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Anti Heros - Hate Edge
Anti Heros - Hate Edge
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CONCRETE - Subculture Street Trooper
CONCRETE - Subculture Street Trooper From the 7" "Subculture Street Trooper" released by Rebellion Records, Rebel Sound and American Oi! Records. From the MCD "We Are All Subculture Street Troopers" released by Rebellion Records and American Oi! Records. More info, reviews and interview at http://www.american-oi.com Buy from http://www.rebellionshop.com
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Slapshot - No Friend Of Mine
Slapshot - No Friend Of Mine, Step On It
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Battle Ruins - Demo Tape 2009
Battle Ruins - Battle Ruins Rock 'N' Roll Disgrace Records, 2009, cassette 01. Blood Eagle 02. Traitors Stomped Out 03. Warpath Ahead 04. Heart Of Fire And Stone 05. Cut Blood Line
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Hudson Falcons - Working Class War
Hudson Falcons - Working Class War
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Straight Laced - Ideals
Straight Laced - Ideals Taken from the "Stories From The Street" split EP w/ The Traditionals Clockwork Firm Records, 2014 Order from http://vinylwasteland.bigcartel.com/ Review on http://www.american-oi.com
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Criminal Damage - Call Of Death
Criminal Damage - Call Of Death "Call Of Death" LP, 2013, Feral Ward
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Stars & Stripes - The Power And The Glory
Veterans Day 2013
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Straight Laced - Baba O'Riley
Great cover version of The Who's classic "Baba O'Riley".
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Terminus City - My Castle
Terminus City - My Castle
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45 Adapters - New York (Templars cover)
New York by The Templars covered by 45 Adapters
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Warzone - Street Kids demo '86
Don't forget the struggle, don't forget the street kids! 01. Don't Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget The Streets 02. Escape From Your Society 03. Fighting For Our Country 04. In The Mirror 05. Wound Up 06. As One 07. Patterns Of Hate 08. Under 18 09. War Between Races 10. Will You Ever Come Back 11. Fuck Your Attitude 12. We're The Crew 13. Power For Living 14. Young Til' I Die
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The Ducky Boys - Bad Moon Rising
Band: The Ducky Boys Song: Bad Moon Rising Album: No Gettin' Out Label: GMM Records Year: 1997
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DDC - Bitter End
Taken from the split 10" w/ DDC "Assault & Destroy", P & C Rebellion Records / American Oi! Records 2015
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Niblick Henbane - Dreamin'
Band: Niblick Henbane Song: Dreamin' Album: Go Away Label: TKO Records Year: 2000
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Forced Reality - The Flag Is Mine
Forced Reality - The Flag Is Mine
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Uprise, The  Winning The War
The Uprise - Winning The War
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Reducers SF - Let It Go
Reducers SF - Let It Go Taken from the album "Backing The Longshot", released by TKO Records in 1999 on vinyl and CD.
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Plan Of Attack - Stick To Your Guns
New album from Brisbane, Australia Oi! band PLAN OF ATTACK called "STICK TO YOUR GUNS" out soon on REBELLION RECORDS on CD & LP!
Views: 4938 AmericanOiFacebook
Lower Class Brats - Ultra Violence (live)
Lower Class Brats performing 'Ultra Violence' live.
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Swingin' Utters - I Got Your Number
Band: Swingin' Utters Song: I Got Your Number Album: Punk Rock Jukebox Label: Blackout! Records Year: 1995
Views: 1975 AmericanOiFacebook
The Lovely Lads - Mourning Soul
Band: The Lovely Lads Song: Mourning Soul Album: We Breed Ugly Label: Neutral Accents Year: 2015
Views: 624 AmericanOiFacebook
Straight Laced - Punch Drunk
Straight Laced - Punch Drunk From "All Laced Up".
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Major Disappointment - Working Poor
Major Disappointment - Working Poor From the album "Underground Allegiance". Out now on Skinflint Music and Grey Zone Records. Review on http://www.american-oi.com
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Templars - Pawns In The Game
Templars - Pawns In The Game
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Toughskins - England
Toughskins - England from Superyobs II
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Those Unknown - For All Commons
Those Unknown - For All Commons
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Moonstomp - Having Fun
Moonstomp - Having Fun
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Awkward Thought - Oi! Ain't Dead (live, Condemned 84)
NYHC band Awkward Thought performing Condemned 84's classic "Oi! Ain't Dead" live.
