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Fulfillment by Amazon: Registration and Preparing Products for FBA
Package your products and get them ready for Amazon fulfillment centers.
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Fulfillment by Amazon: How FBA Works
Get a basic understanding of the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) process.
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Fulfillment by Amazon: Your First FBA Shipment: Labeling
Explore your options for correctly labeling products you ship to Amazon fulfillment centers.
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Adding Products: Matching To A Listing
Understand the steps for creating a listing for a product already in Amazon’s catalog.
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Fulfillment by Amazon: Your First FBA Shipment: Part 1
Put together your first Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) shipping plan.
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Seller University: Intro to Automate Pricing
How to edit a pricing rule, edit SKUs on a pricing rule, and review price history.
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Shipping Options: Intro to Seller Fulfilled Prime
An overview of the Seller Fulfilled Prime Program Learn more on http://tinyurl.com/j58qk3q
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Day One: Stories of Entrepreneurship | Steven Yang, Anker Technology
Sell on Amazon and start your own story today: http://amzn.to/1PtjzqF A former Google engineer builds a hugely successful business in smartphone charging accessories. Anker Tech July 1 of 2011. That’s the day I officially left Google. I got to work with all the great people on challenging problems (in a) great environment. People many times asked me: so, why did you leave Google? Well, actually, that dates back to 2009. My wife started selling on Amazon by drop-shipping. I helped actually to build a system for her to automate everything. It took me two months, evenings and weekends, to develop this system. Once the system is up, the selling was very fast. In months she was fulfilling three hundred orders per day. I quit Google and I went back to China to establish the company. So, Anker’s primary focus is on USB charging. On the Amazon Platform, we grew from about 1,000 orders per day about four years ago, to 20,000 to 30,000 orders per day now. We sold over 100,000 products in two days during last Thanksgiving season. Going through hyper-growth is like driving a car on the highway at, you know, 120 miles per hour, and still you want to change the wheels; you want to change the engine along the way. And that really takes careful planning, thinking, and discipline. The key to (building) high-quality and innovative products is to listen to the customers. Amazon reviews (are) actually the single most important input to our new product development process. We make sure that our new products start from the needs that customers expressed. As a Google alumnus, I sometimes compare my startup with the startups of, you know, the fellow Googlers. Mine is a lot less fancy, because all their startups were about mobile Internet, about social networks, about algorithms, and advanced systems. And mine is about, you know, just consumer products. What’s all the same was that we’re creating value. If you really focus on creating value for consumers, you’ll get there sooner or later.
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Fulfillment by Amazon: Your First FBA Shipment Part 2
Learn how to choose a carrier, set up deliveries, and get your products to Amazon fulfillment centers.
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North America Unified Account (NAUA): Expand listings to Amazon.ca and Amazon.com.mx
Learn about adding your listings to Amazon.ca and Amazon.com.mx using the Build International Listings (BIL) tool
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Applying to Sell in Beauty
Get an overview of the seller requirements, product requirements, and the documentation required to sell in Beauty and Health & Personal Care.
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Fulfillment by Amazon: Converting Products to FBA
Learn how to convert products you’re currently fulfilling to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).
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Setting Up Promotions: Gift Options
Enable gift options for your whole catalog or for specific SKUs, including gift messaging and gift wrap.
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Selling Plans, Fees & Getting Paid: Selling Plans and Fees
Explore the differences between Individual and Professional selling plans and their associated fees.
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Applying to Sell in Grocery & Gourmet Food
Get an overview of the seller requirements, product requirements, and the documentation required to sell in Grocery & Gourmet Foods.
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Quick Start: Intro to Seller Fulfilled Shipping
Set up shipping rates for each region you ship to and ensure customers are charged correctly.
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Fulfillment by Amazon: Small and Light
An overview of the FBA Small and Light Program, how it works, and how you can get started today
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Quick Start Guide: Intro To Seller Central
Get a quick tour of Seller Central, the portal for all things Selling on Amazon.
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Amazon Global Selling: Intro To Global Selling
Get an idea of what it takes to sell internationally on Amazon, along with a few specifics to consider before you dive in.
