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How to Read Google Analytics Data: The Basics (2015)
www.proformablog.com If you have Google Analytics for your website and you're having trouble grasping what all that data means, this is the video for you! Tom Zobel gives a basic look at how you can read your Google Analytics data as well as a few insights you can draw from that information. The three main areas that are covered are your Audience, Acquisition and Behavior overviews.
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B2C vs B2B: The Basics
http://www.proformablog.com/b2c-vs-b2b-marketing-the-basics/ There are two basic types of selling and advertising: Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B). Whether you are selling shoes, potato chips, or vending machines, there are factors that you need to consider when selling or advertising your product. Today I'll cover some of the basic factors regarding both B2C and B2B selling, and as a bonus, I'll point out a few similarities and differences between the two. So as they say, onward and upward: Business to Consumer (B2C) -Product Driven -Large Target Market -Single-Step Buying Process -Brand Identity Built on Repetition & Imagery -Emotional Buying Process Business to Business (B2B) -Relationship Driven -Small Target Market -Multi-Step Buying Process -Brand Identity Built on Relationships -Rational Buying Process Some ways they are similar: -Both involve a sales process. -Both rely on good Customer Service -Both need to a clear, aligned message in your Marketing/Advertising Some ways they are different: -Product Driven (B2C) vs Relationship Driven (B2B) -Emotional (B2C) vs Rational (B2B) buying process -One-off (B2C) vs Relationship (B2B) selling So hopefully that gives you a basic look at B2C vs B2B selling and advertising. My recommendation is that no matter what you are selling, try to use the similarities and differences to your advantage when creating your message. Selling B2B is trickier as you need to really hit on relationships and service, but you can work emotion into your messaging. Remember that buildings don't buy things -- people do, and if you can find a target market for your B2B product, your advertising efforts can be more focused, and can result in more sales. So please leave a comment, let me know if you'd like to see more information regarding B2C or B2B advertising, and I hope you have a great day...and happy holidays! Until next time, Tom Zobel
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Partner with Proforma
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Who Is Planning Your Day? Proforma's Greg Muzzillo
http://www.proforma.com - Greg Muzzillo, founder of Proforma, says as pat of his GPS [Goals, Plan, Stay on Track] speech: If you don't have a plan for your day, somebody else is planning it for you: the mailman, vendors and clients. When you don't know what you're going to do on a daily basis, they take up time and set the plan for your day. Having a 'to do list' is not a plan! Take charge of your day and maximize the amount of time you spend on the $500/work. Ensure that there is always business in your pipeline.
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Businesss Plan Overview
http://www.proformablog.com/business-plan-basics/ Building a business plan is no small task. It takes an unbiased approach, a willingness to devote time to research, and an understanding that the plan is never complete. Here are the basics to building a business plan from the ground up. This should assist when you're ready to take the plunge! Executive Summary Overview of the business plan from 50,000 feet Company Description Who you are, what you do, and why you do it better than anyone else Industry Analysis & Trends Is the market growing, shrinking, and why this is important for your business's positioning Target Market Who is your product absolutely perfect for, and how you plan to market to them Competition Are there competitors that may make your strategy impossible? Strategic Position & Risk Assessment How can you differentiate your business from the competition, and can this have a negative impact on your business? Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy How will your target audience hear about you, or view your business? And can you turn informed consumers into customers? Operations What does infrastructure look like -- technology | management | organizational structure Social Responsibility Does sustainability play a factor in the business? How will you 'go green'? Development, Milestones & Exit Plan How will you measure success? How can you exit the business or transition the business? Financials First off, are financials available? If so, what do they tell you about the direction of the business? Can you measure profitability? Can you cut operational costs, as an example? Other Considerations and Analysis: SWOT Analysis Strength, Weakness (internal), Opportunity, Threat (external) PRIME Analysis Product, Resources, I-Statement, Marketing, Economics Resources: The Successful Business Plan; Secrets & Strategies by Rhonda Abrams
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Request for Proposal Evaluation
One easy step to deciding if a Request for Proposal is worth your time. Qualify the opportunity by weighing the pros and cons, and get honest with yourself based on the chances for success and the quality of the deal. Here are three red flags which will free up hours of your time to focus on activities much more profitable for your business. 1. No relationship with the prospect. If you don’t know them or their business, how can you develop a proposal based on their needs? 2. Financial requirements. Fixed pricing, inventory ownership demands, and ridiculous payment terms; all risk with little reward. 3. Huge Vendor pool. There may be no intention of switching to a new vendor while you’ve invested weeks of your time and are required to submit ideas and pricing that can be used by the incumbent vendor. Conversely, here are three examples of green flags for good Request for Proposals. 1. Strong relationships. If you understand the client needs and have an internal advocate that will help you win the bid. 2. Shared commitment. The client’s commitment to helping you launch and market the program is key to its success once the deal is won. 3. Small playing field. You’re not 1 of 50; you’re 1 of 3-5 vendors bidding on the RFP. Plus, you know the other vendors so you can position yourself as the best solution.
