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Steve Irwin's last show at Australia Zoo before he was tragically taken
This was recorded at Australia Zoo and was the last show he did at Australia Zoo before his death. Amazing Man.
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Male and Female Bearded Dragon Body Language
This male and female pair are close to 2 years of age. They are beginning to display the typical "dominant" and "submissive" behaviours of bearded dragons
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Rhinoceros Beetle - Xylotrupes ulysses - Rhino Beetle Set-Up and Care
This is an update on my Rhino beetle larvae - obviously transformed! Also gives basic care instructions :)
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Giant Burrowing Roaches - Update and babies!
These guys have produced some young :)
Views: 9328 Miss Phantom Fangs
Australian Tarantula Care Video - Different sizes/ages and enclosure set ups
As requested. If there are any questions about the video please ask and thanks for watching
Views: 8130 Miss Phantom Fangs
Collecting Thick Tail Gecko Eggs
Another female thick tail has laid eggs
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Unboxing Video - Urodacus Elongatus - Australian Scorpions
This adult trio arrived today so filmed unboxing - set up video to come.
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Spiny Leaf Insects / Macleay's Spectre - Extatosoma tiaratum tiaratum - in captivity
Short feature on my spiny leaf insects and basic care and info guide
Views: 6422 Miss Phantom Fangs
Gecko Rack System - Amyae, Asper, Knob Tails, Thick Tails, Wheeleri
How I keep my geckos that are housed in a rack system
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Natiri the Olive Python cruising around the front yard
Took some footage of Natiri out on the lawn this afternoon x Can sorta see her size as I pick her up...
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Spider Spotlight - Phlogius Sp. "Goliath"
This weeks sider spotlight is the Phlogius sp. Goliath.
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Brush tail possum in care *Australian wildlife
Australian brush tail possum in care. Young orphan "Filly". Please note I am a registered wildlife carer
Views: 4481 Miss Phantom Fangs
Golden Orb Weaver Update - Egg Sac has HATCHED - Spiderlings
Did a short clip on a pair of Golden Orb Weavers I had in my backyard - one egg sac has hatched and another had been laid (different female)
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Spider Spotlight - Selenotypus Species "Bowen River"
New unidentified tarantula found in Central QLD
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Urodacus manicatus - Black Rock Scorpion set - up. Adult and 3rd instar.
My basic set up of black rock scorpions, what substrate I use etc
Views: 3539 Miss Phantom Fangs
Various species of millipedes
A few new arrivals today so showing the different species that have arrived.
Views: 4425 Miss Phantom Fangs
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo "Boofhead" Pet Parrot Bird
This is Boofhead - a male sulphur crested cockatoo. He is only young at about 10yo.
Views: 42092 Miss Phantom Fangs
Woolworths Containers and update on some sp.
Loving the new woolworths containers and many are asking about them. Also an update for DaReptileBoyz
Views: 817 Miss Phantom Fangs
Giant Rainforest Millipedes - CARE VIDEO - Diplopoda Rhinocridae
How I keep my colonies of millipedes
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Set up of mouse spider - Missulena bradleyi
How I keep my mouse spider - setting him up for the first time.
Views: 9072 Miss Phantom Fangs
Urodacus Elongatus (Scorpion) with babies
This girl gave birth a few days ago, thought I would share x
Views: 1342 Miss Phantom Fangs
Feeding Time for Magnificent Tree Frogs
Filmed these pigs eating tonight x
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Spider Spotlight ~ Selenotypus Sp. "Champagne Robustus" ~
Australian tarantula / Bird eating spider
Views: 1327 Miss Phantom Fangs
Box Patterned Geckos - Lucasium steindachneri
How I keep these guys set up
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Spider collection "Invertopia" Tarantula Room * Invert Collection * AKA "Lotz a Legs"
A glance at my invertebrate collection. I keep Australia tarantulas, trap doors, centipedes, scorpions, stick insects, giant land snails, velvet worms, roaches and beetles.
