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Candle In The Wind:  A Princess Diana Tribute
An emotional look at Princess Diana as a woman, mother, and force of good. Reminds us of the impact of her life on ours, and the powerful blow of her untimely death.
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Prince William: I Will Remember You
A sweet look back at Diana and William's 15 years together with some rare pictures, set to Sarah McLachlan's 'I Will Remember You'. The song fits well with the situation.
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Princess Diana:  Goodbye Mummy
A 10th anniversary tribute to Diana the mother, with the boys who miss her so much.
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Prince Harry:  The People's Prince II
REMAKE of my first one, the same but not the same, much better. Harry has been through the nasty divorce of his parents, a very public, humiliating, and trying ordeal. He grew up automatically in second place, struggling to prove himself and make his own way despite comparison to his rather glamorous older brother. His beloved mother was killed suddenly, tragically and publicly in a car wreck when he was only 12 years old, right before his birthday. Despite that, in the midst of the first anniversary of her death he managed to take the grueling exams into Eton, and PASSED with all that going on. He FINALLY made it, and she wasn't there to see it. Through death, adversity, controversy, shame, love and hate he has risen above it all to be who he always wanted to be - just Harry, a man in his own right. Through tinkering with drugs and drinking too much and smoking (all naughty but normal pasttimes for his wild young generation) and too many parties. . . he has emerged as a strong young man, a good soldier, an accomplished academic, a solid athlete, a compassionate person, a generous man, an affectionate son and brother, and a fun loving, sweet, plain spoken, honest young man. His every step seems like a struggle to prove himself. I hope someday he will be free of that burden and can just be himself. Without the world breathing down his neck, waiting for his next mistake. . .
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Alex Beaton - Glencoe
Growing up Scottish means growing up Alex Beaton. I consider this man a dear friend, he is literally the voice of my childhood. As soon as I hear his rich voice I am a small child again, weaving my way through a sea of kilts to take his hand and beg him to roll his "R's" for me. And he always obliged that wee pesky blonde girl. I absolutely adored him. The first time I met him I was 4 and covered in chocolate. Some treat I'd been enjoying. And he was wearing a beautifully pristine white silky shirt and a glorious cape. He never once flinched as I wallowed about him with my chocolate fingers LOL. When I heard about his accident and cancer, I was heartbroken. I've decided to upload this song (one of my favorites) so that we can all enjoy the man who made 'growing up Scottish' so much fun.
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Paul Gross & Martha Burns: 25th Anniversary
Canadian actors Paul Gross & Martha Burns are top of their field for their contributions to the theatre, television, and movies. They are also role models, having been happily married since 1988 - worth a nod in their particular industry, where divorce and infidelity run rampant. I have been a fan of Paul Gross since 1994, and made this video to celebrate he and his wife's 25th anniversary! Included are old pictures and new, with video clips from awards shows and of course Slings & Arrows (tv series). Also, pictures with their children. The song is Kiss You Til You Weep, sung by Paul himself and taken from the Men With Brooms (movie) soundtrack. Beautiful couple whose brilliant performances, good works, and integrity are all a part of why I would consider them both national treasures - kudos to Canada!
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Prince Harry: The People's Prince
A poignant look at the prince's trip through emotional upheaval and headline upsets, with a look at the compassionate and fun-loving human being behind the headline.
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Deadly Decisions:  Tribute To Drunk Driving Victims
This one is close to my heart. A tribute to victims of drinking and driving, and a plea to make it stop!
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Why: Outcry Against Early Release Of Violent Criminals
This video showcases three particular incidents of extremely violent and unremorsful murderers who were not only released back into society, but released EARLY, despite their unspeakable crimes and high sentencings. The early release of violent criminals, sex offenders, and repeat offenders is dangerous to society. When a serial killer is arrested, we look at his childhood and say - oh he was torturing small animals, if we had only caught him then before he killed people. . .yet when we actually DO catch young murderers before they get started too good, we turn them loose just as they reach young adulthood. This is ridiculous to me. Take them out of society as murderers, confine them with other murderers and socially crippled criminals, then release them back into society with no real life experience and expect them to be reformed, functioning, responsible adults! What's the point of catching the bad guys, processing the evidence, risking police officers lives, forking out thousands and thousands of dollars for trials and judges to sentence criminals. . . if we're just going to release them before they finish a fourth of their sentence? WHY?! Song: "Marwa Blues" by George Harrison Album: Brainwashed
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Tribute To Murdered Children III
My third tribute to murdered children, with a special dedication to three particular stories that hit me the hardest. Made with love and dismay!
