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How girls prepare their homework vs How boys prepare their homework
Here is a special video for all our school days we all know how girls used to do homework and how we boys used to do homework
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That one PANAUTI FRIEND in every group
come on you cannot deny the fact that your friend circle has that one "peanut-kaali zubaan" wala friend whatever that witch says turns bad.share this video with your friends specially the peanut one :P
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This valentines BE VERY CAREFUL
Here is a video to warn you all about what can happen with you on valentines day in india,please share this video with everyone to spread awareness
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The frustrated indian driver
We all know that when we drive in india,our temper looses the moment we sit,if you are a frustrated indian driver this video is for you
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When Rickshaw-Wala Rejects You | Ashish Chanchlani
We all know that we have been constantly rejected by auto-walas in this country, here is a revenge video made for you people WE ALL WANT TO DO THIS ONCE co-starring : Kunal chhabhria, akash dodeja, anmol sachar, rohit sadhwani, jashan sirwani, tanish sirwani, akash jagtap,raaj raisinghani, navjyot chandnani
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Thoughts you have after watching a HORROR MOVIE
Have you ever been through that scary phase after watching a horror movie? where your entire room feels haunted, Every sound made in the room makes you scared, And you start thinking about how you will survive the night? WELL THEN THIS VIDEO ACCURATELY DESCRIBES YOUR CONDITION Share this video IF THIS IS HOW YOU BEHAVE AFTER WATCHING A HORROR MOVIE Co starring : Muskan chanchlani Video directed by : Ashish Chanchlani
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When mom is scolding your brother & you are enjoying it
you all have been through this whenever mom is shouting at your brother or sister you stand there like an audience enjoying the fuck out of it😂😂😂 and there is no other greater delight than seeing your sibling grilled by mummy😂😂😂 after all they deserve it😜 SHARE THIS VIDEO IF YOU HAVE EVER ENJOYED SUCH A MOMENT
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The Boring lecture Survival
This video is not fictional its based on the true lives of indian students this video accurately describes what we students go through in a boring lecture SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH ALL YOUR CLASSMATES WHO WERE ALSO A VICTIM OF SUCH BORING LECTURES pass the message to save a life Amen. Cast: Ashish chanchlani,Akash dodeja, kunal chhabhria, Rohit sadhwani, tanish sirwani, laveen madhwani, chirag ahuja Video made by Ashish chanchlani Music credits : Heart of courage by two steps from hell
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The Palti-Khor FRIEND | Ashish Chanchlani
We all know that one friend from our group who behaves very different in front of girls, this video is for those overskirt assholes share this video with those friends Co starring : Akash dodeja, simran dhanwani & kunal chhabhria edited and shot by : Kunal chhabhria written & created by : Ashish Chanchlani
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That one girl who boasts a lot about her family
har group mei aisi ek ladki zaroor hoti hai,jiske haisaab se uske ghar waale duniya ke sabse ache gharwaale hai,humare gharwaale toh jallad hai bc
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hey there MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL this is what happens when santa comes to gift youngsters of india share with your best friends
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That one friend who sings all songs confidently with wrong lyrics
We all have this one friend who always sings every bollywood songs way too confidently but with WRONG LYRICS! SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH THEM
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Every Friends Trip ever | Ashish Chanchlani
Here is a detailed analysis on every FRIENDS trip ever From roasting one friend to boasting fake courage we all do things that are silly yet super fun Share this video if you are missing your trip with friend CO STARRING : Akash dodeja Kunal chhabhria Rohit sadhwani SHOY BY : Rohit sadhwani Written and created by Ashish Chanchlani
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When dad pressurises you to choose a career | Ashish Chanchlani
Have you ever been pressurised by your dad to choose a particular career? and you chose it because he wanted you to if yes then this emotional video is for you SHARE THIS VIDEO IF YOUR PARENTS WANTED YOU TO BECOME AND ENGINEER OR A DOCTOR
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That Friend who drives THE WORST | Ashish Chanchlani
We all have a friend in our group whose driving is absolutely the WORST, This video is basically a documentary based on those pathetic drivers that our friends are! Share this video if you have a friend WHO DRIVES THE WORST Co starring : Akash Dodeja & Kunal Chhabhria Directed by : Ashish Chanchlani
Views: 8057274 ashish chanchlani vines
When your Crush touches you for the first time
Do you know that awesome feeling when your crush touches you for the first time this video elaborately describes that situation with a twist Share if you too have crush on someone song credits : YASH RAJ FILMS
Views: 4861682 ashish chanchlani vines
Fukrapanti Students Do In Classroom Ft. Hunny, Choocha & Lali | Ashish Chanchlani
Have you ever come across the most mischievous students in our classroom, this video features the masti that happens during those lectures starring : Ashish Chanchlani with Fukrey returns star cast Pulkit samrat, Varun sharma, Manjyot singh , Kunal Chhabhria, Akash dodeja & Simran Dhanwani ,Muskan Chanchlani, jashan sirwani, tanish sirwani, mamta kodwani,rohit sadhwani, ronak shah, Nidhi Oswal, akash jagtap,simran dudani,manan shah,raaj raisinghani, navjyot chandnani,yogesh makhija, Anmol sachar, varun nair Shot by : Sid Kedare sound handling : Anmol sachar make up : Miss Mcblush Associate director : Akash dodeja Edited by : kunal chhabria Written and created by : Ashish Chanchlani & Kunal Chabbhria Location courtesy : Nmims, Mumbai Special thanks : Pranav Panpalia Agency : Thanks to Opraahfx for this collaboration. Login to http://www.opraahfx.com/ India's fastest growing influencer marketing company and get sponsored by your favourite brand.
