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Blockchain and the Internet of Things explained
A blockchain ledger can create a tamper-resistant record when information needs to be shared among business partners without setting up a costly centralized IT infrastructure. Let’s look at how supply chains benefit when data is shared through a private blockchain. Read more https://ibm.co/iotblockchain
Transforming facilities management with cognitive IoT
Watson IoT is connecting the workplace of the future. Find out more at: http://ibm.com/iot
Cognitive Mobility: Olli the self-driving vehicle and Watson the cognitive system
Local Motors transforms the passenger experience with IBM Watson Internet of Things technology and Watson IoT AutoLAB; On roads now in Washington, DC and soon in Miami-Dade County and Las Vegas. Learn more at https://www.ibm.com/blogs/think/2016/06/16/ibm-olli/
Genius of Things: Blockchain and Food Safety with IBM and Walmart
Featuring Frank Yiannas, VP of Food Safety, Walmart and John Cohn, IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist for Internet of Things. Learn more http://ibm.co/2kOsIFG
Local Motors Debuts "Olli", the First Self-driving Vehicle to Tap the Power of IBM Watson
Local Motors transforms the passenger experience with IBM Watson Internet of Things technology; On roads now in Washington, DC and soon in Miami-Dade County and Las Vegas. Learn more at https://www.ibm.com/blogs/think/2016/06/16/ibm-olli/
IoT made simple with IBM Watson IoT Platform
IBM's IoT Platform helps you build, manage, and quickly launch IoT applications whether you are a fast-moving startup or an enterprise. Get started at http://ibm.com/iot
The Internet of Things in retail: Making the connected store a reality
Learn more: http://ibm.co/iot-retail Get started in your store: http://ibm.co/iot-store-pilot In retail, every so often there is a moment when possibility becomes reality. When “what if?” becomes “what’s next.” With the Internet of Things, that moment is now. Watson IoT is delivering a technology platform that helps retailers provide in-store experiences that transcend physical boundaries. A “Connected store”, powered by Watson, has the ability to enrich the customer experience in new ways. And a “Connected Store” not only provides a seamless experience for its customers, it also empowers retailers to achieve unprecedented operational performance across a portfolio of stores. Because Watson IoT understands, reasons, and learns, it enables store employees to see what truly matters most. For example, managers can get a more complete picture of what’s happening in the store, helping them recognize customer needs and make necessary adjustments on the spot. With Watson IoT, retailers can create an environment that intuitively understands the needs of every customer and employee, delivering a shopping experience that is more convenient and personalized than ever before.
IBM IoT for Energy and Utilities
Today’s energy and utility companies are part of a changing landscape – data is the key to adapting to this change. IBM IoT for Energy and Utilities offers enterprise wide data and analytic integration and adds layers of business value by bringing insights that are key to your business decisions. Visit http://ibm.com/energy and http://ibm.com/IoT
IBM Helps Protect Endangered African Rhinos with IoT Technology
IBM, MTN, a leading African telecommunications provider, Wageningen University (WU) in the Netherlands and Prodapt are harnessing IBM Internet of Things (IoT) technology as part of the MTN Connected Wildlife Solution. The solution will help predict threats and combat the poaching of endangered rhinos at Welgevonden Game Reserve in South Africa, with the intent to expand the solution to other reserves in future. Read more on THINK blog https://www.ibm.com/blogs/think/2017/09/ibm-welgevonden/ Press Release https://www-03.ibm.com/press/us/en/pressrelease/53162.wss
Configure a Raspberry Pi and connect it to Watson IoT Platform
Tutorial on how to configure a Raspberry Pi and connect it to IBM Watson IoT Platform using Node-RED. Check out IBM Watson IoT Platform: http://discover-iot.eu-gb.mybluemix.n....
IBM Launches new global HQ for Watson IoT, Munich Germany
One of the world’s most advanced centers for Watson cognitive computing and Internet of Things technologies - the center of a new global ecosystem for collaborative innovation. IBM is betting big and investing $3BN to bring Watson to IoT - allocating +$200M to the new Munich center alone.
