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TestCon Vilnius 2017 | The Aftermovie
A recap of TestCon Vilnius 2017. For even more of the best bits from TestCon Vilnius, head to: http://www.testcon.lt/ Thanks for being together!
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Demystifying the Most Significant Java Language Features from 9 to 11 by Ionut Balosin
Understanding what happens under the hood (i.e. bytecode, x86 ASM) is always a step forward in writing more efficient code. Latest Java releases (i.e. 9, 10, 11) come with few language features which I intend to dig in by revealing their internals from a performance standpoint.
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What’s Under the Hood of Docker? Process Separation in the Linux kernel by Janos Pasztor
In this talk you will learn how the new Linux kernel features sparked the container revolution, and how these things actually work.
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Say No(de) to the Browser: Testing your Webapp Frontend Code Using Just Node by Gil Tayar
In this session, Gill will talk about testing of frontend code. He will offer a way to write unit tests that test all components together by simulating a browser inside Node and run frontend code fully under Node.
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TestCon Europe 2019 Trailer
Discover the Official TestCon Europe 2019 Trailer! More information - https://www.testcon.lt/
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Ivan Katunou - Test Design and Automation for REST API
Software Testing & QA Conference - https://testconf.ru
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Airflow, Spark, EMR - Building a Batch Data Pipeline by Emma Tang
Robust and user friendly data pipelines are at the foundation of powerful analytics, machine learning, and is at the core of allowing companies scale with their data. In this talk, we will walk through how to get started building a batch processing data pipeline end to end using Airflow, Spark on EMR. Through real code and live examples we will explore one of the most popular OSS data pipeline stacks.
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It’s 2018; Are My Containers Secure Yet?! by Phil Estes
Many talks have been given and blog posts written in past years, but in this talk we’ll update for 2018 the “state of the world” as it pertains to container security.
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Selenium Testing in PHP with Codeception by Michael Bodnarchuk
In this talk, you will learn how to write test scenarios with PageObjects, Depenency Injection, DataProviders and other tools to make your PHP tests compact and explicit.
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Prezentacija "Ką turi žinoti kiekvienas projektų vadovas?", Vilnius
Prezentaciją "Ką turi žinoti kiekvienas projektų vadovas?" pristato sertifikuotas projektų valdymo dėstytojas Oleg Smertin, PMP. UAB "DATA MINER" - Jūsų patikimas mokymų partneris! www.dataminer.lt
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Sandro Mancuso - Testing and Refactoring Legacy Code
Software Testing & QA Conference - https://testconf.ru
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OpenShift: a Kubernetes Story in an Enterprise Environment by Simonas Kareiva
Learn what is being part of the team operating OpenShift Enterprise in production @ Danske Bank since 2017. OpenShift serves as a critical business application development platform for more than 700 bank’s users and over 2000 microservices.
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TestCon Vilnius 2016 official aftermovie
Thank you all for being a part of this event. We hope you enjoyed it and will come back next year! TestCon Vilnius 2016. Software Testing & QA Conference. October 21, 2016 | www.testcon.lt
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CLOSING KEYNOTE:  Elastic Leadership for Testers by Roy Osherove
In this talk we will discuss elastic leadership principles, how to apply them effectively in your day to day work and how they can help you as a tester become more effective, while making others around you more effective as well.
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How to be a Happy Developer. Now! by Christian Robert
A lot of developers will agree to the claim that they turned their hobby into their profession. However, when looking at the daily business they often face a world very different from what they expected. A variety of reasons lead to increasing frustration. For some it’s company politics, for others it’s crazy customers or technologies that we’ve been forced to work with. All of this leaves us thinking “What the hell am I doing here?”. When trying to do something about this we often hear or read a lot of interesting concepts of how to improve our working environment like: “Do scrum!”, “Convince your leadership to give you more slack time”, “Use framework X” or “Follow the latest trend Y”. While this sounds nice at a first glance, real change is a lot harder. So, what can we do to improve the current situation? How can we make ourselves feel better? This talk focuses on some easy to implement tactics, that each and every one of us can use from tomorrow on, making our life a little bit easier and more enjoyable: piece by piece, day by day.
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DevOps Pro Vilnius 2017 aftermovie
From inspiration to action, DevOps Pro Vilnius 2017 was the place to be for every DevOps fan looking for incredible keynotes, insightful sessions and awesome networking.
