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Meet our P̶a̶r̶t̶n̶e̶r̶s̶ Elves: Man Gun Bear
Meet our P̶a̶r̶t̶n̶e̶r elf, Anthony Carr, founder of Man Gun Bear and maker-extraordinaire. Nestled in the heart of the New Forest, his workshop is always aglow with intricate craftsmanship, quality materials and a whole range of traditional tools - you’re never far away from something being stitched, sanded and oiled. Take a peek behind the scenes at Man Gun Bear HQ and discover the magic of thoughtful gifting.
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How To Make A Balloon Advent Calendar
Who says advent calendars need to be filled with chocolate reindeer? Our video guide will show you how to create something with a little more... pop. Discover more Christmas inspiration here: http://po.st/gEpb2z
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Choose A Christmas Less Ordinary
This year, we're choosing to do Christmas a little differently. We're turning festive on it's head, shaking up tradition and saying "try this" instead. Step into our Christmas campaign as we follow the stories of six characters, and see them matched with their perfect gifts and decorations for an extraordinary Christmas. From Tiny Letters From Santa, to iPhone gramophones, we've got everything you need to create your own less ordinary Christmas. Visit our Christmas department now - http://bit.ly/10oEhG4 Look out for the notonthehighstreet.com Christmas TV advert across television channels throughout the build-up to Christmas.
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How To: Urban Industrial Kitchen
To create a modern and hard-wearing look in your kitchen, choose a selection of complimenting pieces to really bring the look together. An urban industrial kitchen is both modern and hard wearing - perfect for sipping Martinis and entertaining. Shop our Industrial collection now - http://bit.ly/XnPBkE SUBSCRIBE for more home styling and how to videos.
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Choose A Life Less Ordinary
From tiny worlds in glass domes to prints made of sound, notonthehighstreet.com is the place where everything 'Less Ordinary' is found. In our first non-gifting focused brand campaign, we follow the stories of six different characters, and see them matched with their perfect product. For more truly unique and creative products, for yourself, your friends or your family, visit our site now - http://bit.ly/1tVSymE
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How To Wrap An Awkward Present
Learn how to wrap even the most awkwardly shaped presents with our expert guide. Discover more Christmas inspiration here: http://po.st/gEpb2z
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Spirit levels at the ready! Our in-house stylist, Grace, shares the tips of the trade when it comes to creating a gallery wall. Shop prints and art now: http://po.st/b5WAab
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We've teamed up with Georgina Anderson from The Original Cake Pop Company to bring you a mouth wateringly good cake pop tutorial. All you need is one of our oh so simple cake pop kits et voilà... scrumptious cake pops for all. Find your perfect cake pop kit on notonthehighstreet.com now: http://po.st/MSOs9m
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Discover what real love means to our Partners
This Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating love in all its guises, from the grand romantic gestures to those everyday moments that prove... love is real. And who better to tell us what love means to them, than the talented creatives behind the most thoughtful of Valentine’s Day gifts.
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Meet our P̶a̶r̶t̶n̶e̶r̶s̶ Elves: Lisa Angel
Meet our P̶a̶r̶t̶n̶e̶r elf, Lisa Angel. From humble beginnings hand-making jewellery in her living room, she and her 60 strong team of elves are now filling stockings across the nation from their north-pole sized workshop in Norwich. Take a sneak peek behind the scenes to discover what goes into making a thoughtful gift.
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Love: Your Story - Ollie and Samara - notonthehighstreet.com Valentine's Day 2014 campaign
Forget the cliches about love and romance. This Valentine's Day, we're celebrating the greatest love stories never told -- YOURS. From big, extravagant gestures to everyday displays of affection, this is Britain in love today. #LoveYourStory
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Meet our P̶a̶r̶t̶n̶e̶r̶s̶ Elves: GreaterSkies
Meet our P̶a̶r̶t̶n̶e̶r elf, Juan, master astronomer and engineer by trade. After designing a very clever computer programme, he's been able to calculate the exact position of the stars and planets at any given moment, turning the night's sky into one very personal print - impressive 'ey? Juan's astronomical invention let's you remember how the stars aligned for the most special of occassions - and makes you look like the universe's most thoughtful gifter.
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How To Set A Christmas Table
Don’t let the turkey take all the glory — watch our video guide for expert tips on how to set a Christmas table, direct from our in-house stylists. Discover more Christmas inspiration here: http://po.st/gEpb2z
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Meet the Maker: Choc on Choc
Choc on Choc founders and father-daughter duo, Kerr and Flo, know a thing or two about the art of chocolate making. Find out more about their beautifully crafted (and oh-so delicious) designs, lovingly hand made in their Somerset kitchen.
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Notonthehighstreet.com - where everything has a story
notonthehighstreet.com seeks out people who create the original and the inspiring and brings their talents together in one place for you to discover. Holly Tucker and Sophie Cornish shared a passion for hunting out the kind of charming, unique and carefully made things that you sometimes stumble across in cool urban markets, village fairs and tucked away boutiques. They also shared a desire to give everyone the chance to buy those things.
