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Orange is the New Black - Crazy in Love
Reuploded because previous video was v v v lq
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Finding Jin - BTS Movie Trailer [Not]
Finding Jin is a fake movie revolving around the Bangtan Boys, created by none other than I. The boys have been the best of friends since forever, and everything had been great, but that was till one of them disappeared. That being Jin. Because I would much rather have him missing than dead. This is the journey of the boys, trying to find Jin, fighting through all their obstacles, not losing hope. Or something like that. I do not own any of the clips, or the song, all being owned by BigHit Entertainment/BTS. Clips are from BTS Music Videos Run and Fire, and the song is Butterfly, also by BTS. Please support my babies. https://youtu.be/5Wn85Ge22FQ - BTS - Run https://youtu.be/ALj5MKjy2BU - BTS - Fire
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BTS [Jungkook] - Begin [fmv]
It's an fmv for Jungkookie's solo, Begin from their album Wings. None of the footage belongs to me, neither does the song.
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Orange is the New Black-Trailer [Crazy in Love||50 Shades of Grey|| Vauseman
A fanmade "trailer" for the ever so glorious and dysfunctional ship that is Vauseman.
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Amber - Roar || Katy Perry || [fmv]
Just a lil belated Happy Birthday to our baby Llama
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||K Pop in Game of Thrones||
If GoT was made with K-Pop idols
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Luna || Dangerous Woman || [fmv]
A Little Late to the Party, but Happy Birthday to my Queen and Savior, Park Sunyoung, AKA, Luna
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BTS [Jimin] - Lie [fmv]
An fmv for BTS's Jimin's solo, lie None of the footage or music belongs to me
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NCT 127 [엔시티 127] - REGULAR [MIXED VERSION] || Multifandom fmv
Hey y'all. I was procrastinating on exams and assignments so I thought I'd do this. The video has the groups NCT 127 f(x) Monsta X Triple H KARD BTS All rights to owners, I own nothing lol
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Krystal  - Toxic [Britney Spears]
For Baby Jung's birthday! Our lil princess is growin' up, y'all
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Just How It Was - Movie Trailer [Fake]
Blair Howell and Caleb Rowe had known each other since Middle School, and used to be best friends, but that was till Blair started dating Doug, the one guy Caleb hated with a passion and vice versa. Blair kept trying to push him away, but Caleb, instead became a pest, unwilling to leave. A series of events lead the two to come back together, become friends again, and more. None of the clips are owned by me, and have been found from different movies/TV shows, and other places, such as, The Duff [majority], The Fosters, Joyful Noise, etc.
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