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Logo Design and Branding that makes a difference.
60 logos in 60 seconds Volume 2. Affordable logo design by Tracy Holdeman. Tracy is one of the top logo designers in the U.S. He works with clients from coast to coast including New York NY, San Francisco California. Dallas Texas, Denver Colorado, Kansas City Missouri, Oklahoma City Oklahoma and Wichita Kansas. The logos you see in this video are from a variety of clients and locations. Beyond Napa is a fine wine and wine accessory boutique shop in the Old Town district of Wichita, KS. Wichita logo design. Holzer Marketing offers marketing services from farm to consumer and all points in between. We put the farm on the consumers plate to make the point. Logo design Denver, CO. Jitters Coffee logo design is a coffee cup that is also a person, a very alert person that is happy with the jitters. Logo design Dallas Texas. Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers is a start-up fast food restaurant that has become a 14 state 53 store franchise including Dallas, Kansas City, Branson, Denver, Kansas City and Wichita. Laminate Works, Inc. is a contract manufacturer specializing in high pressure laminated panels with facilities in Dallas, TX and Kansas City, MO. Dallas, TX logo design. The Laminate Works logo design is the initials in two laminate panels with the one corner flipped over to show it is laminated. Logo design Dallas TX. Logo design Kansas City. Other website designs showing the work of Tracy Holdeman are LogoDesignDallasTexas.com, LogoDesignDenverCo.com, LogoDesignKansasCity.com, LogoDesignOklahomaCity.com, and InsightDesign.com
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Award winning logo design by Tracy Holdeman
Logo Design by Tracy Holdeman. Find more at http://www.logodesignwichita.com/ and http://www.insightdesign.com/index.htm 60 Logos in 60 seconds. Logo design by Insight Design Communications, award winning logo design studio. Award winning logo and brand design by Insight Design Communications. The designs in this video include: logos for large corporations as well as small businesses located in: Wichita, Kansas, Kansas City, Missouri, Denver, Colorado, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Dallas, Texas. All material © Tracy Holdeman, Logo Design Wichita and Insight Design Communications. Tracy is founder and principle of Insight Design Communications and Logo Design Wichita.com. Tracy is one of the top logo designers in the U.S.A. Tracy has created hundreds of logo designs for all types of companies, entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and large corporations. His logo design work spans an impressive variety of styles from highly illustrative to simple and conceptual. The logos and brands in this video, slide show, are viewed all over the USA. Some of the logos are: • J. P. Weigand & Sons logo design Wichita, KS • Riffels Coffee Company logo design Wichita, KS • Brad Bachman is a home builder specializing in homes by water. • Cowley College Tigers logo. • Old Town Chiropractic logo design Wichita, KS. • Vornado logo Wichita area. • Hayes Company logo design Wichita, KS area. • Ballet Wichita logo design Wichita, KS. • Foulston Siefkin logo design Wichita, KS. • Douglas Design District Wichita, KS. • Pulse logo Wichita, KS. • Old Town logo design Wichita, KS. • WorkHourse logo design Dallas, Texas. • Bombardier Learjet Employees Club logo design Wichita, Kansas. • Acclaim Tactical logo design Savannah, Georgia. • Wichita Art Museum Wichita, KS. Some of my favorite logos in this video are... • Colorado Premium Prospector Brand Meats Retail Brand Logo Design for USA. This Logo will appear in many cities in the Midwest including Kansas City, Missouri, Dallas, Texas, Wichita, Kansas, Topeka, Kansas and More. • Kansas Kids Heart Center Pediatric Cardiology Healthcare Logo Design Wichita, Kansas, Kansas City Missouri, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Dallas, Texas. • Zesta Golf Golf equipment and accessories with an attitude Sports Logo Design with a national brand strategy • Catalyst Marketing Business Sales for the Industrial Market Logo Design Wichita Kansas with a national brand strategy • Craig Sharp Homes Home Builder in Kansas and the Wichita area This Logo design represents two interlocking home/"c" shapes that make an "S" • Belite Electronics Avionics Developer and Manufacturer Logo Design Global Brand Logo Design seen from Kansas City to Dallas, from New York to London • Belite Aircraft Light Aircraft Developer and Manufacturer Logo Design National Brand and Logo seen in Kansas City, Dallas, Denver, Oklahoma City and Wichita • Belite Carbon Developer and Manufacturer of Light Aircraft Parts Logo Design USA National Brand Logo Design that will be seen in Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Los angels and more • River of Life Worship Center Pentecostal Church Logo Design Haysville, Kansas • Våmonos Kansas Hispanic Website Promoting Business and Culture Kansas Logo Design This video also shows award winning logo designs. GooGoo Wonderland won a prestigious international logo design award from Rockport Publishers. The logo will be featured in as only one of three logos worldwide to win Letterhead + Logo Design 12 Judges Choice Award.