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Creative Marketing Services with Proforma
http://www.proforma.com - Creative marketing promotions, print and direct mail campaigns through the use of promotional products, business forms, print, eCommerce and multimedia solutions. This new positioning video premiered at the 2010 DMA Conference.
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Proforma: PROecom Custom eCommerce solution. Online company store design.
http://www.proforma.com - Our online store solution, PROecom, can help control your corporate identity, provide customizable marketing materials and manage printed collateral. Online company store controls costs.
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Tony Talks About Social Search
http://www.proformablog.com/the-demise-of-google-fact-or-fiction/ If your business depends on, or can benefit from Google search and the visitors that follow, listen up. By now you may have heard a lot of rumblings about Google this year, in particular, Google+. Technology pundits have annihilated the notion of Google+ having any success, despite setting record-breaking numbers for users in the shortest period of time. But numbers don't really matter if the product is not being used. Facebook is still the undisputed king of social networks. Facebook is and probably always will be, THE place for friends and family. Social Business Pages Facebook's Timeline update was detrimental to Facebook Pages for business. Far too many restrictions were placed in their terms of use, ruining what was once a good thing for brands and marketers. Google+ Pages, on the other hand are a completely different story... more on this in a moment. To the casual observer, Google+ is more of a Twitter-Facebook hybrid in how it functions than a copy of one or the other. But that's only on the outside. In reality, Google has much bigger plans for this entire social project known as Google+. Google is in the search game and returning the most relevant results for whatever user searches for. While it may appear that Google+ is out to compete with Facebook -- that is only an illusion. Google+ is going after business. After all, Google makes nearly all of their money from advertisers. Search Matters Given the change in the use of the Internet for social purposes, Google realized that to remain the dominant force and continue to provide the best search results, they needed to incorporate social signals from users. Enter Google+. This has, and will continue, to have major implications on search results. So if your business can benefit from being on the first page of Google for important search phrases related to your business, consider creating a Google+ Page. Add some basic info and watch to see how it performs in the search rankings. Similar to how Twitter was viewed as a fad that would pass just a few short years ago, Google+ looks to make the notion of their failure comical as businesses continue to embrace the platform and integration into the new Google ecosystem out of, if nothing else, necessity to maintain a competitive advantage.
