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Designing the Monzo App
Hugo Cornejo – Head of Design, Monzo Designing a bank from scratch is no small task. Hugo will share an honest retrospective on what happened behind the scenes at Monzo over the last year. From things they've done great, to things they've messed up: what did they learn along the way? About Hugo As Monzo's Head of Design, Hugo defines the design principles that shape an easy to use yet powerful bank. A bank truly built for your smartphone. Back in Spain he helped big corporations (BBVA, Globalia) and startups (Ticketea, Chicisimo) to design world-class customer experiences. Follow him @hugocornejo, it will make him very happy!
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Designing a Better Onboarding Process – James Gill
First impressions count. If you're lucky enough to get someone to sign up to your product, how do you guide them through the obstacle course that is your app to turn them into an active, happy user? We take a look at the ideas, implementations, failures and successes from designing the onboarding process at GoSquared. ------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT JAMES James is co-founder and CEO of GoSquared, the real-time customer analytics platform. James has been making product decisions since he was 14, and now manages a team of engineers and designers focused on making the analytics world a little less dull. Slides: http://www.jam2015.london/docs/presentation/james-gill.pdf
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JAM 2016 Aftermovie
Sharing The Stories Behind Great Products On November 4th, 400 people came together for JAM 2016. Passionate product managers, designers, entrepreneurs and developers from some of the most interesting companies in town heard 12 speakers sharing their story. Speakers included makers from Deliveroo, TransferWise, ustwo, facebook, Monzo and more.
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Avant-garde product development in the Age of Data – Ed Cooke, Memrise
In his talk, Ed will highlight three key features of Memrise's experimental product development process: their use of prototyping and user-testing in product exploration; their commitment to radical diversity in team and technique; and the exploration of bold ideas to develop fresh content and ideas, such as their tour round Europe in the double-decker 'Membus'. Ed will explain how these e orts tie together in helping Memrise invent and quickly deploy unorthodox learning experiences at scale.
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Customer research for rapid making – Fiona McLaren, Made by Many
There’s nothing like having to define or launch a new product in a matter of weeks to force you to focus on the parts of your process that are most important. Fiona will talk about how user research helps Made by Many to make rapid progress, prompting action and guiding product decisions, every step of the way.
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The 10 Product Lessons I Learnt The Hard Way – Pip Jamieson
Named as one of Australia's top female entrepreneurs The Dots CEO Pip Jamieson will share her extraordinary start-up journey from quitting her dream job at MTV, sinking her life savings into co-founding her first venture in Australia - which she quickly grew into the leading professional networking platform for creatives in the region - to exit and then launching a further improved offering here in the UK. Pip will give a very honest account of the 10 invaluable product lessons she's learnt along the way that have helped make The Dots a lovemark for its users. This will include top tips on involving the community in product decisions, building a product-driven culture, hiring a first class product team and sharing the top product tools she couldn't live without. ------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT PIP Pip is the Founder of The Dots. Best described as a ‘LinkedIn for creatives’, The Dots is a professional networking platform designed to help creative professionals and companies showcase work, network, collaborate and (most importantly) connect with commercial opportunities. An entrepreneur with a distinctive marmite laugh (you either love it or you hate it) Pip has spent the last 13 years immersed in the creative industries, including executive roles at MTV Australia and New Zealand. Pip lives on a houseboat with her husband in Kings Cross, London. Slides: http://www.jam2015.london/docs/presentation/pip-jamieson.pdf
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How Our Team Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Discovery
Andrea Jezovit & Monica Viggars – UX Architect & Product Manager This year, the Guardian adopted the OKR model, and with it an emphasis on discovery and testing rather than delivery. But most of the organisation wasn’t familiar with this way of working — and we found ourselves at the helm of a large team who hadn’t been through the discovery process before. Despite this, we managed to prototype and test dozens of ideas, embrace failure, and find the best opportunities to develop... as well as maintaining a (mostly) happy team. We’ll share how we made this happen, and how you can pitch a discovery phase when people are getting tired of testing and just want to build stuff. About Andrea & Monica Andrea and Monica are two old friends and colleagues who now work together as UX architect and product manager on the on-platform team at the Guardian. Both worked in editorial before making the move to product development. They love colourful dresses, Marty Cagan, and cheese.