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Last Rights - No Guts, No Glory full 12" EP
Last Rights - No Guts, No Glory 12" EP, probably one of the best hardcore ep's ever! Reflex Records.
Views: 949 AmericanOiFacebook
Murderer's Row - Crazy, Sick, Psychotic
Murderer's Row - Crazy, Sick, Psychotic from 'Beer Fueled Mayhem'.
Views: 610 AmericanOiFacebook
Warzone - Judgement Day
Warzone - Judgement Day from Old School To The New School
Views: 353 AmericanOiFacebook
Agnostic Front - Your Mistake
Agnostic Front - Your Mistake, Live at CBGB's
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Toughskins - We Are The Toughskins
Toughskins - We Are The Toughskins from 'Raised In Anger' CD/LP
Views: 863 AmericanOiFacebook
Hudson Falcons - Kings Of The Bar
Almost weekend! Taken from the split LP / CD "One Size Slits All" with Emscherkurve 77.
Views: 790 AmericanOiFacebook
Hudson Falcons - Kick Out The Jams
Band: Hudson Falcons Song: Kick Out The Jams Album: Attack (w/ King Size Braces) Label: Squigtone Records / Working Class Records Year: 2001 / 2010
Views: 449 AmericanOiFacebook
Vacant Lot - Who Commits The Crime
Vacant Lot - Who Commits The Crime From the LP/CD "Stay Mental", 1992. Opening track.
Views: 425 AmericanOiFacebook
Pickabar (45 Adapters) - Patriots Not Fools
Early (2012) / Demo version of "Patriots Not Fools". www.pickabar.com www.45adapters.com
Views: 681 AmericanOiFacebook
The Trouble - Back On The Map
Band: The Trouble Song: Back On The Map Album: V/A - Boston Drops The Gloves, A Tribute To Slapshot Label: TKO Records / FLAT Records Year: 1999
Views: 435 AmericanOiFacebook
90 Proof - Homeward Bound
90 Proof - Homeward Bound
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South East Firm - Beat Of The Street (incl. lyrics)
Lyrics: In the pub or on the street. No matter where you go you’ll hear the beat. In football stadiums across the land. You’ll hear the call of the working class man. Oi! Oi! music’s here to stay. It’ll never die or fade away. The fourth wave of Oi! is well on its way, for the new breed of today Chrorus: Oi! Oi! Oi! We’re here to stay! Oi! Oi! Oi! We won’t go away! Oi! Oi! Oi! To anyone we meet! Oi! Oi! Oi! It’s the beat of the street! Oi! means so much to me. It’s what influenced my identity. Menace, Cock Sparrer, Sham 69. Will be my heroes ‘til the end of time. It’s their anthems that led the way. For the Oi! bands of today. Skinheads, punks and hooligans. Are true to Oi! until the end.
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Strongarm And The Bullies - Sail Away
Strongarm And The Bullies - Sail Away, Rebellion Records
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Vanguard - Survival Of The Fittest (Stronghold split version)
Final version from the 'Stronghold' split album.
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Rogue Trooper - Army Of One
“Army Of One” is taken from Rogue Trooper’s first demo, that you can stream or download through this link: https://roguetrooper.bandcamp.com/releases I don’t hold the rights to any of this, track is uploaded with permission of the band!
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Pug Uglies - Gunpowder For The Dogs (demo)
Pug Uglies - Gunpowder For The Dogs, Rebellion Records.
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Spitfires United - Working
DC Oi!
Views: 320 AmericanOiFacebook
Uprise, The - We're Right
The Uprise - We're Right
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The Forgotten - Streets Of Despair
The Forgotten - Streets Of Despair
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Headstrong - L.A.  Bootboys '87
Band: Headstrong Song: L.A. Bootboys '87 Album: L.A. Bootboys '87 Label: Disconnected Records
Views: 1120 AmericanOiFacebook
Hardknocks, The - American Hero's
The Hardknocks - American Hero's
Views: 1017 AmericanOiFacebook

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