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Tony Talks About Virtual Event Marketing
http://www.proformablog.com/modeling-the-hollywood-sales-funnel/ Hollywood has this one down — create huge buzz, anticipation and excitement for an event (a movie opening,) resulting in a starving crowd lining up to fork out between $10-$15 per ticket without thinking twice. Now, consider these counter-intuitive points: -If the movie in our scenario is a comedy, the funniest clips have already been seen in the trailers... -If it's an action flick, the crowd already knows what's getting blown up from the trailers... -Friends can't recommend seeing or skipping the movie, since it's brand new to theaters (and who listens to critics?) -Major Hollywood feature films cost an estimated average of $139 million dollars, yet... -The formula for marketing a movie hasn't varied much in decades. -And, executive producers of well marketed films are more confident and excited going into opening weekend, than they might be concerned about breaking event. (And notice I said, well marketed, not well made.) While there are certainly a fair share of movie flops, this model has proven remarkably reliable for an industry with crazy overhead costs. So, does that sound sweet sales funnel, or what? Let's use it! Event Marketing Event marketing, which is widely used by large and small businesses and industries alike, leverages the anticipation, buzz and social proof, similar to the Hollywood sales funnel and movie launch model. Let's examine a couple of the psychological triggers that event marketing heavily relies on: http://www.proformablog.com/modeling-the-hollywood-sales-funnel/ Social Proof — "Everyone will be there!" Social proof is the phenomenon and influence principle that basically states that people will do what other people are doing. Don't believe me? Walk out onto a crowded sidewalk, look and point up into the sky and see what happens. Scarcity — "If you call within the next 15 minutes, we'll double the offer..." — think of the infomericals that run late night. They're always running for a reason, they work. Scarcity is simply stating that you will run out of widgets, your event will soon run out of seats, you can only take on X new customers or the offer will expire when the clock strikes midnight. People hate the idea of losing out on something good. Migrating to the Virtual World Webinars allow you to host virtual events that hit all of the same psychological triggers for marketing purposes that "real-world" events produce, yet reduce many of the limiting factors that events face. Buzz can be created with social invites and discussion, via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Attendees can join from anywhere, and hosts can run webinars from anywhere (including multiple hosts in different locations,) so geography is not an issue. Social proof is generated by interacting with attendees, showing the attendee log, acknowledging all the cities and countries that are represented, and mentioning when there's a great turnout. Scarcity will be used in your call to action, as your resources aren't infinite, and they're not going to want to miss the boat on what you have to offer if it's good and addresses a real problem. Keys to Successful Webinar Conversions Selling can't be confused with shilling. A successful webinar will not be a pitchfest, but instead a strong narrative that begins by suggesting a solution to a known, painful problem for the target audience. Next, while giving hope and examining the issue, subtly irritate and raise the problem along the journey, as this helps the audience remember that this issue or need must be solved or met. Offer a free solution to the challenge or problem. It might be lengthy, costly and complex, but put it out there. Illustrate how the lingering pain point can be eliminated. Let your audience see the home remedy or DIY approach. But Wait, There's More... Finally, make your offer. Frame your solution in context to the challenge that's presented, how it solves it and eliminates the pain points. Speak to the ease and convenience it provides, as compared to the DIY approach. Lastly, limit the offer and create an immediate call to action. Leverage scarcity by limiting the number of customers being taken on, the time frame that the offer will be valid or anything else that illustrates true scarcity related to the offer. Done right, you'll create a starving crowd that want in like the line at the movies.
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Is Your GPS Plugged In? Proforma's Greg Muzzillo
http://www.proforma.com - What phase of your business are you in? Where is your business going? At Proforma's 2010 Convention, we talked about following your G.P.S. (Goals, Plan and Stay on track) for the quickest route to business growth and success. Navigating through fear and comfort to wealth is not always easy. As you'll see, Greg's been there.
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Proforma: Company Website Design and Production
http://www.proforma.com - Websites are no longer an "extra feature" for marketing. They form an integral piece of a company's overall marketing plan and brand communication efforts. Does your website communicate your company's passion, dedication, core values and benefits dynamically and professionally? Let Proforma make recommendations to enhance your presence on the Web.