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JAM 2017 – Aftermovie
JAM is a 1-day conference to share the stories behind great products. //* FIND OUT MORE *\\ JAM Website – http://www.jamlondon.io JAM 2017 – http://www.jamlondon.io/conference/2017 Every year, 600 product managers, designers and entrepreneurs gather for a day of stories, good fun and great food.
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Redesigning Deliveroo
Simon Rohrbach, Head of Design – Deliveroo Overhauling a company's look and feel is hard, let alone across 100 cities in 12 countries. Simon will be talking about the story behind Deliveroo's new look, the process the design team went through over 12 months, and share some lessons learned. About Simon Simon heads up product design for Deliveroo. Simon and his team look after the user experience for the company's consumer, riders and restaurant products across its 12 different markets. Prior to joining Deliveroo, Simon held various design related roles at startups and telecommunication companies in the UK and Switzerland. Being Swiss, he likes cheese, and despite his love for watches, is chronically late for meetings.
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Building A Startup Factory
Phillip Caudell – Product Lead, Founders Factory How do you go from nothing to a billion dollar business? Phillip – Product Lead at Founders Factory – has no idea, but he'll let you know as soon as he finds out. In the meantime he'll walk us through how his team builds products from scratch at the Factory, sharing what works, and what doesn't. About Phillip Phillip develops early stage product concepts and prototypes at Founders Factory, a corporate backed incubator and accelerator. Part developer and designer, Phillip uses a blend of techniques to validate his and the team's ideas. Prior to joining the Factory, Phillip was leading design and development efforts at 3 SIDED CUBE, an award winning mobile development agency.
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MVP B2B SaaS VTF? – Mads Viktor, Peakon
When it comes to building a product, we all know the rule: build, test, iterate as quickly as possible to validate your customer's needs. It's all well and good, but how do you do this when you deal with risk-averse enterprise customers? How do you keep iterating rapidly whilst not disrupting their use of the product? Mads will discuss lessons learned on the journey from designing PowerPoints as MVPs to real-time interactive dashboards.
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Breaking silos at John Lewis: collaboration in a century-old organisation – Steve Kato, John Lewis
The journey from departmental silos to collaborative, cross- functional teams is a familiar one that few of us get to hear the ins and outs of. In a business like John Lewis, where a level of organisational debt had built up, a new product initiative was the perfect opportunity to break out of those inefficient shackles and lead the organisation in a new era of agile ways of working. Steve will talk through the scary times, the successes and lessons learned of how it took a collaboration-first approach to get John Lewis back on track. *About Steve* Steve is the UX Manager at John Lewis, leading and coaching a team of UX designers. He has lead the componentization of the John Lewis and Sky.com sites, in order to create a consistent customer experience. Slides: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pwuyk1ecih3gr3o/AADU0YOApci-7XBmxPu74Z6qa?dl=0
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Designing for global markets – Femke Van Schoonhoven, Product Designer at Uber
As designers we’re often designing with a particular user in mind, but what if that user is mostly unknown to you? Femke will share her experience designing products for different cultures, while uncovering some mistakes, research and learnings along the way. You’ll walk away with some practical advice on how to approach designing for a foreign market. *About Femke* Originally from New Zealand and now living in Amsterdam, Femke (@femkesvs) loves making time to obsess over pixels, record a podcast (Design Life FM) or speak at events. Today she splits her time working as a product designer at Uber, side projects, writing and speaking. She’s also a lover of the outdoors and cooking. Slides: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8d89osqgmndb3lt/AAAPqTBUEUMm9kbi4rYoGQPea?dl=0
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Building a Learning Culture of Continuous Improvement
Heather Taylor-Portmann – Learning & Development Lead, ustwo ustwo (the studio behind award-winning Monument Valley and Moodnotes) is known for it’s “fampany” atmosphere of care and authenticity. Heather will share lessons about how ustwo’s culture creates high-performing teams, and give insight into how to develop an iterative, ‘continuous improvement’ approach to Learning & Development in your start-up. About Heather Heather is a strategist, coach and facilitator. She helps organisations and people get more from operating with purpose, and learning through making. Heather leads Learning & Development at ustwo London; working with individuals, teams and leaders to build a culture of continuous improvement.
