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HP ProLiant MicroServer Feature Review
HP refreshed the ProLiant MicroServer for Gen 8 with a new configuration that supports 16GB of RAM, up to 12TB of storage, and your choice of Intel processors. They also kept the fan noise to a minimum and made the new case design look amazing. At HP Discover, Jake Ludington got a feature rundown from Shab Madina of HP. For business customers, the MicroServer offers iLO and all the features of HP server management you might want, while more casual users can take advantage of a robust server at a great price.
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How to Rotate a Video in Windows Movie Maker
http://www.jakeludington.com/movie_maker/20080205_rotate_digital_camera_videos_with_windows_movie_maker.html If you shot a video sideways with your digital camera, you may need to rotate it in order to get your video to appear right side up. Here's how to rotate that video using Windows Movie Maker.
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Upgrade to Windows 7 with Easy Transfer
How to import files from your old Windows Vista computer, to Windows 7 or upgrade from Windows Vista 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit.
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DIY Portable Recording Studio
Details on where to get the parts are here: http://www.jakeludington.com/podcasting/20080130_diy_portable_recording_studio.html Insipired by Harlan Hogan's Porta-booth, here's a video showing you how you can get a great sound booth that fits in your suit case and goes anywhere. The video shows you how to build the booth and a convenient way to pack it for travel.
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What is svchost.exe?
The Windows XP process svchost.exe appears frequently in questions hitting my inbox. Here I talk about svchost.exe, explaining what it does, and how Windows uses svchost.exe to incapsulate other essential components of the operating system.
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Automatically Scan Documents to Evernote
http://www.jakeludington.com/productivity_tools/20110713_automatically_scan_documents_to_evernote.html Scanning documents to Evernote is an effective way to work toward having a paperless office. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to configure a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner to automatically import your scanned documents directly to your Evernote account. In this video I show you how to setup the ScanSnap Manager to scan directly to Evernote and why you'd want to do it. This online document management solution provides you an easy way to find paper files from your Windows or Mac desktop, or via iOS, Android, and WebOS mobile devices.
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Copy Hi8 Camcorder Movies to your PC
Step-by-step instructions on how to connect a Hi8 camcorder to your computer using a USB capture device and capturing the video with Pinnacle Studio. I'm demonstrating this with the Dazzle USB capture device because it is the most widely available solution and I'm finding the latest version to also be the most reliable solution. You can typically find Dazzle USB capture devices at places like Best Buy, Circuit City, Frys, etc. or at http://pinnaclesys.com
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Solar Powered Wireless Home Security Camera - DIY Project
Video tutorial showing how to make your own solar-powered wireless security camera using an off-the-shelf solar panel and any wireless webcam. Many of the parts in this video are merely a reference for the type of solar panel and battery solution you could use in building a wireless security camera. I would encourage you to do some research and try out your own solution. Supporting details at: http://jakeludington.com/solarcam
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HPE Acquires BlueData to Simplify AI and Big Data Analytics Deployments
Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced plans to purchase BlueData, a software company that makes it easier to deploy artificial intelligence and big data analytics in the enterprise. In this interview from HPE Discover in Madrid, Patrick Osborne explains how BlueData fits into the HPE strategy, as well as how the integration with HPE Apollo servers will be orchestrated. The acquisition is expected to close by the end of January 2019.
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HP Elite X2 1011 Feature Review
The Elite X2 1011 combines the portability of a tablet with the flexibility of a businesss laptop. This convertible offers two keyboard options - one that's built around portability and the other that adds a keyboard with built-in battery to make the X2 1011 more like a traditional laptop. The M series processor doesn't compromise on compute power, while the 1920x1080 touchscreen makes it easy to get work done at the office, at home, or on a plane. Kieth Hartsfield walks through the features of the Elite X2 1011 at HP Discover.
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How to Edit lmhosts or lmhosts.sam
http://www.jakeludington.com/windows_7/20100924_how_to_edit_windows_7_lmhosts_file.html Windows relies on the lmhosts file to translate network names into IP addresses on the network, so if you want to connect to the color printer named jakesprinter, you can do it without knowing the printer is at IP address If you want to edit lmhosts you need to elevate your privileges prior to opening the file in Windows. This video walks you through that process.
