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Recover Table From RMAN Backup | 12c New Feature | RMAN Tutorial For Beginners
Oracle 12c introduced a new feature on RMAN ie 'Recover Table' ,which helps in recovering a dropped table using RMAN . In this video we through the detailed explanation of this new feature. This video is the part of our RMAN elearning video course . Please visit www.wysheid.com for more deails
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Oracle certification paths for dbas: A Complete Walk Through
www.wysheid.com Oracle Certifications have always very good demand in the industry. In this video we will discuss about the Oracle Certification paths of DBAs. We will be discussing the following 1) The need of certification 2) Different type of Oracle Certifications 3) Understand the Oracle Certifications available for Oracle Public Cloud 4) Oracle Certification Paths for DBA 5) Training Programs available 6) Understand about Specialist and Expert Certifications 7) Understanding the cost of each certification 8) Registering for a Certification Exam Please visit www.wysheid.com for more self learning Courses
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Start and stop Database in Oracle Database Cloud|DbaaS|Oracle Cloud Database Tutorial|Wysheid
This Video discuss in detail about the steps involved in startup and shutdown of an Oracle Public Cloud Database. This video is part of the Oracle Public Cloud Database Administration Elearning Course Offered by Wysheid. This course on Oracle cloud database is suitable for beginners to intermediate level. Please read this blog https://www.wysheid.com/oracle-database-cloud-service/start_stop_database_in_oracle_database_cloud_service/ for more details For more details please visit www.wysheid.com
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How to name or rename an object in Microsoft Powerpoint
This video walks through the steps of adding name to an object in Microsoft power point . This feature is useful when you want to add some animation to your power point presentations
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database support introduction
Introducing Database Support Service for Students .Raise your questions via outr ticketing tools and our expert team will answer you at the earliest . Enroll for one month trial pack ..absolutely free.. Here is the url to enroll https://www.wysheid.com/product/database-support-one-month-trial-access Happy learning .. Wysheid Team
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How to create a support request with Wysheid
This video explains how students can create a database support request with Wysheid. Students can enroll for this service in the following 3 simple steps 1) Create an account with wysheid 2) Enroll for the service by using this url https://www.wysheid.com/product/database-support-one-month-trial-access/ 3) Create the ticket using this link https://www.wysheid.com/create-support-ticket Thanks Wysheid Team
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Introduction To Cloud Computing : AWS Tutorial For Beginners
Amazon Web Services akks AWS is the leading Cloud Service Provider. In this video, which is the first video of our 'AWS Tutorial For Beginners 'Series , we gives an introduction to cloud computing .The different cloud models like PaaS, IaaS , SaaS ,Public , Private and hybrid model are explained. Also covering the costing models followed by leading Cloud Service providers. Please visit www.wysheid.com for more self learning video courses.
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