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How is Mancera Black to Black
here is my review on an underrated gem mancera black to black ! a great take on rose, saffron and leather ... a real compliment getter for colder seasons... what is your opinions about mancera black to black ?
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My top 5 Amouage fragrances
Top 5 Amouage fragrances here is my top 5 picks than amouage fragrances . these are just my picks and my opinions ... i like 5- amouage dia man at 4- amouage lyric man at 3-amouage interlude man at 2-amouage interlude man and for top 1 - amouage reflection man which is one of my most compliment getters in my collection! let me know what is your picks than house of amouage
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Top 5 Head Turner Fragrances for men 2018
hey guys! glad to seeing you in another video again! here is y top head turner fragrances list for men 2018! mancera black to black , valentino uomo intense , prada lhomme , amouage reflection man and king cred aventus! this is my top 5 best fragrances for now in head turning game !!! let me know your thoughts about this video!
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Top 5 Best Mancera Perfumes 2019
Hey and happy to seeing you again... here I choose too 5 mancera fragrances according to getting compliments 2019... mancera fragrances every time are in my collection and I love them so much... Mancera Aoud Cafe , Mancera Black Gold , mancera wind wood, Mancera Black to Black and mancera Cedrat Boise is my top 5 from mancera fragrances... let me know what’s your picks
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How is Bentley For Men Absolute (Review)
Hey everybody ... here is my review and thoughts on a great fragrance! bentley absolute for men! a great seductive dark appealing juice... bentley fragrances makes such a great scents which i like them so much! i will put my nose and attention more and more on them... bentley absolute is one of my tops and favorites from house of bentley! what is your opinion about it???
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Amouage Reflection Man Review
i tried to share with you, everything that i know about amouage reflection man ! i will be so happy if you let me know what is your ideas about this fragrance! Peace
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How is Bentley Black Edition Fragrance (Review)
Hey friends! Here is my review on Bentley black edition the new release from Bentley fragrances... I could not find any trustworthy articles about it yet so I don’t know who is the perfumer and what is the exact notes.... I tried to explain it with my experiences. Hope you will enjoy.... please don’t forget subscribe and let me know your opinions in comments. See you in another video
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How is Amouage Jubilation Man (Review)
here is my review on amouage jubilation xxv ... amouage jubilation 25 is a fragrance which released for celebrating 25th anniversary of amouage company`s creation... very rich and complex niche fragrance from house of amouage and one of my favorites as well... let me know your thoughts on amouage jubilation!
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How is Gucci Oud Intense (Review)
hey everybody and happy to meeting you again in another video... here is my review and thoughts on gucci oud intense one of best designer oud fragrances in my collection. what do you think about gucci oud intense? let me know in comments below... Peace
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Top 5 best aquatic perfumes
Here is my top 5 list of best aquatic fragrances in my collection....5- Acqua Di Gio and Acqua Di Gio Profumo 4- Davidoff Cool Water 3- Bvlgari Aqva Amara 2- Bvlgari Aqva atlantiqve / Versace Dylan Blue and at number 1- Versace Pour Homme. Let me know about your list and thoughts
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Top 10 affordable perfume companies
hey friends ! sooo happy to seeing you in another video again. here today i want introduce to you top 10 fragrance house/ companies which i believe they do good jobs and they don´t charge people like crazies! absolutely worthy and you get the best for each penny of your money... here is list 10: david beckham 9:salvatore ferragamo 8: davidoff 7: mont blanc 6: calvin klein 5: lomano 4: bvlgari 3: bentley and ferrari 2: armaf and finally 1: lalique .... let me know your opinions in comments
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How is Bentley Azure Fragrance (Review)
hi every body... here is my review on bentley azure fragrance which is one of my certain favorites from bentley fragrances... fresh , clean, long lasting and mature ! what is your opinions about bentley azure? let me know it in the comments
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How is Bentley Intense (Review)
Hey everybody! Here is my take and review on Bentley Intense men fragrance one of best flanker in line... boozy , long lasting great compliment getter mature guy scent... Bentley Intense ! Do you like it? What’s your opinion about it?
