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Alone in Japan Ep 07 Ghibli Shop
Just a little stop at a shop that had a lot of ghibli stuff. Not the actual ghibli shop like I was at when I visited the actual ghibli museum but it had some cool stuff in it!
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Alone in Japan Ep 14 Media Cafe Popeye Okayama
So I got to Okayama to stay the night before I head to Naoshima the next day. I didn't have anywhere to stay and the capsule hotel that was close to the station didn't want me there because of tattoos so I stayed at a Media Cafe Popeye. These are now my favorite place to stay in Japan. It's got Manga, Magazines, Electronic Darts and other games, you can shower there, it's cheap and the floors in the rooms are fairly comfy.
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Alone in Japan Ep 08 Taito Game Station
We went to a shopping street in Nagoya and then a taito game station.
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Alone in Japan Ep 04 Japanese Pharmacy
This is me trying to find some contact solution for my contact lenses while waiting to hear a response from my couchsurfing hosts.
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Alone in Japan Ep 09 Satsuki and Mei's House
My friends got us tickets to go see Satsuki and Mei's house from My Neighbor Totoro. This one is gonna get copyright claimed but it has to have the music.
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Alone in Japan Ep 11 Travel from Nagoya to Osaka
Traveling from Nagoya to Osaka and then back to Tokyo because I got a text asking me to come see a friends punk show the next night in tokyo! Exciting!
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Alone in Japan Ep 20 Zauo Restaurant Shinjuku
After the Tokyo Game Show we decided to go to the Zauo restaurant in Shinjuku... I've always wanted to go to this restaurant. The staff gave me a paste ball which pretty much guarantees that you catch a fish vs the tiny shrimp you get. But I found out that the one I really wanted to go to was the Zauo in Shibuya because I wanted to see if I could snag a shark! Even though you can't eat them.
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Alone in Japan Ep 16 Traveling to Naoshima
So I bought a multipass for Okayama castle, the Korakuen gardens and the Yumeji art museum in Okayama on a rainy day while killing time before I met a friend of a friend in Okayama and then proceeded onto Naoshima Island.
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Alone in Japan Ep 12 Share House
This is the share house I stayed at in Tokyo with some friends. What a great experience to stay in a share house and meet all kinds of other people who are passing through and staying there. It's cheap too!
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Alone in Japan Ep 03 Journey to Nagoya
Episode 2 of my 2nd trip to Japan. Today we are going to go to Nagoya from Tokyo to visit some people (who are now my friends) in Nagoya that messaged me on couchsurfing.com to stay with them for a while. What great people and if you can do couchsurfing anywhere you go, it's a much better experience than staying at a hotel for sure!
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Alone in Japan Ep2: Bar Speakeasy
I had nowhere to stay on my first night in Japan. I went to this place called Bar Speakeasy for a language exchange they have on Friday nights. What a great place. I got so hammered and ended up staying at the manga cafe just across the street.
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3rd time skating in 17 years.
There's a skatepark at base valcartier in Quebec. Decided to give it a try.
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Alone in Japan Ep 23 Traveling from Aomori to Sapporo
This video goes from Nice and happy to Dark and angry. Beware there are swears at the end. After leaving my AirBnB in Aormori I took the train to Hakodate and I went under a cool underwater tunnel called the Seikan Tunnel. Since I was collecting train tickets I stayed in Hakodate for a while instead of going straight away to sapporo because the train that was leaving didn't give the blue ticket. Walked around a bit and then went into full on RAGE mode because I couldn't get any contact from my AirBnB host in Sapporo.
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Alone in Japan Ep 24 Japanese Oktoberfest in Sapporo
Including such hits as: HOO HAA and Y-M-SHI-A. I had to delete the livin la vida loca song because of a copyright claim for it being the spanish version, even though it's clearly the japanese version. I found an Oktoberfest when wandering around in Sapporo
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Alone in Japan Ep 06 Video Game Store in Nagoya
Video game store in Nagoya! I wanted to buy so many things but I don't have enough money!
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Alone in Japan Ep 10 Part 1 100 Yen Sushi
100 yen sushi. Delicious. Part 1 unedited because it's so delicious.