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Yes we have all been through this,our das loofa to over exaggerate things and tell us stories of their childhood & adulthood to make us feel inferior,no matter how ridiculous the story gets,we still listen to them and love them,share this video with your dads now!!!!! tag all your friends #indiandads
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When she says "I HAVE A BOYFRIEND" | Ashish Chanchlani
Have you ever come across a girl who thinks that every boy comes to hit on her well this video is for those girls. this video is a revenge against those girls who constantly judge boys and keep saying "SORRY I HAVE A BOYFRIEND" Share this video if you want to take revenge like this😎 co starring : simran dhanwani, akash dodeja, jashan sirwani, tanish sirwani, Rohit sadhwani Shot by : kunal chhabhria Directed by : Ashish chanchlani
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So we know the chutiyapa starts from today,and i conducted a small interview from people asking them the quality they want in theit valentines
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Raksha-Bandhan Special : How Brothers Irritate Sisters | Ashish Chanchlani
Raksha bandhan special : here is a video about every brother in the world who looves to irritate their sisters from stealing food to teasing them to death to bullying them in front of parents we brothers enjoy every type of mischief with our sisters but at the end of the day we love them the most so share this video if you have a brother or a sister
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That one friend who sings all songs confidently with wrong lyrics :PART 2 ENGLISH SONGS
After a lot of demand for this i made the ENGLISH SONGS VERSION of the wrong lyrics video! share with all your friends
Views: 7554173 ashish chanchlani vines
When girls see a cute baby | Ashish Chanchlani
we all know a girl in our group who is way too crazy for small babies and reacts hyperactively when she sees a baby this video is for those girls😂😂 Share this video if you know a girl who acts like this after seeing babies
Views: 6200477 ashish chanchlani vines
Every indian dad on "BIJLEE KA BILL" | Ashish Chanchlani
We all know that when it comes to electricity our indian dads are super "Conservative" because saving electricity is the biggest form of respect you can give our dads😂😂 Share this video if your dad also lectures you about "BIJLEE KA BILL" Co starring : Kunal Chhabhria simran dhanwani Shot by : kunal chhabhria
Views: 13575691 ashish chanchlani vines
When its late and you start getting calls from HOME.
If you have ever been roaming with friends at night and you start getting calls from your mom as soon as its 12 AM THEN THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU but hang on there,because a twist arrives in the end SHARE THIS VIDEO IF THIS HAS HAPPENED WITH YOU Cast : Ashish Chanchlani,Akash dodeja,kunal chhabhria & Gulshan ailsinghani video screenplay and creation by : Ashish chanchlani
Views: 5600836 ashish chanchlani vines
Indian reality shows be like
when it comes to indian reality shows,melodrama and sympathy is stuffed in it at abundance.
Views: 3291016 ashish chanchlani vines
The 2 Girls who always ROAST EACH OTHER
we all know 2 such girls who are super jealous of each other and keep bitching about each other but it gets fun once they start roasting each other on face and you be there ready with popcorn😂
Views: 3903126 ashish chanchlani vines
The Blackmailing Brother | Ashish Chanchlani
Another supremely relatable video that showcases real life story of every elder brother bullying and blackmailing the younger brother Making him slave for the entire life find out what happens next :D And yes guys please don't forget to download the LIKE APP Download links :- Android:http://m.onelink.me/9440b42f IOS:http://m.onelink.me/c19f1462 LIKE APP was awarded "The Most Popular App in India! Don't forget to check out the awesome LIKE magic stickers!