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Growing Up Scottish - These Are My Mountains
These Are My Mountains by Alex Beaton. Featuring pictures from my childhood of Scottish Society picnics and meetings and festivals, mostly in Arkansas between 1988-1991. Alex Beaton was a regular performer at such events and I grew up on his music and especially this song! I am proud of my Scottish heritage and these are fond memories for me :-)
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George Harrison
A tribute to my favorite Beatle (it's so hard to choose just one isn't it?) A video made with love and respect, here's to one of the greatest guitarists ever, and now that he's gone (6 years this month) I believe all guitars will 'gently weep'.
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Jim, Devin, and Sam Cuddy - Horseshoe Tavern - Afghanistan (DCB)
August 18, 2014 - James Gray Memorial at the 'Shoe- Toronto - Devin Cuddy performing his song 'Afghanistan' (Devin Cuddy Band) with his brother Sam and some random dude named Jim ;)
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Prince Charles:  Behind Blue Eyes
A sympathetic look at the man who will be king (give it a chance) I also have videos on Diana, William, and Harry. Prince Harry is admittedly my favorite, and my intention of featuring him prominantly in this film was to shout HE IS CHARLES' SON so come off of it!
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Tribute To Murdered Children: Part 2
With a special dedication to 2yr. old Kelsey Briggs and the children of the Holocaust. WARNING: Somewhat graphic pictures of starvation are included in this video (holocaust).
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Autism At Home
Very brief look at my son's autism, made specifically to show his specialist.
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James Bulger:  Happy Birthday
March 16, 2008 James Bulger would have been 18 years old if he hadn't died at age 2. Today we celebrated for him, and sent warm wishes of support and strength for his parents Ralph and Denise. Here's our lil party for James
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R.I.P. Baby James
By Jessie Drew - A tribute to James P.Bulger who was brutally murdered in 1993 by two ten year old boys. His death seems to have reached out to millions and his loss is keenly felt to those who didn't even know him. This small British toddler has become internationally loved and remembered.
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Steve Irwin:  Crocodile Hunter
Slideshow/video mix tribute. I took my time with this and put a lot of love in it. Steve was a wonderful person, a true giant, and I suppose I did this to fill the void I've felt since his loss. I felt I needed to do something for someone who gave SO much. He lived his life to teach US something. Thanks Steve!
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Skyscraper Soul - Toronto 2014
Just a few memories there are many more from my trip to Toronto in August 2014. I miss the people and places in this video... you are all a part of my skyscraper soul... and I shall return soon. Toronto on my mind.This video is dedicated to Uncle Patrick, for so many reasons. Thank you!
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In Remembrance
The last time I saw my Dad I was 7 years old. We lost contact, and although I have a wonderful, loving, devoted stepdad whom I consider my Daddy, I never forgot my Dad Terry. On December 9, 2009 I finally reconnected with my Dad's family and discovered that he passed away in 2006. This video contains every picture I have of my Dad.
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A Tribute To Jay Semko
Jay Semko, the Canadian singer/songwriter, is best known as the bass player/vocalist/songwriter of the Northern Pikes and composer of music for award winning show Due South. Here is a compilation of video clips from his career, including videos from the Northern Pikes and his own solo work. No malice intended, no copyright infringement intended. This is solely meant to be a fan video, I do not own any of the material herein. Song is Wait For Me by the Northern Pikes (with Jay Semko).
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Tribute To Murdered Children
All the children in this video are gone, sent to heaven too early. My intention of this tribute is to have their faces, and in some cases their stories, remembered.