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Connecting a PC to Your HDTV
Tutorial showing you the required hardware and necessary steps to connect any PC to your HDTV. For additional tip see: http://jakeludington.com/hdtv For tips on finding the necessary cables at the best price, see this article on how to not overpay for HDMI cables: http://www.jakeludington.com/gadget_envy/20070219_dont_overpay_for_hdmi_cables.html
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Copy Windows Vista Files and Settings to Windows 7
Detailed demo of how to back up all your files and settings on Windows Vista in preparation to transfer them to Windows 7.
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Mobile Virtual Network Enabler
MVNE or Mobile VIrtual Network Enabler allows companies to run their own telco. MVNE delivers cellular-based services to allowing companies to have a direct relationship with customers without needing to build out the entire network. Hewlett Packard Enterprise has worldwide relationships with carriers and provides the technology that allows a company to deploy their own cellular service. Giorgio Curatolo explains how MVNE works and how a company could deploy it.
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HPE Simplivity Now with Composable Fabric and More
HPE continues to expand the features of its Simplivity offering, with additional nodes per cluster and up to 96 nodes in a federation. Upgrading across multiple sites including upgrading the hypervisor is now fully supported for Simplivity 2600. McLeod Glass talks about these new features for HPE Simplivity as well as the CRN Tech Innovator award HPE earned for the 2600 in this video from HPE Discover Madrid 2018.
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Accelerating a Cure for Alzheimer's with Memory-Driven Computing
DZNE and HPE are working together to accelerate research around Alzheimer's Disease. HPE has helped reduce the time to analyze large sets of data from hours to seconds through memory-driven computing. This translates to scientists being able to do more data analysis more quickly and also provides the opportunity to ask more questions of the data they examine. Memory-Driven computing is also leading to lower power consumption when doing data analysis, which translates to lower cost. In this interview from HPE Discover in Madrid, Hartmut Schultze of HPE talks about the impact ubiquitous memory is having on Alzheimer's research and how it may lead to a cure for one of society's biggest challenges.
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Aruba Software Defined Branch Explained
Dave Chen from Aruba explains the advantages of SD Branch Solutions in this interview from HPE Discover 2018. Software defined networking is one of the building blocks of the overall HPE composable infrastructure story. Aruba is taking software defined networking to the next level, offering solutions that combine Aruba's expertise in wireless networking with a simplicity in deployment that makes it easy for anyone with a smartphone to deploy hardware in branch locations.
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HP PageWide Pro MFP 577dw Feature Review
http://go.jakeludington.com/mfp577dw The HP PageWide Pro MFP 577dw is a versatile small business printer with many of the same features you'd expect from an enterprise class solution. The printer handles 50 pages per minute with ease, with the first page out starting in 7 seconds. Cartridges last for about 13,000 color pages and 17,000 black and white pages. As a multi-function device, the MFP 577dw supports copying, faxing, and scanning from a variety of source sizes. The scanner functionality works both as a flatbed scanner and as a continuous feed double-sided document scanner.
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WebSphere Performance Optimization
Elena Nanos of HCSC presented a great talk on WebSphere performance optimization for z System during IBM Impact. In this video, Elena offers some high level suggestions for optimizing WebSphere, including some tools to use when looking for optimization opportunities.
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How to Delete a Book from Kindle App for Android
The Kindle App for Android offers an easy way to delete books from your Android phone or Android tablet. Learning how to do it the first time can be tricky. This video shows you how to remove books from the Kindle app on your Android device to free up space on your storage card or reduce clutter in your app.
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Store More with Nimble Storage
HPE Nimble Storage added some important new features shortly before HPE Discover 2018. The first was the Store More guarantee, meaning Nimble promises you will be able to use a higher percentage of the storage you purchase when compared against similar storage volumes from other vendors. Nimble products are now storage class memory and NVMe-ready, meaning that the Nimble storage you purchase today will support coming changes to available storage solutions without needing to rip and replace. And their always on inline deduplication means you can waste less space by storing data in the most effective way. Andre Franklin breaks down these new features in this interview recorded at HPE Discover.
