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Network Planning Optimization Demo
Network Planning and Optimization This demo illustrates network planning and optimization and how it relates to Cost to Serve. It includes two applications built and deployed with AIMMS. One is a standard example and the other is a tool for a complex network for a dairy manufacturer.
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Air Liquide's Frank Lüders on the benefits of AIMMS
An exclusive interview with Air Liquide on the AIMMS Modeling and Optimization platform.
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Nampak to speak at the European Supply Chain and Logistics Summit 2015
An invitation to the workshop “Profitable business planning in a highly volatile industry,” hosted by Nampak, AIMMS and Districon.
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Understand Perscriptive Analytics in 20 Minutes
Prescriptive Analytics is a type of Advanced Analytics that results in a recommended action. Is your company ready to embrace this cutting edge technology? Making data and business rules actionable with Prescriptive Analytics can be easier than you think. This webinar covers: - Why Prescriptive Analytics is considered to be transformational for your business in relation to descriptive and predictive analytics - How you can be agile and jump right into Prescriptive Analytics - How Prescriptive Analytics is helping AIMMS customers create high business impact
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Inventory Optimization
This demo of inventory optimization showcases how fast and easy it is to create a working model with AIMMS. Goal is to maximize margins while satisfying customer demand.
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AIMMS Production Planning Demo
Production Planning for both Basic and Complex Situations This demo showcases a basic scheduling scenario and one that is more complex. The complex model replaced an excel spreadsheet and saved the planner hours of time while creating a more efficient production plan
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Solving Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming (MINLP) Problems
In this webinar, we discuss how you can solve mixed-integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) problems in AIMMS. We discuss MINLP solvers (including BARON, Knitro and AOA) and talk about the algorithms used by these solvers. We address the pros and cons of each solver, and advise you on when to use each of them. Finally, we briefly discuss the AIMMS Presolver which can be used to improve the performance of these MINLP solvers.
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Using your own data sets effectively in the AIMMS WebUI
Until recently, AIMMS users could not use their own Excel data while running the WebUI on AIMMS PRO. To address this, we built a new AIMMS Excel library that provides direct access to the data in an Excel document. AIMMS developers can watch this Product Training webinar to learn about: - The AIMMS upload widget: a feature that helps you upload any file to your AIMMS model. - The AIMMS download widget: a feature that allows you to download information from your AIMMS model. - The AIMMS Excel library: a feature that enables you to quickly populate your WebUI application with your own Excel data.
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Product Training webinar: Running a Sensitivity Analysis in AIMMS
This Product Training webinar discusses sensitivity analysis for linear programming models. We do so by looking at the mathematical tools AIMMS provides to perform such an analysis. A sensitivity analysis can help you study how small changes in your initial data impact the optimal solution output. This type of sensitivity analysis is also called a post-optimality analysis. The webinar covers: 1. An introduction to sensitivity analysis 2. How to extract and interpret shadow prices and reduced cost in AIMMS 3. How to extract and interpret right hand side ranges and coefficient ranges in AIMMS
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AIMMS Summit 2018 After Movie
Impression video of our Customer Summit 2018 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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Taking S&OP to the next level with supply chain analytics
Many supply chain leaders realize the potential of analytics but need to see concrete examples. With our 30-year heritage in advanced analytics and our experience with Fortune 500 and mid-size companies, we have plenty of those to share. Sales and operations planning (S&OP) tools are increasingly being adopted by companies and while they enable data visualization and collaboration, they often miss the intelligence to recommend actions that improve your EBITDA. Find out how our self-configurable S&OP solution can help you take S&OP to the next level. This webinar covers: - How to get more insights from your S&OP using analytics - How to get more "signals" to identify opportunities and risks which weren't traditionally visible -How to spend less time on data gathering, more time on reflection and discussion - How S&OP coupled with analytics will help you make better decisions than your competition - A short demo of AIMMS S&OP Navigator How to get started
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Network Optimization 2.0: How to extend Supply Chain Network Optimization towards Cost to Serve
In this webinar, we share interesting insights that we've learned throughout the years while helping our customers streamline their operations. The webinar will help you: • Uncover how a flexible optimization modeling environment allows you to mimic all aspects of your supply chain much more realistically than any off-the-shelf solution. • Discover how SCN optimization technology can power your regular Cost to Serve analysis.