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Where Do Good Products Roadmaps Come From? – Will Swannell
In between scarce resources, business requirements and user demands, planning and prioritising features is a delicate balancing act, one that you can’t really afford to get wrong. Will is going to reveal how HireSpace focuses the efforts of a small team on delivering what matters through a roadmap that is both feasible and flexible. ---------------------------------------------- ABOUT WILL Will has been responsible for product at Hire Space and has helped grow the business from something scratch to a market leading position. Previous to founding Hire Space in 2012, Will worked as a corporate strategy advisor and before that as an Economics teacher. Will has a BSc in Theoretical physics from Imperial College, London and MPhil in Finance from Cambridge University. He also has a keen interest in Education. Slides: http://www.jam2015.london/docs/presentation/will-swannell.pdf
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Fueling innovation at Strava – Melissa Sweet, Strava
Melissa will give you a glimpse into the Strava Jams, a company-wide internal hackathon where teams are free to rapidly create new products, experiences, and out- there ideas. Not without controversy, Jams has challenged the company to think on its feet and strive in the face of ambiguity. She will also cover how Jams has evolved over time to face these challenges, and how others can apply a similar system elsewhere.
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Netflix: wicked hard decisions – Gibson Biddle, former VP Product at Netflix
Learn how Netflix made tough decisions about people, product and business as the company grew to support more than 130 million members worldwide. In his talk, Gibson reveals Netflix’s long-term product strategy and illustrates the importance of defining clear tactics and metrics against it. You’ll be surprised at the extent Netflix learned through mistakes to become the worldwide streaming giant that most people know and love today. *About Gibson* In 2005, Gibson Biddle joined Netflix as VP of Product. In 2010, he became Chief Product Officer of Chegg, a textbook rental company that went public in 2013. Today, he’s an adviser for multiple consumer tech companies and teaches entrepreneurship at Stanford. Slides: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5qb9fpqx02ojmz8/AAAjQDf7Vu_Wa2SXqH_CLotta?dl=0
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Best Idea Wins: Behind Product at Lyst
Shaun Russell – Product Manager, Lyst Lyst is a young, fast growing, technology platform that is revolutionising the way people shop for fashion. Shaun will talk about 'Best Idea Wins', a principle at the heart of Lyst's culture. How can we give great ideas the chance to flourish? What's it like working in this kind of environnement? Shaun will reveal what it actually means in practice and how things work behind the scenes at Lyst. About Shaun Shaun is a Product Manager at Lyst, a fashion retailer based in London. In the past he has developed products for digital marketers, as well as an MP3 marketplace for independent musicians.
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Behind the Roadmap at busuu
Antoine Sakho – Head of Product, busuu Every month, millions of people around the world use busuu to learn a new language. We have an incredible team of Engineers, Designers, Marketeers and Education Experts. We’re all driven to make our product succeed. So we all agree on the roadmap, right? Nope! At least not to start with... In this talk, we’d like to share how we’ve iterated our planning process over 12 months. How do we keep alignment between business objectives, customer problems and internal stakeholders? Between long-term vision, quarterly targets and sprint cycles? About Antoine On a mission to enable everyone on the planet to learn a new language, Antoine runs Product at busuu, apps and website used by millions every month. A polyglot himself, he loves giving people superpowers through technology.
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How we built stuff nobody asked for – Cindy Chang, Intercom
What do you do when you’ve heard the same feature requests from customers time and time again? Do you just build the darned thing to appease them? In these situations, we’re all probably trained to deeply understand the user’s problem first. But just how far should we go down this rabbit hole, and what good does it actually do? What results does it yield? In this talk, Cindy will explain how her team designed and built key features in Intercom’s Respond product that began as simple customer requests yet ended up far beyond their origins.