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3PAR and Infosight Are Changing The Datacenter
Infosight came to HPE by way of Nimble. It was something of a revelation for IT shops because of the way Infosight was able to detect potential issues that had nothing to do with Nimble's storage portfolio. Nimble was so confident in this product and it's ability to detect issues that they somewhat famously did away with tier one and tier two support. Since acquiring Nimble, HPE rolled out Infosight support for the 3PAR product line. Matthias Popp talks about the inpact Infosight has on 3PAR customers in this video from HPE Discover 2018.
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How to Connect Your Mac to an HDTV
Video demonstration showing you how to connect your Mac to an HDTV, including which cable options to choose. For more HDTV related tips see: http://jakeludington.com/hdtv For more on which cables to buy, see this article on how to avoid overpaying for cables: http://www.jakeludington.com/gadget_envy/20070219_dont_overpay_for_hdmi_cables.html
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Graph Analytics on The Machine
Optimizing your world with live graph analytics on The Machine, by Hewlett Packard Labs. Omer Barkol walks Jake Ludington through scenarios that demonstrate how NVRAM makes it possible to optimize transactional and relational workloads on the same hardware. Hewlett Packard Labs shows how these data sets can be followed along a graph to easily visualize loosely connected relationships between data.
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Combining the Power of VMware and OpenStack
Steve Tegeler of VMware talks about how companies are using OpenStack and VMware together, both using the VMware distribution of OpenStack as well as using a variety of VMware solutions like vSphere and NSX with other OpenStack distributions. In this interview from OpenStack Days Seattle 2016, Steve also does a great job of answering many of the common questions out there about what it means to combine VMware and OpenStack.
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HP EliteDesk 800 Desktop Mini Feature Review
http://go.jakeludington.com/elitemini The EliteDesk 800 Desktop Mini is a small form factor desktop computer that packs a solid punch. In this video I go over some of the features in the Core i5 powered unit I received for review, including opening the case and showing you the easy-to-upgrade SSD hard drive, memory, and processor. If you want a desktop solution that can drive up to 3 monitors, the EliteDesk Mini 800 definitely fits the bill. You can find out additional info about this unit here: http://www.hp.com/go/elitemini
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Mercalli Easy Image Stabilization for Video
http://www.jakeludington.com/downloads/20120222_mercalli_easy_image_stabilizer_review.html Mercalli Easy automatically analyzes and stabilizes your home movies. Whether you recorded a video with your iPhone, Android phone, or a camcorder, Mercalli Easy can automatically eliminate
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Improving Customer Experience
Mark Cox and Cyril Coste explain the Digital Customer Experience offering from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. From helping companies identify where they want to improve customer experience to helping them implement the processes required for improvement, HPE assists customers on the path to enhancing customer experience.
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Apollo 6500 Feature Review
Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning require different compute configurations than other workloads. The new Apollo 6500 high performance computing solution from Hewlett Packard Enterprise is designed to adapt to those needs, allowing for configurations to support NVIDIA and Mellanox GPUDirect configuations as well as more traditional loads where the CPU and GPU works together. Craig Yamasaki of HPE walks through the features of the Apollo 6500 in this video from HPE Discover in Las Vegas.
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Cohesity and HPE Team Up to Solve Data Fragmentation
Rob Salmon and Patrick Osborne join Jake Ludington in this interview from HPE Discover to talk about the impact of HPE making a larger OEM commitment for the Cohesity hyperconverged secondary storage. Recognizing the challenges of secondary storage creating data silos and fragmentation within large organizations, HPE is working more closely with Cohesity to address those challenges across legacy infrastructure from multiple vendors.
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Day in the Life of the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z
http://www.jakeludington.com/hardware/20110505_lenovo_thinkcentre_m90z_giveaway.html I created this video as part of a project for Lenovo to showcase the M90z. This all-in-one touch screen computer is designed to be a powerful, space saving option to the traditional combination of desktop computer with monitor. I'm giving away a Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z. See the URL above for complete requirements.
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HP ProLiant DL560 and DL580 Gen9 Servers
The ProLiant DL560 and DL580 Gen9 Servers are both 4-socket servers that pack plenty of compute power into a compact server chasis . The DL580 is the more expandable of the two, with support for up to 4TB of memory and lots of expansion slots. The DL560 is all about density of compute, including stackable motherboards for either a 2-socket or 4-socket configuration. Tim Golden walks through both servers at HP Discover 2015.