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Standing By You - Jace's Journey
A support video celebrating the 1st Birthday of little Jace Calaway! See video for Jace's story and join in the prayers and support at 'Jace's Army' on Facebook! Music used with permission from Bryan Potvin, songs: Heartbledwhite (partial) and Standing By You from the recently released album Heartbledwhite. (Show More for link) http://www.kt8merch.com/store/pages/23690/Bryan_Potvin_-Heartbledwhite_-_CD.htm Album is also available on iTunes. Thank you to the many special people who have been supporting and following Jace's story and those of you all over the world who sent in signs.
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The Oklahoma Bombing:  13 Anniversary
Remembering the Oklahoma Bombing and ALL the lost, including the adults. I spent some time in Oklahoma and before I did, this event was momentous to me, it is forever carved into my heart. And now that I have my own child and family, it stirs me on a different level. This is intended as a loving, tasteful, respectful tribute from an aching heart who is remembering the 13th anniversary vividly. These aren't just pictures, they were people, real people doing real things who were stolen so fast it hurts. Little Baylee Almon had just celebrated her 1st birthday the day before she became an international icon in death. Scott Williams was enjoying his first year of marriage, expecting a baby girl, and just stopped at the Murrah Building to make a delivery before he went home. Dana Bradley was running an errand there with her family. She ended up trapped for 5 hours, and to free her, they had to amputate her leg on the scene. She survived but when she did she discovered that her mother Cheryl Hammonds and her two babies Peachlyn and Gabreon had been killed. I'm sorry I couldn't include names and ages of the adults. I knew the information and wanted to, but time and size restrictions prevented it. But they are no less remembered or important. I may not have included them, but I know their names. That's what matters. Most all of the lost are here in this tribute.
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Bruce Springsteen Surprise!
'Surprise, Surprise' by Bruce Springsteen. The surprise is I'm going to see him in concert for the first time in April 2009! Just days before my 25th birthday too! Well today is your birthday we´ve traveled so far we two So let's blow out the candles on your cake And we'll raise a glass or two And when the sun comes out tomorrow It'll be the start of a brand new day And all that you have wished for I know will come your way Well he's definitely all I've wished for! I love Bruce madly and with fierce (and proud) obsession lol I think he's the down right sexiest man on the PLANET, so here's some of my favorite pictures, clips, and videos of him, wrapped up in an appropriate song about my concert surprise from his WORKING ON A DREAM album, buy it today!
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5 Facts About Me
I got tagged by Lilhappygirlhere and procrastinated long as I could! But here it finally is.
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Squeaky Swinger
Nicholas enjoying the park swing, uploaded at high demand from his grandparents. HERE, here's your baby Mama.
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Life In The Carolinas
with Carolina In My Mind by James Taylor, performed by Alison Krauss. A collaboration of video and photos from my 6 years living in South Carolina and having the privilege to travel it and North Carolina frequently. Just a tiny handful of photos. I have since moved back to Mississippi, and miss the Carolinas with great longing. What better way to express that :)
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Queen of The Supermarket
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Hope For Haiti - My City Of Ruins
I made this with the purpose of portraying not only the tragedy in Haiti, but to encourage hope and healing, and show the united effort around the world to come to the aide of these people in desperate need. *(some graphic images)* I was determined to end the video on a note of hope, and the story of the 11 year old girl buried alive in the rubble for 2 days seemed fitting to begin in uncertainty and end in hope! Set to BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN'S beautiful song, My City of Ruins from the album The Rising.
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For my "heart-stopping, pants-dropping, house-rocking, earth-shaking, booty-quaking, Viagra-taking, love-making leg-end-ary" friend Tonya HAHAHAHAAAAAAA! ;) NOTE: Tonya will get this but non Bruce fans will believe she takes Viagra. LOL
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For Grissom
After 9 years, Gil Grissom has left CSI. This video is a tribute to him and his leaving, of course centered around his relationship with Sara Sidle, and in memory of Warrick Brown. The song is 'Incomplete' by the Backstreet Boys and is really fitting of Grissom to Sara and the reasons why he left. Because he was INCOMPLETE without her. Perfect! I wanted to make a Grissom video, a Warrick tribute video and a Grissom-Sara video, but I think this one video covers it. Love to CSI! ALL CLIPS OWNED BY CBS watch CSI EVERY THURSDAY ON CBS AT 8/9pm!