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JunkPro Website Design Wichita
JunkPro is a professional junk removal business that we completely re-branded from logo to website design. The website design allows JunkPro to change and update easily with a content management system (CMS). Our client even can adjust his complex online consumer scheduling from his phone. We also designed and built the JunkPro website with search engine optimization (SEO) for excellent Google rankings. 1-800-JunkPro.com ranks number one on Google keyword search " junk removal wichita" and number one on Google local listings keyword search " junk removal wichita". The website design is quick to navigate, easy to understand and engages the consumer immediately with key information and a simple call to action. So now that our client is number one on Google the website design also moves customers to act. We can't thank our client enough for all of his effort and assistance in developing this website. Thanks! Logo Design Wichita, the website of Tracy Holdeman and his team. For websites exceptionally branded, geared for search engine optimization (SEO) success and beautifully designed websites call or e-mail us. We specialize in website design, graphic design and logo design. Website Design Wichita.
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Website design Zesta Golf
The Zesta Golf website design is part of an entire brand identity development that included logo design, iconography, brand colors, tagline and brand logotype. The website incorporates large scale photography, subtle rollovers, elegant shading and color transitions to introduce the Zesta Golf website design. Zesta Golf is a dynamic golf products designer and marketer headquartered in Wichita, Kansas U.S.A.  Actually Zesta Golf is a small creative business team with special talents and skills who have a love for the game of golf. Our initial products consists of accessories including driver head covers, golf towels, golf umbrellas and golf stand bags. We will eventually provide golfers and golf fans a full line of golf products and services including but not limited to accessories, apparel, clubs, entertainment, gloves and training aids.   Zesta Golf believes in taking care of our customers, we believe in working hard to design and market competitive products, we believe in having high standards in quality and performance. Most importantly we believe golf should always be fun and we are driven to add unique enjoyment to our products. As a passionate and committed team we are driven to help our customers "Elevate Their Z Game".   Zesta Golf believes in giving back to our communities. This means more than just contributing money. It means investing ourselves in the causes we feel we can make a difference in achieving results. These causes may be related to helping to improve and grow the game of golf. These causes also may be related to helping our fellow men and women through targeted education. The Zesta Golf website design includes a blog, a contact form, retailer registration and login and an e-commerce store with customer login. The website design. InsightDesign.com, and LogoDesignWichita.com are websites of Tracy Holdeman. Tracy Holdeman and his team are advanced practitioners of the art of graphic design, branding, website design and logo design.
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1855 brand launch
The 1855 Brand launch This is what Greg Menefee, the marketing director, of JBS Swift & Company said, "It isn't often that a graphic design or a single brand identity program can totally change perceptions of a company, its people, or products but it is safe to say that the 1855 Brand logo design, branding, website design and photography design is doing just that. Already we have secured wins in the NE United States (NY, NJ, CT, PA), Atlanta with Halperns, Tucson and Phoenix, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and a huge addition in Denver. Our new partnerships with Rastelli's in NJ, Halperns' in Atlanta, Out west in Vegas, Freedman / Sysco in Denver are bigger than mere industry/distribution wins. These four companies are huge players with tremendous reputations and successes in the industry - with their business the ripples from the 1855 Brand launch have become waves." We developed everything from logo design to New York bus signage to website design to retail signage and brand packaging and everything in-between. Most importantly we designed the brand identity, the strategic visual and implemented it on hundreds of items. The 1855 Brand Promise: HISTORY. EPIC EATING EXPERIENCE. PERFECTION. HISTORY. 1855 Brand™ premium meats are a celebration of master butcher and company founder Gustavus F. Swift who, back in 1855, began hand selecting the world's finest meats with an unmatched passion for excellence. The legacy of this visionary small town butcher began humbly with a $20 loan, courtesy of his father, to buy a neighbor's prized heifer. Buoyed by his dream to deliver the freshest, safest, highest-quality meats to customers across the country, he invented and patented the first refrigerated rail car. It would become a cornerstone of the 150+ year heritage of groundbreaking G.F. Swift innovations in meat quality, safety and processing. 1855 Brand premium meats pay homage to our founder and his heritage with a premier level of quality that would make G.F. Swift proud. And while his legacy of industry firsts will never be rivaled, establishing your own legacy is what 1855 Brand premium meats are all about. After all, your legacy is the one that matters most. EPIC EATING EXPERIENCE G.F. Swift 1855 Brand™ premium meats are an epic eating experience. For those who truly know their beef and pork, this is nirvana. We start by selecting the finest cattle and hogs in the nation. Then each cut is hand selected for exquisite marbling, creating unmistakable flavor and incredible juiciness. Swift 1855 Brand premium beef and pork is then perfectly aged to ensure sublime tenderness. That's important, because marbling and aging remain the keys to indulgent flavor and tenderness. And while our lofty quality standards set 1855 Brand premium meats apart, it is our unprecedented commitment to verifying such incomparable quality that puts our premium meats on another level. From animal selection and product quality to food safety and delivery of finished cuts, the 1855 Brand quality verification program is so exacting, even perfection gets a long look. It's all part of delivering a consistently exceptional eating experience, every time. PERFECTION All 1855 Brand™ beef is a statement maker. That's because we start with the biggest selection of the very best cattle in the nation, bar none - at incredible availability. It becomes even more special as we hand select and hand trim each cut, using only the highest quality upper 2/3 USDA Choice beef. We then apply the industry''D5s most demanding quality standards for marbling and aging at every turn, and execute tight trims for higher yields. To understand just how superior 1855 Brand beef is, all it takes is one heavenly, tender and juicy bite. It all happens in a limited number of select state-of-the-art plants located in the heart of America's cattle country. From sourcing to food safety processes to tight trims, we maintain quality control over everything. The 1855 Brand launch included logo design, stationary system, website design, brand packaging, direct mail, retail hanging posters, outdoor advertising, photography design and art direction, large and small case dividers, 3' wide case header, cap and apron, back-of-house poster and educational material, flexographic shipping packaging and all elements of graphic design.