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DevOps Pro 2018 Aftermovie
DevOps Pro Vilnius conference covers the core principles and concepts of the DevOps methodology and demonstrates how to use the most common DevOps patterns to develop, deploy and maintain applications on-premises and in the cloud.
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Big Data Conference Europe 2019 Trailer
Big Data is here. And it's going to stay! Find more information about the conference - https://www.bigdataconference.lt/
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DevDays Europe 2019 Aftermovie
Relive your memories from DevDays Europe 2019! Learn more - https://devdays.lt/
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Grigory Petrov - How to test cross-platform voice calls
Software Testing & QA Conference - https://testconf.ru
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GitHub Actions: Open Source Workflow Automation by Bas Peters
In this talk Bas Peters will give an overview and demo of GitHub Actions. GitHub Actions are a new way to automate your workflows as code hosted, shared and executed on GitHub.com. GitHub Actions apply open source principles to workflow automation allowing you to share and discover actions to use in your workflows. You can use them to build and test your code, to package and deploy, to send notifications on specific events like creating a release or to automate welcoming new users to your open source projects. We think GitHub Actions are going to have a big impact on software development and we would love to hear your feedback and ideas.
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Machine Learning helps to work with your test automation by Dzmitry Humianiuk
Testing and Test automation is the step one, where AI in development can start. This talk will describe his experience in ReportPortal with adaptation of Machine Learning and present its functionality and how Machine Learning can improve your test automation.
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Tamir Dresher - Testing and Time and Concurrency With Rx.NET Schedulers
TestCon Moscow 2017 Conference, April 27. www.testconf.ru Working with asynchronous services has always been a desirable approach and a necessity when creating a responsive, Connected, Data-intensive application. Today, when every application needs to work with sources like Facebook, Twitter, device sensors and Cloud Services, this task become harder and harder. Even harder than creating such applications is testing them for scenarios that involve time and concurrent processing. Reactive Extensions (Rx) makes this easy, with the concept of parameterized concurrency with Schedulers and Virtual Time. In this session, you’ll understand how reactive programming with Rx.NET can simplify your code and tests.
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Accessibility Testing Techniques, Issues and Tricks by Jurij Nesvat
In this talk, Jurij will cover the accessibility testing techniques and the lessons learned, based on the projects done for a large financial institution. Jurij will also focus on why and how we improve on the issue as well as give practical tips and tricks how to perform in a more efficient way.
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Better, Faster, Stronger - Delivering High Quality Products by Finn Lorbeer
Did you know you can enable your team to build better software faster while having a stronger team culture? Too good to be true? In recent years, agile has influenced early involvement of testing in the development cycle. With this more and more testers are testing new functionality as soon as a commit is pushed. Yet such teams still fail to deliver high quality software. Why? What is missing? Working with various diverse teams across multiple projects, Finn realised that testing doesn’t actually improve software quality. It’s just a bar assuring a certain level of quality that already exists. In order to actually improve we must get involved into much more than simply testing and think about the product as a whole. In this session, Finn will share specific examples of how engaging with the business, engineering, process optimisation as well as the entire cross-functional team can lead to significant improvements in the product’s quality. At the end of the talk, you will know how to start with a holistic approach to improving product quality throughout the entire software delivery lifecycle.
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Design Philosophy of Apache Airflow ETL pipelines by Gerard Toonstra
Apache Airflow is attracting a lot of attention over the past couple of years. This session explains very important principles that should be maintained in your ETL pipelines to make them scalable and restartable; many of these principles have been known for years in functional programming communities. Apache Airflow is designed around that philosophy and naturally guides the developer towards better and more scalable pipelines.
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DevDays Europe 2019 Trailer
Discover the highlights of upcoming DevDays Europe 2019! Find more information here - https://devdays.lt/
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DevOps Pro Vilnius 2016 Aftermovie
DevOps Pro Vilnius Conference covers the core principles and concepts of the DevOps methodology and demonstrates how to use the most common DevOps patterns to develop, deploy and maintain applications on-premises and in the cloud. The conference including 4 workshops had 419 attendees from 60+ organisations and 27 international speakers.
