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Moments That Prove Scott Disick Was The Best Kardashian Ever
The moment you realise this . It will change you ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: @popular_fails
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Kardashians get roasted by Scott
Scott roasts the kardashian
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Kloe kardashian best moments
Who is your favourite kardashian ?
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Scott Disick comments on Tyga's golden  penis
Scott walks in unannounced and comments on Tyga's penis
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Most painful face peal ever
She dint know the pain would be so intense. "I need an epidural for my face"
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best kourtney kardashian moments
If you thought Scott was savage , just look at Kourtney ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter : @popular_fails Facebook : popularfails
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Robber attack SPV and armed guards in SA [ guards dint see it coming]
these men are brave they attacked with out regret no weapons vs armed men and they get away ONLY IN South Africa
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Dudes with durags always tryna square up 😂😂💀🔫
This dude trying to square up
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Doodle Never Gonna Give Up Conquering The Slide
This dog is cute
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Scott disick best moments
Best moments of SCOTT
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Kloe Kardashian Vs Scott Disick
Kloe vs Scott who is the savage ?
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Wife plays a prank on football mad husband, by switching the tv off
wife turns tv off via another remote. this makes the football mad husband rage
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This s pure disappointment  [dj trolling]
When you troll thousands of people this is what happens
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Me when Destiny 2 comes out Credit: Impact Props
When destiny 2 i life
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Sliding through the week like?!!!
we can all relate to this
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This is why woman live longer than men
the real reason for woman living longer than men
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Your week presented by Jim Carry
Im sure we can all relate to this XD
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Feeding giant piranha's
These fish go crazy .
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A life well wasted
This wasted video is hilarious... on this channel you will find the funnies videos the world has to offer... you can expect every video to make to cringe, laugh, or scream. If you enjoy my content please leave a like and a sub , This helps me alot.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- twitter : @popular_fails
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Zuma must fall in joburg [ granny protest]
These elder ladies sing Zuma must fall
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mc vs cop in rap battle
This police officer got offended when mc called him a pig XD
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cats reactions to human stuff is amazing
compilation of cats reaction to human stuff
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Failure isn't final until you quit!!
Keep on trying even if you fall down , there is no harm done by trying again
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Those that did the ICE bucket challenge Differently
Guess the water and the bucket had to fall..
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This Nigga sleeping the whole beach [entire beach fails to bring down this man
A single man sleeping the whole beach . This nigga on fire he knocks anyone in his way
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Wild animals attack
This is so funny i couldn't stop laughing These animals are doing what animals do best
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When Pools fight back
They though the fight was going to be easy . Guess they where wrong
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whipping things
Fail compilation. They thought they could handle the whip , guess not ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook : popularfails Twitter : @popular_fails
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When screaming is the new singing [mask off ]
This version i did not expect . when you tripping out of your mind
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Jacob Zuma (clearing throat) vs. Kyle Watson ft. Popartlive
This is a mash up of jacob Zuma clearing his throat its pretty LIT
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Funny Fail around the world
these are some fails for the week
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Animals swaped 2jz
These animals are boosted :D if you have a 2jz engine tweet me @popular_fails
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Savage moments in the Kardashian industry
Who is your favourite kardashian comment below.
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People vs Mother Nature
Just when they thought they had their footing.
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Five Fashionable Ways to Injure Your Genitals This Fall
Who knew Injuring your genitals could be this funny
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Wear heels they said , It will be fun they said
Heels are not meant for everyone...
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Scott disick so drunk kourtney kicks him out
Scott walk in like he owns the place and does his own thing
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Ozzy Man reviews: woodpecker vs snake
This ozzy voice makes everything more clear ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter :@popular_fails
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Kiki Challenge in slow motion
Young Kenzo in his Benzo
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She will never trust again
this child will never trust anyone again
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Taxi Blocks coca-cola truck and people steal from it
Mean while in south Africa... its never safe for a truck that standing still
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Weather in Durban South Africa , right now
The weather is like a cyclone.
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This Barbour uses a  lighter to cut his friends hair
Do you think he has what it takes to make it ?
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Chinese woman eats Cigarette
She thinks its a chip but its not she puts it in her mouth
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Zuma right now [This is what he is doing ]
What zuma is doing right now
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how to avoid getting arrested [with drugs]
This man is a genius.
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Never seen someone as clumsy at this[ fall fails]
she falls so hard but still lives to fall again
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When tires attack you [who kneww tires can kill]
these people under estimated thee power of tire pressure
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popular Scare Pranks [their soles left their bodies]
some of the best scare pranks the internet has to offer
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Classic Airbag Prank [ guy almost goes through the roof]
The prank was good but someone almost died
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