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Hypsilurus Spinipes - Southern Angle Headed Dragon - Juvenile Set up
Was in a rush while making this video, forgot to mention I feed these guys daily up to about 3 months of age and then 3-4 times a weeks.
Views: 2147 Miss Phantom Fangs
Lychas nigrescens - Communal Scorpion Set-up
This is how I keep my communal lychas
Views: 5579 Miss Phantom Fangs
Scorpions - Urodacus macrurus - setting up - desert scorpions
Setting up new breeding pair of Urodacus macrurus -
Views: 942 Miss Phantom Fangs
Reptile Room Update March 2018
If you'd like further videos on individual species please just ask in comments 😊
Views: 800 Miss Phantom Fangs
Macleays Water Snakes - Feeding Frenzy! Enhydris polylepis
Popped in some feeder goldfish for this trio
Views: 21751 Miss Phantom Fangs
Macleay's Water Snake Babies
Born today - these are livebearers and the female has given birth today. 8 so far - can produce up to 15...
Views: 2727 Miss Phantom Fangs
Amazing Golden Orb Weaver who has taken up residence in my backyard
Isn't she lovely? http://www.likecool.com/Golden_Orb_Spider_Silk_Cape--Apparel--Style.html
Views: 13620 Miss Phantom Fangs
Rhino Beetle Grubs - Setting them up
Video of setting up Rhino Beetle Grubs
Views: 56825 Miss Phantom Fangs
How to sex Thick Tailed Geckos (Male or Female?)
Short video on how to sex your thick tailed geckos
Views: 3936 Miss Phantom Fangs
Reptile Collection Video ( Reptile Room Update ) April 2015
This is my current reptile collection (Indoors only - will do outdoors video at a later point). Please feel free to comment any questions etc.
Views: 8954 Miss Phantom Fangs
Blue Tongue Lizards in your garden?
This was designed for a younger audience and aims to teach basics about Blue Tongue Lizards and how to encourage them into your garden as well as what to do if you see one in your garden :)
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Water Python hiding in his enclosure
Try and find the water python hiding in his enclosure. Cameo appearance from an angry olive python
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Rentz's / Crowned Stick Insect - Onchestus rentzi - in captivity
Short feature on my crowned stick insects and basic care and info guide Defensively flashes wings in the video
Views: 1393 Miss Phantom Fangs
Green Tree Snake and her enclosure.
Set up footage. If there are any questions just ask :)
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Rainbow Stag Beetle - Phalacrognathus muelerri
How I keep this guy happy and enjoying his beetle life Beetle jelly from geckodan : http://www.geckodan.com/index.php?page=bugshop#BEETLE SUPPLIES
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Spider Spotlight - Selenotypus Palmer River - Australian tarantula
Had been a while since a Spider Spotlight so quickly did one last night
Views: 1739 Miss Phantom Fangs
Eastern Water Skinks - Eulamprus quoyii - Juveniles - How I have them set-up (indoor enclosure)
Basic video on how I keep my Eastern Water Skinks (Juveniles) in an indoor enclosure
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Video Request - Update on Velvet Worms
Requested video on how the velvet worms are going - here it is!
Views: 989 Miss Phantom Fangs
Eastern Pilbara Spiny Tailed Skinks - Egernia epsisolus
Quick video of how I keep my breeding pair feed them every few days - calcium and vitamin dusted crickets and woodroaches
Views: 5310 Miss Phantom Fangs
Velvet Worms - How I keep them and have them set-up - RARE INVERTEBRATES
Have recently acquired a pair of velvet worms and have been researching how to best care for them in captivity.
Views: 36860 Miss Phantom Fangs
Green Tree Python - new additon - ENVY - Meet him and see his set-up
It has FINALLY happened. I am the proud owner of a GTP.
Views: 993 Miss Phantom Fangs

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