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finale Irina&Sydney
HUGE SPOILER!!!!!! if you did not watch the finel episode of alias, DO NOT watch this! syd & irina's final moments ever.
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Jason Derulo - If It Ain't Love, Live in Israel 14.4.16
aka shirtless booty shaking. Grainy once again do to comfort reasons.
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Toy Story 2 Bloopers - Mrs. Potato Head
Pixar's top creation. I do not own anything in this video other than the bandwidth used to upload it, nor do I make (or plan to make) any profit off of it. For entertainment purposes only!
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Jason Derulo - The Other Side/Talk Dirty, Live in Israel 14.4.16
Only a bit of "Talk Dirty", but it's the thought that counts?
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Jason Derulo - In My Head, Live in Israel 14.4.16
Grainy, cause I preferred standing in the back and seeing the whole show properly to standing in the front and only my camera seeing properly while being held up over my head.
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Olive Snook singing on the mountains, PD 201
I think this might be my favorite part of the series, so far.
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How to troll a dog in 3 simple steps
Throw a ball. Throw a different ball. Repeat endlessly.
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Fluttershy's quiet Cheer
MLP S04E16, the famous cheer revisited! No copyright infringement intended! Just sharing the love.
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Lady Gaga's butt.
Showing off? Live in Israel- 19.8.09
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Yes, I know it's pretty horribly done, but I'm not a video editor! The game is Neverwinter, the song is Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart) by Ottawan, the location is up in PE's sky, video was made using Neverwinter's demo record, Bandicam and Windows Movie Maker, and I own the rights to nothing. Except for the GWF. And maybe just a bit of too much free time. No copyright infringement intended, this was done simply for the sake of laughs.
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הקעקוע של הדס
מאחורי הקלעים.
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Kelly Clarkson - Wonderwall (fan request)
Live at Manchester 12.10.12, aka BEST SHOW EVER.
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Poker face (Piano)- live in Israel
unfortunately my camera did not survive long enough for the whole thing.
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