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U.S. Marine tries to teach reporter how to make a military-style bed
Staten Island Advance journalist Amanda Steen went to Parris Island Marine Corps bootcamp and had a drill instructor try to teach her how to make a bed or "rack" military style. (Video by Amanda Steen) Follow Amanda's new series SILive Tries on SILive.com IG: @amanda_steen
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62-year-old living in a bus: 'Living 'like a millionaire'
Ronald Cotton, a South Beach native, turned misfortune into opportunity with his colorful mobile home. (Video/Anthony DePrimo)
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Watch: Big Ang talks about cancer, Mob Wives and the haters
In her first public appearance since her throat operation, Big Ang talks to the Staten Island Advance about her cancer scare, how she really feels about Natalie Guercio and those who hate Mob Wives. (Video by Lauren Steussy)
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From homeless to St. Peter's High School football star
Shakim Douglas, a high school football player with Division 1 prospects who was living in a homeless shelter and commuting four hours from the Bronx to Staten Island every day, is given a chance by a Staten Island family who offers him a place to call home. (Video by Amanda Steen)
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Homemaker wins $169 million Mega Millions jackpot
Nancy Viola, a homemaker from Staten Island, has come forward to claim the $169 million Mega Millions jackpot. (Video by Amanda Steen)
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Life inside a community residence for the disabled
A tour of a group home for the developmentally disabled in Dongan Hills section of Staten Island. (Video by Amanda Steen)
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Views and progress atop the Bayonne Bridge
Bayonne Bridge project manager shows us the progress so far and how raising the roadway is done. (Video/Anthony DePrimo)
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Meet Waffles, the baby sloth at the Staten Island Zoo
Four-month-old Waffles is one of the newest additions to the Staten Island Zoo. Waffles is a Hoffman's two-toed sloth, born to parents CC and Sid. (Video by Amanda Steen)
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God's Plan: College Football Recruit Amad Anderson's Inspiring Story
"It's God's plan, I believe," says Amad Anderson Sr. In 1999, Anderson was a senior football player at Hofstra University when his career was tragically cut short. Now he watches as his son, Amad Anderson Jr., follows in his footsteps as a star wide receiver at Curtis High School. With sixteen scholarship offers from different colleges, Anderson Jr. is deciding his next career move. In the above video, his father recalls his life as a player and advises his son on his new journey and expected successful career. (Video: Shira Stoll) PART TWO: 'The Commitment' -- Amad selects his university, Rutgers. https://youtu.be/U6X9-RphmOk
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Staten Island man announced as lottery winner
Staten Island man Anthony Perosi was announced as the New York State Lottery Powerball jackpot winner at the customer service center in lower Manhattan. Thursday June 4, 2015.
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'You are a coward' crying 'crocodile tears,' judge blasts man at sentencing in girlfriend's death
Jeffrey McDonald wept as he apologized to his girlfriend Alyssa Johnson's family Monday in a St. George courtroom moments before being sentenced to up to 12 years behind bars for beating Johnson to death last year in their Dongan Hills home.But Justice Mario F. Mattei wasn't impressed by the defendant's expression of sorrow, and instead, lit into him. (Video: Bill Lyons)
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After Trump insult, Staten Islander hammers De Niro portrait
Staten Islander Joseph DeVito took a hammer to a framed portrait of actor Robert De Niro after he spoke out against President Trump at the Tony Awards. (Video courtesy of Joseph DeVito)
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Grandma vs. Sicilian pizza: Do you know the difference?