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How to Read Google Analytics Reports: The Basics
http://www.proformablog.com/how-to-read-your-google-analytics-reports-the-basics/ Google Analytics is a great tool to use to track your website activity. You may ask yourself: "How many people come to my site?" "How do they get there?" "How long do they stay?" If you ask any one of those questions, Google Analytics has an answer. Today I will give you a brief overview of how to get this information, as well as a few things you should look for to help hone your SEO campaigns. Check out the video and my summary below and good luck! Once you are logged into analytics and have selected an account, you will start by default on the Audience Overview. This will show you the following: Visits: How many people have been to your site Unique Visits: How many of those visits were different users Pageviews: The total number of views for the pages on your site Pages/Visit: The average number of pages a visitor will look at in one visit Avg. Visit Duration: The average time a visitor stays on your site The next area you'll want to look at is the Content Overview. This will show you what people are looking at when they get to your site. It reports the following: Pageviews: Again, the total number of views for all of your pages Unique Pageviews: The total number of unique views for your pages Avg. Time on Page: The average time a visitor will stay on any page You'll also get a good snapshot of your most popular pages at the bottom right. This info can help you tailor your SEO efforts. If you see a page is not very popular (or even listed) you may want to consider deleting it, or promoting it through SEO. Conversely, if you have a very popular page, you may want to stop promoting it, or add your more important/crucial information to that area. The last area I suggest you look at is the Traffic Sources Overview. This shows you how people are getting to your site. The main metrics are: Search Traffic: The percent of users that find your site via search (Google or otherwise). Referral Traffic: The percent of users that find your site via links ("Click here to visit our website", etc) Direct Traffic: The percent of users that type the link to get to your site (www.proforma.com). Remember in this instance if someone searches www.proforma.com instead of typing in the URL - that would count as Search Traffic. Campaigns: This tracks your custom campaigns. Since this is a basic overview we won't go into detail about it. So hopefully this will help you decipher your reports with Google Analytics, and help you boost your SEO efforts, as well as tailor your site to your visitors -- since it is "all about them" (which you already know because you read my last blog post ). Be sure to share this via your favorite Social Media outlet and have a great day! Until Next time, Tom Zobel
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Proforma: Top ranking supplier print and promotional products North America
http://www.proforma.com - Proforma, the top supplier of print and promotional products in North America can increase market presence and reduce operational costs. Custom promotional products, business forms, print, eCommerce and multimedia solutions.
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Know Where You're Going. Proforma's Greg Muzzillo
http://www.proforma.com - Proforma's founder, Greg Muzzillo, says the following at the 2010 Proforma Convention, "Where are you? Where do you want to go? Some people get so caught up in their lives that they spend all of their time dashing from one place to the next. they take no time to work on their lives and their livelihood... It ends up that their life can be summed-up by a simple dash.
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How Social Media Relates to Search Engine Optimization
http://www.proformablog.com/how-social-media-relates-to-search-engine-optimization Internet users are spending more time using social media sites more than any other activity on the web. For that reason, you must have a social media marketing strategy. Another reason that you need to focus on social media is SEO (search engine optimization.) So how does social media tie into SEO? Well, Google and the other search engines are now starting to factor in the obvious conclusion that if your website is interesting, entertaining, useful or otherwise valuable, users are GOING to share the site on social media, they're going to comment, like, plus, tweet, rate, review, etc. This is just what we do, as social creatures on the web. Much like how back links played a major role in SEO (links from other sites to your site,) these 'social signals' are a sign of approval by users that will give you a boost in the search rankings. Stay tuned for part 3 of this 3-part video series.
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Internet Security Part 2: Identity Theft
http://www.proformablog.com Identity Theft. You're probably aware of it, although you may not be that informed on how identities get stolen, or how you can prevent your identity from getting stolen, like mine does in the video. And although we have a little fun in the beginning of the video, having your identity stolen is no laughing matter. When it comes to getting your identity stolen, there's two different types of theft: Low-tech and High-Tech. Low-Tech identity theft includes stuff like phone scams and dumpster diving for billing information, while High-Tech runs more along the lines of password cracking, hacking, and phishing. Hopefully you caught Part 1 in this series (http://www.proformablog.com/internet-security-part-1-creating-good-password/) and already have a leg up on preventing Identity theft. So check out my video and see my quick overview of identity theft, and how you can prevent your data from getting stolen, or at the least be on top of it in the event it does get stolen. If you're still worried about identity theft, check out a service such as Lifelock (http://www.lifelock.com) to take extra steps to protect yourself. Also, I wasn't kidding that my grandma was scammed out of most of her life savings. Make sure your loved ones are aware of this scam by reading this article on the BBB's website (http://www.bbb.org/blog/2012/07/hi-grandma-scam-makes-blood-boil/). And if you have the misfortune of having your identity stolen, this article from the FTC (http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/features/feature-0014-identity-theft) has loads of information on what to do. As always, tweet at me @TheRealTomZobel and let me know what you think. Stay safe folks. Until next time, -Tom
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Online Company Store Demo - PROecom by Proforma
http://www.proforma.com Online company store purchases were never easier. PROecom by Proforma can help with online purchasing, ordering custom print materials and promotional products, digital asset management and more.
