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Microphone picks up presenter's heart pounding
I noticed that in many of the Google I/O videos, they use powerful microphones that their audio techs attach to the presenter's shirts, often at about the pulmonary valve region. Quite often, you can hear the presenter's heart pounding. This guy's heart is racing at about 150 BPB for the first 30 seconds, and then slows down a little to finish out the first minute at about 140 beats. His heart races along at about 130 to 140 bpm for the rest of the presentation. In the source video, you can hear several of the presenters' heartbeats, but this guy's heart was the loudest.
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Straight Roommate Heartbeat
Four years old. Straight roommate (Matthew) fell asleep on the couch. He was lying on his stomach, so I recorded on his back, directly behind his heart. He’s pretty skinny, so the recording is good. You can hear his breathing really well, too. Wish he wasn’t straight. I’d sleep with my head on his chest every night!
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straight Roomate’s drunk friend’s heartbeat with snoring and stomach
This is my straight roommate’s best friend heart beating (and snoring) while passed out in the living room. They came home drunk and my roommate went to bed. His friend was passed out in the loveseat. I came out to use the bathroom, and saw him there, passed out cold. I checked his pulse on his neck, and he didn’t move, so I got my phone and recording gear, and went for the heart! Got it!!!
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Another Google heart
This is a clip from another Google I/O video. The audio tech clipped the microphone right over this guy's heart, and you can hear it beating kind of fast throughout the entire clip.
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Roommate’s heart after Xanax and wine
Straight roommate Matther’s heartbeat again. This one is about a year old. He was drinking a glass of wine, and took a Xanax to help him sleep. When I checked on him, he was down for the count. I checked his pulse, then I laid my head down, right over his heart for the first time ever. It was awesome. I just stayed there listening, and feeling it push out against my head. Then I decided I better record this. He was wearing a t-shirt, so I had to turn the gain way up, and I held the microphone at the apex, where I could feel his heart the best. 8 full minutes is calm, steady, slow heartbeat. :-)
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Troy’s heart, while sleeping off a few beers.
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