Which is which? Find out here! Just in case there was a shred of doubt remaining, rest assured that Staten Islanders know their pizza. We went out to two local pizzerias with the intention to stump you with two seemingly similar but vastly different square pies: Grandma vs. Sicilian. (Video/Jan SommaHammel)
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Woman with Down Syndrome faces daily challenges with a smile
Kara Toth, a 29 year old woman with Down Syndrome, lives her life to the fullest extent. (Video by Amanda Steen)
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Dr. Ben Carson one-on-one interview with SILive.com
Dr. Ben Carson sits down with SILive.com before his town hall style meeting in Staten Island on Monday night. (Video by Amanda Steen)
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Meet the Mid-Island Little League 12s All Stars
Mid-Island Little League 12s All Stars, the team from Staten Island, moved on to the Little League World Series after winning the Regional competition. After watching them practice before heading to Regionals, we got a chance to learn a little more about the team. (Video by: Alexandra Salmieri)
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Celebrity golfers share their favorite golf jokes
It's a special kind of humor: the golf joke. Celebrities at the St. George Theatre golf and tennis outing on October 17, 2016, shared their best golf jokes before teeing off. (Video by Lauren Steussy)
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NOAA flies through eye of Hurricane Florence
A NOAA "hurricane hunter" flew through the eye of Hurricane Florence as it heads for the Carolinas. (Video courtesy of NOAA/Nick Underwood)
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Young girl with Nail Patella Syndrome shares big message about rare diseases
Ava Garnett a fourth grader at the Petrides School, organized an event for Rare Disease Day on Feb. 28. (Video/Jan Somma-Hammel)
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Sand Castle King: Watch Matt Long work his beach magic
Matt Long makes his living creating fun sand sculptures, here is the one he made today. (Video by Jan Somma-Hammel)
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Staten Island surgeon talks ‘Brain on Fire’ movie
Dr. Najjar reviews Brain on Fire movie about his life-saving diagnosis.
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Camille Sims is crowned Miss New York 2016
Camille Sims, Miss Pride of New York, is crowned Miss New York 2016 by Miss New York 2015 Jamie Lynn Macchia and Miss New York's Outstanding Teen 2016, Lauryn Whitfield during the Miss New York State Pageant Sunday, May 29, 2016 at the St. george The
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Nine-year-old girl living with 22Q Deletion Syndrome
Ava Desiderato is a fourth grader from Staten Island who lives with 22Q deletion syndrome (known as 22Q), a disorder which causes the deletion of the twenty-second chromosome. (Video: Shira Stoll)
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Man saves choking New York cop at Staten Island Diner
Rob Allegre, 37, of Westerleigh, was having coffee at the counter of the Staten Island Diner when he noticed an NYPD officer choking. He quickly got up and gave the officer the Heimlich, saving his life.
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Communication device reveals autistic teen’s brilliance
Nicholas D’Amora, who is autistic, learns how to communicate freely with an RPM device. (Video/Amanda Steen)
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NYC Marathon: How runners can navigate the start
Useful tips for runners to navigate the staging area for the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon, which kicks off at Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island.
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NASA: Take a virtual tour of the moon
The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter camera flies over the lunar terrain, coming in for close looks at a variety of interesting sites on the moon. (Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/David Ladd)
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BBQ Masters of New York: "Sweet Jerk Chicken"
Frank Sullivan shows us how he makes his famous "Sweet Jerk Chicken" at his home in Port Richmond. (Video by Amanda Steen)
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Staten Island couple exchange vows in cemetery for Halloween wedding
Donald Walters and Kim Holmes are wed inside Lake/Sylvie's Cemetery in Graniteville on Halloween. Video by Anthony DePrimo.
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Dramatic Hurricane Sandy video of storm surge devastating Staten Island restaurant
Restaurant owner captured the storm surge as it swept through his Annadale restaurant, Puglia by the Sea. (Video courtesy of Ben Mancuso / Edited by Steve Zaffarano)
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Crossing the new Goethals Bridge in under 60 seconds
Take a trip across the new Goethals Bridge in under 60 seconds. The new westbound span opened to traffic on Sunday, May 20, around 10 p.m. The new span features three, 12-foot wide lanes, resulting in a 60 percent increase in vehicle capacity.
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Staten Island Mall memories: 1970s to today
From Honeycomb to the WB Store: Take a nostalgic tour of GGP's Staten Island Mall with Joe Soldano. STORY: http://www.silive.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2016/05/the_staten_island_mall_what_us.html
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Competitive cheerleading: S.I. Spirit heads to The Summit at Disney
Cheering all-stars climb their way to 'The Summit' at Disney World. (Video/Jan Somma-Hammel)
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Staten Island man wins 245.6 million jackpot
Staten Islander Nandlall Mangal, came forward to claim the $245.6 million sole jackpot winning ticket from the August 11, 2018 Powerball drawing. (Video by Amanda Steen)
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Vintage Staten Island: Memories of 'old' New Dorp
Fred Delise of Technical Car Services remembers New Dorp fondly.