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HP Blade System Matrix Demo
Demonstration of hardware and software management components of HP Blade System Matrix private cloud infrastructure. A walkthrough of hardware components kicks off the video, followed by the orchestration designer, which is used to configure servers, storage, and networking for deployment. Blade System Matrix configuration is made up of three main components, provisioning, optimization, and protection. Individual template configuration can be a combination of both virtual machines and physical servers depending on resource demands.
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What is an SSD Smart Cache?
SSD Smart Cache from HP allows you to take SSD drives and use them as a caching solution to accelerate application performance. The resulting performance boost lowers latency for transactions while remaining transparent to the application. At HP Discover I spoke with Rene Gaudet about how Smart Cache works and how it benefits ProLiant Gen8 server performance.
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SimpliVity, All Flash and OneSphere
SimpliVity became known for simplifying infrastructure before they were purchased by HPE in February 2017. Nearly a year later, SimpliVity is bringing that same simplicity to HPE servers. In this interview from HPE Discover, Jesse St. Laurent talks about new products released as part of the HPE family during the past year. He also talks about how SimpliVity fits into the HPE OneSphere world.
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HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 Server Features
The ProLiant DL380 is one of the most popular servers in the world. At HP Discover, I got a chance to walk through the features that make the ProLiant Gen8 DL380p a significant upgrade to the previous generations. Shab Madina of HP walked me through the various design components of the Gen8 line, including highlights of the servers that make parts more compatible across the Gen8 line. From Gen8 blades, to towers, to rack servers, the entire Gen8 line is meant to support interchangeable parts for easier administration and lower support costs.
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HP TouchPad Feature Review and Walkthrough
HP TouchPad is the first WebOS tablet from HP. HP approached the tablet from a slightly different perspective than the iPad, by integrating things like HP printing, focusing on business applications, and offering unique features like the ability to pass application activity between WebOS devices. This video walks through key differentiation between TouchPad and Android and iPad devices.
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Talking to Drone in Under 20 Minutes with Node-RED
In the IBM Impact Drone Zone, Joshua Carr talked with me about his rapid deployment of code that talks to a drone and enables multiplayer interaction with the drone. The key elements here are ease of deployment, lower barrier to entry, and rapid development cycle. For the Internet of Things, this is a powerful example of the potential created by communities of developers working together and sharing.
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High Performance Computing and In-Memory Databases
Bill Mannel of Hewlett Packard Enterprise leads a demonstration of an in-memory database solution powered by the high performance computing of the HPE Apollo 2000 server line. The demo features real time data analysis by Marcus Holm and Amit Vij of Kinetica (formerly GPUdb) as they demonstrate how quickly information can be filtered around specific topics using Twitter's data set. Some of the performance is gained by using GPU processing for a more powerful compute operation.
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Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise
Much of the discussion around artificial intelligence talks about negative aspects like AI replacing humans with software. In this interview from HPE Discover, Pankaj Goyal talks about the opportunities and potential benefits to improve the enterprise and create new jobs with artificial intelligence and machine learning.
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Gen-Z Open Systems Interconnect
Gen-Z is a new open systems interconnect designed for memory semantic access to hardware and data using either direct-attached, switched, or fabric topologies. It was developed to deliver performance to meet the computing needs of memory intensive workloads, helping to address the challenges of high-bandwidth applications and the requirements to meet the demands of low-latency expectations. In this interview from HPE Discover in Madrid, Andrew Wheeler of Hewlett Packard Labs talks about Gen-Z and how HPE is involved in developing the standard.
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Effective Performance Engineering
Todd DeCapua from HPE Software explains effective performance engineering in this interview from HPE Discover. Todd offers insights into some of the best practices as well as some tools and resources you can use to understand and apply best practices to your performance engineering efforts. Get the Effective Performance Engineering book here: http://www.effectiveperformanceengineering.com/ Test your performance: http://hpe.com/software/insights Read TechBeacon: http://techbeacon.com/
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Tom Bihn Brain Bag and Brain Cell Demo
http://tombihn.com I love my Tom Bihn bags. They go with me on almost every trip I take. One thing I didn't capture well here is how Tom Bihn is constantly refining his bags and improving features with each new generation of gear. This video is designed to give you an idea of how the Brain Cell works with the Brain Bag and other Tom Bihn bags.