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Meet Our Partners: Create Gift Love
Creative couple, Emily and Anthony, started their business after discovering a shared love of high-quality, hand-crafted gifts. Based in the New Forest, the university sweethearts have taken Create Gift Love from strength to strength – whilst getting married and raising two kids in the process. Go behind the scenes at their workshop to discover how the husband and wife duo are sharing the love this Valentine’s with unique, thoughtful gifts.
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notonthehighstreet.com group gifting
At notonthehighstreet.com we're proud to launch Group Gifting - a new way to give gifts together. Watch the video to see how you and your friends and family can buy an amazing gift for someone special by chipping in together.
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notonthehighstreet.com Christmas Advert 2016 - Magic is Real
There is no perfect gift. Only a gift perfect for someone. That’s why this Christmas, we’ll help you discover the most incredible wonders for the extraordinary people you know. From penguin robes with their name on to personalised maps of the stars, let them unwrap a little piece of magic from our wonderful Partners elves. Christmas Eve Box: http://po.st/Bdibdn Handmade Rose Gold Cuff: http://po.st/BT4r9U Personalised Bar Necklace: http://po.st/myQSax Personalised Polar Bear: http://po.st/NMYUtL Personalised Map Of The Stars Print: http://po.st/pIazGz Personalised Penguin Robe: http://po.st/c5O3og Personalised Origami Leather Wallet: http://po.st/r8m2fZ Shop the Christmas catalogue now: http://po.st/VUmN6j
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Love: Your Story - David and Joyce - notonthehighstreet.com Valentine's Day 2014 campaign
Forget the cliches about love and romance. This Valentine's Day, we're celebrating the greatest love stories never told -- YOURS. From big, extravagant gestures to everyday displays of affection, this is Britain in love today. #LoveYourStory
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The goldsmith: marking milestones in jewellery
What goes into crafting an intricate necklace completely unique to you? See how Cari-Jane creates every piece with time, love and care.
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Meet our P̶a̶r̶t̶n̶e̶r̶s̶ Elves: Magnus & Bella
Meet our P̶a̶r̶t̶n̶e̶r elves, Magnus & Bella, the husband and wife team rivalling Mr & Mrs Claus. On a mission to create covetable jewellery, the design duo combine age-old techniques with modern materials to make truly magical gifts. Find out more about Magnus & Bella's story and go behind the scenes at their Birmingham workshop to discover the magic for yourself.
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Part Dad, Part Maker: MijMoj
Part dad, part wood whizz? Part dad, part design guru? Our Partner, Gafyn Owen not only runs his own workshop in North Wales, but is father to Elliw, Morgan and little Guto. After leaving university, Gafyn founded MijMoj with great design and high quality materials in mind. 11 years and three kids on, MijMoj now sands, saws and sculpts everything from contemporary furniture to handy home accessories dad will love. What makes your dad, dad? This Father's Day (18 June) show him you know him with a thoughtful gift from one of our Partners: http://po.st/fqzL3a
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How To Make A Christmas Tree Decoration
Make your very own tree decoration this Christmas. Our easy step by step guide shows you how to sew a felt snowman complete with a cute pom pom scarf. This is a great activity for kids too. Discover more Christmas inspiration here: http://po.st/gEpb2z
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We've teamed up with Alyson Mowat, founder of Botanique Boutique and Indytute Lecturer, to show you how to make a terrarium of Pinterest proportions. Book a place on our Terrarium Design School Experience now: po.st/iqiJrO
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How To Decorate A Christmas Biscuit
Nothing beats a spot of festive baking. We caught up with Rebecca from Honeywell Bakes to find out how she's decorating her Christmas biscuits this year. Warning: this film contains adorable penguins. Discover more Christmas inspiration now: http://po.st/gEpb2z
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Behind The Scenes: Royal Mother's Day Shoot with Alison Jackson
Behind the scenes: we worked with renowned artist and satirical photographer Alison Jackson to imagine The Duchess of Cambridge's first Mother's Day. The images offer a 'fly on the wall' look at how the Kate and William might choose to spend the day in their newly-renovated apartment, 1A Kensington Palace.
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Bringing Christmas to Battersea
We're bringing Christmas to Battersea. We're helping Battersea Dogs & Cats Home find new families for some very special dogs...
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What does love mean to you? Love: Your Story - notonthehighstreet.com Valentine's Day 2014
Forget the cliches about love and romance. This Valentine's Day, we're celebrating the greatest love stories never told -- YOURS. From big, extravagant gestures to everyday displays of affection, this is Britain in love today. #LoveYourStory
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How To: Quirky Neutrals Living Room
Our Quirky Neutral Living Room is the perfect way to add an unexpected touch to a contemporary space. The key to this look is combine materials to soft, muted tones for a luxe feel. Shop our Quirky Neutrals collection now - http://bit.ly/1oUOtzf SUBSCRIBE for more home styling and how to videos.