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Product Training webinar: Network Optimization using AIMMS in the Analytics and Visualization Era
Network flow models are used in a wide range of modeling problems and optimization applications. In this webinar, we share modeling and visualization aspects for network optimization using AIMMS, as well as several use cases for network planning applications. We touch on network model building and show how to deal with complexity and uncertainty in AIMMS-based network optimization models. We also illustrate options for network visualization using current AIMMS graphical capabilities.
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The 3 Pillars of Supply Chain Self-enablement
With rising digitalization, supply chain teams are realizing that they need to be agile and less dependent on external resources and IT to drive innovation. Developing new supply chain models and apps is necessary when their changing business reality demands it. The key to achieve this is supply chain self-enablement. Download the Guide here: https://goo.gl/CN2wPu
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Jack Pool
Jack Pool, Managing Partner at Districon, on Supply Chain Optimization.
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Coffee with AIMMS: Time for Change
Our supply chains are fundamentally different than they were 4 decades ago, but we still use the same systems and tools for planning today. Is it time for change? Hear from AIMMS' Supply Chain Experts, Brian Dooley and Paul van Nierop, and let us know what you think in the comments! Looking for software to facilitate digital transformation in your supply chain? Request a call with our experts here: http://bit.ly/2SIC57J
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Marcel Mourits on the benefits of AIMMS
AIMMS' Marcel Mourits on the value of AIMMS for Supply Chain Optimization.
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Advanced Analytics Meets Pulp and Paper
Pulp and paper companies are under pressure to drive down costs. Supply chain complexity is increasing and demand is becoming more volatile. Optimization can help you uncover hidden value and make informed business decisions to boost your company's financial performance. This webinar covers real life cases of applied optimization across the supply chain, from strategic asset management to truck scheduling.
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Graboplast Production Planning Demo
This decision support tool for planning and scheduling was used to: · Improve service levels · Reduce inventory levels · Increase production efficiency It includes daily routing, stock levels, order deadlines, order constraints and machine constraints. The results included: · Planning time reduced from several hours to thirty minutes · 50% reduction in idle time · 20% increase in machine productivity · 5 day reduction in lead time · 20% reduction in stock levels and scrap
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AIMMS Nampak Testimonial
Nampak's Vishal Devan on the benefits of AIMMS' optimization platform.
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AIMMS Summit 2019 After Movie | Celebrating 30 years
Impression video of the fourth edition of AIMMS Summit in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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Teaser AIMMS Summit 12 April 2018
After Movie of our 2017 Summit held on March 23 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Join our next edition on April 12, 2018!
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AIMMS Report: Buyer's Guide for Supply Chain Network Design
Network design as a discipline is complex and too many businesses are still relying on spreadsheets to design and optimize their supply chain. As a result, most organizations struggle to answer network design questions or test hypotheses in weeks. Let alone days, and certainly not hours. This Buyer's Guide helps you find easy-to-use technology to become more proactive and less reactive when it comes to network design and optimization. It presents the findings of a recent network maturity quiz carried out among dozens of supply chain professionals and draws on Supply Chain Insights' research findings on this topic. Get the Guide: https://guide.aimms.com/buyers-guide-for-network-design-software/?utm_source=social&utm_medium=youtube
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Coffee with AIMMS: Road Distances
Straight lines or actual road distances? Which one should you use in your network model? Hear from our experts in this edition of Coffee with AIMMS! Looking for flexible technology to optimize your supply chain network? Request a call with our experts here: http://bit.ly/2SIC57J
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AIMMS Product Training webinar: Creating a Constraint Programming Application
Learn to create a Constraint Programming Application in AIMMS
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AIMMS Webinar: Creating a Supply Chain Analytics Center of Excellence - What's the big deal
Part I of our webinar series: The Center of Excellence Guide - Connecting Supply Chain Capabilities and Analytics to Outpace your Peers Businesses and supply chains are seeking new approaches to get ahead in the analytics age. Are you looking for fresh ideas to update your organization, methods and tools to make the best of this huge opportunity? Topics addressed in this webinar: How analytics can transform your organization Defining the opportunity Getting buy-in and agreement The CoE Pyramid Creating change with the end user in mind Center of Excellence maturity matrix Maturity in the market – some examples
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AIMMS webinar: Demand Driven Product Scheduling
Precise means being exact, accurate and careful about details. The difference between good and great. Not an easy task if you have a lot of fluctuating demand and uncertainty in your production process. Learn from Paul Coombe, Supply Chain Director of leading glass manufacturer Nampak, how they changed from being defensive to drive their own profitable strategy.