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Building 'What’s On' on the V&A website – Eva Liparova, V&A Museum
Exhibition and event tickets is the biggest source of online revenue for the Victoria & Albert Museum. So how can you rebuild and launch the 'What’s On' section of the website while not bringing down ticketing? Eva will share the honest retrospective on what it’s like to build a beautiful and easy- to-use product at the museum while working with old technology, set processes and passionate stakeholders.
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The Mission-Driven Startup
Nilan Peiris – VP of Growth, TransferWise Making money fly around the world, instantly, for almost zero cost at the touch of a button. That's the promise of TransferWise. Nilan will talk through how finding TransferWise’s cause has enabled it to build a culture that builds a product that grows itself. About Nilan Prior to TransferWise Nilan was VP Growth at HouseTrip, in charge of scaling the company’s growth in the European market. He’s also worked as Chief Marketing Technology Officer at Holiday Extras, where he was responsible for all areas of technology, marketing and customer acquisition. Nilan also advises a number of early stage startups on growth and getting to traction.
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Stakeholders: Collaboration VS Confrontation – Ian Curtis, Product Manager at  The Telegraph
Believing there can be any kind of ‘management’ or control over stakeholders is a cold, defunct and unhelpful practice. Ian aims to prove that transparency, empathy and true collaboration are the keys to producing exceptional products while maintaining great relationships with your peers. *About Ian* Ian is a Product Manager at The Telegraph. He was instrumental in the website redesign during the transition from Escenic to Adobe and is currently optimising the user experience around The Telegraph’s registration strategy.
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Putting People At The Heart Of Government – Anna Wojnarowska
Placing people at the heart of government department projects has led to innovative ways of bringing about change in the public sector. In her talk, Anna will show how the Government Digitial Service (GDS) uses ethnographic research methods to understand people's motivations, daily problems and what they need to do to get their job done. This method allows them to identify the biggest opportunities for change, and whether they are technology, service or policy-driven. Anna will tell you all about how you can do the same to understand your users and build the things they want. ------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT ANNA Anna Wojnarowska is a user researcher at Government Digital Service (GDS) where she specialises in IT transformation for the British government. For the past two years she has been working within the Cabinet Office conducting ethnographic investigations on the daily lives and work practices of civil servants in order to make government services faster, clearer and simpler. She worked with the Home Office and related organisations on national security. Slides: http://www.jam2015.london/docs/presentation/anna-wojnarowska.pdf
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The trouble with Design Systems – Radu Chelariu, Product Design Manager at Paddy Power Betfair
Building and maintaining a design system is already at the core of how many of the digital product design teams around the world operate, and Paddy Power Betfair is no different. But as useful as they may be, they can’t solve every problem. This talk will take you through the design system at PPB as well as some of the caveats of employing this approach. *About Radu* Radu plays the role of Product Design Manager at Paddy Power Betfair, leading a team of UX and UI designers in one of Europe’s leading betting and gambling companies. He’s been fiddling with UX & UI for over a decade, focusing on eCommerce and, more recently, the gaming industry. Slides: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h2cdzsv5ay5dqjf/AAAIG3HOlN_XcAT0K4qFCGOPa?dl=0
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Moving fast and slow: bringing hardware and software together – Michael Willmott, Head of Product
This is partly a story about how Beryl is building a better bike share for cities; but it is mostly a story about how you introduce a digital product team into a hardware company, and the lessons learned on both sides. How do you build and iterate on digital products quickly when the hardware they depend on goes much more slowly? Can we apply learnings from building digital products to hardware teams? In this talk, Michael will go through these challenges, and some of the techniques Beryl is using to bring both teams together. *About Michael* Having gone from aerospace engineering to founding a global research platform for universities, Michael now leads product for Beryl. He is on a mission to get more people in cities on two wheels; combining his passion for cycling, technology and keen interest in the future of cities and mobility. Slides: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8rap25v0o34soz8/AAD0T4Y08mMARcjF7DxB6N_3a?dl=0
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Fooling ourselves with data – Chad Jennings, Moo
As businesses and product managers we love to shout about being "data-driven." Data is obviously fundamental, but with an industry average conversion rate of 3%, most of our data is internal-facing and biased towards the minority of existing customers who have successfully converted. What about the majority who are non-customers? We are often blind to why non-customers fail, yet break-through products can come from understanding the potential customers who never show up in your dashboards and models. Let’s stop navel gazing and consider how we can better uncover insights that can drive growth, as well as useful, usable and delightful products.