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make up tutorial series part 1 2 3
Here is a compilation of my make up tutorial series part 1,2 & 3 share and tag people to show this parody of typical make-up tutorials on youtube. subscribe my youtube channel for more such hilarious videos :)
Views: 3638070 ashish chanchlani vines
Baap Bijli Aur Bill Ft. Shahid Kapoor | Ashish Chanchlani
We all have that angry indian dad who gets very pissed off when he sees us wasting electricity And everything comes down to one point “BIJLI KA BILL TERA BAAP BHAREGA?” Proudly presenting to you “BAAP BIJLI AUR BILL” STARRING SHAHID KAPOOR #AshishChanchlani #ShahidKapoor Games Khelo aur Paise Jeeto! Jeetiye 1 lakh Rupaye harr roz -MPL App download kariye abhi aur shuru ho jaiye apne favourite games ke saath -https://getmpl.com/kQSf1tE2fQ Production team Co starring : Akash dodeja, Kunal Chhabhria, Gulshan ailsinghani, Rohit sadhwani, Anmol sachar, Jashan sirwani, Tanish sirwani, Divesh nainani Special Thanks To Prashant Shetty (T-Series Supervisor) Editor : Kunal Chhabhria, Divesh nainani & Ashish Chanchlani Shot by : Kunal Chabbhria, Gulshan ailsinghani & Divesh nainani Background Score & Music : Ashi Chawla & Ashish Chanchlani Written & Created by Ashish Chanchlani
Views: 17152188 ashish chanchlani vines
That one Friend who cannot grow a Beard | Ashish Chanchlani
We all have that one friend in our group who CANNOT GROW A BEARD this video is for them and how their friends who can grow a beard torture them😂😂 Ps: It has a special message in the end SHARE THIS VIDEO IF YOU HAVE A FRIEND WHO CANNOT GROW BEARD Co starring : Akash Dodeja, Kunal Chhabhria, rohit sadhwani, Jashan sirwani & Tanish sirwani Shot by : Kunal chhabhria & Varun nair
Views: 7187180 ashish chanchlani vines
Dad Goa aur Permission | Ashish Chanchlani
We have all gone through that one scary phase when we have to ask our dad for goa PERMISSION! This video is based on that scary part share this video with your trip friends and comment your favourite dialogue Co starring : Kunal Chhabhria Edited and shot by : Kunal Chhabhria Do not forget to download the awesome U Dictionary App - https://goo.gl/h7VX7x Brand association via GOVIRAL MEDIA!
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Every indian student's studying pattern during exams
Well here is an accurate depiction of the studying pattern of 90 % Indian students during exams ps : OFCOURSE ITS BASED ON A TRUE STORY :) SHARE THIS VIDEO IF THIS IS YOUR STUDYING PATTERN
Views: 3117624 ashish chanchlani vines
A special video for all those students whose results are about to be declared as many might be in stress and tension regarding their results,i bring to you a vine on types of students you usually see during these results DAYS! Share this video if you have seen such type of students during results Co strarring : akash dodeja video directed by Ashish chanchlani
Views: 7356079 ashish chanchlani vines
Ever played uno with your pals,well this video brings the worst of worst uno scenarios ever in desi style starring my co vines gulshan ailsinghani,alka ailsinghani,kunal chhabhria & vishal nathani
Views: 2721924 ashish chanchlani vines
Every NON-VEG lover ever | Ashish Chanchlani
Here is a video for EVERY NON-VEG LOVER EVER!!! yes we all know that one irritating non-vegetarian in every group that debates with vegetarians or is hell bent on making every vegetarian taste non-Veg this video is for them SHARE THIS VIDEO IF YOU ARE A DIE HARD NON-VEG LOVER Cast : Ashish Chanchlani, Akash dodeja, kunal chhabhria, simran dhanwani, tanish sirwani & Rohit sadhwani shot by : Kunal chhabhria idea credits : Mamta kodwani Video directed by : Ashish Chanchlani
Views: 10164815 ashish chanchlani vines
That one "PHEKU" and his "CHAMCHA" we all know
We all know this one person who boasts a lot about his wealth but is actually the poorest of all,share this video with them.