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Product Training webinar: Prescriptive Analytics for Facility Location
Facility Location applications help you determine the appropriate location of one or more types of facilities in order to meet a certain objective. Facility Location problems arise in many application areas such as strategic network design, supply chain, transportation or telecommunications. The location of plants, warehouses, retail outlets, hospitals, exploratory oil wells, or even electronic components are among some typical examples. In this webinar, we share essential modeling, solution, and visualization aspects to build a Facility Location App using AIMMS. We will focus on Prescriptive Analytics methods which give you actionable insights to guide the decision making process.
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AIMMS Product Training webinar: Exploring WebUI Features to Enhance End-User Experience
The AIMMS WebUI is a powerful and versatile tool for AIMMS developers to create modern and stylish user interfaces. This helps the end-user to better understand the model results, while looking at something they can enjoy. This webinar looks at some useful features to enhance the end-user experience within WebUI. It covers the following topics: - New WebUI Features, like the group widget, upload widget and forms - Best practices on how to improve user interface - Tips on how to enhance the WebUI with Addons, CSS, Language Files, etc.
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Product Training webinar: Bring clarity to your model using the Gantt Chart
The Gantt Chart is a complex yet extremely beneficial tool that you can build to schedule tasks and organize projects within a time scale. AIMMS offers you the ability to interact with your Gantt Chart to change your data, experiment with different scenarios and control how different tasks are viewed. In this webinar, we look at some of the advanced features of the Gantt Chart and how it can be used to improve the clarity of your model.
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Inventory Optimization 2.0: How Modeling and Optimization help companies get to the next level
The challenging part of Inventory Management is the hedging for uncertainty - uncertainty of demand, of supply, of production, and to a lesser extent, of transportation. Doing trade-offs and calculations in a setting of uncertainty is inherently complex. Still, when done well, the benefits of freeing up cash and increasing agility are tremendous. This webinar, featuring Bob Woodburn, SVP of Supply Chain at Papyrus, covers the following: · The many facets of Inventory Optimization · How to tackle complexity · How to create impactful but end user friendly tools · Bob's personal experience bringing a Modelling and Optimization platform into his organization
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Meet the AIMMS Team
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Dealing with Uncertainty in Optimization-Based Decision Support Applications using AIMMS
Data uncertainty is ubiquitous in business applications and inherent in decision support optimization models. Uncertainty can be dealt with using techniques like parametric analysis, scenario analysis, stochastic programming or robust optimization. In this webinar we share essential modeling, solution, and visualization aspects for decision making under uncertainty using AIMMS. Based on some representative examples, we illustrate how specialized AIMMS features tailored to the above techniques may be employed for dealing with uncertainty in optimization-based decision support systems.
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Product Training webinar: Constraint Programming Scheduling Applications
This webinar offers an introduction to scheduling using constraint programming.
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Product Training webinar: Best Practices for Using the Multistart Algorithm in AIMMS
In this webinar, we discuss the multistart algorithm and demonstrate how it can be used. The multistart algorithm has been parallelized in AIMMS 4.9 to utilize multiple CPU cores. Among other things, we demonstrate that using parallel multistart can drastically reduce computation time.
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AIMMS Webinar: Driving Business Value with Segmentation & Analytics
Get a step-by-step guide to segmentation and analytics in this webinar presented by Intentional Supply Chain Consultant and Author Dr. Gerhard Plenert and AIMMS' Chris Gordon.
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Product Training webinar: Discover the benefits of the AIMMS math program inspector
The AIMMS Math Program Inspector is a graphical tool that allows you to analyze a model, feasible, infeasible or unbounded. This webinar demonstrates the basic functionality that allows you to inspect any model.