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Website design for ICM, Inc..
©2013 Tracy Holdeman. InsightDesign.com, and LogoDesignWichita.com are websites of Tracy Holdeman. The ICM's website design is part of a total branding effort that includes multiple advertising campaigns, employee recruitment materials and a variety of on-line efforts. The website design was developed through a total branding effort that began with the development of a brand platform, brand positioning and a brand promise. We created the website design visuals in coordination with other branding efforts so the entire ICM, Inc. brand communicates the same vital core messages across all brand touch points. The ICM, Inc. website design uses brushed aluminum with subtle layer effects, white space and modern color combinations to project a clear confidence within the biofuel space. ICM, Inc. is the world-wide leader of ethanol plant design, engineering and manufacturing. The brand identity and website design also incorporate actual employee and location photography. These primary elements are the building blocks of the visual brand and of the website design. ICM, Inc. wanted a website design they manage with multiple departments managing different parts and different categories. The average Content Management System (CMS) is a website which focuses on the authoring, editing and publishing of website articles and news. The website design we developed for ICM,Inc. allows our client to do much more. This website design enables ICM, Inc. to manage everything on the website. The articles in a CMS are stored in a database and are displayed in the website the same way photos from a dynamic photo gallery are plus, this website design has a customized client interface that makes it easy and simple to use for inexperienced users. We also include how-to-training-videos as part of the back-end user interface so infrequent users can get help anytime day or night. The advantage is that a CMS site can allow many users (editors, authors, admins etc) to update the websites content through the website itself. This means that a web programmer does not need to be employed every time an article is added. Another feature of Insight Design Communications' CMS platforms are plugins. Plugins allow you to extend the functionality of a website. For example, we installed a dynamic photo gallery plugin making it easy to manage both articles and photos on the website. This website design automatically adjust for mobile devices and functions in multiple languages. ICM takes pride in the fact that their equipment and proprietary technology are used in more ethanol plants currently in operation throughout North America, than any other. Backed by the most aggressive yield, energy, and emissions guarantees in the industry, these plants collectively produce 6.7 billion gallons of ethanol annually. ICM built these plants, and today our comprehensive line includes more than 30 products and services tailored to make all forms of biofuel production more efficient and more profitable than ever. Armed with cutting-edge engineering and design tools and a relentless pursuit of improvement, the engineers, scientists, craftsmen, and construction management specialists at ICM come to work every day to ensure that the name ICM continues to be synonymous with quality, integrity, service, and innovation . . . not just in North America, but around the globe. ICM's mission, to provide innovative technologies, solutions and services to sustain agriculture and advance renewable energy, including food and feed technologies that will increase the supply of world protein, reflects their global reach. ICM, Inc. is located in the Wichita, KS area. InsightDesign.com, and LogoDesignWichita.com are websites of Tracy Holdeman. Tracy Holdeman and his team are advanced practitioners of the art of graphic design, branding, website design and logo design.
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Logo Design & Website Design by Tracy Holdeman LogoDesignWichita.com 316 262 0085
See more at LogoDesignWichita.com and InsightDesign.com Tracy Holdeman is founder and principle of Insight Design Communications and Logo Design Wichita. Tracy is one of the top logo designers in the U.S.A. Tracy has created hundreds of logo designs for all types of companies, entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and large corporations. His work spans an impressive variety of styles from highly illustrative to simple and conceptual. Award winning logo design, graphic design and website design by Tracy Holdeman and Insight Design Communications. The designs in this video include: graphic design, packaging, stationery, signage, logos and websites for large corporations as well as small businesses located in: Kansas City, Kansas, Wichita, Kansas, Denver, Colorado, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Dallas, Texas. All material © Tracy Holdeman, Logo Design Oklahoma City, Logo Design Dallas Texas, Logo Design Denver, Logo Design Kansas City, Logo Design Wichita and Insight Design Communications. Some of the logo design work shown in this video include generationOn logo, Kansas Kids Heart Center logo, With a Twist logo, Belite Aircraft logo, Richard Lynn Shoe Market logo, Pulse Systems, Inc. logo, Fresh Paint logo, Vornado logo, Prospector brand logo, Prairie Print logo, Foulson Siefkin logo design Wichita, Larkspur Bistro & Bar logo, Beyond Napa logo design Wichita, 1855 brand meats logo, Old Town Wichita logo design. A few samples of the graphic design work included in this video are generationOn stationery system, Kansas Kids Heart Center letterhead and website, With a Twist signage, Belite Aircraft plane graphics, Richard Lynn Shoe Market bag and packaging graphic design, Pulse Systems, Inc. letterhead, envelope and business card, Fresh Paint letterhead and signage, Vornado marketing callaterial and brand packaging, Prospector brand packaging, Prairie Print T-shirt and cap, Foulson Siefkin signage graphic design Wichita, Larkspur Bistro & Bar menus, stickers, website design wichita, Beyond Napa brand packaging, sign design and website design, 1855 brand meats brand identity and Old Town Wichita graphic design. Logo Design Oklahoma City, Logo Design Dallas Texas, Logo Design Denver, Logo Design Kansas City, Logo Design Wichita and Insight Design Communications are © material of Tracy Holdeman. Insight Design Communications is one of the best logo design, graphic design and website design studios in the Midwest working for companies and agencies in areas like Kansas City, Wichita, Kansas, Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Denver, Colorado.
