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Moments That Prove Scott Disick Was The Best Kardashian Ever
The moment you realise this . It will change you ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: @popular_fails Facebook :@popularfails ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe for more content and leave a like . It helps Me to improve my content
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best kourtney kardashian moments
If you thought Scott was savage , just look at Kourtney ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter : @popular_fails Facebook : popularfails
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Kardashians get roasted by Scott
Scott roasts the kardashian
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Kloe kardashian best moments
Who is your favourite kardashian ?
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Scott Disick comments on Tyga's golden  penis
Scott walks in unannounced and comments on Tyga's penis
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Most painful face peal ever
She dint know the pain would be so intense. "I need an epidural for my face"
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Ozzy Man reviews: woodpecker vs snake
This ozzy voice makes everything more clear ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter :@popular_fails
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Wife plays a prank on football mad husband, by switching the tv off
wife turns tv off via another remote. this makes the football mad husband rage
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Robber attack SPV and armed guards in SA [ guards dint see it coming]
these men are brave they attacked with out regret no weapons vs armed men and they get away ONLY IN South Africa
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Doodle Never Gonna Give Up Conquering The Slide
This dog is cute
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Dudes with durags always tryna square up 😂😂💀🔫
This dude trying to square up
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Kloe Kardashian Vs Scott Disick
Kloe vs Scott who is the savage ?
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This s pure disappointment  [dj trolling]
When you troll thousands of people this is what happens
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Scott disick best moments
Best moments of SCOTT
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Officer of the law eats hot cross bun and test positive for alcohol  in his system
Do you think he should have taken another bite after blowing positive on duty? Do you think hot cross buns should be sold to 18+ ? What is your take on these results
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Taxi Blocks coca-cola truck and people steal from it
Mean while in south Africa... its never safe for a truck that standing still
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Feeding giant piranha's
These fish go crazy .
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Me when Destiny 2 comes out Credit: Impact Props
When destiny 2 i life
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Wild animals attack
This is so funny i couldn't stop laughing These animals are doing what animals do best
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Zuma must fall in joburg [ granny protest]
These elder ladies sing Zuma must fall
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Sliding through the week like?!!!
we can all relate to this
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Machine Gun Kelly Breaks Down Eminem Feud, Halsey Rumors
Which Rapper do you support ? New talent or Old Talent ?
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Savage moments in the Kardashian industry
Who is your favourite kardashian comment below.
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SAPS Delay a flight
Flight delayed Due to police
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Your week presented by Jim Carry
Im sure we can all relate to this XD
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Instant karma | Compilation
they did not expect what came next
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Fikile From Uzalo Dance Moves | Music Video Coming Soon
She Got the moves !!
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When Pets Bite
These pets are savage
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Try not to laugh challenge | baptism gone wrong
If you laugh you go to hell or do you ? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter : @ViralVideosDai1 Faceebook: Viral videos
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Failure isn't final until you quit!!
Keep on trying even if you fall down , there is no harm done by trying again
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Police officer arrives mid armed robbery
Police officer does bot hesitate to use his assault rifle Twitter : @ViralVideosDai1 Faceebook: Viral videos
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Scott disick so drunk kourtney kicks him out
Scott walk in like he owns the place and does his own thing
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This Nigga sleeping the whole beach [entire beach fails to bring down this man
A single man sleeping the whole beach . This nigga on fire he knocks anyone in his way
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When screaming is the new singing [mask off ]
This version i did not expect . when you tripping out of your mind
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Funny Viral videos #1 | Try not to laugh challenge
With out them there would be no funny viral videos , big shout out to all of them ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter : @ViralVideosDai1 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Viral-Videos-Daily-307288520223458/?view_public_for=307288520223458 You will find all the viral videos here -Funny videos -how to -Fail videos -trending videos -Try not to laugh challenge those are just some on the categories we target
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What are the odds
What are tho odds of this happening and being caught on camera. perfect timing
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Jacob Zuma (clearing throat) vs. Kyle Watson ft. Popartlive
This is a mash up of jacob Zuma clearing his throat its pretty LIT
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Weather in Durban South Africa , right now
The weather is like a cyclone.
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when the squad hypes you up [ getting energy from the squad]
this mans moves are on fire
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Car Crash Ends Kaizer Chiefs Wiseman Meyiwa's Career
Sad tragedy for Kaiser Chiefs
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Funny News interwiew
Funny News report from the Victim
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Golf Carts crash on the golf course | You laugh you must subscribe
And you thought going to a golf course was going to be Boring You laugh you must like and subscribe
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Wear heels they said , It will be fun they said
Heels are not meant for everyone...
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Scott Disick Gets Real I Scott Disick Sober moments
Scott Disick when his sober or is he ? Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/popularfails/ Twitter : @popular_fails
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Woman Think they are the goddess of the trampoline
Who will conquer the trampoline woman or men ? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter : @ViralVideosDai1 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Viral-Videos-Daily-307288520223458/?view_public_for=307288520223458 You will find all the viral videos here -Funny videos -how to -Fail videos -trending videos -Try not to laugh challenge those are just some on the categories we target
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Mechanical Problems/Fails
These cars should not be on the road
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A life well wasted
This wasted video is hilarious... on this channel you will find the funnies videos the world has to offer... you can expect every video to make to cringe, laugh, or scream. If you enjoy my content please leave a like and a sub , This helps me alot.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- twitter : @popular_fails
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When shoenice is life but you're under 18
This guy drinks soft drink with one go. How does he not tear up when he burps. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter : @popular_fails
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Zuma [ universe meme ] #zumamustfall
wonder if this is what goes on in his head
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Trolling Dj Kaled
This video is so funny ... hope you enjoyed laughing at the editing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter : @popular_fails
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