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Minx (Bianca & Marissa) - "Jump Into Love" music vid
Marissa's journey of acknowledging she's in love w/ someone she never expected to love & how the news surprised everyone except her mom & son. If you like this vid, PLEASE CLICK SHARE, "LIKE" it, & watch my other Minx vid: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Be sure to always watch the end credits in my vids for more clips that will leave you smiling! Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel! .... (Click "Show more" to read more....) THANK YOU, CHRISTINA BENNETT LIND & SARAH GLENDENING for your commitment to this story, for "getting" how important it is, and for being so darn easy on the eyes. *LOL* Thank you to All My Children, for telling this beautiful love story from the beginning to the happy ending. May Minx & their kids have a lifetime of love & happiness together. It's been 11 years since Bianca's coming out, and after many heartbreaks, she finally has someone who is not conflicted or confused, or dishonest, who has eyes and heart only for Bianca. This is "the one", the "love of my life" for both of them. Thanks for giving us hope in a world full of disappointment and tragedy. Made on a Mac using iMovie. "Jump Into Love" by Molly Bancroft is available on iTunes & at http://mollybancroft.com "Minx" is the portmanteau for Marissa + Binx (nickname for Bianca).
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Christina & Liz - The "Wow" in Nikki & Nora!
My FUNNY tribute to Liz Vassey & Christina Cox, the "Wow!" in Nikki & Nora! There is a MUCH BETTER version of this at: http://vimeo.com/78443215 I had to chop this down to under 15 minutes for YT, but the vid I *wanted* to post here is 21 minutes, & not all choppy like this one. This is my "Best of" their Tello interview! Liz (Nikki), Christina (Nora), & series creator/producer Nancylee Myatt tell HILARIOUS stories re making the series pilot, how difficult it was to cast "Nikki", the importance of chemistry between them, things they did to prepare for the role, stunts, & my own editing, humor, (text) comments, & sound effects. I supplement their stories w/ video clips from the pilot of the scenes they discuss, and I interwove edited clips from their appeal for support for the webseries. (I compare the difference between the other actresses' (lack of) chemistry w/ Christina, and Liz's chemistry with Christina as the difference between a LIGHTNING BUG and LIGHTNING! *LOL* Hence, the thunderclap sound effects.) Please "Like" this vid, comment, "Favorite" & SHARE it, and please watch my alternative teaser / trailer for "The N&N Files": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u49TsOOaTxU Here's a link to a playlist containing the teaser, this vid, and the series pilot: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrARjUAfqSTibBhwzI8WLrxeEL39GnMz0&feature=mh_lolz About "The N&N Files": Nancylee Myatt is the creator & producer of Nikki & Nora, and The N&N Files. Liz Vassey plays Nikki and Christina Cox plays Nora in the original pilot and in the webseries. They are bringing the characters to the web on December 1, 2013. (The Indiegogo campaign was a success, surpassing the goal by almost 30%.) I just recently discovered these characters & watched the pilot (it follows in this playlist so keep watching!). I can't wait for the webseries! Thank you, Tellofilms.com, for bringing it to us! Here are links to the source vids from which I created this (heavily) edited "Best Of" compilation, in case you'd like to see the full interviews. (My original "Best Of" compilation was 21 minutes long, but I had to edit it down to under 15 minutes in order for YT to accept it. I might upload the 21 minute version to another video site, and I'll post a link to it here when I do, so if you'd like to see that, please check back here for the link.) Liz & Christina's Indiegogo campaign appeal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EdF2yEjlK8 Interview w/ Nancylee, Christina, & Liz (Approx. 20 minutes) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4-5Or1T0ZI Interview w/ Christina & Liz Part 1 (Approx. 20 minutes) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCXtUBczY9o Interview w/ Christina & Liz Part 2 (Approx. 20 minutes) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAz8sDsYD1E
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Isabel & Cristina "A Word in Spanish" music vid (HD) 1920x1080
PLEASE READ BEFORE VIEWING (To increase your enjoyment of this vid, CLICK ON "SHOW MORE" below!) View in HD if you can, but if the video freezes for you, then watch in lower quality or small screen! Music & video synching is VERY important in this vid! Video quality increases after the first 3 clips, which I could not get in HD. Here's some important background re this story, why I love it, timestamps for scenes + something for you to watch for!! More... SYNOPSIS OF THE STORY: Isabel's father discovers the relationship b/t I & C, sends Isabel off to a convent & arranges to have Cristina murdered. In the convent, Isabel endures torture from sadistic nuns in order to rid her of her "perversion". Cristina is taken to the woods at gunpoint, but the guy shoots over her head (at near point blank range) & tells her that if he ever sees her in Land of Wolves again, he won't "miss" next time. A terrified Cristina runs off, but risks her life to return to town to tell Isabel's sisters that they have to get Isabel out of the convent. When she explains that their father forced Isabel to go to the convent, they ask why he would do such a thing. Cristina admits that she & Isabel are in love. Nieves tells her to get out & doesn't believe her, 1:22 but Almudena wonders if it's true. They visit Isabel in the convent, and she confirms what Cristina said, but under the watchful eyes of the Mother Superior, Isabel's behavior is so strange that Almudena knows something is wrong. They return to rescue Isabel, also risking their lives. After the escape, there is a scene in the woods with the 4 of them on horseback. This is my FAVORITE SCENE of all. Whoever composes the music for this show should get an Emmy (or the Spanish equivalent). The original musical score for this scene and the acting were something you'd see near the end of a feature film!! Isabel says she can't return home b/c of her father. Cristina says they could go to the brothel. (Cristina is a prostitute.) Isabel says it's too dangerous for Cristina to stay in Land of Wolves, but Cristina says it's only until they can find another place. "Together?" asks Isabel. "Together," says Cristina. 