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Vornado Logo Design, Brand Identity and Brand Packaging
We developed Vornado's Brand Promise, a new strategic brand identity and retail packaging identity that changed Vornado's future. The solution came in radical simplicity and a revolutionary anti-branding information architecture. We even re-named all of Vornado's products the same name for each product category and developed a new universal tagline for each product category. Crazy simple. Insanely simple. All the air circulator products are now called 'Whole Room Air Circulator" which is the brands "unique relevant benefit". This also allowed us to position Vornado as the original--leaving the competition to imitator status. Plus, we made the package design communication ultra clear by fully explaining what an air circulator is and what it means relative to a fan with the tagline, The tagline reads, "The fan that circulates all the air." Now Vornado's brand and brand packaging is differentiated from competitors and clearly positions Vornado as the definitive category leader and innovator. It's so simple and so clear it dominates the retail shelf. Until this new brand packaging Vornado failed for years to gain space on Target's lucrative retail shelves. With this new packaging, they not only got on the shelves but, according to Mark Zarich Director of Sales at Vornado the buyer actually said, "The packaging was the best in category." The brand packaging is selling so well Vornado has doubled their SKU's. The package is built as a sequential graphic design structure with each panel leading to the other building one concept on the previous. The graphic blue strip on the front right edge with the cut out arrow encourages turning the package to the blue panel which explains how Vornado circulates all the air. The graphic green strip with the cut out arrow on the blue panel encourages turning the package to the green panel which explains how whole room air circulation saves energy and money and makes a room more comfortable. The graphic black strip with the cut out arrow on the green panel encourages turning the package to the black panel which list benefits. The front panel states and explains Vornado's "unique relevant benefit" while all the other panels support that assertion. It was all developed out of the 'Brand Promise" and that's what we mean when we say strategic graphic design. What we developed with and for Vornado was, "Intelligent. Superior engineering. Innovation". From this we created the new brand packaging identity which Target said was the best packaging in the category and it got Vornado on Target shelves for the first time in their long history. Relatively the same products just different brand strategy and packaging. We didn't just say they were "Intelligent. Superior engineering. Innovation" but we designed an intelligent and innovative package and branding that showed superior engineering. The contextual approach, brand strategy, logo and graphic design embody the brand promise. Insight Design Communications is a breakthrough brand design studio with extensive experience in brand packaging. Client: Vornado. Work: Logo Design, Brand Promise, Brand Strategy and Architecture, Brand Guide or Corporate Identity Brand Manual, Brand Packaging for all categories; Wholeroom Air Circulator, Wholeroom Heaters, Wholeroom Humidifiers, Wholeroom Personal Air Circulators or Fans and Wholeroom Air Purifiers. Brand Product Brochure and Brand Story Brochure and Vornado Trade Show Graphic Design. This logo design and brand identity will be visible throughout the United States and in cities like Kansas City, Kansas, Wichita, Kansas, Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Denver, Colorado, New York, New York, Los Angeles, California, and Europe and Asia.
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Logo design, website design and brand identity for Tanya's Soup Kitchen
See more of Tracy's logo and website design at http://www.insightdesign.com/index.htm and at http://www.logodesignwichita.com/ The Tanya's Soup Kitchen logo design is Tanya herself and a bowl of soup in the same image. The Tanya's Soup Kitchen logo design is a visual metaphor to show Tanya is the equal of a true artist. Tanya puts herself into her creations, her art, her soup. In the logo design Tanya's face is the bowl, her mouth is the spoon, her eyes are splashes/droplets and her hair is the steam. All the shapes and lines of this logo where drawn and redrawn, then scanned into digital form and re-drawn digitally. All the edges and curves were smoothed and softened to invite the viewer and remind the consumer of how beautifully delicious Tanya's soups really are. Tanya and the Tanya's Soup Kitchen logo design and graphic design brand identity have become interchangeable, recognized as one-in-the-same. Her website design and Facebook persona allows Tanya to share her unique attitudes with her many fans and friends. All the graphic design in Tanya's brand identity reflects and has become the symbol for Tanya's amazing personality. Tanya has become more than a proprietor of a sheik restaurant, she has become a food goddess and a beacon for sub-culture lifestyles and attitudes. The early lines anticipating a bowl of Tanya's amazing soup often extend from one side of the restaurant to the other and even out of the door. Tanya has become famous in the Wichita area and well know in the highest perches of the food industry. This brand identity video includes; logo design, website design, environmental and print. Join the attitude at http://www.facebook.com/tanyassoupkitchen http://www.facebook.com/tanya.tandoc http://tanyassoupkitchen.com/ Tanya's Soup Kitchen is located at: 1725 East Douglas Avenue Wichita, KS 67211 Tracy Holdeman is founder and creative director of Insight Design Communications, executive creative director of WhisperNewYork. His logo design, brand identity, website design and graphic design work has been recognized with over 100 national and international awards.
