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Health Insurance Vs. Auto Insurance In Car Accident Claims
http://www.StateLawTV.com. North Carolina personal injury attorney David Daggett was a recent guest on StateLawTV where he talked about whether one should use health insurance or automobile insurance when injured in a car accident.
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What is Social Security Disability?
http://www.StateLawTV.com. David Daggett was a recent guest on StateLawTV where he talked about Social Security Disability Law.
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Stevens Johnson Syndrome
http://www.StateLawTV.com. Stevens Johnson Syndrome is a rare but horrible disease. North Carolina lawyer Greg Jones sheds some light about this disease and the legal issues that may arise.
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New Law on Reckless Driving Speeding in Virginia
http://www.StateLawTV.com. On July 1, 2010 VA implemented a new speed limit. Reckless driving speeding lawyer Bob Battle talks about this law and how it could be a trap to reckless driving charges.
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Using Technology to Help Your Legal Claim
http://www.SinkLaw.com Your camera phone can be a great help in preserving evidence following a car accident case. South Carolina personal injury lawyer George Sink also talks about an app of value.
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Premises Liability Claims
A premises liability claim is also known as a slip and fall case. Such claims are very difficult in the state of NC. In this video Charlotte, NC personal injury lawyer Michael A. DeMayo talks about the challenges and legal issues associated with slip and fall claims in his state.
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Most Common Construction Accidents
http://www.StateLawTV.com. What are the most common examples of construction accidents in Texas? In this video, Gregg Anderson of the Law Offices of Terry Bryant answers this question.
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Impairment Rating
http://www.SinkLaw.com Impairment rating is assessment of how much damage is done to a certain part of a persons body or their whole body. George Sink Injury Lawyers have offices throughout SC.
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Maritime Law TV - The Jones Act
http://www.StateLawTV.com - The Jones Act (known officially as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920) is a statute that specifically covers the workers compensation rights of sailors and seaman.
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Introduction to StateLawTV.com
http://www.StateLawTV.com is a free internet tv channel relevant to the law and was built in an effort to educate, entertain and engage you.
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Legal Aspects of Middletown Explosion - Vincent Trantolo
http://www.TrantoloLaw.com. Attorney Vincent Trantolo was a guest on StateLawTV to discuss the legal ramifications of the Middletown Plant Explosion. His firm is representing several injured employees.
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Injured Passenger
http://www.StateLawTV.com. On this episode of Main Street Law, Cindy speaker interviews Gregg Anderson of the Law Offices of Terry Bryant about the legal questions that arise if you are injured as the passenger in a vehicle involved in an automobile accident.
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What Is Personal Injury Law?
A personal injury is any injury that was caused by someone elses wrongful actions. Those wrongful actions can be crimes, but more often, they are actions caused by negligence, a legal term for failure to take reasonable actions to protect others from foreseeable harm. For example, a driver who causes an accident by playing with a cell phone would be guilty of negligence. So would a school that fails to provide enough emergency exits to safely evacuate during a fire. Personal injuries include physical injuries, the physical pain and emotional trauma they cause, and all of the financial costs of the wrongful behavior.
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Public Transportation Accidents and Injuries
http://www.StateLawTV.com. In this video, Texas Personal Injury Attorney Gregg Anderson of the Law Offices of Terry Bryant talks about legal rights regarding public transportation accidents and injuries.
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When and How to Defend Yourself Legally
There's a law called The Castle Doctrine and it dates back to Old English Common Law that says a man and a woman's home is their castle and they have every right to defend themselves and to defend their home against criminal intrusion. What that means in Indiana is that if somebody is breaking into your home you do not have to flee before you start defending yourself. You can use force, you can even use deadly force, if you reasonably believe that harm is going to come to you or a family member.
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Indiana Stage Collapse - Sugarland Concert 2011
During the summer of 2011 Indiana experienced one of the strongest gusts of wind and storms in a very long time and it caused the stage structure at the Indiana State Fair to collapse. No one in the band was injured but thousands of Sugarland fans were present and seven people were killed while fifty were injured.
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How Many Accidents Are Due To Distracted Driving?
Q: How many accidents are caused by distracted driving? A: It's impossible to say for sure, because police agencies don't always report distractions. However, one federal study found that distractions contributed to 22 percent of all crashes and near-crashes. Police data shows that 16 percent of fatal crashes and 21 percent of injury crashes involved distractions. It also shows that the proportion of fatal crashes caused by distracted driving grew from 8 percent in 2004 to 11 percent in 2008.
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Distracted Driving is Like Driving Blind
This public service announcement was produced by Speaker Media and Marketing to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.
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Maritime Law - StateLawTV.com
During the dawn of the industrial age, Congress recognized that those who work at sea are at special risk of injuries at work. In response, it passed the Jones Act, which allows injured workers, or the families of workers killed on the job, to sue an employer at fault for the injury. It applies to all maritime workers who spend 30 percent or more of their time at sea, including oil platform workers. Unlike conventional workers compensation, Jones Act lawsuits require workers to prove fault for their injuries. But they are also eligible to claim damages for their physical pain and emotional suffering, in addition to the full costs of medical treatment and time off work.