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Using YouTube and Facebook to Host and Embed Videos
http://www.proformablog.com/youtube-facebook-for-video/ Nothing's more eco-friendly than the internet, and not only are videos an easy way to get your message across, it also saves paper! So how do you get started hosting/embedding videos? Allow me to explain: To host/embed videos on YouTube, you'll need a YouTube channel. These come free of charge with a Gmail account (also free) so you'll need to first setup a Gmail account. To host/embed on Facebook, all you will need is -- you guessed it -- a Facebook account. Step-by-step instructions to get you started on YouTube! 1. Create a Gmail account 2. Start your YouTube channel (a.) Log into your Gmail account (b.) Click YouTube in the top Nav (from Google) or go to www.youtube.com (c.) Click Sign In in the top corner (d.) You now have a YouTube channel! You will know it is setup once you see your Gmail account (or Google+ name) in the top right corner 3. Uploading your videos (a.) Click Upload (next to the search bar) (b.) You may need to finalize your YouTube channel during this step (i.) Note that you can disconnect your Google+ account from your YouTube channel (c.) You can now get to the upload screen and select videos to upload (d.) Be sure to keep 'enable embedding' clicked (i.) It will be clicked by default 4. Getting the Embed code (a.) Go to your YouTube video (b.) Underneath the video click 'Share' then 'Embed' (c.) You can now copy the embed code to use for adding your video! (d.) You can also change your video size underneath the embed code (e.) If you leave 'Show suggested videos unchecked', you will not have any related videos pop up when the video finishes Step-by-step instructions to get you started on Facebook: 1. Go to your home page (click home) 2. Click Add Photos/Video (a.) Select the video to upload -- Facebook will let you know once it is done uploading/processing (b.) From your video page (the link to the example in my video is https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=338051859649113) click 'embed video' to get your embed code Hopefully this will help get you started hosting and embedding your videos. Be sure to check out the video for more detail and a more visual experience on how to set up your accounts. Special thanks to Proforma Owner Jim Young, of Proforma Multi-media Marketing, for allowing me to use his likeness in this video. Happy Uploading! Until Next time, Tom Zobel
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Internet Security Part 1: Passwords
http://www.proformablog.com With recent internet security breaches like Heartbleed becoming more common nowadays, password protection is something that everyone should be concerned with. More and more commerce is moving online, which means that more and more data is protected by a few keystrokes. So with that said, what makes a good password? Check out the video for my recommendation to create unique passwords that are easy to remember, and keep your accounts protected. Just do me a favor, don't use 'password', 'welcome' or 'letmein' for your password. It blows my mind how often I find out that someone's password is their child's name, or something else that would be easy for anyone to guess, let alone be uncovered in a brute force attack from a hacker. Do yourself a favor and protect your passwords. Don't write them down either -- if you really need a way to keep track of them, find an App like Keyring Free to keep those passwords organized and secure. Also, remember to change your passwords every 6 to 12 months. In reality though, password protection is just a small piece of a large puzzle: Identity Theft. That's really the biggest threat of having your passwords cracked. Stay tuned for my next post, as part two in this series will cover the different types of identity theft. While you're waiting, be sure to tweet at me @TheRealTomZobel, and let me know what you think. Until next time, Tom
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3 Basic Steps to Get Started With Search Engine Optimization
http://www.proformablog.com/three-basic-steps-to-get-started-with-search-engine-optimization/ Search Engine Optimization is such a vast industry, and studying it is almost like studying science, with all of the complexities involved. Luckily, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to get started with some basic SEO tactics. Here are three simple steps to get you started: STEP ONE: Keywords You'll want to do your keyword research (and that in itself is a topic for another day) and make sure you are using targeted keywords for your audience. "What is a keyword?" you ask? Well, a keyword is a word or string of words that you would type into Google or any other search engine. Examples of keywords are 'Proforma', 'Proforma Blog', and 'What is the Proforma Blog?' Try to think like your audience when looking for keywords. For example, you