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Connecting AIMMS to Tableau
Being able to review output data in a convenient and comprehensible way plays a big role in an application’s success. AIMMS offers a rich end user interface to do so, but there are also other tools, such as BI Tools, that others in your company may be using to dig into and cross reference data. With flexibility and ease of use in mind, AIMMS has created the Data Link library to link your AIMMS model to Tableau, allowing you to export data to Tableau easily and successfully. This webinar explores: - Some of the features offered in the Data Link Library - How you can successfully make your AIMMS output data continuously available to your Tableau users - How you can integrate Tableau views into the AIMMS WebUI to have an integrated experience
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Using AIMMS for Monte Carlo Simulation
In this webinar, we illustrate how you can implement Monte Carlo simulation in AIMMS. We cover the necessary components of AIMMS, including distribution functions, histogram functions and looping procedures. We also build an interface in the WebUI and deploy the project in AIMMS PRO, which uses parallel sessions to fully take advantage of cluster computing.
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AIMMS Customer Summit EMEA 2016 (7min)
Impression video of our Customer Summit 2016 held on May 10th in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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Embedding AIMMS Jobs into your application environment using the AIMMS PRO API
Watch this webinar and learn to start and manage AIMMS jobs using the AIMMS PRO API. The webinar demonstrates how you can apply the AIMMS PRO API in C# applications. Two use cases are discussed: - The first use case will explore an application environment where an extensive user interface already exists and optimization is to be embedded using AIMMS PRO facilities for license management and job queueing - The second use case will look at a job that is to be run unattended either regularly or invoked by external events.
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Learn about AIMMS SC Navigator
A suite of configurable Apps for self-service Supply Chain Analytics. AIMMS SC Navigator™ is cloud-based software built with the needs of today's overloaded supply chain professionals in mind. Our intuitive suite of configurable Apps helps you uncover hidden opportunities, answer unresolved questions and fast-track mission critical decisions. For every question that comes up, you can configure a targeted application to uncover the answer.
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Product Training webinar: User Interaction in the WebUI
The purpose of this webinar is to illustrate how the user can interact with the AIMMS WebUI. We will provide a basic introduction to available widgets and their features, but the presentation will focus on: - Forms: a WebUI feature that allows the end-user to add a consistent set of data to the model, enabling easy data validation. - The Gantt chart: a tool that enables you to easily and intuitively show schedules. During the webinar, we will also discuss new features that allow you to easily move things around in a schedule.
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Product Training webinar: Access management in AIMMS PRO WebUI applications
As an AIMMS WebUI app developer, you want to make sure that sensitive enterprise data can only be modified and accessed by the right people. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how you can manage access rights for a group and individual people. We will look at: - AIMMS WebUI apps themselves - Data used in AIMMS WebUI apps - Scenarios computed in AIMMS WebUI apps - Files stored centrally by AIMMS WebUI apps
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Gertjan de Lange part 1
AIMMS' Gertjan de Lange on why companies should embrace optimization.
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Chinese Network Optimization 2.0: How to extend Supply Chain Network Optimization towards Cost
In this webinar, we share interesting insights that we’ve learned throughout the years while helping our customers streamline their operations. Watch the webinar to: • Uncover how a flexible optimization modeling environment allows you to mimic all aspects of your supply chain much more realistically than any off-the-shelf solution. • Discover how SCN optimization technology can power your regular Cost to Serve analysis. In a pragmatic way, the webinar shows a bit of theory and practice within half an hour, which allows you to assess really quickly whether this approach is valuable for you right now.
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Product Training: How to Successfully Deploy Your Application in AIMMS PRO [Korean]
This webinar provides a short introduction to AIMMS PRO and basic PRO implementation tips, as well as an overview of the data exchange and message exchange capabilities offered by the platform.
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Product Training: Using the Database Connection [Japanese]
Organizations typically have multiple applications, and the data shared among these applications is held in databases. AIMMS has a rich toolset to develop database connections and tune data exchange. In this webinar, we explore this toolset and offer advise that will help you create more efficient data exchange statements.
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Air Liquide's Control Room
A look inside Air Liquide's control room and their use of optimization.
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Product Training webinar: A New Multistart Algorithm
In this webinar, we introduce the new Multistart Algorithm in AIMMS, which was developed in 2016. The Multistart Algorithm can be used to find better solutions for nonlinear optimization problems. We compare the new algorithm with the original Multistart Algorithm, and show computational results to demonstrate its effectiveness.
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