Introduction to Digital Twin: Simple, but detailed
What is the Digital Twin? Digital twin is the ability to make a virtual representation of the physical elements and the dynamics of how an Internet of Things device operates and works. It's more than a blueprint, it's more than a schematic. It's not just a picture. It's a lot more than a pair of ‘virtual reality’ glasses. It's a virtual representation of both the elements and the dynamics of how an Internet of Things device responds throughout its lifecycle. It can be a jet engine, a building, process on factory floor, and much, much more. See the presentation on Slideshare https://www.slideshare.net/IBMIoT/ibm-watson-internet-of-things-introducing-digital-twin See the full session https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUCCnVXgYvw
Pokemon Go and IBM Watson IoT
This weekend saw Michael Hsu, a front-end and back-end developer, and part-time university lecturer in California, win the Best use of Watson award at the AT&T Shape Hackathon in San Francisco. Michael won the hackathon with his app focused on the Pokémon Go game. The game, using augmented reality and GPS, allows players to capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokémon, who appear on device screens as though in the real world. In this video you can see Michael, using IBM’s Watson IoT platform and the Watson Visual Recognition service to take periodical screenshots, identify the Pokemon characters in them, and alert other users to where the characters are.
IBM Watson IoT Platform and Blockchain:  a supply chain use case
This demo show how IoT and Blockchain can be used to indelibly store information about a shipment as it passes through multiple carriers to its final destination.
IBM Watson IoT Automotive and the Connected Car
IBM Watson IoT for Automotive is optimized for the connected car scenario. It is a unique software bundle that allows for an unprecedented level of scale, up to 13 million messages per second, and concurrently millions of connected devices. Watson IoT for automotive is designed to be secure and reliable. Watson IoT for Automotive can be used across a variety of industries, especially the automotive industry enabling manufacturing to connect their cars to the internet to provide a more dynamic and engaging for drivers.
Cognitive Manufacturing with Watson IoT
Learn how Watson IoT and Connected Manufacturing help companies on their cognitive journey. Discover more: http://www.ibm.com/internet-of-things/iot-solutions/connected-manufacturing/
ISS and IBM:  Transforming facilities management with cognitive IoT
ISS is partnering with IBM to become the world's greatest service organization and deliver service with a human touch. Learn more about this announcement. Press release: http://ibm.biz/BdrcpN Blog post: http://ibm.co/29bs9Ry Infographic: http://ibm.co/296xgR7 ISS HQ Transformation Video: http://bit.ly/297I6Gj
“Identify defects faster with visual inspection powered by artificial intelligence”
Painting a vehicle is one of the most expensive steps for car manufacturers as 40% of work-in-progress inventory is held up in this stage. By using a visual inspection solution, factories can conduct visual analytics, identify defects faster, and reduce defects in the painting process by up to 10%. See the Infographic on benefits of visual inspection: https://ibm.co/qualityinfographic Read the Ebook on “Improving Quality Management in Manufacturing”: https://ibm.co/qualityebook Watch a Demo: https://ibm.co/visualdemo Visit the IBM Marketplace: ibm.co/visualinsights
The rise of cognitive computing and IoT
The opportunity and intersection of cognitive computing and the Internet of Things is allowing business to extract value from the exploding amount of IoT data. http://ibm.com/IoT
Optimize production using the IoT and artificial intelligence
Ben is a plant manager at a metals and mining production plant. Follow his journey as he uses predictive analytics and AI to detect problems on the shop floor before they occur, and taps into his historical data to provide insights on the best options for improved plant maintenance and performance. Learn more about production optimization: https://ibm.co/productionopt See how L’Oreal is getting an Industry 4.0 makeover: https://ibm.co/loreal Visit the IBM Marketplace: https://ibm.co/pomarketplace Visit the IBM Marketplace: ibm.co/visualinsights
Understanding IoT Security vs IT Security
How can you balance the risk vs reward and embrace the Internet of Things? Find out more https://www.ibm.com/internet-of-things/platform/iot-security/ IoT has the potential to create real business value and transform industries. While the insights gained from IoT data drive revenue streams and forge lasting customer relationships, businesses need to protect and secure their entire IoT environment.
Use AI to learn and predict building behavior
Do you know which of the buildings in your enterprise consume the most energy? Can you predict energy spikes and take actions to minimize the impact? Every minute you don't have this information is costing you - hurting your sustainability efforts and your bottom line. With IBM IoT Building Insights, you can predict energy patterns across your enterprise and take action from these insights in real-time.
Digital Twin: What is Cognitive Sensing?