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From studios, workshops and kitchen tables across the UK, our sellers have spent months dreaming up everything from hand sewn angel wing booties to personalised eternity star necklaces. These gifts aren't like anything they'll have seen before. SHOP THE AD NOW: Angel Wing Cashmere Booties - http://po.st/7yyuyh Personalised Eternity Star Necklace - http://po.st/CPa54Z Warmsters Blue 'Booris' Gloves - http://po.st/UhnVMH Personalised Metallic Typographic Print - http://po.st/s8Wy0v
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The distiller: the art of cold-brewing liqueur
What goes into making the UK's first coffee liqueur? Watch Tem’s mesmerising process of crafting cocktails by hand.
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Original Tree Decorations
No tinsel? A wooden tree? Be adventurous with these new decorating ideas.
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How To Make A Festive Cocktail
Fiona Flood, founder of Gin Tales, shows us how to make the perfect Raspberry Collins. Ideal for unwinding on Christmas Day. And Boxing Day. (And maybe the 27th.) Discover more Christmas inspiration here: http://po.st/gEpb2z
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Unique Ways To Wrap
Make your presents stand out with these ‘anyone can do it’ wrapping techniques.
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Love: Your Story - Minh and Rachel - notonthehighstreet.com Valentine's Day 2014 campaign
Forget the cliches about love and romance. This Valentine's Day, we're celebrating the greatest love stories never told -- YOURS. From big, extravagant gestures to everyday displays of affection, this is Britain in love today. #LoveYourStory
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Notonthehighstreet: The home of thoughtful gifts
Because the most kind, forgiving mums deserve the most thoughtful, heartfelt gifts...
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How To: Monochrome Bedroom
If you want to create a bold statement in the bedroom, monochrome is a classic and sophisticated look that will never go out of style. Shop our Monochrome collection now - http://bit.ly/1AGvSfp SUBSCRIBE for more home styling and how to videos.
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Behind The Scenes - Choose a Christmas Less Ordinary
Go behind the scenes at the shoot for our Christmas TV Ad and see how all the festive Christmas magic happens.
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Gifts For Her
Impress the 'less ordinary' ladies in your life: your friend, your mum, your sister, your wife. Find a gift that says 'this was made just for you'. Make it stylish and unique - only the best will do. Click here for gifts for her - http://bit.ly/1DSlaDb
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Bee's Bakery
Meet Bee. She's the Bee behind Bee's Bakery. We were lucky enough to go and visit Bee - and try some of her delicious customised cookies and cakes - to find out more about what it took to start her own business, as well as her inspirations and ambitions for the future.
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From humble beginnings around a kitchen table, to inspiring a nation through unique products, from the UK’s best small creative businesses — it’s been quite a decade. So we’ve put together a short film to celebrate our extraordinary adventures together, special memories and momentous achievements.
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Wedding Table Styling with Knot & Pop
The table is laid for the wedding of the year — yours. We’ve teamed up with Knot & Pop to share our top tips for making a statement over dinner. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more inspiration.
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The screen printer: map-making in action
What goes into creating a beautifully bespoke screen-print of a cherished place? See how Ben brings this thoughtful gift to life.
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How To: Natural Bedroom
To create a pared back style with a dose of Nordic cool, combine neutral colours, textures and a range of materials to create a bedroom inspired by nature. Focus on neutral colours and tactile materials to recreate the look in your own home. Shop our Natural collection now - http://bit.ly/1uO77xh SUBSCRIBE for more home styling and how to videos.
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notonthehighstreet.com #Tweetheart
To celebrate Valentine's Day, we wanted to find unique and original ways to make your messages of love even more meaningful. You tweeted us your messages about your special someone, with the hashtag #tweetheart, and we set about bringing those messages to life. With teams of musicians and artists, we tracked down the intended recipients -- whether at work, in a restaurant or walking in the park - to deliver their messages. Find out more here: http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/pages/tweetheart
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In this film, our in-house stylist show you how to put up a woodland inspired wall sticker. Click here for more wall stickers: http://po.st/oACC4T
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How To: Pastel Bedroom
A pastel bedroom adds an elegant and feminine touch to any home. For the ultimate in prettiness and colourful calm, combine soft colours with copper tones and ombre give your space a luxurious feel with a contemporary twist. Shop our Pastel collection now - http://bit.ly/1uO6sfe SUBSCRIBE for more home styling and how to videos.
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How To: Colour Pop Living Room
Our Colour Pop Living Room is perfect for anyone looking to create a light-hearted and playful space. A great way to brighten up your home, statement furniture paired a few key accessories can add an instant update to any room. Shop our Colour Pop collection now - http://bit.ly/1pLhKch SUBSCRIBE for more home styling and how to videos.
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