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Baby Brine Shrimp? Swimming in refugium amongst amphipods
I found these little cream and red things swimming around our refugium in the live rock. I can't find any in our chaeto (macro algae). At first I thought they were some kind of pods but they appear to move more like a shrimp or fish.
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Mystery Might-night Reef Hitchhiker?
It's the weird thing on the glass. My .02? A jelly-worm-octopus-feather-duster hybrid. That's all I got :-( If anyone knows if it is helpful or harmful, please let me know! Thanks!
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Woodpecker Parents Feeding Babies
In the hole of a cactus, two woodpecker parents gather and feed their babies in North Scottsdale, AZ
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Reef Tank Worm ID?
My boyfriend thinks its a "Fireworm"? Not sure if it is helpful to the tank or not. We have a 55 gallon reef tank with ocellaris, mollies, chromies, lawnmower Blenny, hermits, snails, etc. so no wrasses that usually feed on worms.
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Bubble Tip Anemone ( BTA ) Dying?
Our Bubble Tip Anemone has been acting strange since we first got it, opening and closing often throughout the day. We originally thought it was just trying to settle in, but now it is looking really off and we are really concerned!
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Possible SPS bleaching?
It looks like the coral just shed but shed itself of any color.
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Longer video of baby Cataleyah at only nine days old mimick
Baby Cataleyah (Whitney's baby and Dr. Roni's grand baby) is totally mimicking everything I do.. Or at least trying VERY hard to do so! She is only nine days old!
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Penny and Brody relay at the dog beach
The Dog Beach at Bayview Park in the East Hill neighborhood of Pensacola. My friend Bryant's dog, Brody (the lab and Boston terrier mix), and my little dog, (the silky terrier and poodle mix wearing an orange life vest), LOVE playing fetch and swimming. However, Brody doesn't like to bring the object all the way back to Bryant, but rather drop it about five feet short. Penny then steps in and brings it the rest of the way back to Bryant! It was sorta like a relay team, haha. That didn't stop Penny from swimming as far as she could out to attempt to retrieve, though! My dog, Penny, wears a doggy life vest because she will literally swim until she's about to pass out. It also keeps her head above water so she's less likely to be accidentally drinking saltwater. I highly recommend it to anyone with a dog as obsessive as mine!
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Trying to teach Cadbury to swim at Pensacola Dog Beach
He wasn't a fan of all the dogs nor was he a fan of getting in the water. Before I started filming, I promise you he was swimming to me... Until he found out that Bryant was also a safe person.
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Mollies and clownfish
I acclimated some mollies from brackish to saltwater in another tank and introduced two of them to our 55g saltwater reef tank tonight. They became fast friends with our two ocellated clownfish! I can't wait until they meet our blue-green chromis in the morning.
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