Getting started with digital twins? You should know about cognitive sensing. It will improve the quality of your digital twin and make it easier to design products, services and experiences. What is cognitive sensing? It’s the evolution of digital twins, making it easier to combine analytics with data ‘at the edge’. Cognitive sensing uses advanced analytics and machine learning on sensor data, resulting in timely insights with real-time processing and selective forwarding. It reduces costs, constraints, and isolates the vital data from the mundane creating a better digital twin! Think of a needle in a haystack but the haystack is always changing?! Sensor data is arriving every minute, of every hour, and there might be one needle to be discovered? Finding one needle is the power of cognitive sensing. How does it build a better digital twin? Think of full cognitive sensing catalog containing categorized images, sounds, and other sensor driven analytics and cognitive models, along with the supported sensor devices all published and discovered, through well-defined APIs!! Think of the time-to-value of a cognitive sensing catalog to find and evaluate the sensors that fit your needs, industry, and components. Now you can build a better twin and can do it faster! To find out how IBM is building a better digital twin, visit https://IBM.co/DigitalTwin
Introducing Maximo Asset Health Insights
The Age of Insight has arrived: Streaming data combined with asset data delivers the most perfect view of actual asset health. Finally, desktop evidence for smarter decision making — all delivered in a Maximo-ready package. Maximo Asset Health Insights represents a new way of maintaining equipment — one based not only on current condition-based readings coming from the equipment, but also informed by other influences like age, maintenance history, weather incidents and subcomponents with their own historical context. Read the solution brief to learn more: http://www.ibm.com/common/ssi/cgi-bin/ssialias?htmlfid=WWW12370USEN Explore Watson IoT for Asset Management and Maximo: http://www.ibm.com/internet-of-things/iot-solutions/asset-management/
What is Asset Performance Management?
As our world grows and changes, so do our expectations. Our future is driven by data, and the global industries sustaining our way of life depend on the optimized performance of software, systems and steel. Realizing this future means increasing productivity to keep complex assets delivering at the pace of now. Take this assessment to better understand the asset performance management journey and your next steps: https://ibm.co/apmassessment
How a digital thread makes a better digital twin
To find out how IBM is building a better digital twin, contact your IBM representative or visit http://ibm.co/DigitalTwin Getting started with digital twins? You should consider your digital thread. It can improve the quality and accuracy of a digital twin through collaboration and transparency. What is a digital thread? Think of the life of an airplane and its components with unique records at design, assembly, service, and retirement. It’s a long, complex history, containing specifications or health data that span hundreds of systems, suppliers, and files. A digital thread is the framework that supports the connection of all this history and communication of insights across the boundaries of design, assembly, service, and supply chain. It’s removing ‘boundaries’ to seeing an airplane, throughout its entire lifecycle, and it means a better digital twin. Think of it as creating transparency from application complexity; solving structured and unstructured data siloed away in PLM, ALM, ERP, and other tools. Why is this important for digital twins? A digital twin is no longer comprised of just mechanical and electrical; it’s now layered with new complexities of software engineering, iterative design, and multi-tiered supply chains. Managing these new dependencies, created within these system-of-systems, can appear mind-boggling but it can easily be added as part of your digital thread. Now, you can build a better digital twin that creates collaboration.
ABB and IBM Partner in Industrial Artificial Intelligence Solutions
ABB and IBM are bringing together ABB’s industry leading digital offering, ABB AbilityTM, with IBM Watson Internet of Things cognitive capabilities to unlock new value for customers in utilities, industry, transport and infrastructure. Read announcement: http://ibm.biz/BdifUH Check out new infographic: http://ibm.biz/BdifUP Learn about Watson IoT https://www.ibm.com/internet-of-things/iot-solutions/iot-manufacturing/ Get started with Watson IoT: http://www.ibm.com/iot Continuing more than a 125-year history of innovation, ABB today is writing the future of industrial digitalization and driving the Energy and Fourth Industrial Revolutions. ABB operates in more than 100 countries with about 132,000 employees. http://www.abb.com
Aerialtronics: Commercial Drones Give A Bird’s Eye View for Inspections
Commercial drones from Aeriatronics take flight with Watson IoT and cognitive visual recognition capabilities. Together, IBM Watson IoT and Aerialtronics can help companies open up expansive possibilities to gain insight in places not easily accessible to humans from monitoring city traffic patterns to inspecting wind turbines, oil rigs and cell tower optimization. Aerialtronics’s commercial drones are the first to leverage the IBM Watson IoT Platform and the Visual Recognition APIs to analyze images and identify specific areas of concern such as loose or frayed cabling and damaged equipment that could impact the quality of telecommunications service to consumers. Constantly learning over time, IBM Watson IoT solutions provide a confidence rating to teams so they can determine if and when repairs should be made. As a result, businesses have the potential to significantly increase the number of daily cell tower inspections, reduce possible human error and help maintain the safety of workers. Press: http://ibm.co/watson-iot-aerialtronics
IBM Client Stories: Port of Rotterdam
IBM Watson Internet of Things is helping transform Europe's largest port through digitalization. Learn more about Watson IoT http://ibm.com/iot
IoT, Blockchain, and Avionics a Demonstration
In this internet of things example, the blockchain is used as an irrefutable ledger to record flight events, operation conditions, and maintenence actions. Kept in the cloud, these logs are accessible to different parties such as the OEM, the airline, and the maintenance, repair, and overhaul providers.
