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Tipografia Grupo Estrutural
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Case Branding Hausy - Real Estate Website by Updott
Branding and user experience for Hausy, a startup owned by Grupo Robotton. Credits: Design Updott, Breno Frias
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Projetos de 2016 e 2017
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Good bye 2017, Hello 2018!
2017: what a year! More than 25 projects in the US, Switzerland, Spain, and Brazil, 12 digital products launched, 16 visual identities, 8 names. We are looking forward to 2018. Happy holidays and see ya soon! 2017: que ano! Mais de 25 projetos nos EUA, Suíça, Espanha e Brasil, 12 produtos digitais lançados, 16 identidades visuais, 8 nomes. Estamos ansiosos para a chegada de 2018. Feliz festividades e nos vemos em breve!
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Fusion Arena Logo Generator App
A range of unique colours and typography in the category are some of the aspects that were used to make the brand stand out. And we went beyond, building an app that makes it possible to create a playful parametric logo. It offers infinite possibilities that enriches the visual universe of the brand You can choose the type of logo (horizontal, vertical or just the symbol); the symbol can be filled with different colours, pattern or image or it can be only outlined. If you lack creativity or need some suggestion, you can also just hit "reload" to generate a random logo version. see more: https://updott.com/work/fusionarena
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We Are Updott
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Brand identity basic
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UX UI consultancy
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App Sem Hora
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