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Shampooing the long hair of a nice woman
A wonderful woman starts her visit to the hair salon getting a shampoo on her lhight brown very long hair. She received a pampered shampoo and head massage available in this vídeo.
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Hair tutorial: transforming long hair in a sexy inverted bob
This clip learns how to get a sexy and classic inverted bob starting from a very long hair. She is a beautiful young woman and you can follow step by step all details of this amazing hair change
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Performing a geometric classic chin bob haircut
A lovely brunette young lady getting a geometric, classic and sexy chin bob is the subject of this vídeo clip. Step by step, here you can watch the details of a very classic but allways charmy hair transformation
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Replacing a layered haircut by a straight style in a long hair blonde lady
She wants a hair change keeping her long blonde hair. The stylist replaced her old fashion layered style by a straight sexy haircut cutting a few inches in total lenght. The styling starts with a foaming shampoo and ends drying the huge mane in large curls. A very impressive hair change
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Woman having a shampoo in hair salon
A lady with a bob style receives a shampoo in salon before cutting her hair.
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Getting an happy hair look to graduation party
Graduation day. The young student goes to the salon to get the hair look dedicated to the great event. Her hair is long but partially dry and with damadged color. So, its time for a haircut making a long bob and to recover her original brown. This clip shows everything: haircut in two parts, two shampooing and painting with her head laying in the sink. A very happy look to a very special day.
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New color and new haircut for a great page look
Hair revolution in a beautiful girl. A day in hair salon for a deep change and a new page new look: color from brown to black with highligts, a pampered shampoo, a page haircut with sexy bangs and a perfect hair dryer. Everything in this fantastic video.
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Once in her life: changing hair touching her belt for a romantic bob
She used a sexy long ponytail when entered the salon. And her hair covered her back when she freed it from the elastic. A spendurous her indeed. But she want a change once in her life and ordered to the stylist to cut her hair in a romantic bob. And this clip shows a lots of hair falling down, lock by lock, changing completely her look. A huge change, as you can watch.
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Shampooing the very long and dark hair of a sweet young woman
A sweet young woman with dark, natural curled and very long hair getting a shampoo in a hair salon.
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Magic shampoo on a very nice medium size hair
Blonde beautiful blonde woman having her nice hair being washed in a beauty salon, starting a process to get a new look. A pampered and foamy shampoo and head massage in this romantic clip.
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The art of drying and styling hair in 10 women
This is an unique video, a visit to the art of drying and styling hair in women. The clip join 10 women with very different kinds of hair: long, medium and short, dark, blonde, brown and red, straight and curled. A rich pannel with lots of hair in movment going to the final style.
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7 Female washing hair in hairdresser
This is a videoclip connecting seven common moments in the different lives of seven females: when each one is washing hair in hair salon. Seven different women, seven different hair and styles: long, medium, short, blonde or dark, straight or curled. And different methods to washing hair, even with hair forward.
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The very long black hair of a lady being washed in salon
A lady with a very long black hair visited the hair salon to a shampoo and head massage. Lots of foam and a attractive show of beautiful long hair in this vídeo, including the hair drying moments
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A sexy straight haircut in a very long hair
She needed an haircut keeping her natural and straight hair still long but healthy. So, she lost more of 10 inches in the lenght of her hair and a sexy style stressing the bright of her hair and provocative short bangs. This clip is about a sexy hair change, starting with a pampered shampoo.
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Customer receiving stylist at home for shampoo and head massage
A young woman with long hair made an appointment with stylist at home to receive a shampoo and careful head massage, as you can watch in this clip
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Wonderful sweet woman getting a perfect square long bob
She is very tired of her old layered long hair and she wants something really new, but not short style. The option was a classic long bob, a square haircut with aside long bangs, a look that is really perfect on her dark hair. After the shampoo, the stylist cut her hair keeping it at the shoulders level careful straight. Her is now in a medium lenght and the new style is giving her a romantic look improving her wonderful dark bright eyes.
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From long to a classic youth bob with bangs
She is a nice girl with long hair that needs a change. She chose a youth and classic bob with bangs, that the stylist made in a very straight way using an iron straightener after hand drying. After the first cut, the girl decided a even shorter style: thats why this clip join two cuts, a sexy shampoo, hair drying and a straightening hair with iron. Great change
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From her belt to her shoulders: time for a great hair change
Her hair was not cut long time ago and touched her belt. She needed an haircut and the day has came. It was a great hair change. Step by step, her locks fall down under the action of the stylist scissors. At the end she got really a ney look, a lighter look. All the action, since the impressive shampoo until the final styling, is in this clip
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Paint it brown, do me a bob
She entered the hair salon wishing a complete change and got it. Her hair was without a set and it color was a damaged blonde. So, "paint it brown and do me a bob", she asked to the stylist. And indeed it was a change. Her final color is a bright brown and the bob style is a very sexy haircut with bangs. This clip shows everything: the coloring, the shampoo, the haircut in detail and a very dinamic hair drying.