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Top 5 Most Complimented Cheap perfumes For Men 2017 - 2018
hi every body... here is my new video about my top 5 cheap or inexpensive perfumes - fragrances for 2017 and 2018 ... let me know what is yourlist and picks in the comments down the perfumes we talked about is honorable mentions: calvin klein one shock , mont blanc individuel , ferrari bright neroli, davidoff cool water. in main list is dunhill icon , 360 perry ellis red, bentley intense and bentley absolute, armaf club de nuit intense man and versace dylan blue ....
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How is Mancera Aoud Cafe (Review)
Here is my review on Mancera Aoud Cafe which one of most unique and beautiful oud fragrances in my collection... I cannot see a lot of reviews on this perfume which I believe it is not enough attention to this unique take on oud which known as Mancera Aoud Cafe ... let me know your opinions
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Creed Aventus review
i tried to share my thoughts and experiences about creed aventus....its still one of my great compliment getter fragrances in the collection ...i will be happy to hear what you know about Creed aventus in comments below...
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My top 5 sweet perfumes 2018
Hey folks here is my top 5 sweet fragrances which I prefer wear them mostly in colder days ... these are all my picks and my thoughts. Hope you will enjoy them as well.... let me know what’s your picks
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How is Pegasus Parfums de Marley (Review)
Hey fragrance lovers and nice to seeing you again here! Here is my thoughts and review on a great fragrance Pegasus from house of parfums de Marley ... I would like to know what you think about Pegasus ! If you own it or have you ever sniffed Pegasus before? Let me know what you think. Thank you
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Top 5 perfumes for women wow
Hey folks... here is my top 5 fragrances- perfumes for women according to men reactions and compliments... after talking with my friends that which fragrance they would like to smell on a woman I made a top 5 and want to share with you. Please let me know what’s your opinion and if you have a list too ? Thank you for watching my channel. Please don’t forget subscribe
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Top5 Fragrances For Gym
hey folks ! here is my top 5 Fragrances for gym.... these are all picked by my own experiences! sure there is a lot out there that you know! so let me know what is your picks as a gym perfume in the comment. thank you for watching me....
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Versace Oud Noir vs Gucci Oud Intense
Hi friends... it was long time that I would like to make a comparison video between two great designer Oud fragrances! Versace oud noir and Gucci oud intense... let me know what do you think about them
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10 Best Christmas Gift Perfume Suggestion for Women and Men 2018
Hi everybody... here is my ten great fragrance suggestions for Christmas gift 2018. 5 For women and 5 for men... let me know what is your perfume suggestions for Christmas
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Versace Pour Homme Line Review
Versace Pour Homme line includes 3 great fragrances 1- Versace pour Homme 2008 2- Versace Oud Noir 2013 3- Versace Dylan Blue 2016... I like these fragrances so much and wanted to share my thoughts about these great compliment getter gems... let me know what you thinking about versace pour homme line...
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My top 10 fragrances for fall 2018
my 2018 picks for fall ... let me know what is your picks and suggestions? what you would prefer instead? all fragrances in this list are the one that get compliments more than other ones in collection....amouage lyric man ... armani code .... versace dylan blue.... bentley intense for men ... dior sauvage .... bleu de chanel .... armaf club de nuit intense man .... prada l´homme intense and acqua di gio profumo.... these are my best compliment getter fragrances for fall 2018
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How is Lalique Encre Noire (Review)
hi friends ... thank you to watching my video and stopping by.... today I am reviewing lalique encre noire starter of this great line...encre noire line... in another video i will talk about the other members of the lalique encre noire line...let me know what is your opinion about it and please don't forget subscribe my channel... thank you so much
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How is Acqua Di Gio Profumo (Review)
I love Acqua Di Gio DNA and never gets old for me... I was thinking would be nice if it was a little more dark or mature then Acqua Di Gio Profumo came out and i am happy for that... yes it’s hyped it’s famous every body knows that but still great and one of my most compliment getter fragrance in entire collection.... what do you think about it? i tried to make a video like acqua di gio profumo vs acqua di gio
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A Great day in denmark nature with my fragrances
Beside reviewing fragrances i enjoy take photograph of them in the nature so much.... in this video i tried by little reviews just show you how i spend time in nature when i want taking pictures and seeking for good locations.... if you liked my video please subscribe my channel and let me know what is your opinion about it. thank you,,,, PEACE
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