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Historic mile commemorates closing of Willowbrook State School
Historic mile meant to educate walkers commemorates closing of Willowbrook State School where its young residents were mistreated.
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SNL's Pete Davidson & Colin Jost show up for NYC's heroes
Pete Davidson and Colin Jost, of Saturday Night Live, show support for Staten Island's many NYPD and FDNY heroes.
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Staten Island construction worker announced as $7M lottery winner
Rigoberto Mejia of Staten Island won $7 million on the New York Lottery from a golden ticket scratch off he bought on November 30 from Bagels on the Island on Forest Avenue. Mejia, who is originally from Mexico, is a husband and father of 3 girls.
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An expert wig maker, five decades, and a thousand pounds of hair
Nicholas Piazza has been a wig maker, hair stylist, and wig designer in New York City for 50 years and is still working hard at his craft. (Video: Shira Stoll)
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Classic Cars: A 1975 Pontiac GrandVille Brougham
Mike Gorgia's 1975 Pontiac GrandVille Brougham, with original miles and affinity for the late car manufacturer.
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Officials set to announce major drug bust on Staten Island; ‘F— SILive,’ snaps suspect
Suspects expected to appear in court Tuesday afternoon.
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Escape Room challenge: New York City's Amazing Escape Room
Watch a group of six try their luck busting out of the Mine room, one of four themed rooms - in The Amazing Escape Room Staten Island. (Video by Anthony DePrimo.) STORY: http://www.silive.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2016/05/can_you_break_out_of_the_amazi.html
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Take a quick tour through St. George, Staten Island
Drive through St.George and view some of the hot spots. (Video/Jan Somma-Hammel)
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Female poolees get a glimpse of U.S. Marine life
Female poolees from the NYC area get a glimpse of Marine life with a day of team sports, pt, and learning about MREs at Jones beach. (Video by Amanda Steen and Shira Stoll)
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Prom 2018: New Dorp High School celebrates at El Caribe in Brooklyn
New Dorp High School seniors dance the night away at El caribe in Brooklyn. (Video by Bill Lyons)
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PSAL football: Amad Anderson runs some routes
Curtis senior wide receiver Amad Anderson has drawn plenty of attention from the college ranks over the last year or so, but he's also opened the door for a number of teammates as well.
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Honks for Trump or Hillary? Staten Islanders don't hold back
A few days before the election, SILive Reporters went to historic Richmondtown wearing Trump and Hillary masks to get a feel for how Staten Islanders will vote on November 8th. (Video by Amanda Steen)
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Staten Island high school students cover Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
When Tottenville High School concert choir members were searching for a show-stopper to perform, the Queen classic "Bohemian Rhapsody" came up. Students see Freddie Mercury's existential lyrics, although written more than 40 years ago -- long before the teens were born -- as apropos to today's world, said choir director and music teacher Joanne Nolemi. "We went with 'Bohemian Rhapsody' because it is a hallmark of great pop music. Forty years later, today's kids love it. It's a masterpiece that resonates with every new generation," Nolemi said. Check out the full story on SILive.com: http://www.silive.com/news/2017/06/watch_tottenville_high_school.html#incart_river_home
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Amad Anderson and Rutgers Football: Why Amad committed to the Scarlet Knights
College football recruit Amad Anderson received 16 offers from different Universities to play football. In this video, he talks about the recruitment process, reveals his decision, and why he made selected Rutgers University. (Video: Shira Stoll) PART ONE: "God's Plan." Who is Amad Anderson, what drives him, and his special relationship with his father. https://youtu.be/l9Diqr3oY4w *** Anderson has since rescinded his commitment to Rutgers University and plans to attend Purdue.
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Vietnam vet says NYPD motorcycle crackdown too strict
Francis E. Lijoi, pictured outside the Frank Lombardi & Sons Harley Davidson Shop, feels he was unfairly ticketed while driving home from a veterans function by the NYPD during an enforcement initiative last week. (Video/Amanda Steen) STORY: http://www.silive.com/news/index.ssf/2016/04/nypd_motorcycle_crackdown_to_l.html
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