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Ubuntu -Unboxing
I been using Ubuntu since version 7.04. I found this old video while deleting some old data and decided to post it.
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Floyd Mayweather vs Juan M. Marquez - Rant & Predictions
My rant on Floyd Mayweather Jr VS Juan Marquez I'm sick of people buying $49.99 to see Mayweather do 5k runs in the boxing ring, with no one saying anything about it. He should be fighting Shane Mosley, but looks to be afraid or something. I predict that he'll ride his bike around the ring for at least ten rounds, pot shotting vice giving the fans what we want. In case he forgot- it's fighting to win the match not the decision. Fan's can tell when your holding back Floyd! We can see that you have speed, power however you go for points vice the KO-stop the dumb shit man. You can find info on both fighters at http://www.hbo.com/boxing/events/2009/0919_mayweather_marquez/index.html
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Up late with Linux-Fedora 12
Just up very late using Fedora 12. Here I just go over some applications that I use. Fedora and Ubuntu are very good Operating System. Whats easiest is what you are use to using. If you get use to using Linux you'll feel as comfortable as when your using Windows, OS X or whatever OS your currently using.
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Roy Jones vs Jeff Lacy / Bernard Hopkins debate
Roy Jones is a good fighter, he'll never fight Bhop because that situtation is over. Jeff Lacy is damaged goods so I just had to respond to your video.
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Apple Mac Pro & RAID
Applesoldier made a vid showing himself pulling a drive from a RAID config without restarting or shutdown his system. The crazy part is he said that no Windows computer/workstation can't do it without shutting down or restarting. Just because he hasn't done something doesn't mean it can't be done. Apple charges an additional $700 to customers that need hardware RAID on a Mac Pro. Yeah, I was like WTF too.
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HDD Defragmenter for Vista
This is faster defrag tool for your Windoze OS. http://www.defraggler.com/
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Windows 7 -Updated Defrag.exe
The defrag.exe has been updated in Windows 7. Unlike in Vista you can now see the progress of your defrag job.
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Opera 10 - Where are Virtual desktops in Windows 7
Topic One: The new Opera 10 Web brower. This new version of Opera is very fast on my system and I wanted to see what the masses thought. http://www.opera.com/browser/download/ Topic Two: Virtual Desktops in Windows 7, where the world is that feature? Microsoft needs to include this in Windows 7, businesses and home users would love it-I know I do on my Linux boxes. http://www.linux.com/archive/articles/113779
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Ipod within Linux (Podcast & Music)
This is just showing that for Podcast & Music ITunes isn't required for a Ipod. In the vid I show how to administer gtkpod ipod manger and gpodder in Fedora 12.
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Desktop Effects Windows Cant touch!
This is a video that I got permission to post a long time ago. It shows the desktop in Linux Mint in few years ago-enjoying.
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Software installation in Linux
I'm tired of people that know nothing about Linux saying that they can't install software! In this video you see that installing an application is as easy as running an exe. Program installation files that are .rpm , .ymp, .deb install with ease. You can also install software via the terminal or "Add/Remove" from the GUI if you choose.
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Hard Drive strain with Windows vice other OS's
Your hard drive in your computer is under more strain if your running Windows vice Linux or OS X.
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Flashblock (clicktoflash for Firefox users)
This is a response video to thebluehour & and Applesoldier about the "clicktoflash" app for OS X. Those of us that us Linux or Windows can use the "flashblock" add-on with Firefox.
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Bernard Hopkins vs. Roy Jones Jr
Last week I heard RJJ trying to say he would fight Bernard Hopkins and that he would win on ESPN radio-WTF. BHOP is one of the best fighters of all time. Twenty title defences over a decade among other accomplishments. RJJ is a good fighter, that's it. He was saying how he is this and that, because he beat Jeff Lacy. Lacy has been damaged goods since he fought Joe and everyone knows it. Oh and to answer the question-what if they fought again? Roy knows that the outcome would be different from the 93 decision. He'd get knocked out again on this time at the hands of Bhop.
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Pacquaio & Money Mayweather - must fight
Pacman is too strong and fast for FMJ-period. As great a body puncher as Cotto is-the blows has no stopping power in the ring with the Pacman. FMJ can't hide or make excuses for not fighting Pacman now! Mayweather isn't the P4P King anymore.
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Windows Defragger
An alternative to the slow defragger included with Vista, XP and the like. http://www.auslogics.com/disk-defrag
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Smart Defrag for Windows
Like Diskkeeper but free. http://www.iobit.com/iobitsmartdefrag.html (scroll down once there)
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Email Clients in Linux
Thunderbird 3 and Evolution are shown in this video. Both are very feature rich and fast.
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Microsoft Office & Alteratives
It's time to go back to school and children and young adults need to use and application for get their assignments completed. This video reviews some options for getting documents (work) done. MS Office http://www.microsoft.com/education/areyouready/?CR_TC=9HCUpUDXBX41SMH StarOffice http://globalspecials.sun.com/DRHM/servlet/ControllerServlet?Action=DisplayProductDetailsPage&SiteID=sunstor&Locale=en_US&Env=BASE&productID=129128000&&resid=NTDCTQoBAkYAABNRvUoAAAAs&rests=1252132721839 OpenOffice http://www.openoffice.org/ IBM Lotus Symphony http://symphony.lotus.com/software/lotus/symphony/home.nsf/home
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