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Aviation Disasters - StateLawTV.com
Studies show airplanes and helicopters crash far less often than cars. But when they do, dozens of lives can be lost in an instant. In fact, numbers from the National Transportation Safety Board show that the number-one cause of aviation accidents is human error. That includes accidents with commercial airplanes as well as the more common crashes involving small aircraft. In all of those cases, better decision-making could have saved lives. If youve lost someone to this type of negligence, you should talk to an aviation lawyer as soon as possible about holding those decision-makers legally responsible for their actions.
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Are Hands-Free Phones Safer?
Q: Is it safer to use a hands-free cell phone? A: Research suggests that it is not. While hands-free devices do help drivers keep their eyes on the road, talking on the phone can still cause a mental distraction. A 2001 University of Utah study found that drivers using a cell phone missed twice as many traffic lights as drivers without a phone. That was true regardless of whether they were using a hands-free device. The study concluded that phone conversations distract drivers in ways that passive listening does not.
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Protecting Your Legal Rights Following A Motorcycle Accident
http://www.StateLawTV.com. In this video, motorcycle accident Lawyer Peter Steinberg of Steinberg and Spencer Law talks about 3 critical steps you should take to help protect your legal rights following a motorcycle accident.
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Trucking Accidents
http://www.StateLawTV.com. Peter Steinberg of Steinberg & Spencer Law talks about the dangers associated with big trucks on the roadway.
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Motorcycle Accidents - StateLawTV.com
Unfortunately, its true that motorcycle accidents are deadly. Federal statistics show that motorcyclists are 35 times more likely than drivers to die in a crash. However, statistics also show that most motorcycle crashes involving another vehicle are the other drivers fault, mainly because other drivers fail to see motorcycles until its too late. The results can be a death, brain damage or other serious injury. In addition to being devastating to the victims and their families, these can be extremely expensive to treat. If this happened to you because someone else wasnt watching the road, you can hold that person legally responsible with a lawsuit.
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What is Stevens Johnson Syndrome?
http://www.GregJonesLaw.com. What is Stevens Johnson Syndrome? In the video North Carolina Attorney Greg Jones will answer that question.
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How Are Truck Accident Cases Different Than Car Accidents?
http://www.StateLawTV.com What makes trucking accident cases different from ordinary car accident cases? Trucking is a business that is subject to federal regulations that can affect claims.
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Do I Have to Take the First Offer
Q: Do I have to take the first settlement my insurance company offers? A: Absolutely not. Many people do not realize this, but you have every right to negotiate with an insurance company for a settlement you believe is fair, using evidence like medical bills and repair costs to prove your claim. If you are not comfortable negotiating, or the insurer will not listen, you can also get help from an experienced accident lawyer.
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Wrongful Death
http://www.StateLawTV.com. North Carolina personal injury attorney Michael A. DeMayo was a guest on StateLawTV to discuss what happens if you are faced with the wrongful death of a loved one.
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Talking on the Phone vs. Talking to a Passenger
Q: Is talking on the phone really less safe than talking to a passenger? A: Probably. The University of Utah conducted a study in 2008 that compared performance of drivers talking to a passenger and drivers talking on a hands-free phone. It found that drivers on the phone were more likely to drift, miss their exit and tailgate. Passengers were more likely to slow the conversation when driving was difficult, or talk about traffic, suggesting that they were helping drivers keep their minds on driving.
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Winston-Salem Injury Lawyer David Daggett
North Carolina injury and disability lawyer David Daggett is the managing attorney of Daggett Shuler Law, a North Carolina law firm that handles auto accidents, social security disability and workers' compensation cases along with other serious injury cases. The law firm is headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC and handles cases throughout the Triad area. For more information you can call 800-815-5500. http://www.DaggettShulerLaw.com
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Toyota Recall: Legal Ramifications
http://www.StateLawTV.com. Houston, TX Attorney Terry Bryant was interviewed on StateLawTV regarding the Toyota Recall and the legal ramifications of it. http://www.StateLawTV.com is a Web TV Network.
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Drunk Driving
The Office for Victims of Crimes estimates that 30% of Americans will be involved in an alcohol related accident at some point in their lifetime. In this video North Carolina personal injury lawyer Michael A. DeMayo will discuss the legal issues associated with being a victim of a drunk driving accident.
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Workers' Compensation On The Gridiron
http://www.SinkLaw.com. What happens when a professional athlete is injured or disabled? Are they entitled to workers' compensation benefits and if so how is their rate of pay set?
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Drunk Driving Victims - StateLawTV.com
Drunk driving in the United States takes a life every 45 minutes, and changes forever the lives of those left behind. Despite decades of driver education that makes these consequences clear, thousands of Americans continue to selfishly choose to drive under the influence. Whether or not the driver is criminally prosecuted, victims of drunk driving can sue for the costs of the accident, including the terrible personal cost of a wrongful death or permanent disability. A drunk driving attorney can help victims recover the money they need to get the right medical care, rebuild their lives and eventually move on.
