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Sock Loom: Part 1 Cast on
http://www.knittingboard.com Sock Loom Part 1 Cast on
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Sock Loom: Stitiches
Learn how to knit in the flat stitch, purl stitch and the stockinette stitch on the sock loom. http://www.knittingboard.com
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KB's Afghan Loom
Take a look at KB's Afghan Loom. Knits up to 60" wide in one piece with no sewing! http://www.knittingboard.com/afghan-loom/ So easy to knit blankets, shawls, and other large projects!
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Zippy Loom - Scarf knit in 20 minutes
Learn to knit a basic scarf on Zippy Loom. Knit a Scarf in minutes with zippy. www.kblooms.com/zippy-patterns/ Complete pattern, with step by step process to complete scarf. Great for beginners. Check out other videos www.kblooms.com/zippy-videos/
Views: 155958 knittingboard
28"  Loom
KB's 28" Loom is for knitting and weaving! Check out the 7 configurations...this loom does it all! http://www.knittingboard.com/28-knitting-board-peg-extenders/ Great for double knitting and single knitting. Make hats, scarves, shawls, blankets, sweaters, and lots more!
Views: 57149 knittingboard
Sock Loom: Binding Off of loom
http://www.knittingboard.com Learn how to Bind Off of the Sock Loom
Views: 67980 knittingboard
Sock Loom: Heel and Toe Part 1
http://www.knittingboard.com Learn how to knit heel of sock on loom
Views: 241963 knittingboard
Cast On - Double Knit
http://www.knittingboard.com Learn how to cast on the All-n-One Loom. Knitting Board Cast On.
Views: 32624 knittingboard
Casting on, and Stockinette Stitch on the Knitting Board
Learn to Cast On, or put stitches on your Knitting Board and continue in Stockinette Stitch http://www.knittingboard.com
Views: 167840 knittingboard
Basic Bind Off on a knitting loom
http://www.knittingboard.com Learn the basic bind off on a knitting loom, single knitting.
Views: 17205 knittingboard
Cast On Figure 8
http://www.knittingboard.com Learn how to cast on your stitches in a figure 8, for double knitting.
Views: 29006 knittingboard
Casting on in Figure 8
http://www.knittingboard.com Learn how to cast on stitches in the figure 8 pattern in double knit.
Views: 31971 knittingboard
Open Braid Stitch
http://www.knittingboard.com Learn the Open Braid Stitch on the Knitting Board
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Sock Loom: Cuff
http://www.knittingboard.com Sock Loom Cull
Views: 119718 knittingboard
Changing Colors in Double Knitting
http://www.knittingboard.com Learn how to change your color in double knitting, tie on a new color.
Views: 54456 knittingboard
Ribbing Stitch
http://www.knittingboard.com Learn the Ribbing Stitch for double knitting on a Knitting Board or All-n-One Loom.
Views: 49455 knittingboard
Garter Stitch on 'Rotating' Double Knit Loom
Work in single knit on Rotating Double Knit Loom. Garter Stitch pattern makes a beautiful scarf. Easy step by step from beginning of set up on knitting loom.
Views: 23347 knittingboard
Changing yarn colors on a knitting loom
Learn how to change colors on a knitting loom, or knitting board.
Views: 35695 knittingboard
More How To change color-Part II
You can do fun intarsia with multiple colors. Just follow the basic rules-One row at a time. http://www.knittingboard.com
Views: 73511 knittingboard
Basic Bind Off for Single Knitting
http://www.knittingboard.com Learn how to Bind Off your stitches, take your stitches off of the All-n-One Loom.
Views: 36664 knittingboard
Zippy Loom - Bind Off, removing knit from loom
Learn to to take your stitches off the Zippy Loom, binding off. Knitting on Zippy Loom is fast and simple. Knit a scarf in 15 minutes. Check out lots of Zippy patterns at http://www.knittingboard.com/free-patterns-zippy-loom/. www.kblooms.com
Views: 154169 knittingboard
Stockinette Stitch in double knit
http://www.knittingboard.com Learn the Stockinette stitch on the Knitting Board
Views: 16709 knittingboard
Purl Stitch
http://www.knittingboard.com Learn the Purl Stitch for single knitting with the All-n-One Loom
Views: 14874 knittingboard
Tadpole Knitting Loom- Knit a scarf
How to get started loom knitting in double knit. Learn to make a scarf on the Tadpole Knitting Loom. http://www.knittingboard.com/tadpole-knitting-board/
Views: 11707 knittingboard
How to Change colors
Making different color stripes in your knitting is fun and easy. You can also add designs with several colors. http://www.knittingboard.com
Views: 209738 knittingboard
Zippy Loom - How to knit a hat, complete pattern
Learn to knit a hat on Zippy Loom, the Bogo Hat. This demo take you through the complete pattern. Easy to follow along with each step in the knitting process, great for beginning loom knitters! Purchase Zippy http://www.knittingboard.com/zippy-looms/
Views: 35663 knittingboard
Double Knitting vs Single Knitting
http://www.knittingboard.com Video compares loom knitting in double knit and single knit.