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Beautiful girl getting a new hair look: shampoo and haircut in long hair
A beautiful girl visit the hair salon to receive an haircut giving a new style to her magnificent log hair. Before the hairct, the stylist giver her a pampered and foaming shampoo
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From long to medium lenght straight hair of a charmy brunette
A charmy brunette with a long and heavy straight hair getting a haircut for a new and light look, a medium square hairstyle. That is the story of this vídeo showing locks longer than 20 inches falling down and creating a very exciting change of look.
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Haicutting a bulk curled hair from long to short
From time to time she needs to cut her bulk, strong and curled hair. However, she let it grow up during almost a year and thats why this haircut is a great change, from long to short. This clip is about it: including shampoo and lots of curls of her heavy wet dark hair falling down.
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Charmy young woman got a straight bob haircut
The hair of this charmy young woman was careless and with an undefined long hair. In a visit to the hairdresser, she opted for a new look with the hair a few inches shorter: a straight and square bob giving a more romantic look to her face and melancholy eyes. The result is fantastic, as we show in this new videoclip.
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A kind student getting a renewed classic bob haircut
Inches of wet blonde hair falling down on the salon floor. A beautiful blonde hair receiving a haircut to renew her bob style in a very interesting transformation. Since the foaming shampoo until the hair drying, this clip shows the irresistible and eternel charm of the classic bob hairstyle
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Hair change from long and blonde hair to a sexy brown square bob
She is a very nice woman tired of her long hair with a worn out blonde color. She was even missin her juvenil cut and color and it was se is looking for in this visit to the hair salon. She stylist change her old blonde color by a bright brown, her original color, and cut her hair in a straight and very geometric square bob. She got a new sexy juvenil look making her face brighter. A great hair change.
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Washing and massaging the long, long hair of two young women
This vídeo clip is very special, dedicated to washing and massaging heads of two long haired women. They ofered their very long light brown hair to be washed and pampered in salon and to have relaxing and foaming head massage. This is a tribute to the beauty of long hair, with splendurous moments of relax, charm and sensuality
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Shampooing a young woman with long curled hair
She is a girl with a fantastic mane, long, curled, giving volume to her head. This mane is to be shampooed in this clip, completed with a pampered head massage that she enjoyed with a delightful pleasure. It is a magic clip now available
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Wonderful brunette getting a long straight bob haircut
A beautiful brunette girl getting a long straight bob haircut starting in a long hair. In this clip you can watch all details of his sexy change since a very attactive wash of her hair, then the haircut over a large white cape and a pampered hair drying.
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Coloring black and a very sexy haircut on the brunette girl with huge blue eyes
She is an amazing brunette with a big blue and expressive eyes. Now, imagine her eyes in a hair darker and her hair styled in a extremely sexy bob with bangs. All of that charmy transformation is on this unforgettable clip: coloring her hair in real black, and cutting her long hair in a bob touching gently her shoulders. Besides, you have her eyes shining in a foamy shampoo and her hair shining in a careful hand drying. Really nice
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Hair makeover and makeup of a cellist before her debut as soloist in a great symphonic concert
For her it was the great day. As a cellist with promising talent in her symphonic orchestra, she is living her debut as a soloist. A few hors before, felling a little nervous indeed, she visited the hair salon to get hair styling and makeup for the great moment. She choose a layered haircut keeping her hair long, a very casual style (she is really a wonderful young woman) and also a soft makeup. We lived that moments with her, and this vídeo production, including hair and makeup, are a part of the debut of a great career as cello soloist, as we wish her very much.
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Blonde long hair: blonder highlights with rubber cap, haircut and foamy shampoo
A complete haircare in a sexy very long blonde hair. Her hair is long, strong and with natural waves. She want that the blonde color become blonder with hilights made with help of a rubber capt. Then, after a detailed and foamy shmpoo and a hair care treatment, she got a haircut keeping her hair still very long and a few essay of styles, taking advantage of her wonderful hair. Everything available in this vídeoclip
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Gorgeous teenager transform her nice long hair with a haircut and sexy bangs!
This gorgeous teenager decided to transform her very long straight hair in a more modern and sexy look. In her visit to the hair salon she got a haircut in a few inches and a very sexy straight bangs. The stylist end the job drying her hair in large provocative curls. Her hair is still long but her look has changed.
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Layering with blade a wonderful and very long dark hair
A beautiful brunette with very long and natural waved hair want a new hair look. Her hair its pretty but she want it long but lighter, with more volum stressing it natural color and it large waves. She got a very layered haircut that the stylist made with a blade, lock by lock. A very impressive haircut in long hair, finished with hair drying in large hair straws taking advantage of the natural textute of the hair.
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Young woman exchanges long hair for a lighter look
A young woman with very long, gently curly hair has decided to change her look by opting for a medium right cut that gives her a lighter look and makes her face brighter. All the change in this video.