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generationOn Brand and Logo Design by InsightDesign.com
Logo design, website design and brand identity by Tracy Holdeman. InsightDesign.com and LogoDesignWichita.com. Points of Light Institute introduces logo design and brand identity by Tracy Holdeman. The brand is designed to attract new generations to civic engagement and will reach 83% of all school children in all 50 states. New children's education brand launch by New York based Whisper, and Whisper team member, Insight Design Communications, of Wichita, Kansas USA. Insight Design Communications specializes in exceptional logo design and branding across all mediums.
 A New York City based organization with a rich 15-year history is growing. Children for Children has joined forces with the Points of Light Institute, to create a new movement igniting the power of young people everywhere. Children for Children is growing to become...generationOn. The new logo design, brand property, was nationally unveiled during the National Conference on Volunteering and Service, hosted in New York. The logo design appeared on invitations, programs and news media backdrops. Previously, the new brand logo and corporate identity was featured during the NASDAQ opening bell ceremony in New York City. The logo design appeared on the NASDAQ big board and the logo design was featured on the big screen on Times Square. The new generationOn brand property was created by Steve Cranford, CEO of Whisper. Cranford developed the market positioning, the property name, and the verbalized 5- and 30-second story behind the name. A Whisper team member, Tracy Holdeman, Executive Creative Director Whisper and Insight Design Communications, developed the brand logo design, brand identity and other corporate identity and graphic design elements for the new identity. The logo design will be seen all over the United States, especially in major cities like New York City, New Jersey, Boston, Washington DC, Miami, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Denver, Atlanta, Los Angles and more. About Insight Design Communications 
Insight Design Communications is a graphic design studio specializing in exceptional logo design, brand identity, corporate identity and brand design across all graphic design mediums, including website design, social media marketing, print, advertising and environmental design. Tracy Holdeman is Executive Creative Director of Wichita based Insight Design Communications, and New York based Whisper. Tracy is one of the unique talents in the realm of visual communication. He has been a valued brand design partner of Whisper for more than a decade working on engagements across the United States like New York, Washington DC, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Los Angles, Denver and around the world. About Whisper
 Whisper is a brand asset creator. Whisper creates value with branding. Whisper is a brand property developer. Rooted in communications strategy, Whisper creates intellectual real estate to generate returns, through effective market conversation designed to attract a wide audience. Whisper works with organizations so they may own the conversation® among competing product choices. Whisper client engagements span a variety of industries with organizations from North America to the Middle East and Pacific Rim About Points of Light Institute
 Points of Light Institute mobilizes transformational people to answer humanity's call, whether for those struck by the headline, and the everyday. We show the way for people to tap into their own resilience and power to help others, and in doing so transform not only the lives of those we help, but also the lives of those who help. For people who answer this call, they are themselves transformed. As the largest volunteer mobilization network in the nation, Points of Light Institute includes more than 250 Action Centers that reach more than 83% of the nation's population and extends into ten countries. generationOn is now a part of this powerful network, which delivered some 30 million hours of volunteer service valued at $615 million over the past year.
For more information: 
Points of Light article on the new rebranding.
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Larkspur Logo Design, Brand Identity and Website Design by Tracy Holdeman & InsightDesign.com
Insight Design Communications features its recent project, a new graphic design brand identity for Wichita's Larkspur Restaurant including logo design, business card, signage, website design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) explanation.
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Website Design Volume 1a by Tracy Holdeman & InsightDesign.com
Website design by Insight Design Communications. The designs in this video include: St. George Society of New York website design, Eric Fisher Salon website design wichita, Carrot New York, Junk Pro, Hereford House Restaurant, Freddy's Frozen Custard website design kansas city, Larkspur website deign wichita, Craig Sharp Homes, Dr. Jay Harness, MD, Back At the Ranch With Paula. The video Includes clients based in: Wichita, Kansas, Kansas City, Missouri, Denver, Colorado, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Dallas, Texas, New York, New York and Los Angeles, California. All material © Tracy Holdeman, Insight Design Communications.