may always be using the term 'Promotional Products', but if your audience is searching for 'Promotional Items' you will want to use the latter over the former as your keyword. Focus on 5 to 7 keywords so you are not watering down your efforts. Think of it this way - if you could be very mediocre at 40 things or very good at a few things which one would you rather do? STEP TWO: Adding Keywords to Your Site Your next step is to add your keywords to your site. Adding keywords as Meta tags is a great idea (Meta tags are keywords in a website's HTML coding that the internet can see but users cannot) but it's not going to get you anywhere by itself. You'll want to work those keywords into your content (and not by spamming it over and over, more on that to follow). So if I'm using "Proforma Blog" as my keyword, I want to make sure to work it into my content as much as possible. This may prove tricky if you have keywords that are not sound grammatically or you have misspelled keywords. Another tip, and I cannot stress this enough, is that you shouldn't take any short cuts. If you do the work, you can see results, but spamming Meta tags, hiding white text on white backgrounds, and other practices of that nature, are just going to de-value your site. Google's algorithm is quite complex and savvy, and it will pick up on these shady tactics and essentially 'blacklist' your site in search. So do the work. STEP THREE: Create Backlinks The last step to get you started with SEO is to create backlinks to your site. Backlinks are links on other sites that point to your site. This helps how the internet 'views' your site, and ranks you in search. There are two basic ways to create backlinks -- submitting your site to local business directories and linking through social media. If you're a business, submitting to local business directories will be a good start in your SEO efforts. This will not only help tell the internet your company (and your website) exists, but you will also get search traffic from users that are actively searching for businesses in your area. Here's ten local business directories to consider: 1. Yelp 2. Google+ Local 3. Bing Local 4. Yahoo Local 5. Foursquare 6. Facebook 7. Yellowpages 8. CitySearch 9. Manta 10. MerchantCircle The second method of creating backlinks would be through social media channels. Posting links to your sites in your profiles (and in your content) will help boost your SEO efforts. Especially in cases where you can post hyperlinks, social media channels are a great way for creating backlinks. Think just for a second what people do on social media the most -- they share! So your 'fresh' content can be shared across multiple social media outlets, not only creating buzz for your site, but also increasing the amount of backlinks you have from authoritative sites (authoritative sites are established, trusted ones such as Google or Facebook). Here's my 'Top Five' social media outlets: 1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. LinkedIn 4. Pinterest 5. Google+ And a few others you may want to consider include: - YouTube - Instagram - Slideshare - Tumblr - Scribd - Flickr So hopefully I'm leaving you with a better understanding of the basics to getting started with search engine optimization. Make sure you are re-evaluating your efforts every 6 months or so to make sure that you are keeping up with industry trends and changing terminology.
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Demystifying Search Engine Optimization
http://www.proformablog.com/demystifying-search-engine-optimization/ Showing up on the first page of Google has become somewhat of the holy grail for businesses. The process of enhancing and positioning your website so it ranks well in search at Google, Yahoo and Bing is called Search Engine Optimization. While most every business can benefit from SEO and being easily found via online search, the challenge is treading the dangerous water of SEO consultants. The truth is that while there is empirical evidence for what works, no one knows exactly what Google's algorithm for ranking websites really is... and it's a very quickly changing landscape. This is the first in a three-part video series where I'll help get you up-to-speed on the basics of SEO, so you know enough to make sound decisions and feel comfortable in hiring (or not hiring) an SEO firm or consultant. Stay tuned for video 2 in this 3-part series
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Proforma: Web2Print and Digital Print for One-to-One Marketing, Reduced Costs and Improved ROI
http://www.proforma.com - Digital print is a core ingredient for any print based, cost-reduction program. The ability to print shorter runs in less time reduces unnecessary warehousing costs and waste. Digital print also opens the way for rapid fulfillment for web2print and 1:1 (one-to-one) marketing orders. Look into web2print and digital print to expand your marketing's horizons.