IBM invests $200M in collaboratories, leading new IoT revolution in Munich
Read more about IBM Watson IoT announcements: IBM Press Room http://ibm.co/munich-momentum THINK Blog http://www.ibm.com/blogs/think/ Forbes http://ibm.co/watson-iot-forbes IBM.com http://ibm.co/industry-leadership Watson IoT is bringing together clients, partners, start-ups, researchers, developers and academics in a new campus like environment in Munich Germany. IBM will work co-located with others in the Watson IoT Headquarters to make clients' visions a reality and explore new innovations not yet imagined.
IBM Watson IoT Platform and Blockchain:  a trade finance example
Our video shows how the Watson IoT Platform can be used in collaboration with IBM Blockchain to track shipping information for cargo transport. This demonstrates how both the documentation associated with the cargo transport and the logistics information gathered during the transport can be stored on the blockchain.
Sandvik: Putting IoT to work for the manufacturing industry
See how Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology, one of the world’s largest mining machine equipment manufacturers, is reinventing how their customers analyze, learn and communicate through their assets – even thousands of feet below the surface. Learn more about asset performance management at: https://ibm.co/apmoffer
Watson Internet of Things Platform - Welcome to the era of cognitive IoT
The era of cognitive business has begun. Dr. John E. Kelly III, Senior Vice President, IBM Solutions Portfolio and Research, describes the importance of cognitive IoT and how IBM will help organizations transform. http://ibm.com/IoT
Internet of Things - Michael Curry
Michael Curry demos the Internet of Things, using Bluemix. For more information: - IBM Internet of Things: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/info/internet-of-things - Try our Internet of Things Foundation: internetofthings.ibmcloud.com - Check out recipes to connect your devices & learn how to build a Bluemix IoT app: ibmdw.net/iot
Enhance your asset performance with Predictive Asset Optimization
Learn more about IBM Predictive Asset Optimization, an end-to-end solution that uses advanced analytics to help you enhance the performance of your assets and processes. http://ibm.co/ibmeam
Sugar Creek Brewery and IBM Watson IoT Platform
Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things help perfect Sugar Creek’s Brew. “Brewing is an artist’s endeavor, and technology has become our silent ingredient...” Joe Vogelbacher and Eric Flanigan, co-founders of Sugar Creek Brewery in Charlotte, NC had a foam problem. They were losing more than $30,000 a month through the manufacturing process. So Sugar Creek Brewery turned to IBM's artificial intelligence and IoT platform paired with Bosch's IoT sensors to improve bottling operations and the quality of its craft beer. Read more about their journey https://ibm.co/2XwZYll Learn more about IBM Watson IoT Platform https://ibm.co/2GCIGO7
Identify defects too small for the human eye
Identify and manage product defects faster and more accurately using artificial intelligence. By comparing images of products against a library of known defects, it can quickly create an alert if there may be a problem. This can help optimize inspector resources, increase throughput and improve overall product quality. See the Infographic on benefits of visual inspection: https://ibm.co/qualityinfographic Read the Ebook on “Improving Quality Management in Manufacturing”: https://ibm.co/qualityebook Watch a Demo: https://ibm.co/visualdemo Visit the IBM Marketplace: ibm.co/visualinsights
IBM and Cisco: Bringing cognitive IoT to the edge
Chris O'Connor, GM of IBM Internet of Things Offerings, and Jim Green, CTO of Data and Analytics Business Group, Cisco Systems discuss a first of a kind technology collaboration. IBM and Cisco are working together to provide real time Internet of Things insight at the edge of the network, providing businesses in remote locations with the ability to tap the combined power of IBM's Watson IoT and business analytics technologies and Cisco's edge analytics capabilities to more deeply understand and act on critical data on the network edge. For more information, check out ibm.biz/ToTheEdge
Port of Cartagena relies on IBM & Cisco for IoT analytics at the edge
For more information, check out ibm.biz/ToTheEdge See how Port of Cartagena is tapping into advanced edge analytics, made possible by IBM Watson IoT and Cisco to forecast equipment failures and get immediate insight into every asset. IBM and Cisco are working together to provide real time Internet of Things insight at the edge of the network, providing businesses in remote locations with the ability to tap the combined power of IBM's Watson IoT and business analytics technologies and Cisco's edge analytics capabilities to more deeply understand and act on critical data on the network edge.