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Alone in Japan Ep 17 Leaving Naoshima & Losing your JRPass
I stayed at a backpackers guesthouse in Naoshima after visiting all of the art houses there. I lost my JRPass but I was able to find it with how awesome people in Japan are at returning things.
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Alone in Japan Ep 22 Finding my AirBnB in Aomori
I booked an airbnb in aomori. They told me to get off the bus at one stop so I did, but I did not know that there was an almost identical named stop right before the one I was supposed to get off at. So I ended up walking around forever trying to follow the directions that were given to my but from the wrong stop.
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Alone in Japan Extra Blue Straight After Drunk Walking Around 15fps
Somehow this got recorded in 15 fps (drunk?) Drinking cheaper than bar drinks in the washroom and following the Japanese jesus to our next location. Uploading as an extra because maybe if you don't watch the video and listen to the audio it could be funny. Sorry about the eye hurting 15fps.
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I've progressed onto a bank and mini ramp.
I learned a couple of tricks on flat. Now I try some of them on a bank and get acquainted with a mini ramp.
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1st time skating in 17 years.
I haven't skated in 17 years. I only skated for a couple of years back then. I was 17 and 160 lbs, now I'm 34 and 220 lbs. Bought a new 8.5" board for learning to cruise bowls but I thought I'd see if I can still do any tricks.
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Alone in Japan Ep 21 Drunk Walk & Talk to share house
Just a drunken walk and talk going home from wherever I was. It was so nice for me. I hope it's nice for you. It's a video where you don't really have to watch, just listen.
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Scales Pond  in Winter
This is Scales Pond in PEI. I fished here ever since I can remember. I was away for a lot of years and when I came back for a visit, the pond was gone and I couldn't go fishing. Some years later, I came back for another visit and it was restored and I caught some fish. Today, I decided to take a video of the place and even though I'd much rather do it in the summer, I'm only here in the winter right now.
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Alone in Japan Ep 19 Tokyo Game Show 2015
I went to Tokyo Game Show 2015 with my friend Yushi. The lines were long and it was very crowded. We waited in one line for FFXIV and played and beat the Ravana challenge. Won a t-shirt signed by the producer. Because X and O buttons are reversed in Japan it was tough, also all of the abilities were in Japanese and the game as well. We only had 2 minutes to set everything up.
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Project Diva X: Calc.
Got bored and decided to play a song.
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2nd time skating in 17 years.
This is my 2nd time skating in 17 years. I've never skated a bowl before and I found this one in Quebec City. So I thought I'd give it a try.
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Alone in Japan Ep 05 Nagoya Castle Gardens
My visit to the Nagoya castle & gardens while waiting for my couchsurfing hosts to contact me. It was a pretty cool place to visit for sure.
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Alone in Japan Ep 13 Drunk Night Recap
Recap of a drunken night in Japan after seeing my friends punk show... I had many of these nights over there.
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Splatoon 2 Turf Wars
Time to grind them secondary abilities.
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Alone in Japan Ep 15 Okayama Castle and Gardens
I went to Okayama castle and the gardens while waiting for my friends from couchsurfing.
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Barbie Rod Fishing
Uploading this even though it's incomplete. It was supposed to have a scary ending where I got attacked or something but never got around to it before I moved.
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Alone in Japan Ep 18 Missing Himeji Castle
It took me so long to get out of Naoshima because I lost my JRPass that when I stopped in Himeji to see if I could visit the castle it was closed by the time I found it.
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Ponyo on Ocarina
Just thought I would learn this today to get back into learning the ocarina.
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Alone in Japan Ep 10 Part 2 100 Yen Sushi
Part 2 of 100 yen sushi. So boring!
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Splatoon 2 Turf Wars
Time to grind them secondary abilities.
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Drunken Diva: Project Diva X Satisfaction
Decided to play some Project Diva X after a few beers (8) and I hadn't played this game in months so I wasn't expecting to do very well at all. The tough thing about recording via the PS4 is that it will record the video but not the audio so here I have my external camera mic right in front of the cheap tinny sounding 24" walmart tv. Cheers.
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Quebec City Ride
Finding some bike paths.
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