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Simplifying Artificial Intelligence Deployments
One of the challenges of deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions is the time it takes to configure and tune before going live. The HPE Pointnext team is working to simplify that deployment process by creating templates that can be applied to the same business use cases in different locations. In this interview from HPE Discover in Madrid, Matt Lennie walks through a couple of example scenarios for law enforcement and elderly care where providing the initial tuning in one case can lead to a repeatable outcome elsewhere.
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Walkthrough of HP PODs for Europe
The HP Hyperscale Computing team has been building performance optimized data centers (PODs) for several years now. These self-contained units offer all the infrastructure of a traditional data center, built inside a self-contained enclosure that looks a bit like a shipping container. PODs are built to be energy efficient and are typically easier to deploy than the traditional build out required to outfit an office building to support the power, cooling, and other requirements of a modern data center. The European market has a number of requirements that are different from other parts of the world. As a result, HP built a custom POD solution specific to the needs of European countries. Jonathan Mormile walked Jake Ludington through the European POD on display at HP Discover.
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Backup iPhone Text Messages to Your PC
http://go.delightedrobot.com/iphonesms iTunes makes it easy to backup your entire iPhone, but you can't do much with the backup other than restore it to an iPhone. As iMessage becomes a popular way for short communications and ongoing message threads, it becomes more important to be able to backup iPhone text messages to your PC so you can browse them, save them, and search for important details in the messages threads. In this video you learn how to copy iPhone text messages to your computer so you can search them. You can copy over just the text or save images and videos from iMessage on any iPhone with a few simple steps. You don't need to use the same computer that you sync with iTunes in order to make the backup.
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HPE OneSphere Simplifies Multi-Cloud Management
HPE expanded the feature set of HPE OneSphere in a number of key ways since announcing it a year ago at HPE Discover in Madrid. In the intervening time, they expanded automation capability to allow for creating the same Kubernetes cluster across multi-cloud service providers. HPE added key information gathering capability to help IT organizations have better cost visibility for their public cloud spending. There's also an improved control layer to provide better governance for cloud deployments, which simplifies things like GDPR and HIPPA compliance. This interview with Harsh Kumar SIngh from HPE Discover breaks down all these changes to HPE OneSphere and more.
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Creating Smart Cities With IoT Sensors and Edge Computing
Working with Schréder, SixSq is making the street lighting in cities around Europe smarter through a combination of IoT sensors and HPE Edgeline servers. There's a current requirement in the European Union to better manage streets based on traffic. One way Schréder is doing this, with the help of SixSq, is to analyze traffic patterns via sensors and adjust lighting on the fly by processing that data with edge compute near where the decision needs to be made. This technology could be extended to monitoring air quality or traffic accidents in the future, to further extend the intelligence at the edge. In this video from HPE Discover in Madrid, Marc-Elian Bégin of SixSq explains how this solution was implemented in places like Zurich, as well as the potential for future enhancements.
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NJOY Electronic Cigarette
http://www.jakeludington.com/gadget_envy/20080116_njoy_-_tsa_approved_electronic_cigarettes.html Video demo of NJOY nicotine vaporization technology that provides simulated smoking experience without the carcinogens generated by burning tobacco in traditional cigarettes and cigars. TSA approved and theoretically legal to use on airplanes. More details here: http://www.jakeludington.com/ces/gadgets/2008_njoy_tsa_approved_electronic_cigarettes.html
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Changing Role of IT in Business
IT is traditionally thought of as the plumbing that underlies business operations. But that's changing as more IT teams are asked to help accelerate business ideas to implementation and act as agents of change within the organization. From the CIO all the way through IT management, the roles of IT are changing from the team you can rely on to make sure your infrastructure is stable, to the team you can rely on to deliver the next big idea that facilitates company growth. This change was prevalent everywhere during HP Discover 2012 in Las Vegas. I had a great conversation with Paul Muller, Chief Software Evangelist at HP, about how IT is changing and what we can expect to see in the future.
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