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How a beekeeping hobby turned into a sweet career
After building a honey business in North Texas, and eventually taking things online selling on Amazon, a once-amateur beekeeper finds a way to create some buzz around his favorite hobby back home.
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Shipping Option: Seller Fulfilled Prime Trial
A detailed description of what the Seller Fulfilled Prime Trial is, and how you can get started Learn more on http://tinyurl.com/j58qk3q
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Sponsored Products - Create Your First Sponsored Products Campaign
A step-by-step guide to creating your first Sponsored Products Campaign (US)
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Day One: Stories of Entrepreneurship | Ryan Spahr, SupplyTiger
Sell on Amazon and start your own story today: http://amzn.to/1S7kiEU A proud Penn State grad embraces the competition to help build a successful ecommerce business. SupplyTiger My journey as an entrepreneur began when I was born. I was the kid in my neighborhood that had the lemonade stand. So that’s sort of how I started getting money in my pocket. I started selling online in my dorm room. I looked to see what other people were selling and then tried to replicate that. Graduating from Penn State, two days later I started working as an industrial engineer in a factory in Pennsylvania. What we made was toner cartridges. They got the bright idea to send the factory to Mexico. So they selected me to go down to Tijuana, Mexico, and work with the engineers there to set up the factory. All through this time when I worked in Tijuana I was still selling online and working on my website. So when the time came that I was fed up working for the man, I was able to step back and start my own business. I started selling on Amazon in 2011. My business has grown ten times since then. If I could give one piece of advice, I’m saying, do your research. Go to trade shows—you could talk to two hundred suppliers in three days. Those guys are going to break you down, they’re going to tell you their successes, give you advice—you can learn from all these brilliant people. I’m inspired by other sellers as well. Ten years ago I thought that sellers were against me. I thought it was a war, one seller versus another, and that is not the case. We are all together in this in the same industry. We’re learning from each other, helping each other. The world is so big that there’s a piece of it for all of us.
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Amazon Marketplace - Day One: Stories of Entrepreneurship | Jerry Kozak, Ann Arbor T-shirt Co.
During his senior year of high school, Amazon Marketplace seller Jerry Kozak had his car broken into. When he received the insurance money, he spent it on a heat press for screen printing t-shirts. He and his business partner started producing t-shirts in their dorm room, eventually upgrading to a t-shirt printer that could barely fit in their apartment. With investments from friends and family, they continued to grow the business, enduring a slump in the 2008 recession. They launched on Amazon in 2012, and have grown that first year revenue of $1.5M to over $5M in 2016. For Jerry it’s about grit: “You learn that it's good to be smart but it is a lot better to be a hard worker.”
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Start small. Think big.
Small business owners selling on Amazon know that every journey begins with that first step. Start selling on Amazon today: https://amzn.to/sellonamazon
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Amazon Marketplace - Day One: Stories of Entrepreneurship - African Promise Foundation
Amazon Marketplace seller Suzy Benson Gillies heard about the aftermath of Uganda’s 21 long years of war, and made a trip wondering if she could help. While visiting a refugee camp she made a promise to an old man named Tiger to share the story of the Acholi people. That promise inspired the African Promise Foundation, her nonprofit designed to help the Acholi and other refugees in the war-torn country. She set up shop with cooperatives of local women who handcraft jewelry. Profits support school fees for orphans, business training for the women, and more product. Suzy was selling jewelry at a farmer’s market when a chance encounter her to Amazon Exclusives. Through her work with APF and a separate travel company, she’s sustained her family of six as a single parent.
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Amazon Global Selling: Shipping to an Amazon Fulfillment Center
There are a few things to keep in mind when sending your products to an Amazon fulfillment center in another country.
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Amazon Marketplace - Day One: Stories of Entrepreneurship | Christine Krogue, Mama Moon
Amazon Marketplace seller Christine Krogue ventured into entrepreneurship as a stay-at-home mom. Her first product was Baby Undersocks, a pair of thermal pants with socks her own baby wouldn’t kick off in the Utah winter. She soon found she had other ideas inspired by her own kids, ranging from wool dryer balls to board games. She began selling online through her own website, and had trouble with visibility. After launching on Amazon in 2011, that changed—a simple search on “laundry products” or “baby clothes” would call up her products. In 2014 her company, Mama Moon Boutique, did over $1M in sales, doubling that to $2.3M the next year. With four boys, one of whom has special needs, Christine loves the work-life balance her new career affords.
