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Introduction to Java Servlets
Describe what a Java Servlet is and discusses important related terms.
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Introduction to JavaBeans
A quick introduction to a special Java class called a JavaBean.
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The Basic Networked Technology Stack
This video describes the basic components of the technology supporting a networked/Web application. Includes both client-side separation of concerns and server-side MVC design pattern components.
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Setting up JSTL with Eclipse and Tomcat
In this brief video, we show you where to get the JSTL jar files and how to set up your Eclipse/Tomcat to use them.
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JavaBeans and JSP tags
Here we show how to use 3 basic JSP tags to access and modify a JavaBean
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Introduction to JSTL
A brief introduction to the concepts related to the JSP Standard Tag Library
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Preparing the MVC Database Example Eclipse Project
Here we start an Eclipse Database example by creating a Dynamic Web Project, adding controllers and model packages, and, most importantly, adding the Connector/J database driver to the project.
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Introduction to Database Connectivity
A brief introduction to the components and Java classes needed to connect an MVC Java Web Application to a database.
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Using the JAVA API Online Documentation
I introduce the online Java API documentation. The, I demonstrate how to find it, navigate it, and read the pages using the Java String class as an example.
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Managing Session Attributes for JAVA MVC Applications
We provide a short example showing how to manage session attributes for a Java MVC application.
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Introduction to MVC Pattern for Web Applications
Provides a brief introduction to the standard components of a Java-based Model-View-Controller Web application.
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JSP Expression Language Example
A brief example of how to use JSP Expression Language tags in an Eclipse Dynamic Web Project.
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Installing Eclipse - Oxygen Version
A brief tutorial on getting and installing Eclipse IDE software - Oxygen edition. Include installation of the Java JDK.
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Creating Your First Java Eclipse Project
The basics of how to start a project in Eclipse and start writing a few Java classes.
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Project Management Planning Documents
A brief description of Project Management planning and some commonly used documents/diagrams.
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Introduction to the Java Web Application Deployment Descriptor
A first look at the deployment descriptor.
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Writing the GameNumber Java Class
In this video, we write the GameNumber Java class using Eclipse. We will use this class in several example programs.
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Writing GameServlet for the Guessing Game Application - Servlet Edition
We demonstrate how to write a Java Servlet that will act as the Controller and View component of a Java Web Appliction.
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Adding the Book Class to the Book Database Example
We create a basic Java entity class for a Book using Eclipse. This will be used in our MVC Database Example.
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Installing Tomcat for Eclipse
This video discusses how to get and install Tomcat. It also discusses how to connect Eclipse to your Tomcat installation.
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Introduction to MVC Application State management
We introduce and define terms related to managing state for a JAVA MVC Web Application
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java review 1
First of several reviews of basic Java concepts.
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JSP Expression Language
Introduces the concepts and basic syntax of the JSP Expression Language.
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Java Review 2
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Introduction to Debugging
We provide a conceptual over of debugging. How to actually debug Java programs using Eclipse will be discussed in later videos of this series.
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Design Models for an MVC Guessing Game
A brief video describing the components that will be created as part of a Guessing Game MVC-based Web Application.
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A Tour of Eclipse
A brief tour of the Eclipse IDE. Primarily, this video describes the parts of the workbench, including what is a perspective, what is a view, and how to change perspectives and views.
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How to play the Guessing Game
Before writing any computer program, the developer needs to thoroughly understand the task at hand. In the spirit of "Thinking before Programming" this video describes a simple guessing game. This game is used as the basis for several examples that are used in my videos about developing Java based Web applications.
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Writing index jsp for the Guessing Game Application (JSP Version)
Describes how to build a simple Java Server Page (JSP) for a simple Guessing Game application. Some concepts discussed: how to tell the difference between different types of code in a JSP (delimiters), Request/Response objects, get vs. post, and editing and running a Web application using Eclipse.
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Design Models for Servlet Guessing Game
Thinking before coding! Here we present and discuss some diagrams used to understand the components of a simple Web Guessing Game Application and how they will work together.
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Writing index.jsp for a Web Guessing Game - MVC Edition
In this video, we create the index.jsp component of our MVC Guessing Game example.
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Social CRM
An Introduction to Social Customer Relationship Management, it's relationship to Information Systems and Big Data.
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A Piercy Bit: Deployment Descriptor (web.xml) Introduction
A brief video introducing the Deployment Descriptor (web.xml) file used with Java Web Applications. The video shows you how to add the deployment descriptor to a Dynamic Web application in Eclipse and how to edit the welcome file list.
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Servlet Connection (Eclipse/Tomcat)
This video describes how we connect components in a dynamic web applications with URL mappings.
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Servlet Initialization Variables
A look at how to set and access Servlet Initialization Parameters in a Java Web Application.
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Basic Debugging with Eclipse
Here we provide an example of a debugging session using the debugging perspective in the Eclipse IDE.
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Installing the Eclipse IDE on a Mac - Luna Edition
A step by side for getting and installing the Eclipse interactive development environment for the Luna edition. The video is specifically for a MacBook pro. There will be some slight differences if installing on a Windows-based machine (mostly the installed location). The Linux operating system is not addressed.
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Setting Up a Servlet Project
Here we perform the initial set up for an Eclipse project for a simple guessing game application using a servlet as the main controller/view.
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Opening an Existing Eclipse Project
As the title mentions, the primary topic is how to open an Eclipse project that has already been created. In addition, it also explains the two types of workspaces used by Eclipse and how to delete a project from wither workspace.
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Introduction to MIST2090 (Spring 2013)
An Introduction to Management Information Systems (MIS).
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Adding the Database Add Use Case Components
We add the components to a JAVA MVC Web application that adds record to a database.
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MVC Database Example -  Read Use Case
We add the components necessary for reading the Sci Fi Book database to our example. These include: a servlet, a Java DB helper class, and a jsp.
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The JSTL Core Library
This video provides an overview of the JSP Standard Tag Library Core section. A brief discussion and example is provided for each of the 14 core tags.
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Adding the Delete Query to The MVC Database Application
We demonstrate how to delete a record in a database from a MVC database application using Eclipse and MySQL.
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Design Diagrams for MVC Database Application Example
Here we think before programming by using diagrams that logically model our application.
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Managing Request State for an JAVA MVC application
We use a simple example to explore how we can manage state within a single request/response cycle.
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Adding the Update Use Case to Java MVC Application
We demonstrate how to update a mysql database from a JAVA MVC application with as simple example.
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An Introduction to Java Server Pages
A look at the MVC component model and where Java Server Pages fit in. Also a few notes about the request and response objects.
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