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Bricklaying skills with Mr steele
Bricklayer on the line,so fast.
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Woman trying to park her car goes WRONG
Woman trying to park her car goes horribly wrong when she reverses into a passing car then drives straight into a parked one! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
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Best joke ever, funny man makes it funnier.
Cleft palate man and man with water on the brain joke. So funny ,defo worth a watch.
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Failed thrown in Iran world cup 2018
Fail of a throw in goes wrong lol
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Brick dog leg corner. #2
Building some fiddly dog leg corners . Easy when ya know how. 😎👍
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Best Englishman, Scotsman and Irish joke.
Englishman Irishman Scotsman joke told by an impersonated old man Comedy Gold at its best
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Old man attacks sleeping man with his crutch.
A patient is sleeping and the old man next to him gets out his bed and slowly walks over and hits in with his crutch. I was in the opposite bed and filmed it
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Brickies at their best.
A little video into how we do it in the UK on-site in the South of England living the dream
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Sentido cypria bay. Hotel paphos Cyprus 2018
Amazing all inclusive hotel in paphos
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My electric  tennis racket tried out on a bug.
See the horse fly pop and melt.
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Finest Colombian kebab. At a friend's
Making some friends of mine a traditional kebab. Colombia, loving it 🤘🤘😜
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Big tough builder eating a donut filled withchilli
Chilli sauce prank. Builder. Prank
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Girlfriend on her first aeroplane flight.TERRIFIED
Filmed my gf on our flight to Greece, she was having a nervous breakdown. I just found it amusing but turnt out she was having a panic attack.
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My work fan, Adolf.
Another day at the office. Adolf
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Shipman knocks out opp mma wins the title.  London 15-09-17
What a lovely backhanded right this is. Goodnight Irene.
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Wanna b thug gets BIG KO
2 thugs having it out when things soon turn bad for one of them. Goodnight sweetheart
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Drunk man can't walk in a straight line.
Intoxicated man trying to walk up the road.
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Soapbox race, 2018 U.K.  jcb gets stuck
Funny soapbox race in portishead , contestant gets stuck on ramp lol
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David Beckham told me it's coming home!
When I met David Beckham in Los Angeles last week, even had a glass of wine with him and spoke about the World Cup when he told me" it's coming home"
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Polar bear goes mad in shopping mall.
Angry polar bear scares shoppers and attacks family.
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Little recap on ydays progress.
A quick little recap on what me and the boys Done yesterday
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Croc head skinned
Skinned crocodile head for tea!
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Christian qavar penalty miss Peru vs Denmark.
Penalty miss 2018 world cup
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More tips from bricky Mr steele.
How to open a bag of insulation.
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Fake scratchcard win
Lotto win. Pranks wind ups
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(Not for the squeamish) Little bump on me head.
Fell off balcony.....onto my head.
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Playa Mr evans
Sean Evans big pimping
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The labourer lol
Winding up the labourer telling him he has to walk through the red gate evrytime he comes up and back from top site hahaha poor lad proper green! 😂
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Work mate licking pigeon poo.
Work mate dared to lick pigeon poo. His reaction So funny
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HUGE spider attacks!  This thing is BBIIGG!
Massive spider going mental!!
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What happened when we played a man bread......
Amazing sound off record player to Indian nanbread
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Labourer antics.
Telling labourer the way to use a kango is to chip away at the bricks. Loooool
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Chewbacca impression
Funny farting sounds
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Hedgehog comes in our house to feed.
Hedgehog after months of feeding him ,finally comes in our house for his tea every night.
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Watch this for some skill, unbelievable!
Pool comp final whilst using a umbrella, this is pure skill
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Worker gets poo on his boot! Loool
Worker trying to casually get poo off his boot.
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Building site accident.
Labourer falls off slab onto scaffold truck. Warning ⚠ graphic content. Breaks both legs.
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Girlfriend gets shock!
Girlfriend gets shock wen she waxes her eyebrow...must watch!!
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The moment Spain went out the world cup 2018
Missed penalty spain
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Trump anti terror video.
Trump anti war and speech video.
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Robbie Fowler goal. Legends match 24/03/18
Liverpool legends vs Bayern Munich legends 24.03.18 Anfield. Robbie Fowler free kick sensation .
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When the ball boy at Barcelona tries skill!
Ball boy tries some skill at gets laughed at by 90000 people. 😂
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Greatest brutal slide tackles....ever! Fifa 16
Fifa 16 football ,sliding tackle. Brutal. Computer game.
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Valencia's castello slip against Barcelona.
Slips over on outer field.
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Neymar penalty against Croatia world cup
Brasil goal
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