Views: 24426 knittingboard
38" Knitting Board
http://www.knittingboard.com Introduction to the 38" Knitting Board. Create double knit afghans up to 50" wide.
Views: 17701 knittingboard
Basic Cast On - Single Knitting
http://www.knittingboard.com All-n-One Loom Cast On, Single Knitting
Views: 50416 knittingboard
Bind Off of Loom and Anchor Yarn
http://www.knittingboard.com Learn how to Bind Off of the loom and take your stitches off of the anchor yarn.
Views: 19315 knittingboard
28" Knitting Board with peg extenders
http://www.knittingboard.com Introduction to the 28" Knitting Board with peg extenders
Views: 20583 knittingboard
Increasing stitches on a knitting loom
http://www.knittingboard.com Learn how to increase on a knitting loom, single knitting.
Views: 6862 knittingboard
Double Knit Scarf knit on 'Rotating' Double Knit Loom
Learn to knit a simple double knit scarf worked on the 'Rotating' Double Knit Loom. Videos takes you through the complete project. http://www.knittingboard.com/rotating-double-knit-loom/
Views: 20081 knittingboard
Authentic Knitting Board's Looms
http://www.knittingboard.com Authentic Knitting Board's product line demonstrated. See all Adjustable Looms, Knitting Boards, and Accessories.
Views: 18094 knittingboard
Criss Cross Stitch
Learn the Criss Cross Stitch on the Knitting Board. This is a great stitch for blankets, sweaters, scarves and hats. http://www.knittingboard.com
Views: 1560716 knittingboard
'Rotating' Double Knit Loom
Introducing the 'Rotating' Double Knit Loom. Double knit for the first time in the round. With a revolutionary rotating base, this loom moves as you knit! http://www.knittingboard.com/rotating-double-knit-loom/ Great for hats, cowls, scarves, and shawls in both single and double knit.
Views: 15274 knittingboard
Single Knit Effect
http://www.knittingboard.com Learn to create a Single Knit effect on the Knitting Board
Views: 103788 knittingboard
Ribbing Stitch in double knit
http://www.knittingboard.com Learn the Ribbing Stitch on a knitting loom
Views: 10582 knittingboard
Afghan Loom
http://www.knittingboard.com Introduction to the KB Afghan Loom. Knit a 60" wide afghan in one piece.
Views: 88333 knittingboard
Crochet Cast On for Single Knitting
http://www.knittingboard.com Easy Cast On for Single Knitting. Crochet your stitches on the loom.
Views: 15886 knittingboard
Double Knit Hat on the "Rotating' Double Knit Loom
Learn to use the 'Rotating' Double Knit Loom. Complete hat pattern with ribbing edge. With this loom you can knit in both single knit, and double knit. Great for hats, cowls, scarves and shawls! Join us at Kblooms.com for the most up to date patterns.
Views: 35019 knittingboard
RIB STITCH for double knit on 'Rotating' Double Knit Loom
Learn to create the Ribbing Stitch for double knit in the round. Works great on the 'Rotating' Double Knit Loom. http://www.knittingboard.com/rotating-double-knit-loom/
Views: 4885 knittingboard
Basic Cable for Double Knitting
http://www.knittingboard.com Learn how to create a Cables in double knitting on a Knitting Board or All-n-One Loom.
Views: 19251 knittingboard
Adding a new skein
Tying on a new skein or ball of yarn when using a knitting board http://www.knittingboard.com
Views: 40817 knittingboard
Sock Loom 1
http://www.knittingboard.com Introduction to the KB Sock Loom1 with DVD, fine gauge sock loom.
Views: 42523 knittingboard
Cable Stitch in double knit
http://www.knittingboard.com Learn how to create cables on a knitting loom
Views: 8554 knittingboard
All-n-One Loom Introduction
http://www.knittingboard.com An overview of the All-n-One Loom.
Views: 23323 knittingboard
CAST ON for double knit with 'Rotating' Double Knit Loom
Learn to cast on stitches for the 'Rotating' Double Knit Loom. To purchase loom: http://www.knittingboard.com/rotating-double-knit-loom/ More how-to videos for the 'Rotating' Double Knit Loom: http://www.knittingboard.com/videos
Views: 3656 knittingboard
Sock Loom 2
http://www.knittingboard.com Introduction to KB Sock Loom 2 for regular gauge socks.
Views: 29848 knittingboard
Sewing knit pieces together
Learn how to sew your knitted piece together using the Whip Stitch, Invisible Stitch and the Top Stitch http://www.knittingboard.com
Views: 701095 knittingboard

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