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You:  A Dedication To My 7 Month Old Son
This song is BEAUTIFUL and every mom should hear it. It's called You by Fisher, and I'm posting the lyrics because they are so TRUE, at least of my gorgeous son. Word for word here is how I feel about my son--- YOU by FISHER It's late now Time to sleep Close your eyes Go to dreams Clouds on walls And blue skies Mommy's sun, her moon, her stars And you You make me run And you You make me want to live Your smiles Well they make my day You don't know it yet But you're everything This little song well It's for you These lovely years here with you And you You make me run And you You make me want to liveAnd you You make me run And you You make me want to live For you Special thanks to my mom for introducing me to this song. In this video you will see Nicholas attempting to crawl several times!
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TRAPPED - By Domestic Abuse
An honest look at how it feels to be abused and to feel or BE completely trapped by the situation, with a message of hope and links to help. It is not always possible to "fight back" or "call the police" or "just leave". . . this video gets down to the feeling of it and seeks to understand and connect. For private and anonymous conversation or someone to just listen without acting or pressure, you can contact "A Friend" at [email protected]
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New Years Resolution (Holiday Tragedy)
After reading about a tragic drunk driving accident I decided to make this video as a plea to those who are going "out" to "celebrate" tonight. This is also a continued dedication to drunk driving victims from my first video.
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Remembering September 11th
I was 17 years old the day the world stopped turning. Old enough to fully comprehend the magnitude of the events, and young enough to be completely traumatized. Naive enough to believe they would find more survivors, that those firemen I watched run into the towers would come rising out of the ashes, heroes of a narrow escape. Scared as we watched the entire thing unfold, just as the second plane hit. Shocked, like everyone else, and then joining the thousands of people trying to reach loved ones as we waited to hear news of our cousin Doug's survival in the Pentegon. Watching Dan Rather cry on live tv, news anchors breaking down as they reported, watching that smoke for days, Manhatten covered in dust, taking in the faces, the hundreds, then thousands of missing faces.......that day, that day I can never forget. This video is at once a tribute and a memory. I chose the newscasts I specifically remembered. Like the boy discovered in Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close....it is a day one can never make sense of....
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Christmas 2007
Christmas 2007 with my family in Missisippi, Brian's family here, and then our little family on Christmas morning! Just a quickly made video to remember Christmas by. It's my little NICHOLAS' very first Christmas! I love you Nicky!
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Jay Semko - Cabin Music - 2014
Jay Semko playing Cabin Music - August 2014
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Photograph:  For Mac
A tribute to my best friend, my dog Mac! I love you and miss you.
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JenBug:  Best Of Both Worlds
A video for my 8 year old Hannah Montana crazed stepdaughter!
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Christmas Wish
For my cousin and my Uncle, with love to both!
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Glory Days
An attempt to capture the glory of Bruce Springsteen with clever editing! Video
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Homeward Bound
Made on the way home from Mississippi and includes goodbyes, a surprising sight, Six Flags in Atlanta, and home! Made experimenting with Windows Vista on a laptop.
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My baby crawls now! Ohhhhhh boy! lol this changes everything! I love you Nicholas, I just completely adore you! THANK YOU for being in my life, you ARE my life!
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I want Grandma
Nicholas excited about Grandma and Grandpa
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Easter 2008
Nicholas' 1st Easter!
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"Nicholas Ryan's Famous YouTube"
Nicholas making his grand YouTube debut. Here he introduces himself in his own random sort of way. He is on the autism spectrum and has difficulties with this sort of thing sometimes, so I added captions. :) So there, by demand, the "most famous person on earth" is on YouTube.
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Nicholas Sticking His Tongue Out
Nicky sticking his tongue out at Mommy.
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Nicholas 6 Months Old
Cute video clips
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