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Designing beyond the screen – Gabriel Valdivia, Facebook
In this talk, Gabriel will go over the process for designing Facebook's first VR apps: Facebook 360 and Facebook Spaces for the Gear VR and Rift, respectively. The talk covers challenges unique to the new medium and how product designers can transition from thinking in 2D to 3D.
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Research For The Rest – Rachel Ilan Simpson
Knowing what to build and how to build it means doing qualitative research at every step of the way, whether you're at a small startup or a large company. In her talk, Rachel will share her experience collaborating with researchers in her day to day work. She'll talk about closing the gap between doing research and shipping products, and discuss learnings about how to be a better research advocate. --------------------------------------------- ABOUT RACHEL Rachel is currently working as a UX Designer on the Google Chrome team. She has worked with award winning Design Agencies, Startups and Software Companies and frequently speaks on topics related to Design, User Research and prototyping. In her free time, she loves to organize design events. She was one of the original co-founders of Make Munich, a yearly festival of all things DIY. She also started Munich Design Jam, and is on the orga team of IxDA Munich. For fun, Rachel loves to travel (and live!) other places. She’s originally from Calgary, Canada and has visited 26 different countries in as many years. Slides: http://www.jam2015.london/docs/presentation/rachel-ilan-simpson.pdf
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Getting The Culture Right – Tim Davey
Lessons learnt building onefinestay, a high-end fully serviced hotel in people's homes. How culture enabled us to grow to a workforce of over 700 people in 5 years, with a seamless offline & online experience. ---------------------------------------------- ABOUT Previous to founding onefinestay in 2009, Tim was co-founder and CTO of Snaptalent, a web recruitment ad network based in San Francisco, which raised funds from Y-Combinator, Index Ventures and other leading investment firms. Tim has a BSc in Theoretical physics from Imperial College, London and is an active member of the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences (IADAS) and the Privacy International advisory board. Slides: http://www.jam2015.london/docs/presentation/tim-davey.pdf
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Building knowledge equity: bringing Wikipedia to emerging markets – Charlotte Gauthier
Wikipedia wants to break down the social, political, and technical barriers that prevent people from accessing and contributing to free knowledge. For the Android team, this has meant redesigning the app for completely new contexts of use and building awareness of Wikipedia and its mission in emerging markets. From the vagaries of conducting user research in languages you don’t speak to the pitfalls of working with local vendors to spread the word, Charlotte will share the process of bringing the Wikipedia Android app to the next generation of users in India and Africa. *About Charlotte* Charlotte has helped organisations from seed-stage startups to major publishers better understand their users, design compelling experiences, and launch amazing products. Currently Android PM at Wikimedia Foundation, she was previously Lead UX Designer at the Guardian and Head of Product at startups in Berlin and London. Slides: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l616yt62tsqj82j/AAA2cwJ_bWSIHravbtb0WV3ra?dl=0
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Customer Obsession: Lessons Learned From Netflix (with Gibson Biddle)
👉 Join Gibson and 600 product leaders at JAM 2018 on Nov 1 http://bit.ly/jamconf2018 👉 Download the presentation: http://www.gibsonbiddle.com/ 👉 'Hack Your Product Leader Career' workshop: http://www.jamlondon.io/workshops/18/hacking-your-product-leader-career
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Using Data To Decide What To Do – Graham Paterson
As a startup, your time is your most valuable commodity. You need to decide what to build to delight your users, and learn quickly if you've got it wrong. At Intuit and TransferWise, we worked with large amounts of cold, hard data to understand how we build delight, happiness and trust. ------------------------------------------------------ ABOUT GRAHAM Graham works on Product at Intuit, helping self-employed and small business track their finances better. Prior to Intuit, Graham worked on product at TransferWise, the international money transfer platform. There, he focused on improving the transfer experience, and growing the company in global markets. Graham also works on many side-projects, including NightCapp, an iOS and Android app that lets you know which bars around you are still open. Slides: http://www.jam2015.london/docs/presentation/graham-paterson.pdf