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J.P. Weigand & Sons brand identity and logo design
J.P. Weigand & Sons brand identity and logo design by Insight Design Communications. For over a century, J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc. might be the most viewed logo in Kansas. J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc. has been instrumental in the growth and development of residential, commercial and industrial real estate in the city of Wichita, the Wichita, KS. area, the Kansas City area and parts all over the State. We decided immediately that the process for changing such a historically influential and important brand logo and brand identity should be a deliberate one. J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc., with over a hundred years of equity in the name and several decades of equity in their brand logo would be best served to avoid any drastic change. But, their logo, designed in the 70's, was poorly thought out and caused readability and usage problems that at minimum needed to be fixed. Before, the J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc. logo used a clunky type for the word 'Weigand' which had little negative space around and inside the letterforms. For example the "A" became a solid blob, and the letters bled together which made it difficult to read at a distance. We opened up the letterforms in the word 'Weigand' making it much easier to read at a distance. Also, the basic oval shape was divided by a white strip that made it impossible to use against a background color. Weigand was stuck using a white background with the their logo which made their signs disappear in the marketplace. To correct this we enclosed the oval shape so the brand logo could be used with background colors. This was a simple, but important fix because it allowed for designs that use color more dramatically to differentiate Weigand's marketing material and realtor signs from a marketplace filled with predominately white signs. We also made adjustments to color and added a piece of history. We changed the bright blue to a deeper more substantial, blue befitting the regions real estate leader for over 100 years. We added the historical signature of founder J.P. Weigand, created by hand form vintage letter forms, to elevate the illustrious history of the J.P. Weigand & Sons brand. All in all, the Weigand brand is now positioned more appropriately in the marketplace. It has a sense of history and emphasizes a reputation of excellence, and quality, which is a perfect fit with their brand promise. The logo design, tagline and brand identity are used on corporate signage, website design, facebook, realtor signs, direct mail, brochures and collateral material, advertising, on-line marketing and more. Tracy Holdeman is Executive Creative Director of Whisper and Insight Design Communications. You can see Tracy's logo design, graphic design, brand design and website design work at InsightDesign.com, LogoDesignWichita.com, LogoDesignWichita.Blogspot.com, LogoDesignDenver.Blogspot.com, LogoDesignDallas.Blogspot.com, and LogoDesignKansasCity.Blogspot.com. Tracy Holdeman is one of the top logo designers and brand designers in the United States.
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Website Design for Z Hair Academy
Website Design by http://insightdesign.com/ and http://www.logodesignwichita.com/ The intended goals of Z Hair Academy's website design had a variety functions and desired results. Z Hair Academy wanted to replace pay-per-click advertising that cost thousands of dollars a month with organic search results or natural search results, inform prospective students and allow them to enroll online and allow the Z Hair Academy staff to manage, change and update the web site. We developed a Content Management System (CMS) website that enabled Z Hair Academy to manage, change and keep the Z Hair Academy web site up-to-date and relevant. We also informed and educated Z Hair Academy how to manage their own Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We designed a website with dynamic web pages. (Dynamic web pages are websites that are generated at the time of access by a user or change as a result of interaction with the user and dynamic web pages are a fundamental part of Web 2.0 which facilitates information sharing across multiple websites.) The Z Hair Academy website design also has an online catalog so prospective students can discover and learn about what Z Hair Academy has to offer, and with the web based enrollment form Z Hair Academy can fill classes without even the cost of paper. The Z Hair Academy web site also includes an easy to update online events calendar which is a great way to inform prospective students and an excellent way to bring visitors back to the website again and again. Furthermore, the website has a photo gallery that allows Z Hair Academy to upload photos and create new sets so they can showcase visiting instructors like Sally Rogerson. The website gallery also makes it easy for Z Hair Academy to share special events, products, new hairstyling techniques, new hair styles and the latest fashion shifts.  The Academy can also upload pre-designed coupons which keeps Academy customers coming back to the website and back to get styled, cut and colored. We also made Z Hair Academy website design social, with easy click to share buttons. The Z Hair Academy website is a living tool that helps The Academy stay one step ahead of the crowd. The Z Hair Academy website design is doing well already with organic search or natural search results. For example, Google keyword search for "hair academy Kansas' Z Hair Academy website design shows up three times on the first page of Google search results at #2, #3 and #5 out of 12,600,000 results. Google keyword search for "hair academy Lawrence' Z Hair Academy website design shows up three times on the first page of Google search results at #1 out of 12,800,000 results. Bing keyword search for "hair academy Kansas' Z Hair Academy website design shows up  on the first page of Bing search results at #2 out of 55,700,000 results. (Search engines usually offer two types of search results to their customers: Pay-Per-Click results--typically at the top or on the side and organic or natural results. While Pay-Per-Click  results can get your Web site to rank higher for a specific keyword phrase (because you've paid to be high in the results), most customers consider these results to be little better than advertising, and will often skip over them in favor of the natural or organic search results.) Insight Design Communications develops highly visual and functional website designs. http://insightdesign.com/ and http://www.logodesignwichita.com/ are website of Tracy Holdeman. His Insight Design Communications studio is located in Wichita, KS.
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Website Design for healthcare services industry.