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From Zero to a Full Docker Based IT Teams by Rachid Zarouali
In this talk, you will see how Docker started by being used to ease some tasks, to becoming the foundation of our internal infrastructure and development environments
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Agile Leadership by Zuzi Sochova
In order to change organization, leaders have to change first. Be one of them and turn your organization into the successful Agile organization. Organizations are constantly evolving, they change their structures, processes, and rules. Last decade they’ve been changing into Agile, and surprisingly despite all the effort and money they put into transformation, they’ve been often failing. The same way as culture follows an organization, the culture follows leaders. Companies were trying to break that rule for years and change the culture without changing leadership style. Nowadays this rule seems to win and organizations are moving towards different leadership styles and surprisingly becoming successful. In order to change organization, leaders have to change first. Be one of them and turn your organization into a successful Agile organization.
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Image Formats, Performance and Cognitive Load by Tobias Baldauf
Images are a crucial component for successful conversions: they evoke emotions, build trust and prompt action. They also form 2/3rds of our website’s weight & have a high correlation to page load time, Speed Index and Time To First Meaningful Interaction. That’s why at trivago, we’re working towards highly optimized and well-targeted visuals. In this talk, you’ll learn how we optimize and deliver images for maximum effectiveness and which important lessons we learned along the way.
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Nicolae Oprean - Code Review for Test Automation
TestCon Moscow 2017 Conference, April 27. www.testconf.ru For developers, Code Review process has been essential for ages. It has been proven that it detects more bugs than any other form of testing, improves code quality, fosters knowledge sharing (for both the reviewer and the reviewee) and is cost effective. Code review can also be used successfully in Test Automation which will strengthen the collaboration between technical and functional specialists (Developers and QA). Nicolea will present our techniques for Test Automation Code Review; although it’s not the entire recipe, following them is an ingredient for better test code (clean, readable, simple, robust, bug-free, extendable…).
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Incidentų valdymas
ISTQB-BCS Certified Tester Foundation Level mokymų ištrauka tema - Incidentų valdymas. Dėstytojas Ernestas Sysojevas.
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Opening Keynote: Blunders in Test Automation by Dorothy Graham
In chess, the word blunder means a very bad move by someone who should know better. Even though system-level functional test automation has been around for a long time, people still make some very bad moves and serious blunders. The most common misconception in automation is thinking that manual testing is the same as automated testing. And this thinking accounts for most of the blunders in system level test automation. Dorothy Graham takes us on a tour of these blunders, including: Testing-Tools-Test, Silver Bullet, Automating the Wrong Thing, Who Needs GPS, How Hard Can It Be, the Stable-Application Myth, Inside-the-Box Thinking, the Project/Non-Project Dilemma, and Isolationism. Different skills, approaches, and objectives are needed or you’ll end up with inefficient automation, high maintenance costs, and wasted effort. Join Dot to discover how you can avoid these common blunders and achieve valuable system-level test automation.
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Michiel Rook - Effective Leadership in Agile DevOps Environments
DevOps Pro Moscow 2018 - Conference for Developers and IT Professionals. November 13-15, 2018 | www.devopspro.ru
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Stephen Janaway - Why I Lost My Job As a Test Manager and What I’ve Learnt As a Result
TestCon Moscow 2017 Conference, April 27. www.testconf.ru This presentation aims to present a view of test management that I think fits with the software development methodologies and team structures that we typically see in IT today. It will use my personal experiences to explain why I think discipline based management is no longer relevant or required, and how Test Managers need to adapt to the new world of cross-functional, agile teams and continuous delivery.
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Points of You. Interaktyvus žaidimas Jūsų komandai
Dėstytojas Mindaugas Grajauskas
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From Anti-pattern to Pattern Driven Architecture Definition by Vidas Vasiliauskas
There is a big gap between theory of software architecture and practice, as well as vast space of experimentation without spending enough time thinking what is architecture definition in broader terms. Vidas will run through key concepts and ideas to help in such journey and also present how things are done in his engineering organization. Disclaimer: you will not hear about design patterns in this talk.
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DevDays Vilnius 2017 official aftermovie
DevDays is software development conference created for developers, by developers. DevDays dedicates itself to helping creative IT people achieve their goals.
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What it Takes to Become a Performance Engineer? by Canberk Akduygu
Performance engineering is a discipline where one has to deal with many technological challenges. While manual and automated testing deals with the UI or business layer of an application, performance testing deals with low-level issues. That bring us the challenge of being a technical test engineer. What technology stack should we concentrate? What development language should we choose, etc?
