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RIP Lewis Mighty
R.I.P Lewis.
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Friesland School - Class Of 12' [Possible Assembly Video]
I'm going to miss everyone so much, and it makes me well up just thinking about having to leave. Thanks for the memories, all the good times, and everything you have done for us. Thank you. :] A big thank you to all the form tutors, and everyone else for that. Goodbye Friesland. x
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there ain't no healin' from cuttin' yourself with the jagged edge [8]'
lacking vid, yes, i know. just having a hard time lately. sorry i haven't been making videos. this song is basically how i feel.
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there's only two types of people in the world [HD]
YEP. this is my favourite video... evar. liek, evar. i love it. sorry for shortness, but i FUCKING LOVE IT. thank you to horsesuperstar and equestriaaanism for my inspiration.
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in for the kill; skrillex. [HD]
music courtesy of equestriaaanism. SHE LET ME USE IT. facts; vegas pro 9 crashes; erm, 3. problems; reversing clips = crash. awesome vid.
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Just gonna stand there and watch me burn...
Video for: Alison. -loveheart here- Youtube is stupid and won't let me put a loveheart. -censor beep here- Song: Rihanna ft. Eminem - Love The Way You Lie Inspired by: missdanniponies - sub to that amazing girl. :-)
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*FiRST oF THe YeaR* [HD]
omg. ~best video ever. to jess. don't cry~ i love you forever. i don't own song. clips belong to postandrailcreative. texture courtesy of hannatutorials (i think) thanks for watching... can i get 350 by halloween?
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rude boy bass and mash up da place [HD]
a nice slow video me thinks :) did i guilt trip you with the title? lol dears, keep watching... wait for it wait for it... BAM hits you like a train. clips courtesy of JCVdude and getty images. :L lol. ain't heard that for time. anywho, gonna go watch an outride. laterz!
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spirit, twilight, and equestrianism [multi-fandom]
sorry for the quality, it would have been about 7GB if i hadn't have compressed it a bit. sorry about that. :3 song: numb - linkin park clips: twilight, spirit, and postandrailcreative
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Drunk man can't walk in a straight line
Nearly crashes into a wheelie bin and a fence. Bad qual sorry.
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You shouldn've ran after the spook at the start. :( R.I.P sweet boy. You were only 9.... :( I will miss you. :(
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sierra lionee dubstep mix. equestrianism. [HD]
inspired by lalaleoniee and equestriaaanism. this is an entry to digitalplaystudios... which i will not get into so don't doubt for a split second. it's my favourite ever video. ever. i don't own the song, or the clips. clips are postandrailcreative. everything else can be viewed at doyourresearch.org yeah- stressful week, though schools out for an autumn break... :) YAY.
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St. Leonards Riding School [HD]
This is a video I made for my riding school... :D I ride and work there. :) PLEASE WATCH.
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l.a noire; roy earle[&+]cole phelps
omgomgomg. best video ever. seriously. thanks for the inspiration jess! i fucking love it. this is gonna be big. bitches. ;) love chu all. o: cookies forr all off cha... katiee jess emma trottyy and all ya cool people out der. o: music - lacrimosa -i think- video - l.a noire trailers where do i get them - doyourresearch.org anyway. I LUV CHU. p.s motion blur and flashy overload. dont watch if ya prone to fitz dearz. STAYING FROSTY DEAR? ;)
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cookie cutter overload. [HD]
yeah... i was so bored. :L I decided to make this 4 second video. Enjoy~
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random video. mega effects. [180+]
aloha. ;] This took ages to do. Seriously. Thanks guys! Honours! #49 - Top Favourited (Today) - Pets & Animals #38 - Top Rated (Today) - Pets & Animals
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Rock And Roll MEP (Introduction)
Here you go :) For LiveLoveEquine :)
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Read All About It [HD]
Song: Professor Green - Read all about it Clips: Buzzterbrown Everything else: Do your research? ;) Inspired by HorseSuperStar :)
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rock and roll mep part 14 (?)
part 14 i think, but yeah. love how this turned out. for LIFELOVEEQUINE. DID I GET IT RITE? :P love ya.
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bruises [+&] bitemarks [preview] [HD]
very crappy... rookie, ugly, but does it matter? :P i dont own anything apart from crap ass editing.
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wonderman [HD]
damn.. :( didn't force resample the video :/ meehhh for cjtp's contest. ^^
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bangarangー ♥
yep, this is it. bangarang. like my new style? inspired by sazzeh. :3 oxohorseymadoxo... my idol. song: skrillex bangarang ft sirah editing time: 2 hours vegas crashes: 1 rendering time: 3 mins uploading time: 5 mins
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night hounds. [HD]
Sorry to those who watched the original, I forgot to force resample the clips in the chorus lol, so I reuploaded the edited version. :-) This is for Beth Harvey. A friend for life. Once a friend, always a friend. :) She has done so many things for me including paying for an outride so I could do it and supported me through all the hard times! Thanks Beth! OMG! Love. Yeah. This came out of pure mind. Wasn't inspired or anything. Just... came into my head. I pictured it in my head. I edited... it looks perfect. I Love It :D
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never had a day. [HD]
song: Example - Never Had A Day inspiration: misdanniponies video for: Beth!
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how we roll [HD]
kristen stewart fandom. yeah. i is obsessed with her. seriously. she is my dream come true. kristen stewart. KS. dedicated to lalaleonie.
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equestrian - coloris [HD] PREVIEW
equestriaaanism... this is fer yaa.
