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Is Your Business Customer and Market Driven—Cast 2017 6
Do all you can to provide products and services to existing customers.
Porsche 987 Strategy
Live the Life YOU Want. Get your Value Builder Score.
About Paul Menig—Cast 2017 2
Introduction to Paul Menig, your Business Accelerant™
Indie Cinema Academy
Video is pervasive. Everyone can do it with a little training
Do You Love Technology?—Cast 2017 7
These companies focus on developing and licensing technology to others. Patents are immensely important.
Why Paul Menig Doesn't Want To Buy Your Business with Paul Adams of Sound Financial Group
Paul Adams of Sound Financial Group in the Seattle, Washington area talked with me regarding the journey my son and I have been on to find a business to buy.
Julie Sies TranformLeadNW
Transformational leadership involves dealing with your own emotions and influencing people. You can apply the lessons in business and your personal life. If you are coaching a grade school athletic team, you can apply the principles of transformational leadership.
Jeff Cone of Cone Group 70 Second Highlight
Jeff Cone discusses forensic accounting which deals with investigating white collar alleged crimes.
IMTA Presentation of NTC 2016 07 19
First presentation to Indiana Motor Truck Association IMTA
The Tech Academy Podcast Ep  13 Paul Menig
Interview with founder of Tech Academy in Portland prior to presentation.
Grow, Baby, Grow!—Cast 2017 12
Startups are especially driven to grow without regard to making money and profits.
TMC Tech Talk with Paul Menig
I was interviewed on the Dave Nemo show on 2018 January 8. We spoke with drivers from Florida, Michigan, and Minnesota. We talked future trailers and other topics.
Generic NTC Intro 0724
Overview of the National Transportation Center and its Foundation. Located near Indianapolis, Indiana, the National Transportation Center provides certified and approved training for a wide spectrum of jobs in the broad transportation industry.
Z Axis Marketing
Wide ranging interview with the Brand Poobah, Jerry Fletcher.
Cascade Strategy
A complete, people-centric, planning system for your company.
Valueable Spring Companies
Springs Magazine Fall 2018 Interview on the value of companies.
Epilogue-Forced to Succeed!—Cast 2017 14
Classic business strategy is useful, but must be updated as people learn and technology changes everything.
Dan Weedin 2019 02 25
Dan Weedin discusses business continuity, loss prevention, risk analysis, and insurance.
VSP News Kolmans Korner Episode 2047 Tech-I-M and electronics engineering
Kolmans Korner Interview on Commercial Vehicle Networks
Future Truck Far Horizon 2015 Spring
Future Truck 2015 Presentation at TMC
PaulMenig TMC Final Tech I M Branded
As the leader for Far Horizon of the Future Truck Committee of the Technology and Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Associations, I speak on future issues. Having interviewed over 30 executives of fleets, we prepared a book and I spoke at the annual meeting in Nashville on March 2.
Dan Weedin 2019 02 25 70 Second
Dan Weedin discusses business continuity, loss prevention, risk analysis, and insurance.
Build Value Introduction
Value Builder Introduction
Seventy Second Simple Strategy Series—Cast 2017 1
Seventy Second Simple Strategy Series Introduction
NW Coaches Meetup 4019 04 16
What Shoe Is Right for the Journey? Profiling, Assessing, Categorizing, First Impressions are hard to avoid thanks to the reptilian brain we have that looks for friends, food, and foe. We discuss this and how to empathize with clients based on understanding the miles they are walking and in what shoes.
Z Axis Marketing 70 second
Wide ranging interview with the Brand Poobah, Jerry Fletcher.
Z Axis 2019 04 02 70 second
Wide ranging interview on brand as it relates to large, multi-national corporations as well as to solo entrepreneurs. Brand is much more than a name, fonts, and colors.
Can You Deliver the Goods? Cast 2017 10
One of the nine drivers of a company is method of distribution.
Inverted Pyramid Project
Culture is the foundation of a pyramid with vision and mission building on that foundation, rather than being at the top. Note, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is in Memphis, TN, not St. Louis, MO.
TECH Talks 2016   Technology Track   Paul Menig
On May 6, the Oregon Institute of Technology students put together a great day of presentations from industry in the Portland metro area. People from Intel, AirShip Technologies, Portland State University, Microsoft, Oregon Health Science University, the Food and Drug Administration, Oregon Translational Research and Development Institute, and Tech-I-M Business Accelerants™. My talk on the future of truck technology finished out the technology track, giving students insight into the future they will be working to bring to reality.

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