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Short inverted bob and a new color in the curled hair of the girl with big eyes
She is a very nice girl look with a natural curled hair, but she felt yhe need of an hair transformation. First she got a new color: drak brown instead a damadged light brown. Then, the stylist sculped a attractive inverted bob, that look magnificent in curled hair. A short inverted bob, that she asked shorter than the first ideia of the stylist.
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Beautiful brunette girl getting an haircut from long to medium very shaggy
She is a beautiful brunette student that got now a dramatic hair change. Tired from her long complete straight hair she got from the stylist a very new look: a shaggy medium style giving a new hair movement to her head.
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Young woman got a healthy haircut that makes all the difference
The hair of this young woman was long, nice but spoiled, even under naked eye. Now, after a visit to the hairdresser, the hair is still long but looks clearly healthy. A trim of few inches made a real miracle that makes all the difference. The change is here, in this videoclip, showing what is possible with a haircut at the right time.
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Color care to get her provocative long blonde hair more sexy
Her hair is long, blonde and very attractive. But, sometimes, it needs special care to keep its color bright and with its special light. This clip shows her visit to the hair salon to receive an hair treatment and to stress her color in her provocative long blonde hair. Great part of care is in the sink, where she got a more sexy hair look.
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3 wonderful longhaired ladies cutting hair together: its raining hair!
They are very close friends proud of their hairs and this time they tried a new experience: they decided to make an appointment to the hair salon to have haircuts together. And from that decision was born this vídeo clip. All of them changed long styles by medium layered haircuts. So, its raining women hair: lots of dark locks on the salon floor.
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This lady got a very new hair look
This woman decided to change her look. In the hairdresser she got a very new style loosing a lot of inches of her dark hair after a hair wash. The stylist finished her new look making large wawes of hair with brush and hairdryer.
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A short haircut and a purple hair color for a great new look
She loves short hair and to change her hair color from time to time. Now she decided for a short sexy and very layered style and a cheeky purple color. What a great change of look, stressing her sweet big eyes. All details in this videoclip in purple tonalities.
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From long to medium shaggy style: a new hair look on a charmy young woman
Her hair is beauiful mas this charmy young woman want a very new look, but no short hair. So, in this visit to the hair salon she got a medium and very layered style with long bangs aside. The new style give a new volume to her hair and made her fantastic face brighter. Chance to watch also a foamy shampoo and a detailed hand hair dry.
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An inverted short bob on a lady that wanted a change of look
She loves to change her hair, and this time our cameras were there. The lady with a great need to change her look got a short inverted bob parted aside and with long bangs that she uses to strenght her look. The video clip with the whole change its yours!
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The hair of 8 women being washed: selected shampoo
This is a vídeoclip with 8 women having her hair washed in different scenario. Long, short and medium hair, straight or curled, normal or after coloring, different kind of hair being shampooed.
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Undercut with nape shaved under very long hair and bangs
A undercut with shaved nape by shaving machine under a very long hair and also with bangs. she wanted a extreme look coexisting with a common long hair and she got it. Now she can show her shaved nape wearing a sexy long ponytail. This clip shows the shaving machine running her nape after a foamy shampoo. To end the haircut the stylist made long bangs with herlp of a razor blade. A different clip of a different style.
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Creating a charmy bob style, inverted and texturized in the nape
Watch the work of a hairdresser building a classic inverted bob with nape texturized with comb and scissors. It is the wish of a wonderful brunette woman with dark, straight and medium lenght hair. Step by step, you will see the borning of a new attractive style after a very foaming shampoo and finished with a casual blow dry. Charmy!
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From long to medium shaggy: tons of hair falling down
This young brunette decided that time came to a drastic hair change. She was a little bit tired of her very long straight hair and she wants something very new, but not a short pixie haircut. The solution: a medium haircut, very layered, giving a new volume to her head and a new move to her hair. After a nice shampoo you can watch tons of hair falling down under the action of a razor blade and how to build a new hair look.
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Beautiful girl getting both sides of her head shaved keeping long hair and getting gorgeous bangs
Beautiful girl get an extreme hair change shaving both sides of her head with shaving machine in hair salon, keeping her hair very long and having new gorgeous bangs. Now, she can wear a long ponytail contrasting with parts of her head shaved and stressing her new bangs
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Sweet girl with curled hair getting an haircut and a straight style
Swet and beautiful girl visiting hair salon to get a new hair look. After a pampered shampoo, she receive a haircut with scissors and razor blade and a new straight hair style made with help of a hand dryer and a hair brush. A very nice hair change!
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Young lady loosing her locks to get a modern shorter hairstyle
Her hair was long and layered and thats why she wanted something really different. This clip shows the story of a great hair change, a transformation until a medium/short style where the stylist used a razor blade to cut lock after lock. At the end, her look is really shiner, modern... and happy.
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