2:06 and 4:00 Later there is a very tender scene of Cristina cleaning Isabel's wounds. 3:32 (I segue into a clip of this scene at the end of my vid, 4:17 so you can hear the dialogue & the show's original music for this beautiful scene. I would have loved to have shown you the woods scene w/ the 4 of them, but it just didn't fit here.) THINGS TO WATCH FOR: When the 3 sisters are trapped at the convent gate, & it appears that all hope of Isabel escaping is lost & she is about to be returned to her cell, Cristina shows up w/ the gate key. Look at Nieves' eyes @1:17 & you'll see tears. I found that touching. I could just gush & gush about the superb acting in this show!! WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS STORY: Eps. 10-12 could be a self-contained feature film about this couple & these 4 women. If you watch nothing else, watch the clips from Season 2 Ep. 12 w/ subtitles. Here's a link to Part 1 (w/ English subs) & from that page you can click on the link for Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwU04ZBlPYA (Click on the CC button at the bottom to activate the subtitles; watch in full screen at 1080p (or the highest quality your connection can handle.) I love seeing the badass Lobo sisters breaking Isabel out of the convent! I also love that, while Isabel's sisters don't understand her relationship w/ Cristina, & Nieves is clearly disgusted by it, THEY STILL LOVE THEIR SISTER!!! Also, these eps are where Cristina & Isabel transition from their previous complicated relationship (that's another story) to being a committed couple, against overwhelming odds against them. :o) If you like this vid, please COMMENT, BOOKMARK it, and click on "Like" & "Favorite" so you can find it again easily. Credits appear near the end of the video. I also want to say: THANK YOU to Adriana Torrebejano and Berta Hernández for their commitment to this storyline! THANK YOU to Tierra de Lobos for giving us these outstanding scenes featuring strong, brave, smart, and gorgeous women, a female couple to root for, and the beautiful musical score that underlies their love story, esp. in Season 2, Ep. 12. This video is based on the events in Season 2, Eps. 10-12 of a popular Spanish TV series, w/ some scenes from earlier episodes at the beginning. Visit my channel to see my other music vids! And watch for my upcoming Pepa & Silvia vid! Please share, post, & email the links to others. Thanks! "A Word in Spanish" by Elton John. Available on iTunes. Music video created on a Mac using iMovie.
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Fave Xena Scene
If I were to pick one 30-second clip to convey the Xena - Gabrielle relationship & the whole series, it would be this. Only 5 words are spoken, while a beautiful variation on the Xena theme plays. Lucy & Renee say everything w/ their eyes, and we even get the eye candy of seeing some of Renee's gorgeous muscle tone!
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Bianca & Marissa  "We'll Win"  A jubilant Minx music vid!
DESCRIPTION: From Bianca's POV, this vid follows Bianca & Marissa's relationship from attorney-client, to friends, to girlfriends, to partners making a family. From the moment I saw the scene w/ which I open this video, long before they became a couple, I was over the moon for Bianca b/c I thought, "This is it! This is the love of Bianca's life!" I was right. Everyone should have a Marissa! As one commenter said, "Couldn't agree more about Marissa being the one for Bianca... Yes this is finally the story I have been waiting for. We got to see Bianca fall in love, on screen. We got to see her in a relationship, more or less from the start and we got to see her being pursued. .... Marissa is everything that Bianca's other partners weren't. I loved BAM, but Maggie was never sure. She went back and forth and was never able to stand up and say I love you." [ETA: Once Marissa acknowledged to herself that she was in love w/ Bianca, there was no hesitation whatsoever. She went directly to Bianca, to her ex-husband, to her mom, her son, her dad, and her friend, Scott, and told each of them in a matter of days. -D.B.] "But the look on Bianca's face when she realized Marissa had already told Krystal [Marissa's mom]...said it all. The amazement and joy on Bianca's face. Unlike Reese, Marissa hasn't and as was just said, I don't think she can, lie to Bianca. She has not been unsure of her feelings once since she came out. ...Bianca can be vulnerable with Marissa. She can admit she needs her. Bianca doesn't like to give up control, but with Marissa she can. She let Marissa dictate the relationship. I really think until they made love, Bianca was still holding her breath a little bit. It has been beautiful to watch and to see the development of the Marissa character in Sarah's talented hands." -- End of quotation Thanks to Christina Bennett Lind and Sarah Glendening for bringing these characters to life and portraying their story so beautifully!
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Nikki & Nora - Alternative Teaser for "The N&N Files" (Brooks Version)
My version of a teaser for the upcoming webseries, "The N & N Files", based on characters from the 2004 network TV pilot, "Nikki & Nora". The creator and stars are bringing the characters to the web on December 1, 2013. Please "Like" this promo, comment, & SHARE it to let others know to watch for this great show! I can't wait!
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