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ProformaBlog.com - Tony Zayas talks Bold Facebook Changes
http://www.proformablog.com Tony Zayas discusses a quiet, but important change that Facebook recently made.
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What Works for Content Marketing in 2013?
What's working in content marketing in 2013? Tony Zayas takes a look at how content, SEO and social media all work together when doing it right. http://www.proformablog.com/what-works-for-content-marketing-in-2013/
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Why Choose Proforma
http://www.proforma.com - Over 30 years of experience in promotions, print, eCommerce and multimedia + over 700 offices in North America + national buying power = Simple Choice.
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Proforma's First Attempt at Video
http://www.proforma.com - Video has come a long way! This video (over 8 years old) was the first attempt at explaining how Proforma provides value added services to a customer. It comes off admittedly like a train wreck and the images are straight out of an 80's video. Still, this was our first marketing video and we put it out here for you to enjoy... and comment on!
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Proforma: Corporate Video Production. Training  Tradeshow Video Production
http://www.proforma.com - Corporate video production.Training,tradeshow and promotional video capabilities through Proforma. Make your story extraordinary with video.
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Proforma: Custom Promotional Products, Tradeshow Items, Green Promotional
http://www.proforma.com - Info about Proforma's Custom Promotional Products. Tradeshow giveaways that increase traffic. Eco Friendly promotions. You can recognize valuable employees or provide branded marketing materials that help you grow.
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Proforma: Custom Business Forms, Stationery, Business Forms Management
http://www.proforma.com - Business forms management for your custom business forms including business cards and stationery, custom labels and other business documents.
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PROecom: Proforma's Custom eCommerce Solution
http://www.proforma.com - Did you know that an eCommerce solution can reduce your administrative costs by as much as 90%? That's what Forbe's says. Take a look at PROecom as a way to gain access to a branded marketing platform that helps you streamline ordering, reduce administrative costs and cut out maverick spending.
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Proforma: Multimedia Solutions. Digital Media Creation. Multimedia Services.
http://www.proforma.com - Multimedia in your marketing positions you as a cutting-edge innovator. Create an interactive website or produce a company video, Proforma's multimedia solutions and digital media creation will help.
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Proforma Accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge to Donate for ALS Research
http://www.alsa.org Promo Marketing nominated Proforma for the Ice Bucket challenge, we accepted the challenge and have made a donation for ALS research.
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Take The Social Media Sales Challenge!
See the results of Proforma's Social Media Sales Challenge participants, after they went through a 5-week training with Tony Zayas. A total of $271,000 in new business was reported by the participants in the 5 weeks that it ran.
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Proforma Blog is Now Featured On Alltop!
http://www.alltop.com We are pleased to announce the Proforma Blog is now featured on Alltop!
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Proforma Blog Milestone!
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40,000 Hits!
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Proforma Mobile Apps
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Another Blog Milestone!
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Proforma: Manage communications processes. Total project management.
http://www.proforma.com - Improve productivity, reduce costs and increase value through Total Project Management [TPM] solutions. Proforma helps manage your communications processes from project planning through fulfillment, distribution and beyond.
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Proforma: Custom Printing Services, Brochure Printing, Digital Printing
http://www.proforma.com - Proforma's commercial printing services include custom printing, custom brochure printing and digital (VDP) printing. Professional graphic treatments and paper options.
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Increasing Your Web Presence With Content Marketing
http://www.proformablog.com/increasing-your-web-presence-with-content-marketing/ Content is king, so it's no surprise that Content Marketing has massive business value. The more valuable content your business publishes, the more your visibility grows online, via social and via search — two of the most important places to have a presence. More visibility online, means more traffic. More traffic, with just a little thought and pre-planning, will mean more business leads. All of this, and content doesn't have to be challenging, while most businesses kick and scream opting not to create fresh, powerful content. Again, planning and re-purposing can make your content marketing efforts much easier. Consider a new or renewed emphasis on content marketing in 2013, as your efforts will not only be effective, but long-lasting.
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Proforma's Augmented Reality LiveAdz Demo
See Proforma's LiveAdz digital media product in action.
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