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you got me so wild.
hayley williams. well what can I say? rendering time: 7 minutes uploading time: 3 minutes. song: promises - nero&skrillex. editing time: just under an hour. anyway, MISSED ME?! I've had all on with exams. -_- lol. Anyway, i'm back. i hope so anyway! i missed you guys. hope you like my new style. :)
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equestrianism [HD]
I made the song on JamStudio and recorded it with AllSoundRecorder Vista. Do not use the song... if you want me to send it to you, I will... just PM me. It is longer, it's about 1 min 40 in total, this is the opening to it. Clips are from Vimeo. Thank you. :)
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YES I'M HOSTING A 350 SUBS MEP! Okay here are the rules! - Pro clips please :) - HD preferably - Each part is 20 seconds - Get the parts yourself - Bright, flashy, colourful, go wild ;D - The best seven editors will be chosen - NOT FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! - Deadline is the 30th November PARTS: 1; bigronthecat 2; milllApp 3; arablover123 4; mine 5; equestriaaanism 6; xequestrianstarsx 7; xtehdoggie 8; Sassyleinchen HAVE FUN :D
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one; houric ft. equestriaaanism (preview)
this took twenty-five minutes ;) preeeeeeeeview. i don't own song or clips... but yanoee, all editing is mine? ;) :D clips belong to buzzterbrown... and others. :)
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shake your tambourine~ [iequitateit]
SUB SUB SUB! http://youtube.com/iequitateit http://youtube.com/iequitateit http://youtube.com/iequitateit http://youtube.com/iequitateit http://youtube.com/iequitateit this girl is amayyyyyzing bruv! an amazing editor! i edited the clips being mavouvered into eachother... inspired by horsesuperstar (the effect that is) its amazingg. my rendition of it that is... i tried LOL
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Frankel - 2012 Queen Ann Stakes
Frankel wins it by 11 lengths
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Chase Me Charlie - Meghan And Bex (2nd Place)
Just a clip though... we finished second :) I'm the one behind the chestnut x
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are you ready for the ruffneck bass [iequitateit]
yeah. ignore the crappy ness of it, but seriously. i do like this. clips: postandrailcreative 2010 summer classic. music: skrillex - ruffneck (full flex) this is for iequitateit. it is my collab with her for a collab contest. :)
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when i'm falling down...
will you pick me up again? lmao. rendering time: 7 minutes uploading time: 6 minutes
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jasdgjdfgd ewwwwww. ._.
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i don't think i deserve it [HD]
ye, collab preview with equestriaaanism :D song: louder than thunder artist: the devil wears prada
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retreat! retreat! [HD]
it just came to mind... for my 211 subscribers. [: i own nothing other than what you see in this video. [please, insert heart here, as youtube are dipshits] just to think, a little over a year ago I was using WMM.. you wouldn't believe it.
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Equestrianism; Pain [HD]
PLEASE READ, IMPORTANT. Subscribe to EQUESTRIAAANISM AND HOURSELOVER1231. :] Just a small project. Something... minuet. I like it. Yer, I like it. Like, Comment, and SUBSCRIBE :D I own nothing. Honours: #12- Top Rated - Today - Pets & Animals
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harder, better, faster, stronger [HD]
i really enjoyed making this, short but snappy... merp. anyway. uploading time: 10 minutes rendering time: 2 minutes credits: lalaleonie (overlay) song: kanye west, stronger. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. The audio in my videos have been purchased with iTunes. I can assure third world parties that the audio is just used for entertainment and no illegal action is thou being taken. It is not to be used for copying and selling. No copyright infringement intended.
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He Ate My Heart [HD]
Okay, so I tried uploading this five times... YES fiveee timesss on my laptop. failed. I LOVE THIS BOY SO MUCH. :-)
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Colouring Lineart in GIMP 2.6.8
The finished product; http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/309051_10150380465255997_632090996_8672284_927529634_n.jpg ANYWAY! :) I don't own the lineart- it is by GoaliGrlTilDeath on DeviantART
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it's been a long time since i came around [blitzen72697] [HD]
:) hope you like it :'D I was really bored and decided to create something original. :)
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the stables; move along [HD]
wow. two vids in like... a short period of time. new world record, lmfao. ;] song pitched to avoid copyright. horses shown in video; tetcott butterfly [lucky] grey 11.2hh mare taraco crossfire [charlie] chestnut 12.0hh gelding bex [just... bex] dun 14.2hh gelding keisha [just... keisha] piebald 15.2hh mare woody [just... woody] bay 17.1hh gelding firspark frederick [freddie] grey dun 14hh gelding maybe a few more, but meh.
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ladies and gentlemen... [HD]
love this song. heard it in drama, did a physical theatre piece to it, and now i've edited to it :') love it. [insert heart here, shit faced youtube]
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Meghan & Bex - Clear Round Jumping [HQ!]
Higher quality version :-)
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equestrianism; hungover [HD] read desc.
timing kind of bobbed at the start. please help my friends get there subscribers up! http://youtube.com/hourselover1231 http://youtube.com/equestriaaanism
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no more gas in the red [HD]
rendering time: 3 minutes uploading time: 1 minute wow. vegas pro 8 is MUCH easier to render with. and easier to edit with too, imo. this video was so easy to make, and guess what? no crashes. this is my hhp audition. i really enjoyed making this video. took an hour but got there. DEAR JESS. SORRY ITS SHORT. BUT ITS DEDICATED TO YOU AND KATIE BECAUSE YOU DEAR NOTSO PAIN IN THE ARSES ARE JUST SO GOD DAMN INSPIRATIONAL!
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EMV YAY. Guys sub to my backup; HeyyItsMegz. :)
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do you ever sit and imagine your life different? [HD]
like n' sub if yaa dig it... CUPCAKES. for brittanilouisetaylor. iluvsyoulongtime! is this enough to get me in SOS? lol! joking! ILUFFLECHU.
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