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Detail Pages & The Buy Box: What Makes A Quality Detail Page
Learn how to make a high-quality detail page that can help you boost views and sales.
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Setting Up Promotions: Lightning Deals
Instructions on how to set up a Lightning Deal and how to manage your Lightning Deals.
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Listing Restrictions: Understanding Our Guidelines
Get an overview of some of the legal, regulatory, and other policies restricting certain products from sale on Amazon.
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Day One: Stories of Entrepreneurship | Bernie Thompson, Plugable Technologies
Sell on Amazon and start your own story today: http://amzn.to/1lDn46i A software engineer breaks out on his own to take his innovative USB devices directly to consumers.
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Introducing Amazon Giveaway for FBA
Learn about Amazon Giveaway for FBA
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Day One: Stories Of Entrepreneurship | Joseph Jaconi, Tech Armor
Sell on Amazon and start your own story today: http://amzn.to/1nexzOp An electronics-industry veteran builds a best-selling brand on awesome customer service.
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Amazon Automate Pricing
An overview of Automate Pricing by Amazon.
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Amazon Business Seller Program: Business Price and Quantity Discounts - Manage Pricing
Learn how to use Manage Pricing to add Business Pricing and Quantity Discounts to your offers.
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Quick Start: Payments
Navigate payment reports and your account summary to track statements and payment information.
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She loved cooking so she created kitchen products
Asha took her family's love of food out of the kitchen and on a rigorous journey through product research, design, and development, working on a selection of kitchenware she sells on Amazon.
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Amazon Business Seller Program: Amazon Tax Exemption Program
Learn how to participate in the ATEP program, enabling sellers to accept tax-exempt orders from business customers.
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Detail Pages & The Buy Box: Amazon Detail Page Overview
Understand how products are presented on Amazon, and what this means for your listings.
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Day One: Stories of Entrepreneurship | John Derringer, Driven Products
Sell on Amazon and start your own story today: http://amzn.to/1WC6123 An extra set of wheels inspires a delivery driver’s leap into a rapidly accelerating automotive venture. Driven Products My name is John Derringer. I’m the president of Driven Products, and I was born and raised in Seattle. When I was younger, I had an old Subaru station wagon that I was taking up snowboarding, and I needed a set of wheels for it, and found a guy on Craigslist that just so happened to have two sets of wheels, so I bought both sets. I put the other set online and sold it at a profit and said, ‘hey, I can make money doing this.’ And repeated that, eventually started buying wheels from the local car dealerships and selling those online, and then just kind of snowballed. So, in 2008, I started in my dad’s woodshed with 600 bucks. My dad didn’t think it was that great, so [I] moved to Public Storage and then that snowballed. And Public Storage didn’t like me getting freight delivered to Public Storage anymore, so we had to get a real warehouse. I was still working full-time and had a couple people working for me. My now-fiancée would—bless her heart—would come in. In the cold, because I was too cheap to pay for heat. So, she would come in and polish used wheels. She’s a bit of a saint for that. We’ll do several million dollars in sales this year. The amount that we’re accelerating on Amazon is several times the rate that we’re accelerating on other platforms. And I think product reviews are a huge contributor to that. You’ve got a shiny chrome lug nut and you’ve got a shiny chrome lug nut. If you’re not a scientist or an engineer, you really can’t tell the difference. Until someone buys a competitor’s product and three months later they get a one-star review because it’s already rusting and we’ve got 100, 140 five-star reviews because they don’t rust—that says something about the product. If we’re not keeping 99% of our customers happy, then we’re doing something wrong. The advice I give any entrepreneur is surround yourself with people that are smarter than you. The biggest impact on my business was actually getting a business coach. When you have someone that kind of is your ‘boss figure’ and says, you know, you should probably focus on this and not this, amazing things happen. Best money I ever spent in my entire life was on a business coach. And now we have a really specific view on where we want to go, things are going really well, and we’re growing like crazy.