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Closing Keynote: Examples of How to Move towards Zero Defects by Niels Malotaux
How many defects should the users of our software find? How many issues do you accept the users to experience? If you agree that it should be “Zero!”, then we can discuss how to achieve that. If you think it’s impossible, better attend and learn, to avoid being put out of business by those who are delivering Zero Defects. Some people think that we can produce better quality by better testing. Wrong! The most economical way to produce quality is by preventing any problems to creep in in the first place, making sure the users don’t experience any hassle. We’ll discuss a few cases where we used techniques that helped people move towards Zero Defects, like: design, review, the DesignLog, short-circuiting, and using “No Questions, No Issues” as a final test requirement. Zero Defects often is dismissed as an impossible dream. My experience tells otherwise. It doesn’t mean “turning a switch and then we don’t produce bugs anymore”. What it does mean you will find out in the keynote.
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Risk Based Testing in Agile Teams by Csaba Szokocs
Agile teams have increased test responsibility, and risk based testing is a great tool to support them in this direction. It helps establishing a test driven approach in the team, finding value in testing activities and exploring the most critical parts of user stories, without being boring.
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Jenkins Scaling and Organization for an Efficient CI by Andrea Giardini
We can’t discuss automation and DevOps without discussing Continuous Integration and Deployment. At Camunda, we develop open-source software for workflow automation and, over the years, we’ve built an extensive CI/CD system based on Jenkins. Today our biggest instance has more than 2,500 jobs. On top of that, our other projects manage Jenkins instances autonomously, relying on Kubernetes. Reaching this scale was a challenge in terms of organization, performance and scalability. The infrastructure team at Camunda had to evaluate different solutions and find ways to manage such a complex scenario, while giving developers the right degree of freedom and trust. During his talk, Andrea will explain how his team is able to manage all these environments and which approach they found most successful for their use case.
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Context-driven Agile Tester by Dragan Spiridonov
In this talk, Dragan will share his experience from two types of company cultures - outsourcing and startup worlds to help you understand context-driven agile: different ways of testing in different agile organizations.
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Apache Metron in the Real World - Big Data and Cybersecurity, a Perfect Match by Dave Russell
In this session we’ll be looking at a number of different organisations who are on their big data cybersecurity journey with Apache Metron, we will take a look at the different usecases they are investigating, the data sources they used, the analytics they performed and in some cases the results they were able to find. We’ll also spend some time talking about the common themes in these projects, there are some common approaches to using Apache Metron as a phased project in a project, we’ll review some of the common pitfalls and give some concrete suggestions about the things you should (and shouldn’t) do when you’re getting started. Finally we’ll try and tackle some of the key FAQ’s that come up when people are first investigating the potential usage of Apache Metron in the real world based on over a year of interacting with customers and prospects as they look deeper into Apache Metron to see how it fits in to their cybersecurity portfolio.
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Alexei Vinogradov - KISS PageObjects
TestCon Moscow 2017 Conference, April 27. www.testconf.ru Page Objects is probably the best-known pattern for UI Automation in Testing. Still implementing the Page Objects can be tricky in many ways even for the most typical web application. Alexei will introduce 3 types of PageObjects implementation (“Static”, “Void” and “Fluent”), which he has successfully used in his projects and explain their advantages and drawback. He will also explain why some other/additional patterns you can find in blogs/books or even get recommended in conference talks are actually no good. Warning: some pieces of advice may look provocative or even change the way you look at designing UI tests completely! The session will show Java Code examples (Selenium/Selenide) highlighting the implementation details.
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Testers know your customers by Eddy Bruin
In this session, Eddy will take you on a journey on how you get to know your customers. You will learn about 8 cheap or even free practices how to improve your software by knowing your customers.
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Liz Rice - What is a Container? Let’s build one from scratch!
DevOps Pro Moscow 2016 - Conference for Developers and IT Professionals. November 15, 2016 | www.devopspro.ru Containers are a hot topic in DevOps! But what is a container, really? Is it a lightweight VM? Where is the OS? How do containers work? We’ll uncover the basics of how containers work by building one, from scratch, in about 100 lines of Go code.
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The Open Source Development Surprise by Benjamin Gruenbaum
Development in some open source ecosystems is very different in nature from regular 9-5 development. We’ll talk about the surprising ways open source is different from regular development, the importance of people, technology and teamwork. We’ll go through real open-source changes affecting millions of developers and see how the people behind them work and how to get involved yourself.
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