Skyhook and Watson IoT: Using hybrid location solutions to keep assets on track
The animated video shows how Skyhook’s hybrid positioning system quickly provides precise location information using Wi-Fi, cell towers, GPS, and other data sources, and it is able to do so at low power; enabling the use of tiny devices, such as those envisioned with most IoT applications. IBM Watson IoT Platform leverages Skyhook’s location data and other contextual information, giving you the ability to go from passively monitoring asset location to actively managing asset movement.
Real-Time Insights from the Internet of Things
Processing huge amounts of data to monitor things, assess conditions, and create automated responses to analyze in real-time and act immediately.
SNCF and IBM: French Railways Operator Accelerates Innovation with Watson IoT
French Railways operator SNCF is using IBM Watson IoT to deliver superior customer experiences, heightened operational efficiency and enhanced rail safety to its 13.5 million daily passengers. With IBM’s Cloud-based Watson IoT Platform, SNCF is connecting its entire rail system - trains, railroad tracks and train stations, including 30,000 kilometres of track, 15,000 trains and 3,000 stations, to gather insights from real-time information on data. These insights will allow SNCF to manage its equipment and thus improve quality, security and availability of its trains. Read more http://ibm.biz/Bds3TW More about Watson IoT http://ibm.co/geniusofthings
AI for Requirements Management
IBM is bringing the power of Watson AI to the engineering life cycle with Requirements Quality Assistant. Get started today! Learn more about IBM's Engineering Requirements Management solutions https://ibm.co/2UxZGJN Schedule a consultation for Requirements Quality Assistant https://ibm.co/2UvDBeZ Attend IBM IoT Exchange to learn how to use AI from systems engineering professionals and IoT experts https://ibm.co/2u36WSl
AI can spot defects with visual inspection
See how visual inspection technology works with artificial intelligence to identify product and equipment defects with more accuracy. Learn more about IBM Watson IoT Visual Insights: https://www.ibm.com/us-en/marketplace/visual-inspection-for-quality
How to get data from a TI SimpleLink Bluetooth low energy SensorTag into the IBM Watson IoT Platform
IBM Watson IoT Platform 30 day Trial https://console.ng.bluemix.net/catalog/services/internet-of-things-platform/ Visit the IBM IoT and Texas Instruments home page http://www.ibm.com/internet-of-things/partners/texas-instruments/ The connected hard hat video demonstration depicts a simple Internet of Things scenario that monitors the potential injuries of construction workers on a job site. The demo shows you how to quickly get data from a TI SimpleLink Bluetooth low energy SensorTag into the IBM Watson IoT Platform. Once the data is into the Watson IoT Platform, you will see how Node-RED is used to analyze and react to the data. Node-RED is a visual development environment built into Watson IoT Platform that lets you quickly wire together your IoT apps while writing little to no code. For the demo, the SensorTag is strapped to a construction hard hat. Watson IoT Platform will collect data from the Sensortag, such as orientation and acceleration. It will then use analytics to determine if a construction worker has fallen or has taken a blow to the head by falling debris, and alert supervisors to potential injuries on the job. L
How to move from space assignment to true utilization with IBM TRIRIGA
IBM Watson IoT Connected Office uses deep analytics driven by real-time IoT data. IBM TRIRIGA real estate and facilities management solution provides space management and audit tools that report on space capacity and assignment, while managing the financial and real-time operational needs across the organization, enabling you to leverage the IoT to incorporate exogenous data on weather, parking, transit and information about available services locally – creating a virtual campus to significantly increase the occupancy experience. Visit our web site to learn more: https://ibm.co/iotbuildings
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital: smart hospital rooms improve quality of patient care
Being hospitalized can be stressful for both patients and loved ones. However, new partnership between Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and IBM Watson IoT is helping to change that. A few months ago, IBM Watson IoT and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital formulated an idea around the future of healthcare. They envisioned a hospital setting where patients can speak naturally to a cognitive concierge in their hospital room that will be able to answer questions, adjust their environment based on personal preferences, and anticipate their needs. Very soon after those early conversations, the teams got to work on a pilot project to produce a working prototype of a cognitive environment of care. Via a speaker-based interface, the envisioned smart hospital room can answer questions and execute requests that are very specific to the context of the user. The system will be able to correlate information across building systems, patient records, CRM systems, and administrative records to draw patterns, remember preferences and allow for a personalized, engaging and interactive patient experience. We are on the cutting edge of inventing a cognitive future that will deliver completely amazing customer experiences. We are working with leading thinkers and innovators, like Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, to put the experience of users above all and usher in the cognitive era.