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Amouage Reflection Man Review
i tried to share with you, everything that i know about amouage reflection man ! i will be so happy if you let me know what is your ideas about this fragrance! Peace
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My top 5 Amouage fragrances
Top 5 Amouage fragrances here is my top 5 picks than amouage fragrances . these are just my picks and my opinions ... i like 5- amouage dia man at 4- amouage lyric man at 3-amouage interlude man at 2-amouage interlude man and for top 1 - amouage reflection man which is one of my most compliment getters in my collection! let me know what is your picks than house of amouage
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Creed Aventus review
i tried to share my thoughts and experiences about creed aventus....its still one of my great compliment getter fragrances in the collection ...i will be happy to hear what you know about Creed aventus in comments below...
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Everything that you want to know about Amouage interlude man
here i share my experiences and thoughts quickly on amouage interlude man which known as blue beast in fragrance lovers community...you can see here the presentation and review of scent... please let me know what is your opinions about amouage interlude man in comments
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Top5 Fragrances For Gym
hey folks ! here is my top 5 Fragrances for gym.... these are all picked by my own experiences! sure there is a lot out there that you know! so let me know what is your picks in the comment. thank yoادكلنu for watching me....
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Versace Pour Homme Line Review
Versace Pour Homme line includes 3 great fragrances 1- Versace pour Homme 2008 2- Versace Oud Noir 2013 3- Versace Dylan Blue 2016... I like these fragrances so much and wanted to share my thoughts about these great compliment getter gems... let me know what you thinking about versace pour homme line...
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Top 5 perfumes for women wow
Hey folks... here is my top 5 fragrances- perfumes for women according to men reactions and compliments... after talking with my friends that which fragrance they would like to smell on a woman I made a top 5 and want to share with you. Please let me know what’s your opinion and if you have a list too ? Thank you for watching my channel. Please don’t forget subscribe
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My top 5 sweet perfumes 2018
Hey folks here is my top 5 sweet fragrances which I prefer wear them mostly in colder days ... these are all my picks and my thoughts. Hope you will enjoy them as well.... let me know what’s your picks
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Top 5 Designer Fragrances That Smells Niche
hi everybody! here my top 5 designer fragrances that i think they smell as complex as niche fragrances! hope you will enjoy it!!!
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My top 10 fragrances for fall 2018
my 2018 picks for fall ... let me know what is your picks and suggestions? what you would prefer instead? all fragrances in this list are the one that get compliments more than other ones in collection....amouage lyric man ... armani code .... versace dylan blue.... bentley intense for men ... dior sauvage .... bleu de chanel .... armaf club de nuit intense man .... prada l´homme intense and acqua di gio profumo.... these are my best compliment getter fragrances for fall 2018
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Review Amouage Jubilation
This is one of those fragrances that I didn’t dare to start review on it and share my opinions because it’s complex and everyday it shows more than before to me... but today I want to share what I can get so far! i love sniffing this masterpiece on my around and a must have for me.... amouage jubilation is a great spicy oriental woody fragrance.... what is your opinion about amouage jubilation??
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A Great day in denmark nature with my fragrances
Beside reviewing fragrances i enjoy take photograph of them in the nature so much.... in this video i tried by little reviews just show you how i spend time in nature when i want taking pictures and seeking for good locations.... if you liked my video please subscribe my channel and let me know what is your opinion about it. thank you,,,, PEACE
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