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How Long Does A Trucking Accident Lawsuit Take?
http://www.StateLawTV.com How long would a trucking accident lawsuit take to resolve? Truck accident claims can take from a few months to a few years to settle, depending on the circumstances.
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Pet Accident Insurance
http://www.StateLawTv.com What you do when your pet is injured in an automobile accident? Our recent guest, George Sink of George Sink Injury Lawyers will discuss this topic.
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Minor Automobile Accidents
http://www.StateLawTV. In this episode of StateLawTV, North Carolina personal injury lawyer David Daggett of Daggett Shuler Attorneys at Law talks about what to do when you have been involved in a minor automobile accident in the state of North Carolina.
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StateLawTV: Temporary Total Disability Coverage
http://www.StateLawTV.com. Guest Attorney George Sink discusses temporary total disability coverage with StateLawTV host Cindy Speaker.
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Teen Driver Safety
http://www.StateLawTV.com. Car accidents are the leading cause of death among teens in the U.S. The law firm of Steinberg & Spencer has published a free guide about keeping your teen driver safe.
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1% At Fault in an Auto Accident
http://www.StateLawTV.com. North Carolina personal injury attorney Michael A. DeMayo was a guest on StateLawTV to discuss what happens if you are even 1% at fault in an auto accident.
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How Soon Should I Settle My Claim?
http://www.StateLawTV.com How soon should I settle my insurance claim? Every claim is different, but you should wait until your doctor releases you from medical treatment before settling any claims.
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Slip and Fall Accident
http://www.StateLawTV.com. On this episode of Main Street Law Cindy Speaker interviews Los Angeles attorney Peter Steinberg of Steinberg and Spencer about some of the legal aspects associated in a slip and fall case.
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StateLawTV News - Texting and Driving
In today's show host Cindy Speaker interviews North Carolina attorney David D. Daggett of the Lewis & Daggett law firm regarding the dangers of texting and driving.
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Driving Drunk - The Field Sobriety Test Vs The Chemical Test
Drunk Driving is the most preventable crime that there is. So, don't do it. If you're going to drink, take a cab. It is dangerous for you and others, and it's also very expensive for all sorts of reasons. When you get arrested for drunk driving, usually a field sobriety test is performed. You don't have to take the test but if you think you're close to the limit you might want to take it because you might be under and the test would prove it. The test that you have to take is the chemical test that's administered once you get back to the police station and if you don't take that test then it's an automatic 1 year driver's license suspension. There are many reasons to hire a good lawyer but the primary one is that the stakes are very high. You don't want it on your record as it affects some people's employment.
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Entertainment Law - StateLawTV.com
Entertainment attorneys handle a variety of legal tasks related to the business side of entertainment. Entertainment lawyers make a living negotiating the contracts that get movies, shows and albums made. These include deals between entertainment companies, financing deals with banks, and contracts with stars and support businesses. Frequently, they also handle the licensing and protection of intellectual property. For some industries, entertainment attorneys help clients comply with federal regulations on the use of public airwaves. And of course, entertainment litigators resolve disputes through negotiation or lawsuits.
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Intellectual Property Law - StateLawTV.com
Intellectual property law protects ideas, creative work and other property that cannot be touched, but is still very important to its owner. Intellectual property includes patents, trademarks and copyrights, as well as information that may not be formally protected, such as a companys trade secrets. Intellectual property attorneys help their clients apply for legal protection for their ideas and marks. If that protection is not available, they can also help clients protect their intellectual property through contracts. And if a dispute arises over use of intellectual property, intellectual property litigators can defend clients interests in court.
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Dangerous Drugs - StateLawTV.com
Prescription and over-the-counter medications are supposed to help us live healthier lives. However, more and more reports show that some drugs actually harm patients health, or raise the risk of a potentially deadly health problem. Like all manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies are legally required not to offer us products that are dangerous, or lack sufficient warning about the potential dangers of using them correctly. Thats especially true when they know about the problem, but cover it up or even commission tainted studies to make the drug seem safer. In a dangerous drug lawsuit, you and victims like you can join together to hold these companies responsible.
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Nursing Home Negligence
http://www.StateLawTV.com. North Carolina personal injury attorney Michael A. DeMayo from the law offices of Michael A. DeMayo was a recent guest on StateLawTV to discuss about nursing home negligence.
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Defective Products - StateLawTV.com
Under state law, all manufacturers of consumer products like toys, food and clothing must make sure their products are safe to use. If theres a foreseeable danger from using the product, they have a duty to warn customers properly about that danger. When they fail in that duty and someone gets hurt, victims have the right to hold them responsible for the results. Thats true even if the manufacturer didnt know about the problem. In a defective product lawsuit, victims may claim all of the costs of their injuries, including past and future medical bills and lost income, as well as compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering.
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Injuries in a Workers' Compensation Claim
http://www.StateLawTV.com. David Daggett of Daggett Shuler Law in Winston-Salem, NC was a recent guest on StateLawTV where he talked about what injuries qualify for workers' compensation.
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