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Detail Pages & The Buy Box: Buy Box Overview
Understand how the Amazon Buy Box works and how you can become eligible to win it.
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Day One: Stories of Entrepreneurship | Anna Nordlander, The Friendly Swede
Sell on Amazon and start your own story today: http://amzn.to/1Uhe6rt An ambitious law student discovers she’s CEO material and takes the helm of a global sports & outdoors business. Friendly Swede “My name is Anna Nordlander. I started working for The Friendly Swede in 2012. I was studying law at the time and the founder of The Friendly Swede, John, contacted me. It was supposed to be a project, really—helping sort out the legal structure, etcetera. But as the company kept on growing, my role also kept on growing. “John asked me if I wanted to start working full-time. And I said, ‘well, you can have me for a year, because after that, I’ll become a diplomat.’ When I had handed in my master’s thesis in July 2013, I pretty much straight jumped on a plane, went down to Sydney, worked from a distance there. After a couple of months, I guess, I became a little bit restless. And I think John picked up on that. So he asked me—he was like, ‘So, Anna, how do you feel about becoming CEO?’ “I told him, ‘Okay, can you just hold on a little bit?’ I did a quick Google and said, okay, okay, what does a CEO do? Because I had absolutely no idea! And what came up was—luckily for me—a CEO talks to people. And I figured alright, well, I can do that. So I said yes, and I stepped up as CEO and moved back to Sweden to set up a headquarters. “So, we just decided that okay, let’s focus on sports and outdoors. We’re moving towards being the best sports and outdoors company there is. For us, that means bringing on the best people. Our management team consists only of women today. You should see all these young people; they’re amazing. They’re just, you know, juggling this massive business. I mean, we had a turnover of over 7 million U.S. dollars last year. “The Friendly Swede started selling on Amazon in 2011. 2012, we had a $4 million in sales. During 2015, we’re aiming for $12 million and we’re in seven marketplaces. “Our customers are the best product developers there are. We read every single review—good ones, bad ones. We take in all the feedback that we get and just constantly try to become even better. “It’s so important that you dare to try things. I often hear, especially (unfortunately) young women say stuff like, ‘Oh, I got this job offer, but I really—I couldn’t say yes, because I wasn’t good enough.’ Well, someone thought you were good enough, so why don’t you just say yes, go for it, see where it’ll take you? That’s what happened when I became CEO of The Friendly Swede at an age of 27.”
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Quick Start: User Permissions
Edit your User Permissions to grant multiple people access to a single Seller Central account.
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Setting Up Promotions: Basic Promotions Part 1
Learn how to set up a promotion in Seller Central.
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He invented a tool for DIY shaves and haircuts
Josh was a kid inventor from the Carribean who took one of his ideas all the way through to adulthood, motivated by his dad's regrettable skills with the hair clippers. Now he sells on Amazon to help everyone look a little better.
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Sponsored Products: Intro to Sponsored Products
An overview of advertising your listings with Amazon Sponsored Products
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North America Unified Account (NAUA): Shipping to Canada
Learn about getting started with shipping your products to Canada either to an Amazon Fulfillment Center using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or directly to the customer
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Adding Products: Manage Inventory
Get familiar with the Manage Inventory page, which lets you search, view, and update your listing information.
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Amazon Marketplace -  Day One: Stories of Entrepreneurship | Alfred Chow, PattyBoutik
Amazon Marketplace seller Alfred Chow was nervous when his wife Patty said she wanted to quit her job. They were accustomed to a certain lifestyle as “DINKs” (double-income, no-kids). But she had a plan, and before he knew it the apartment was strewn with fabric and mannequins as she designed apparel for women. A few years later Alfred left his job in semiconductors to join PattyBoutik. The company launched on Amazon in 2012, and have enjoyed 40% to 50% growth each year. Alfred credits this to three basic factors: “If your design is good, if your quality is good, if you have a character, it will take off.”
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