Views: 5975069 ashish chanchlani vines
Hello all,as well all are very frustrated by the constant throwing of water balloons this holi season,it can hurt someone very badly, so we Decided to make a video on takinh revenge from them in the most hilarious way
Views: 3832438 ashish chanchlani vines
phack phack wali madam PART 5
and she is back!! but this time pack pack lady is not alone she has brought someone with her! check out the video to see what happens :)
Views: 3195130 ashish chanchlani vines
That one friend who plays THE WORST SONGS EVER!
we all have that one best friend Who plays the worst bollywood songs ever! share this video with them now
Views: 3827818 ashish chanchlani vines
After a long request from you all fans i finally decided to script and create your most favourite series, warning it has a lot of cuss words,i have kept it as old as possible and the way you want to enjoy it.
Views: 9478338 ashish chanchlani vines
has this ever happened with you? when you guys call a pizza company they always try to sell thier new snack,And they are hell bent on selling that item to you presenting THE DOUBLE CHEESE PAN PIZZA CURSE
Views: 3440181 ashish chanchlani vines
BIDDING FAREWELL : Normal Friend vs Best Friend
Farewells are one of the saddest parts of studying abroad but our fucking besties make sure that its a hilarious farewell,share this video with your best friend who came to bid you a farewell :D
Views: 2821922 ashish chanchlani vines
Types Of People During Diwali | Ashish Chanchlani
Here is a Diwali special video for all of you people showcasing the types of people you meet during diwali share this video with your family and friends starring : akash dodeja, kunal chhabhria, simran dhanwani, tanish sirwani, gulshan ailsinghani,rohit sadhwani & jashan sirwani Video shot by Kunal chhabhria edited by : kunal chhabhria video written and created by Ashish chanchlani
Views: 20913275 ashish chanchlani vines
The most hardworking FRIENDS during exams!
We all know those people who work very hard for exams,this video is for all those amazing hardworking innocent kids that can go on all lenghts to score good marks.
Views: 4920024 ashish chanchlani vines
The friend that always taunts us during anti-smoking ads
Every time we go to watch a movie with our best friend and everytime those anti-smoking ads are played they taunt and annoy us even if we havent touched a ciggerate in our entire life this video is for all those innocent non-smokers that are teased during these ads SHARE THIS VIDEO IF YOU LOVE TO ANNOY THEM DURING THESE ADS CO STARRING : Gulshan Ailsinghani SHOT BY : The Kunal Chhabhria ps : this video is a complete work of fiction and is not addressing anyone to smoke.
Views: 2303904 ashish chanchlani vines
PRESENTING TO YOU RANTING RAVI'S DEBUT : bhagwan ke lie band karo sayat.me ka chutiyapa maaf karo bhai USE HEADPHONES ps : Ranting ravi is a fictional charachter that represents you all who are frustrated from stupidest trends in india hope you dont get offended because he represents majority :)
Views: 1752966 ashish chanchlani vines
That one friend who sings all songs confidently with wrong lyrics PART 3 : DESPACITO
Warning 18+ CONTENT, USE HEADPHONES : After a loooot of demand for the third part of my viral series "That friend who sings all songs confidently with wrong lyrics" the only song that currently needed to be here has to be the blockbuster DESPACITO! Watch this trilogy come to end with this guy DESTROYING DESPACITO WITH THE MOST USELESS LYRICS EVER! Share this video if your friend also sings despacito like this
Views: 12646550 ashish chanchlani vines
Types Of People During Indian Weddings PART 2 | Ashish Chanchlani
HERE IT IS the second part of types of people during indian weddings without wasting your time lets give it a goo Ccomment your favourite scene from the video now! co starring :Kunal chhabhria, Akash dodeja, Tanish sirwani,Simran dhanwani, Mayur kakde, Mamta kodwani, Anmol sachar, Rohit sadhwani,yogesh makhija, Jashan sirwani, Simran dudani,Sunil chugh, Divesh Nainani Shot by : Sid kedare Edited by : Kunal chhabhria Written and created by: Ashish Chanchlani Hi guys, please don't forget to download the LIKE APP ! Download links : Android:http://m.onelink.me/9440b42f IOS:http://m.onelink.me/c19f1462 LIKE APP was awarded "The Most Popular App"in India! Don't forget to register and check out the awesome LIKE magic stickers and magic music !
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Whenever i try dieting
whenever i try dieting i fail miserably, this special video is for all those people who keep saying "AAJ SE MAIN DIETING KARUNGA"
Views: 3199098 ashish chanchlani vines

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