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Now THAT'S how you quit your job with style... too bad they called the cops
I wish I had the balls to do this!
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A major lawsuit was filed by a man wanting to be only known as "JJ" against a resturant for calling him a purple nigga... as you can see, he has a clear case!
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Danny The Wasp Killer Strikes Again.. !!!!
This time he blows them the hell up!
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Kobe - The Humping Turtle
turtle humps shoe making wierd noise
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Best Bea Arthur Tribute Ever! I'm gonna miss you xxx ooo
Beloved television and theater star Bea Arthur passed away Saturday at her home in Los Angeles after a battle with cancer. The 86-year-old was born Beatrice Frankel to a Jewish family in New York City and became a household name on such TV shows as "Golden Girls" and "Maude". Arthur began her career in the theater, where she won a Tony Award for the musical "Mame" and played "Yente the Matchmaker" in the Broadway premiere of Fiddler on the Roof. Advertisement Arthur was perhaps most well known for her role as Dorothy Zbornak on the hit series Golden Girls. The show, which centered on the lives of four retired women living together in a house in Miami, Florida, was a hit for six seasons and won 10 Emmys, including one for Arthur in 1988. After Golden Girls ended its run, Arthur appeared in guest spots on TV, including a part as Larry David's mother on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Arthur was inducted into the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame in 2008.
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Top 10 YouTube Videos Of All Time.. WTF Boom Style!
ok so I am bored, surfing youtube and I thought to myself, why not make a video of the BEST videos of all time and WTF BOOM THEM??? Let's see how many YouTuber's like the video I spent HOURS making..with my blood sweat and tears and even gave my first born child to the Gods inhopes this makes it...... My goal? AT LEAST 100k+
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Are you kidding me?
This dude is serious too!
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Bet you watch us do this twice! Tit flash just for your enjoyment :)
Sorry about the stupid music,,, YuckTube deleted my song and made me replace it...... On the way to our destination, I pulled out my camera. We were just having fun! I even pulled out her shirt and got a shot of her boobs! Anyway, we stopped to look at a house being built on the highway.... take a look at what we did to the place!
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plasectomy done PSYCHO STYLE!!!!
Dave Ramsey said this was one of the best he ever seen!
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How to embarass your husband without him knowing...
He has no clue this is on youtube. I wonder how long it will take until he finds out and he makes me take this video off here.. hehe
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Kitten Drift 2014
Hungry anyone?
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Birthday Sex - Horney Turtle Style
ohhhh yeaaaa
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A Christmas Carol Cast- City Park Players 2003
Here is the video I made from snapshots taken during rehearsal of A Christmas Carol which was held at City Park Players in Alexandria Louisiana.... Yes it's corny but we had fun and I'll never forget it! :) I hope you enjoy it.
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Unusual Statue Of Jesus - Check it out!
Jesus's face turns watching you as you watch by! AMAZING!
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Who said a cat can't fetch!
My cat fetching a ball. See you CAN train them!
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Destroy Your Garbage Disposal With Dry Ice!
Never put dry ice in your disposal! Learn from my mistake!
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Best siren ever!
Found 5 kittens on patrol. I'm taking them to the vet...one was just happy to ride and help out
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Evil presence (orb) accidently caught on tape! Must see to believe this one!
Has anyone ever witness something that at first they didn't think was real and just dismissed it? I mounted a camera in my mother's room so that way my brother and I can keep an eye on her without having to walk in the room to disturb her. Today I am sitting in the living room writing a sermon for Mother's Day. One side of the screen I have Microsoft word opened up and on the other side I have my mother's live video feed. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw something fly across the screen. I maximized the feed, waited a moment and sure enough another small light flew over her head and disappeared. I noticed my mom was looking around the room so I rushed in there and asked her if she saw anything flying around the room. She said no so confused, I went back to the living room. A minute or two later, there it was again this time in the corner of the screen. I grabbed my cell phone and sat here for 45 minutes trying to capture that light with my camera's video recorder. You may not believe this, but I caught it on tape. The first one I got was a tiny light that appeared above her head and descended on her and disappeared. You can barely see it but it's there. So I try again and much to my amazement, I caught one flying from right to left across the screen and there is NO mistaking it! ****WATCH THE UPPER RIGHT CORNER AND YOU WILL SEE IT FLY RIGHT BY!**** I believe that satan has evil spirits all around waiting for the chance to rob, kill or destroy you. Don't take my word for it, watch the video and tell me if you see it too. Thank you Father in Heaven for protecting my mom while she is trying to get better. Right now, she is currently in worse condition and is in the hospital and her family is praying for a fast recovery. To God Be The Glory Forever and Ever, AMEN!
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check out the fight happening in the comments!
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How to make a kitten jump
All it takes is a book
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If you could save a life..........
If you could save someone's life... would you?
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