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Test and Delivery: achieving speed and quality at Thread – Thomas May, Product Manager at Thread
In our search for the right product we all want to move as fast as possible to validate our ideas. There are loads of discovery techniques out there which help us learn without needing to touch any code. But what happens when you need to run an A/B test? Should you allow lower quality code and UX into your live product in order to learn faster? And how can you protect yourself against incurring debt in the long term? In this talk, Thomas will talk about Thread’s experiences in achieving both speed and quality. *About Thomas* Thomas is a Product Manager at Thread, an online styling service for men. They’re on a mission to help guys feel great by making it easy to dress well. Slides: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l8pdqxib9jsnay9/AACeU9rzRoXvIX3yObOhBHMma?dl=0
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Keeping User Personas Alive
Anna Miedzianowska – Head of Product, Ocado Technology Creating user personas (and doing it right) is an important part of product development. However, even perfect personas often die, because they are not used enough. This case study is focused on what more can be done to keep personas alive and benefit from their existence. About Anna Anna Miedzianowska (for English speakers pronounced: Mid-Ja- Noff- Ska) is a product professional with 14 years of experience in software development and product management across different countries - Poland, Ireland and the UK. Anna is a strong advocate of the user-centric approach and customer dialogue. She believes that providing a strong product vision, encouraging collaboration and motivating teams are the key successful products.
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Design At SwiftKey – Scott Weiss
SwiftKey's Design team more than tripled in the past 18 months. This increase in scale accommodated the conception, design, and launch of the SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone and iPad, a comprehensive brand refresh, and substantial UX updates to SwiftKey Keyboard for Android. Scott will cover the current team organisation and how it collaborates with Engineering, Product Management, and Marketing. He will touch upon SwiftKey's "post-agile" approach to design, UX research, and the magic of weekly design sprint demos. --------------------------------------------- ABOUT Scott Weiss is a mobile design visionary and has led design teams in many prominent tech companies across the globe. In 2001 he started work on his seminal book “Handheld Usability” after discovering that there were no design texts for phones and other handheld devices, and has gone on to help create compelling user experiences on a wide range of mobile platforms. He’s worked with LG, Samsung, Vodafone and many other well-known brands, held career-level roles at Apple, Microsoft, Sybase and Autodesk, and run his own UX agency in New York. Slides: http://www.jam2015.london/docs/presentation/scott-weiss.pdf
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Product’s Perception And The Needs Of Its Customers – Karolis Kosas
From its very beginning YPlan positioned itself as a curated events' platform, catering to those looking to discover hidden gems that London, New York and other metropolises have to offer. Such premise was applauded and raved about by the customers in focus groups and app reviews. However, the data shows that YPlan's best sellers are hardly your niche long-tail events. In fact, among the top 10 you have best deals for cinema, 50 Cent's gig at O2 and Sunset Safari at London Zoo. In other words, customers want bizarre and unorthodox, however they buy mainstream names and big discounts. How to address such divergence in the product's perception and the reality that generates the revenue without loosing your cool and the trust of users? Karolis will talk about the editorial, social and utilitarian layers of the product utilised to reconcile the consumers' beliefs and their pragmatic needs. -------------------------------------------------- ABOUT KAROLIS Karolis specializes in interactive product design. He is currently a leading UI / UX design team at YPlan. In 9+ years he has worked with impactful organizations and products, including Samsung User Experience Lab, Google, TuneIn, Rapt Studio, Ravel Law and the Barbican Centre. Slides: http://www.jam2015.london/docs/presentation/karolis-kosas.pdf
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Users don't want features, they want better content – Pantelis Korovilas, Hopper
We set out to do something long overdue: build a way to filter the results in our flight prediction app, Hopper. This was our #1 requested feature and seemed like an easy win. After shipping, however, the results caught us by surprise and taught us a thing or two about how to read between the lines when listening to users, to design solutions instead of features, and to understand what our product was really about.
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