© 2013 Tracy Holdeman. InsightDesign.com, and LogoDesignWichita.com are websites of Tracy Holdeman. The Magnolia Group website design is part of a total brand development which included logo design, copy writing, brochure design, business card, envelope, letterhead, sales folder and more. The Magnolia Group is an innovative healthcare services company that have developed a market niche in the emerging elder care market. As Elder Care Experts, the Magnolia Group is a health and human services specialist who helps families who are caring for older relatives. The Elder Care Expert is trained and experienced in any of several fields related to care management, including, but not limited to nursing, gerontology, social work, or psychology, with a specialized focus on issues related to aging and elder care the process of planning and coordinating the care of the elderly and disabled to improve their quality of life and maintain their independence for as long as possible. Health and psychological care are integrated with the best possible combination of services such as: housing, home care services, socialization programs, financial and legal planning. The website design reflects the Magnolia Groups' innovative approach with unique design and colors. The website design is developed to exploit the large client information base for SEO and "natural" Google search results. We believe if nobody sees your website it is a missed opportunity. We plan and build websites that enable client interaction and maximizes SEO, keyword and link building functionality. All website designs should look good and function to get results. The Elder Care Expert assists older adults and persons with disabilities in attaining their maximum functional potential. In addition, the Elder Care Expert is an experienced guide and resource for families of older adults and others with chronic needs, including helping those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease or Parkinsons or exhibiting symptoms of dementia. A care plan tailored for each individual's circumstances is prepared after a comprehensive assessment. The care plan is modified when necessary based on the professional Elder Care Expert's monitoring of the effectiveness of the components of the care plan. Elder Care Experts accomplish this by combining a working knowledge of health and psychology, human development, family dynamics, public and private resources and funding sources while advocating for the individual throughout the continuum of care. Elder Care Experts who are members of the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (NAPGCM) are committed to adhering to the NAPGCM Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Website design for Magnolia Group of Wichita, KS. InsightDesign.com, and LogoDesignWichita.com are websites of Tracy Holdeman. Tracy Holdeman and his team are advanced practitioners of the art of graphic design, branding, website design and logo design. The Magnolia Group is located at 155 N. Market #420 Wichita, KS 67202
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Website Design Dr. JayHarness
Dr. Jay Harness MD. FACS is President of Breast Surgery International and one of the top breast cancer surgeons in the world. Dr. Jay Harness is accredited with a number of significant medical and healthcare breakthroughs. He treats the whole person introduced oncoplastic reconstruction to patients when he arrived in Orange County in 2003. We developed a brand strategy with Whisper and the website design and brand identity that relate back to a patients file folder because we want consumers to get the facts about Dr. Jay harness. He has the goods, his resume reads longer than most novels. The tag-line, "We live you" was developed to express how Dr. Jay Harness and his team treat, patients. We also developed a Geo-tagging search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for excellent Google rankings in a variety of location area searches like "breast cancer surgery anaheim". www.drjayharness.com ranks number one for keyword search "breast cancer surgery anaheim" and many others. We also developed an easy to populate blog and client "how-to-education" so Dr. Jay Harness and his team can ad content regularly, content management system (CMS). The website design is unique and different to create an immediately understanding that this is not the usual. Dr. Jay Harness MD. FACS is different. We always enjoy working with Whisper, one of the most innovative strategic brand consultancies in the global marketplace known for positioning clients so they "own the conversation". Website Design Wichita, the website of Tracy Holdeman and his team. We are an exceptional website design, graphic design and logo design team for local Wichita Kansas websites as well as website designs and marketing strategies for clients from all over the U.S. http://www.drjayharness.com/
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Freddy's Website Design.
Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers started as one store in Wichita, KS and is now more than 60 restaurants in 11 states that include; Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Texas. Freddy's identity is retro and historical using black and white photography and Freddy. Freddy is the founder and owner, a World War II veteran and all around good guy. Freddy's is great food without a long or cooked before you order it. From sandwiches to sundaes, Freddy's makes food fresh after you ask for it because that's the kind of quality that makes Freddy's different. The website design reflects the Freddy's brand promise and brand positioning and works seamlessly with the whole of Freddy's brand. Thanks too the wonderful people at Freddy's. Logo Design Wichita, the website of Tracy Holdeman and his team. We are excellent website designers, graphic designers and logo designers. Website Design Wichita. Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers logoations: DALLAS AREA Euless 2820 State Hwy 121 Euless, TX 76039 817.685.8807 Highland Village 3040 Justin Road Highland Village, TX 75077 972.317.3600 Frisco 2550 Preston Rd Frisco, TX 75034 214.436.4677 AUSTIN AREA Western Oaks 4625 W William Cannon Dr Austin, TX 78749 512.358.0080 NOW OPEN! Cedar Park 1465 E Whitestone Cedar Park, TX 78613 512.259.9292 Pflugerville 2602 FM 1825 Pflugerville, TX 78660 512.251.9332 Round Rock 707 Round Rock Ave Round Rock, TX 78681 512.388.6552 SAN ANTONIO AREA Selma The Forum 8379 Agora Parkway Selma, TX 78154 210.566.1313 New Braunfels 841 Loop 337 New Braunfels, TX 78130 830.627.2626 Alamo Quarry Market 255 E Basse Rd, #1050 San Antonio, TX 78209 210.821-5553 Park Oaks 16522 N US Hwy 281 San Antonio, TX 78232 210.496.1888 Southpark Mall 7707 IH35 South San Antonio, TX 78224 210.921.9000 Hill Country Plaza 4059 N Loop 1604 West San Antonio, TX 78257 210.479.8833 Park North 6626 Blanco Rd San Antonio, TX 78216 210.525.8755 Potranco 8843 Potranco San Antonio,TX 78245 210.520.2436 West Wichita - 21st and Tyler - 8621 W 21st N Wichita, KS 67205 316.722.2299 Wichita Ridge - Just South of Maple - 420 S Ridge Rd, Ste 100 Wichita, KS 67209 316.260.2611 East Wichita - Just South of Central - 310 N Rock Rd Wichita, KS 67206 316.691.9998 Wichita Plazzio 11525 E 13th St Wichita, KS 67206 316.440.5678 Derby 2100 N Rock Rd, Suite 1000 Derby, KS 67037 316.558.5388 El Dorado 1809 W Central El Dorado, KS 67042 316.321.3900 Emporia 1400 W 6th St Emporia, KS 66801 620.341.9009 Topeka 1050 SW Wanamaker Rd Topeka, KS 66601 785.783.3488 Hutchinson 1501 E 17th Ave Hutchinson, KS 67502 620.669.9484 Overland Park - 135th & Riley - 7301 W 135th St Overland Park, KS 66223 913.897.1110 Pittsburg 1314 S Broadway Pittsburg, KS 66762 620.308.6508 Manhattan 229 McCall Rd Manhattan, KS 66502 785.320.2300 Salina 2420 S 9th St Salina, KS 67401 785.827.0900 Hays 3505 Vine St Hays, KS 67601 785.621.4770 Lawrence 2030 W 23rd St Lawrence, KS 66046 785.865.0123 Junction City 802 E Chestnut Junction City, KS 66441 785.210.1123 Branson 1185 Branson Hills Pkwy Branson, MO 65616 417.332.2099 Joplin 1503 S Range Line Road Joplin, MO 64804 417.659.8115 Liberty 9800 NE Barry Rd Kansas City, MO 64157 816.792.9902 Springfield - Coming Soon! 615 El Camino Springfield, MO 65810 Broken Arrow - NOW OPEN! 1151 E. Hillside Dr. Broken Arrow, OK 74012 918.449.0225 Edmond 1925 E 2nd St Edmond, OK 73034 405.844.1514 Enid 624 W Garriott Enid, OK 73701 580.234.1514 Moore 1525 S Service Rd Moore, OK 73160 405.790.0114 OKC - Brookwood 9000 S Western Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73139 405.692.7979 OKC - Hefner Rd and Rockwell 7010 W Hefner Rd Oklahoma City, OK 405.728.4354 OKC - Lakeside Center 7401 N May Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73116 405.840.5544 OKC - North Penn 12900 N Pennsylvania Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73120 405.751.2533 Tulsa 9311 E 71st Street Tulsa, OK 74133 918.249.9991 Yukon - Coming Soon! 1680 Garth Brooks Blvd, Suite 115 Yukon, OK 73099
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Hereford House Website Design Wichita
The Hereford House Restaurant boast the Peoples' Choice award "BEST STEAKHOUSE IN THE MIDWEST". The website design allows customers to "book a table on-line" and with one click arrive at the appropriate dinner, lunch, brunch or bar menu as part of the content management system (CMS). The website design is also integrated into a constant contact system to promote special occasions like Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and even Sunday Brunch. As part of the website design we developed the content including SEO copy writing and photography & photography art direction. The website design is also connected and integrated with Facebook. We also designed and built the Hereford House website with search engine optimization (SEO) for excellent Google rankings. HerefordHouse-Wichita.com ranks number one on Google keyword search " steakhouse andover KS" and number one on Google local listings keyword search "steakhouse andover KS". We also included an easy to populate blog and client "how-to-education" so Hereford House can ad content regularly. The website design is quick to navigate, easy to understand and engages the consumer immediately with great photography and a toggle ad at the top as a call to action. With powerful search engine optimization (SEO) consumers find Hereford House on-line but also are engaged once they get to the website. We enjoy working with such great clients as Hereford House. Thanks to everyone! Logo Design Wichita, the website of Tracy Holdeman and his team. For exceptional website design, graphic design and logo design please call us. Website Design Wichita Graphic Design.
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Larkspur Bistro and Bar Website Design Wichita by Tracy Holdeman & InsightDesign.com
Larkspur Bistro and Bar website design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by Insight Design Communications in Wichita, Kansas.
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Wichita Website Design, Marketing & Development for Open Road Brands
Wichita website design, marketing and development description to come.
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Website Design Wichita: Craig Sharp Homes
Craig Sharp Homes is a home builder in the Wichita, KS area. Craig Sharp Homes is known for beautifully crafted and artistically design home. The main menu is down the left side while another menu across the top explain what makes Craig Sharp Homes different. The website design and build for Craig Sharp Homes was part of a total brand re-design. For Craig Sharp Homes we developed a brand promise, brand positioning, logo design, tag-line, business card, letterhead, and envelop design, sign design and website design. His tag-line, Building a vision of home", lush textures and precise lines fulfill an image of unique craftsmanship and artistry of design. As part of the website design we developed the content including SEO copy writing. We also designed and built the Craig Sharp Homes website with search engine optimization (SEO) for excellent Google rankings. craigsharphomes.com ranks number two out of 973,000 results on Google keyword search "home builder wichita area". We want to thank all the people at Craig Sharp Homes for working with us! Thanks to everyone! Logo Design Wichita, the website of Tracy Holdeman and his team. For exceptionally on-brand website design, graphic design and logo design please call or e-mail us. Website Design Wichita Graphic Design.
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