS messages from your cell phone. In this tutorial, I discussed cortana integrated SMS messaging. Cortana is a digital assistant originally for windows phone. Today cortana is avialble for most devices that are susch iphones, android and windows. With its integration with windows notification, you can now send and receive SMS/text message on you windows desktop.
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[JavaS01E01] Introduction To Java Programming
This training series will teach you how to code Java.
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Introduction to autohotkey
AutoHotKey(AHK) is a software for automating your daily task. Its free and its open source. It can save you a lot of effort by automating your repeitive task
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How To Generate 1000 Subscribers in YouTube?  (PART 1)
This video will help you generate more subscribers in Youtube. Anyway if you are into facebook. Please join this group. Its for youtube content developers. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1744225352289297/
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30 Days to 10,000  YouTube Subscribers Day 8 of 30
This is the 8th day to 30 day challenge to generate 10000 subscribers in YouTube. In this session, I talk about the YouTube dashboard and analytics. Data in the dashboard will allow you to cater your content to you audience demographics.
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Migrating Database to SQL server 2017 on RHEL using backup and restore [SQLADM01E04]
In this training episode on SQL Server, I talked about how to migrate your database that is residing on Linux server.
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30 Days to 10,000 YouTube Subscribers Day 12 of 30
In this episode, I talked about Cyberlink Youcam and Cyberlink Perfect cam. A tool that you can make use to improve your video recording
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Python List, Tuples and Set [Py-S01E05]
In this python training, i talked about list, tuples and set. List are changeable comma separated values. Tuples are non-changeable comma separated values. List are unique and changeable comma separated values
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PYS01E01 Installing and Configuring Python and Visual Studio Code
In this episode, I talked about setting up your python development environ with vscode
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Azure Essentials (S01E04)
Configuring Custom Domain For Azure website In this episode, I talk about how to configure your own domain to point to your web site that is hosted in azure. For more free tutorials please visit: http://www.aware-it.org
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WPS01E04  Installing Multiple Wordpress Site on a Single Database
Sometime you need to install more wordpress intance on a single database. This is not usually the case if you are installing it on your own machine but it is the case if you are on a hosted environment like brinkster. For more It Training please visit www.aware-it.org.
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30 Days to 10,000 YouTube Subscribers Day 13 of 30
In this episode on YouTube I discussed how important it is to plan your day. True you don't have your boss watching but it is important that you have a schedule so you would be able to focus on your tasks as there are a lot of activities that you need to attend to.
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How To Generate More than 1000 Subscribers in YouTube (Part 2)
This is for people who need to generate more subscribers. Ty. Please feel free to comment below
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YouTube Tips.  How To Add Links On Your YouTube Banner
Banner Links are very important to your social media marketing. In this episode, I talked about how to set up YouTube banner links.
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[WinappS01e05] Learn the  Piano With Synthesia
In this episode on windows apps and tools I talked about Synthesia. It is a computer aided learning software that teach you how to play the piano. Yes music and IT blends magically.
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malayo na ang puso
The Jerks playing "Malayo Na Ang Puso" at El Pueblo on Nov 30, 2012 during the KAMAO alumni gathering.
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30 Days to 10,000 YouTube Subscribers. Day 14 of 30
In this episode I discussed to remove the tittle of an embedded YouTube videos and to force it to display on High definition 1080p by using the option showinfo=0 and vq=hd1080.
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30 Days to 10,000 YouTube Subscribers Day 9 of 30
In today's episode, I talked about how you are going to distribute or circulate your YouTube video. Planning how to distribute your product- YouTube video is essential for your growth in Youtube.
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[CYPS01E01] Coins.ph and BitCoins  And The Opportunities For You
Register and get cash reward with the link below. This is my referral link. https://coins.ph/m/join/6erpfl This is my referral code: 6erpfl You will have to verify your account before you can get your cash reward. With coins.ph you can setup you cellphone loading business, remittance like smart padala, bayad center or payment system and bitcoin currency trading.
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